Barry Boehm quotes

  • I love having candles, especially when you get downtime. I could just pass out seeing the flame flicker with the lights off.

  • Because I'm around comedians all the time, in my downtime I tend not to watch comedy. Something the whole family enjoys is 'You've Been Framed!' It satisfies all of us. It's universal, and we all laugh a lot.

  • Even though it seems like there are a lot of parts, there is really tons of downtime in the acting world.

  • Australia's massive. I don't have a lot of downtime.

  • Let's just say I am happy that she [Hillary Clinton] is getting some much needed downtime now. But she's looking forward to getting back out on the trail very soon.

  • I get enough fashion news in my professional life. I like interiors during my downtime.

  • I'm not looking to freak people out - eating rodents or bugs. I don't do that anymore.

  • Testing a product is a learning process

  • Science is a mechanism, a way of trying to improve your knowledge of nature. It's a system for testing your thoughts against the universe, and seeing whether they match.

  • Testing oneself is best when done alone.

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