Mash Up quotes

  • I think readers nowadays are happy to have genres blurred. We're seeing that on screen too: The Pirates of the Caribbean mashes up history and fantasy, Cowboys and Aliens mixes the Western and the Science Fiction genres.
    -- Colette Freedman

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  • No race or civilization of people are just going to say, "Oh, instead of using real meat, let's just mash up a bunch of lymph nodes and put a bunch of weird stuff in it and pack it up in plastic cans and plastic bins, and let's eat that way. That'll be great." People don't choose that.
    -- Frank Fairfield

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  • Albert Murray's The Omni-Americans is the most valuable non-business book because it discusses how you have to draw upon everyone's creativity. America is a mash-up of cultures and traditions, and great businesses know how to tap the strengths of all their employees, whatever their background may be.
    -- Kabir Sehgal

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  • But lots of people do parody now. The whole mash-up thing that's so prevalent now was starting in the 80's when I was starting to think about this stuff. I certainly wasn't the first person to do it but now... comics mash-ups, all kinds of mash-ups are everywhere.
    -- Robert Sikoryak

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  • I actually had a movie green lit at Disney the same week 'Burlesque' was green lit - a movie for Disney called 'Mash-Up', about a high school marching band.
    -- Steve Antin

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  • What's invaluable about actually going to the places you want to write about are the random accidental things that happen. Random, accidental detail is the best way to make a setting convincing. You can of course invent your own random details, and sometimes I will also mash up real incidents.
    -- Zachary Lazar

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  • No employer is going to hire robustly until they know what the health care cost is going to be.

  • Conspiracy theories are an irresistible labor-saving device in the face of complexity.

  • I secretly liked acting, but I wanted to play football. It was an enormous dream.

  • A grandchild is God's reward for raising a child.

  • Actually, I enjoy the process of writing a big long novel.

  • Some of the best health care services are free or cost very little and are even available to millionaires but hardly anyone knows they exist.

  • They say that when a man faces his destiny, the destiny ends and he becomes the man that he really is.

  • It's hard for me to believe someone could harm a child.

  • No being can be what he is unless he is putting his essence into action in his field.

  • There is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself.