Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey quotes

  • Sith Nature thus gave her the praise, To be the chiefest work she wrought, In faith, methink, some better ways On your behalf might well be sought, Than to compare, as ye have done, To match the candle with the sun.
    -- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

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  • Alas, so all things now do hold their peace: Heaven and earth disturbed in no thing: The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease; The nightes chare the stars about doth bring.
    -- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

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  • by and by, the cause of my disease Gives me a pang that inwardly doth sting, When that I think what grief it is again To live and lack the thing should rid my pain.
    -- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

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  • Thus I alone, where all my freedom grew, In prison pine with bondage and restraint; And with remembrance of the greater grief To banish the less, I find my chief relief.
    -- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

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  • What I say is that, if a fellow really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.

  • I do not wish to die- There is such contingent beauty in life: The open window on summer mornings Looking out on gardens and green things growing, The shadowy cups of roses flowering to themselves- Images of time and eternity- Silence in the garden and felt along the walls.

  • Don't try to be what you're not. If you're nervous, be nervous. If you're shy, be shy. It's cute.

  • Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part.

  • But it's true, when you see some television, you carry it with you. It's like 90210. Tell me what young shows were being done then... We were thrilled about the ratings around the world.

  • I come from a world where you get the film done, that's a success.

  • The single most powerful element of youth is that you don't have the life experiences to know what can't be done.

  • I love movie-making. I'm interested in writing and directing, and I've dabbled, but I haven't done anything I care to brag about. Yet.

  • Doing the right thing at all costs is an absolute, and only a sith deals in absolutes.

  • I've seen the teaser trailer for Revenge of the Sith though and I think it will be excellent.