Uc Berkeley quotes

  • Oh my research. Well, I got an English Degree. And I got that degree in a certain time/at a certain place. If you add UC Berkeley + 1984 the other side of the = is "new historian" meaning that I studied with and was influenced by those who were interested in how the personal shaped the political (and literary), how science and literature might interact, and what the body got to do with it.
    -- Laura Mullen

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  • It isn't that information is exploding, but accessibility is. There's just about as much information this year as there was last year; it's been growing at a steady rate. It's just that now it's so much more accessible because of information technology. The consensus is that a Web crawler could get to a terabyte of publicly accesible HTML. A terabyte is about a million books. the UC Berkeley library has about 8 million books, and the Library of Congress has 20 million books.
    -- Hal Varian

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  • The money that we possess is the instrument of liberty, that which we lack and strive to obtain is the instrument of slavery.

  • Do we always make our freedom out of someone else's bondage?

  • My inclination, as an old-school, classically trained journalist, is not to go with a story unless I have it hard. It's not good enough to say something based on rumors that were flying around.

  • I called my grandmother yesterday. She picks up the phone, 'Oh hello, dear, hold on a second, I just stepped out of the shower. Let me go put some clothes on.' I said, 'Hey Grandma, don't ever tell me you're naked again. Go put a lot of clothes on. Then put some more clothes on. I'm going to sit here and drink and try to forget you naked in my head.' I'll never eat raisins again.

  • Advent's intention is to awaken the most profound and basic emotional memory within us, namely, the memory of the God who became a child. This is a healing memory; it brings hope. The purpose of the Church's year is continually to rehearse her great history of memories, to awaken the heart's memory so that it can discern the star of hope...

  • I never just went to look for clothes and style; I always find that wherever I go.

  • A good discussion increases the dimensions of everyone who takes part.

  • I set my life since then attempting to figure out how to do that, basically how to have a sort of public discourse in which anything and everything are open to conversation and in which the thought experiment is a means by which to posit all manner of different realities, potential futures.

  • Stories help me. To live. To work. To find the meaning hidden in every dream, ever leaf, every drop of dew.

  • The first time I made myself up, I was looking at my reflection in the mirror and it wasnt me looking back. It allowed me to do things I couldnt do as myself. I found out how powerful that was and how much that can mean to an actor.