Teamwork quotes

  • No one man is superior to the game.
    -- A. Bartlett Giamatti

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  • For me it's more important to look at each constituency individually and find a community I feel I can serve to the best of my abilities, and where I feel I can make a real difference, and further their cause.
    -- Adam Rickitt

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  • In union there is strength.
    -- Aesop

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  • Sports can unite a group of people from different backgrounds, all working together to achieve a common goal. And even if they fall short, sharing that journey is an experience they'll never forget. It can teach some of the most fundamental and important human values: dedication, perseverance, hard work, and teamwork. It also teaches us how to handle our success and cope with our failure. So, perhaps the greatest glory of sport is that is teaches us so much about life itself.
    -- Ahmad Rashad

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  • Since Israel does not differentiate between attacking this group or that, we are saying our people can work individually or collectively to face this aggression.
    -- Ahmed Yassin

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  • An athlete experiences the emotions of pain and elation through triumph and defeat, through teamwork and individuality, as nothing more than a human being...that is the true glory of sport.
    -- Aimee Mullins

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  • We will try to create conditions where persons could come together in a spirit of teamwork, and exercise to their heart's desire their technological capacity.
    -- Akio Morita

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  • A German team could be quite good. But maybe they are a little bit too convinced that they are the best.
    -- Alain Prost

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  • I'm going to tell you the story about the geese which fly 5,000 miles from Canada to France. They fly in V-formation but the second ones don't fly. They're the subs for the first ones. And then the second ones take over - so it's teamwork.
    -- Alex Ferguson

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  • The work of a team should always embrace a great player, but the great player must always work.
    -- Alex Ferguson

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  • Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself.
    -- Alexander Graham Bell

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  • Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.
    -- Alexander the Great

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  • All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people.
    -- Alexis Carrel

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  • People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them.
    -- Allan Fromme

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  • Teamwork is better than isolation, especially for a columnist.
    -- Allan Sloan

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  • You can't rise as a class. You have to rise individually. It's what many of the civil rights-era people don't understand.
    -- Alphonso Jackson

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  • If all of us acted in unison as I act individually there would be no wars and no poverty. I have made myself personally responsible for the fate of every human being who has come my way.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • People respected my experience, they hire me, they pay me what I am worth to coach their team.
    -- Anatoli Boukreev

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  • Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • Team spirit elevates with a broad-based contribution to the group effort. It's especially important for the high-performing leader to avoid the situation of one or two people being the only contributors during a meeting.
    -- Andrew J Dubrin

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  • Actually, in this instance we do have probably a better tracking system than was the instance in Canada. Because this is a dairy cow, they're all individually tagged.
    -- Ann Veneman

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  • If you respect the art and you have some talent about you, I'm on your team.
    -- Anthony Anderson

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  • Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.
    -- Arnold Palmer

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  • Nobody gets muscles by watching ME lift weights.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Just using a checklist requires [doctors] to embrace different values from ones we've had, like humility, discipline, teamwork.
    -- Atul Gawande

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  • A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.
    -- Babe Ruth

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  • I'm very private in person. I'm very sensitive and shy with men individually. But when I'm talking, maybe there's this other channel or this other side and other way of working in my mind, and I convert and become carefree.
    -- Bai Ling

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  • The path to greatness is along with others.
    -- Baltasar Gracian

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  • Men, who are rogues individually, are in the mass very honorable people.
    -- Baron de Montesquieu

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  • Poor management can increase software costs more rapidly than any other factor.
    -- Barry Boehm

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  • In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first ahead of personal glory.
    -- Bear Bryant

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  • The old lessons (work, self-discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, fighting to achieve) aren't being taught by many people other than football coaches these days. The football coach has a captive audience and can teach these lessons because the communication lines between himself and his players are more wide open than between kids and parents. We better teach these lessons or else the country's future population will be made up of a majority of crooks, drug addicts, or people on relief.
    -- Bear Bryant

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  • Set goals - high goals for you and your organization. When your organization has a goal to shoot for, you create teamwork, people working for a common good.
    -- Bear Bryant

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  • My work is all about adventure and teamwork in some of the most inhospitable jungles, mountains and deserts on the planet. If you aren't able to look after yourself and each other, then people die.
    -- Bear Grylls

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  • Democracy needs support and the best support for democracy comes from other democracies. Democratic nations should come together in an association designed to help each other and promote what is a universal value - democracy.
    -- Benazir Bhutto

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  • We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.
    -- Benjamin Franklin

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  • The strongest rebellion may be expressed in quiet, undramatic behavior.
    -- Benjamin Spock

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  • The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • Leaders should be collaborative, modest, and generous
    -- Bill Bradley

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  • We realized that no one of us could be as good as all of us playing unselfishly.
    -- Bill Bradley


  • The point of the game is not how well the individual does, but whether the team wins. That's the beautiful heart of the game, the blending of personalities, the mutual sacrifices for the group success.
    -- Bill Bradley

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  • We have to encourage the future we want rather than trying to prevent the future we fear.
    -- Bill Joy

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  • All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself.
    -- Bill McCartney

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  • A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.
    -- Bill Shankly

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  • There's a tipping point that happens with soccer in which you just kinda get it. I was drawn to it because the best soccer teams play similarly to my favorite basketball teams - like the eighties Lakers or eighties Celtics - teams that emphasized teamwork over individualism and relied on passing as their biggest ongoing edge.
    -- Bill Simmons

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  • Art - when it is really doing what it should do - teaches abstract thinking; it teaches teamwork; it teaches people to actually think about things that they cannot see.
    -- Bill T. Jones

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  • The Grateful Dead, they're my best friends. Their message of hope, peace, love, teamwork, creativity, imagination, celebration, the dance, the vision, the purpose, the passion all of the things I believe in makes me the luckiest Deadhead in the world.
    -- Bill Walton

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  • I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics were my favorite team. The way they played, the teamwork, the sacrifice, the commitment, the joy, the camaraderie, the relationship with the fans.
    -- Bill Walton

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  • I lay a lot of blame at the feet of Dusty Baker for not being more strict about fundamentals, which I think would give the team a stronger day-to-day identity.
    -- Billy Corgan

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  • We held the team together for as long as possible and then sent all except the most critical personnel home.
    -- Bo Gritz

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  • The final effort came when our reconnaissance team reported contact with the POWs and their guards by radio near midnight at a pre-arranged crossing site.
    -- Bo Gritz

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  • When your team is winning, be ready to be tough, because winning can make you soft. On the other hand, when your team is losing, stick by them. Keep believing
    -- Bo Schembechler

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  • You can talk about teamwork on a baseball team, but I'll tell you, it takes teamwork when you have 2,900 men stationed on the U.S.S. Alabama in the South Pacific.
    -- Bob Feller

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  • I'm thrilled, I'm grateful, I'm blessed. I played for the world's greatest professional sports team in history. Once a Dallas Cowboy, always a Dallas Cowboy.
    -- Bob Hayes

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  • Don't go to the grave with life unused.
    -- Bobby Bowden

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  • Either love your players or get out of coaching.
    -- Bobby Dodd

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  • And I would be the first to admit that probably, in a lot of press conferences over the time that I have been in coaching, indulging my own sense of humor at press conferences has not been greatly to my benefit.
    -- Bobby Knight

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  • Everyone is needed, but no one is necessary.
    -- Bruce Coslet

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  • The era of the rugged individual is giving way to the era of the team player.
    -- Bruce Coslet

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  • However, we couldn't focus on the films much during the series because we're dumb. Individually we're smart guys, but together we're one big dumb guy, and couldn't concentrate on two things at once.
    -- Bruce McCulloch

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  • You never heard of a comedy team that didn't fight, did you?
    -- Bud Abbott

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  • Now, on the St. Louis team we have Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third.
    -- Bud Abbott

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  • If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team.
    -- Bud Wilkinson

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  • With wolves, solidarity is first but when they hunt, they change roles. The implicit hierarchy depends on who does what. In an organization one unique person makes a difference, but you need teamwork to make it happen.
    -- C. K. Prahalad

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  • The best kids are going to become the best. But the best thing about it is that you're going to learn lessons in playing those sports about winning and losing and teamwork and teammates and arguments and everything else that are going to affect you positively for the rest of your life.
    -- Carl Lewis

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  • Even Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, and Albert Einstein made serious mistakes. But the scientific enterprise arranges things so that teamwork prevails: What one of us, even the most brilliant among us, misses, another of us, even someone much less celebrated and capable, may detect and rectify.
    -- Carl Sagan

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  • The only thing I really, really want is for the U.S. to win again. Just to win another team gold. And, of course I would really want to win an all-around gold.
    -- Carly Patterson

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  • It costs a lot to sue a magazine, and it's too bad that we don't have a system where the losing team has to pay the winning team's lawyers.
    -- Carol Burnett

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  • Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part.
    -- Casey Stengel

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  • It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that's the hard part.
    -- Casey Stengel

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  • Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.
    -- Casey Stengel

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  • The thing I received from Girl Scouts more than anything else was a sense of real teamwork and working for the community, helping others, and it was not competitive. I remember working as a group to achieve a goal or to help the community. There was a great sense of accomplishment in that.
    -- Cathy Rigby

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  • In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.
    -- Charles Darwin

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  • Life should not be estimated exclusively by the standard of dollars and cents. I am not disposed to complain that I have planted and other have gathered the fruits. A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps.
    -- Charles Goodyear

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  • Only by binding together as a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable.
    -- Chris Bradford

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  • I can't tell you how much you gain, how much progress you can make, by working together as a team, by helping one another. You get much more done that way. If there's anything the Steelers of the '70s epitomized, I think it was that teamwork.
    -- Chuck Noll

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  • Pressure is what you feel when you don't know what's going on.
    -- Chuck Noll

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  • A single leaf working alone provides no shade.
    -- Chuck Page

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  • I think a lot of our team commitment is a silent understanding that each one of us has poured our life into what we're doing.
    -- Claire Carver-Dias

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  • If you get a certain amount of notoriety for doing something, and you can stick to that type of project for the rest of your life and make a decent living, I think you still have a responsibility to stretch. Flexibility is what keeps you alive.
    -- Clint Eastwood

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  • That's one of my jobs, just trying to do what I can to help this team out as much as possible.
    -- Cobi Jones

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  • When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self.
    -- Confucius

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  • The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
    -- Coretta Scott King

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  • Care for all the animals they need our help Care for all the children stop thinking of ourselves. And if we work together to try for harmony Someday we will live in peace
    -- Country Joe McDonald

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  • We are way more powerful when we turn to each other and not on each other, when we celebrate our diversity, focus on our commonality, and together tear down the mighty walls of injustice.
    -- Cynthia McKinney

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  • Let us join our efforts toward building the unshakable foundations for a culture of peace.
    -- Daisaku Ikeda

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  • Sport fosters many things that are good; teamwork and leadership.
    -- Daley Thompson

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  • If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless.
    -- Darryl F. Zanuck

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  • For all its beauty, honesty, and effectiveness at improving the human condition, science demands a terrible price - that we accept what experiments tell us about the universe, whether we like it or not. It's about consensus and teamwork and respectful critical argument, working with, and through, natural law. It requires that we utter, frequently, those hateful words - 'I might be wrong.'
    -- David Brin

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  • Arsenal are a great team. But we lifted the trophy eight times in 11 years.
    -- David Gill

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  • A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team. It makes the most of every crew member's talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service.
    -- David Ogilvy

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  • I think any player will tell you that individual accomplishments help your ego, but if you don't win, it makes for a very, very long season. It counts more that the team has played well.
    -- David Robinson

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  • No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself.
    -- Denis Waitley

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  • Teamplayer: Once who unites others toward a shared destiny through sharing information and ideas, empowering others and developing trust.
    -- Dennis F. Kinlaw

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  • Work and self-worth are the two factors in pride that interact with each other and that tend to increase the strong sense of pride found in superior work teams. When people do something of obvious worth, they feel a strong sense of personal worth.
    -- Dennis F. Kinlaw

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  • Together we can prevent genocide from happening again. Together we can make a better future for our children.
    -- Dith Pran

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  • The heart of Dragon's Lair has always been its compelling story. With Dragon's Lair 3D, we think the team has really created an interactive animated movie.
    -- Don Bluth

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  • The one man team is a complete and total myth.
    -- Don Shula

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