Beta quotes

  • If you treat your beta-testers as if they're your most valuable resource, they will respond by becoming your most valuable resource.
    -- Eric S. Raymond

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  • We can provide beta software to our developers in advance of the general public. We can easily link up with external partners, customers, and suppliers.
    -- James L. Barksdale

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  • So my advice to startups in this particular category is if you’re going to put your product in beta - put your business model in beta with it. Far too often we are too product focused and not business-model focused. That’s one thing I definitely would have done differently with JotSpot.
    -- Joe Kraus

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  • It was very early, and we were still like beta or alpha stage, and so we started receiving a ton of download. The server became overloaded, and that's when I realized that this had a huge market.
    -- Shawn Fanning

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  • When it comes to consumer electronics, I'm a big fat sucker, because even though I know you should never, ever buy anything until the second version of it is released, I just can't resist. I live in a state of perpetual Beta.
    -- Susan Orlean

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  • When you're in a major market downturn, the beta eats the alpha.
    -- Jeffrey Gundlach

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  • Remember, benchmark performance -- beta -- can be had for virtually free; alpha is what active managers are paid to generate.
    -- Paul McCulley

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  • I was telling somebody about in grammar school we used to have the duck-and-cover drills where we'd have to go down to a fallout shelter in the basement. We'd sit on our butts on the ground next to the wall with a textbook over our heads and our knees sort of drawn up to our chest. I don't think they still do that. They're sort of sobering. You leave recess and come in for the apocalypse drill.

  • She likes you, she just doesn't understand you.

  • I would argue that if you understand how the cells of the brain are organized into circuits, almost computational circuits if you will, and we see how information flows through those circuits and how it's transformed, we might have a much firmer grasp on why our brains make decisions the way that they do. If we get a handle on that, maybe we can overcome some of our limitations and at the very least we'll understand why we do what we do.

  • Trample not on the ruins of a man.

  • Dancing for the length of time that I did, it centered me in such a way to be really in tune with my body, and I just feel like I'm physically able to do things because of my ballet background. Without ballet, I don't think I'd look graceful at all on screen.

  • Baseball is beautiful....the supreme performing art. It combines in perfect harmony the magnificent features of ballet, drama, art, and ingenuity.

  • There are three people in yourself - who people think you are, who you think you are, and who you really are.

  • The true essence of reconciliation is more than making friends with nonindigenous people. Our motto is united Australia, one that respects the land and the heritage of its indigenous peoples and provides justice and equity for all. I think reconciliation is about changing the structures that govern us and trying to influence opinion leaders in whatever way we can.

  • ... it was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.

  • Content's a kingdom, and I wear that crown.