Common Decency quotes

  • All right, so there he is, our representative to the world, Mr. Western Civilization, in codpiece and pantyhose up there on the boards, firing away at the rapt groundlings with his blank verses, not less of a word-slinger and spellbinder than the Bard himself and therefore not to be considered too curiously on such matters as relevance, coherence, consistency, propriety, sanity, common decency.
    -- Marvin Mudrick

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  • Common decency is a core part of who people are.
    -- E. J. Dionne

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  • Most asylum seekers do get permanent visas, so the earlier they receive the appropriate help, the faster they will become part of the community. They'll get jobs and start paying taxes too. They will see Australia as a nation with a sense of care and concern. That's so important for a cohesive society. It helps build a sense of belonging. And in terms of common decency, it's what should be happening... For God's sake, this is Australia, people should be treated with decency and humanity.
    -- Malcolm Fraser

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  • It's impossible to play a run with as much feeling as a single note. I've never been so much into runs as making single notes cry.

  • To be or not to be, that is the choice

  • The more decisions you make, the better, statistically, your odds of success are. And what I also learned was, it doesn't matter: anything can be fixed. When you're directing, you can agonize, but you can't indulge. Stuff has to happen

  • A moment comes in war when the last line must be crossed. The line that separates what you hold dear from what total war demands. If he couldn't cross that line, the battle was over, and he was lost. His heart, the war. Her face, the battlefield. With a cry only he could hear, the hunter turned. And ran.

  • Freedom of religion has been replaced by freedom from religion.

  • Raydiation is more mature, reveals more about me personally and focuses on singing and songs that people can relate to.

  • Ultraconservatism is, to me, so illogical. Everywhere you go, conservatives want to cut, cut, cut, cut - cut money for powerless people. So, that's the biggest problem I have with them.

  • Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.

  • There's one way to do showbiz, if you want to do it perfectly, you have to be disciplined and you have to be ready to work really hard.

  • We have felt for some time that if political candidates or their staff are willing to make the pilgrimage to North Iowa, the least we can do is show hospitality. And it's also a wonderful way to get to know these people who make our political system work.