Abigail McCarthy quotes

  • By the very fact of public life, one seems to lose humanity in people's eyes.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

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  • When I was young I thought of friendship as a matter of total loyalty and unchanging preference and I was often disappointed. But as an adult I had come to see that it was more the refraction of some total faithfulness and joy of which we all had some primordial notion. The exchange of trust and the experience of understanding between two people was like a sign or witness to the possibilitity of eternal caring and understanding and communication.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

    #Friendship #Loyalty #Communication

  • I don't think life offers any greater experience than the joyful sense of recognition when one finds in a new acquaintance a real friend, or when an old relationship deepens into friendship, or when one finds an old friendship intact despite the passage of years and many absences.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

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  • growth requires purposeful division. Responsible dissent is the essence of democracy.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

    #Essence #Growth #Democracy

  • the apathy and inattention of the average citizen is beyond comprehension.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

    #Average #Apathy #Citizens

  • One is not allowed a grief for a life never lived. Yet one has buried the fruit of love, and a great deal of hope and many dreams.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

    #Dream #Regret #Grief

  • It is hard for many people today to make the distinction between religion and religiosity, the latter a dangerous parody of the former.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

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  • ... men of power are seldom protected from their own infirmities by the men subordinate to them -- not even in the sad circumstances of mental exhaustion.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

    #Men #He Man #Circumstances

  • [What she told herself before interviews:] I am the way I am; I look the way I look; I am my age.
    -- Abigail McCarthy

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  • I think it's important to take a break, you know, from the public eye for a while, and give people a chance to miss you. I want longevity. I don't want to get out there and run myself ragged and spread myself thin.

  • Order, thou eye of action.

  • On October 19, 2009, my sixteenth birthday, Wild Eyes officially became mine! Now it was really happening.

  • The winds were blowing from west to east, pushing Abby's boat toward the rocks as Abby struggled with the autopilots below. If Wild Eyes reached those islands, she wouldn't run aground, keel in the sand. She would be smashed into pieces.

  • Often we want people to pray for us and help us, but we always defeat our object when we look too much to them and lean upon them. The true secret of union is for both to look upon God, and in the act of looking past themselves to Him they are unconsciously united.

  • The science of anti-Semitism finally comes to explain this phenomenon, enlightening further the consciousness of people, fully satisfying their instinct and its violent eruptions thus legitimized by revealing their cause - the parasitism of the Jews. Thus it gives us the formula of the scientific solution for the problem of Judaism, which in order to realize we have only to apply.

  • We must never forget that Christ did not suffer just during His three years of public ministry or the last few days of His life when He was crucified. No, He suffered throughout His life on earth. He who was without sin lived daily with the corruption and sinfulness of lost humanity.

  • The main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human.

  • We will win the battle for Africa, which is in effect a battle for Humanity.

  • In fact, the converse is true: At a time when the United States has been called on for a level of moral leadership, vision and inspiration not seen since World War II, we cannot afford to dissemble about crimes against humanity.

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