Back And Forth quotes

  • In every question and every remark tossed back and forth between lovers who have not played out the last fugue, there is one question and it is this: Is there someone new?
    -- Edna O'Brien

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  • I tend to go back and forth between old favourites and "new" stuff, some of which could easily be by authors I've hitherto heard about but haven't had the chance to catch up with.
    -- Gemma Files

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  • I think that's coming just like anything else. I don't think that it's just going to be 3-D. I think that 2-D is going to be around forever. I think that we'll go back and forth.
    -- Todd Farmer

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  • In my work, I construct texts and images. Between those two points the blur occurs. Each is altered by the other again and again, back and forth.
    -- Taryn Simon

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  • And the thought of that makes me want to open a vein, experience pain, know I'm alive, despite this living death.

  • If God gives you gifts you must use them to justify your life. It is what the Greeks called divine discontent that drives you.

  • The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.

  • The only bowl Rutgers is going to is the one I just got off of.

  • Life is creation - self and circumstances, the raw material.

  • Can you be happy with the movies, and the ads, and the clothes in the stores, and the doctors, and the eyes as you walk down the street all telling you there is something wrong with you? No. You cannot be happy. Because, you poor darling baby, you believe them.

  • Better to be strong than pretty and useless.

  • Good characters the reader cares about combined with an intriguing plot. Do those two and you've got it made.

  • Heaven but the vision of fulfilled desire, and Hell the shadow from a soul on fire.

  • It is not the hearing that improves life, but the listening.