Trying quotes

  • A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.
    -- A. A. Milne

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  • The chief danger of the Church today is that it is trying to get on the same side as the world, instead of turning the world upside down. Our Master expects us to accomplish results, even if they bring opposition and conflict. Anything is better than compromise, apathy, and paralysis.  God give to us an intense cry for the old-time power of the Gospel and the Holy Ghost!
    -- A. B. Simpson

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  • In trying to avoid one sin I've committed another.
    -- A. J. Jacobs

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  • If you just try long enough and hard enough, you can always manage to boot yourself in the posterior.
    -- A. J. Liebling

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  • I, personally, am trying to get more and more involved with the gay and lesbian movement, very much so.
    -- A. J. McLean

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  • I have a dreadful fear that the more you try to prevent revealing the self, the more you do.
    -- A. S. Byatt

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  • Try lighting your house by prayer instead of electricity and see which one works.
    -- A.C. Grayling

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  • It seems that I have spent my entire life trying to make life more rational and that it was all wasted effort.
    -- A.J. Ayer

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  • Above all am I convinced of the need, irrevocable and inescapable, of every human heart, for God. No matter how we try to escape, to lose ourselves in restless seeking, we cannot separate ourselves from our divine source. There is no substitute for God.
    -- A.J. Cronin

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  • If at first you don't succeed/You can dust it off and try again/Dust yourself off and try again.
    -- Aaliyah

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  • I think that maybe that's my weakness, in that I don't know how to do it, so I just do what I do and try to do it as passionately and as well as I can.
    -- Aaron Eckhart

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  • Beginning with the first bite, and for every bite after, that try to chew ten times.
    -- Aaron Hoopes

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  • Better to be too early and have to try again, than be too late and have to catch up.
    -- Aaron Levie

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  • The business models in enterprise have changed pretty dramatically. A huge problem with enterprise software traditionally has been usually you sell to the customer and then they adopt the technology. The great thing about 'freemium' and the new way enterprise software is being sold is you get to try it first and then buy it.
    -- Aaron Levie

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  • Good satire goes beyond the specific point it’s trying to make and teaches you how to think critically. Even after your favorite cartoonist retires or [Stephen] Colbert wraps it up, you’re not left believing everything they’re telling you.
    -- Aaron McGruder

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  • I try to be as courteous as possible and sometimes try to tell my fans that as much as I appreciate their support, there are times where I need to be able to have an uninterrupted dinner or not have to take a bunch of pictures or just be able to do some of the normal things.
    -- Aaron Rodgers

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  • If you feel that strongly about something, you have an obligation to try and change my mind.
    -- Aaron Sorkin

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  • Trying to guess what the (mass) audience wants and then trying to satisfy that is usually a bad recipe for getting something good.
    -- Aaron Sorkin

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  • Right now I'm doing four shows at a time, trying to read four outlines every week, four scripts every week, and watching four rough cuts; it's a lot of good work. It's fun to do it, but it does wear you out.
    -- Aaron Spelling

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  • I try to pick characters that I find interesting and complex and that I feel I can bring something of myself to.
    -- Aaron Stanford

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  • I'm constantly trying to find something that's different from me, whereas some actors do the same thing, again and again. That's not for me.
    -- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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  • I don't go online, I don't read reviews, I try not to look at anything on the Internet.
    -- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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  • I can't think of anything worse than trying to schmooze someone with the idea that you're an actor.
    -- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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  • It's an organic thing that I try not to analyze too much, because I worry that it will go away.
    -- Aasif Mandvi

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  • But I've been there and done that. I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody, and if somebody wants me to come, if they can afford what I ask, it's not as much as Madonna makes; not that I want what Madonna makes, but I was saying.
    -- Abbey Lincoln

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  • I'm trying my hardest to get you so wrapped up in me you never leave.
    -- Abbi Glines

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  • Listen to me, Blaire. If you try to go anywhere I will chase you down. I will become your shadow.
    -- Abbi Glines

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  • Don't be sorry. Just try not to let him touch you. When he touches you I see red. I can't take it. I don't want to see him or anyone else touch you
    -- Abbi Glines

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  • It's embarrassing ... you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on the Best Seller's List.
    -- Abbie Hoffman

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  • The seriousness of my situation started to sink in, and again I fought panic. I pushed it down, but it was harder this time, like my insides were an open can of shaken soda and I was trying to keep it from bubbling up out of the top.
    -- Abby Sunderland

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  • I will definitely attempt to sail around the world again. In fact, I can't wait for the chance to try again.
    -- Abby Sunderland

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  • I was so thankful that my parents trusted me enough and had enough faith in my abilities to let me follow my passion and try to do something great, even if I might fail.
    -- Abby Sunderland

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  • When we try to push the envelope, there are certain sectors of society that say this is a Zionist plot to sort of destabilize our country, or this is an American agenda.
    -- Abdallah II

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  • All God's creatures are His family; and he is the most beloved of God who tries to do most good to God's creatures.
    -- Abdul Kalam

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  • Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we're trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.
    -- Abdul Qadeer Khan

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  • I always try not to overload my music with orchestration and to use only those instruments that are absolutely necessary.
    -- Abel Korzeniowski

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  • Never let anyone try and make you into something that you're not. Remember what it is that you want, and always stay strong in that.
    -- Abigail Breslin

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  • Dishonoring what we feel is an epidemic that has us self-medicating as a culture and trying to numb ourselves.
    -- Abiola Abrams

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  • The meaning of the Sabbath is to celebrate time rather than space. Six days a week we live under the tyranny of things of space; on the Sabbath we try to become attuned to holiness in time. It is a day on which we are called upon to share in what is eternal in time, to turn from the results of creation to the mystery of creation; from the world of creation to the creation of the world.
    -- Abraham Joshua Heschel

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  • If this country is ever demoralized, it will come from trying to live without work.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • I say 'try'; if we never try, we shall never succeed.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • A stupid man behaves stupidly, not because he wants to, or tries to, or is motivated to, but simply because he is what he is.
    -- Abraham Maslow

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  • A man could spend the rest of his life trying to remember what he shouldn't have said.
    -- Abraham Polonsky

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  • O man you are busy working for the world, and the world is busy trying to turn you out.
    -- Abu Bakr

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  • Every day, nay every moment, try to do some good deed.
    -- Abu Bakr

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  • We can not escape tragic roads. It is like grasping at the sun & trying to catch air. We must take one step at-a-time. Keep going.
    -- Ace Antonio Hall

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  • Finding a good band is Iike finding a good wife. You got to keep trying till you find the right one.
    -- Ace Frehley

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  • I would just encourage any artist to stay focused, of course keep God first, and just keep working hard. Try to outwork those who you idolize.
    -- Ace Hood

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  • Men look like pandas when they try and put make-up on.
    -- Adam Ant

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  • What I try to do is to appreciate every job I have while I'm working on it.
    -- Adam Baldwin

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  • I don't burn any calories trying to be masculine; I just happen to be from that world.
    -- Adam Carolla

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  • I guess my feeling is that if you’re going to make a joke, that’s fine, but you should also sort of stand behind it, you know? A joke should be more than a joke, it should be a point that you’re trying to make.
    -- Adam Carolla

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  • When so much money is involved in these movies, someone somewhere is going to try to screw you.
    -- Adam Duritz

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  • I'm a loser on Sunday. Yeah, I'm a couch potato. I get up and try and eat and then back on the couch. And watch anything.
    -- Adam Garcia

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  • The coffee shop is a great New York institution, but it has terrible coffee. And the more traditional coffee shops are trying to catch up with more sophisticated coffee drinkers.
    -- Adam Gopnik

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  • Every time we interact with another person at work, we have a choice to make: do we try to claim as much value as we can, or contribute value without worrying about what we receive in return?
    -- Adam Grant

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  • People tend to have one of three 'styles' of interaction. There are takers, who are always trying to serve themselves; matchers, who are always trying to get equal benefit for themselves and others; and givers, who are always trying to help people.
    -- Adam Grant

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  • And yet the world we live in-its divisions and conflicts, its widening gap between rich and poor, its seemingly inexplicable outbursts of violence-is shaped far less by what we celebrate and mythologize than by the painful events we try to forget. Leopold's Congo is but one of those silences of history.
    -- Adam Hochschild

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  • I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader.
    -- Adam Lambert

    #Rights #Leader #Trying

  • Carving out an identity for yourself is important so I'm trying to do that as well.
    -- Adam Lambert

    #Important #Trying #Identity

  • I try to go throughout my daily life just as if nothing has changed, but you don't have much anonymity anymore, which feels really good. People come up, and say hi and they enjoy your work.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • Today, ... anything you can come up with that works is worth trying.
    -- Adam LaRoche

    #Trying #Today #Come Up

  • Any time you lose a few in a row, you have to hit reset and come back tomorrow and do the best you can to forget about how the past series went. It's frustrating. Individually it's frustrating. I'm trying to figure it out. And I know as a team, it sucks losing a few in a row any time. So you know, we'll snap out of it.
    -- Adam LaRoche

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  • I find that more and more I'm trying to entertain myself when I'm working, because I know the work's going to go to a horrible place.
    -- Adam Rapp

    #Trying #Horrible

  • It was like losing an important weight-bearing bone, and I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to walk the streets without it.
    -- Adam Rapp

    #Important #Trying #Weight

  • We really try to make sure that the band writes the songs, not just one person.
    -- Adam Rich

    #Song #Writing #Trying

  • I think that every band tries to mature their sound through their existence, you know?
    -- Adam Rich

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  • I really do enjoy making movies and I try to test myself on occasion with some different stuff.
    -- Adam Sandler

    #Trying #Different #Tests

  • I'm just looking to make good movies and looking to be as good as I can be in them and that's about it. But I feel much more comfortable doing a comedy, but the fact that I got to try a few dramas, I feel I've tested myself a little bit.
    -- Adam Sandler

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  • I did rocks, all this dumb stuff. But now it's just trying to stay afloat and just get through the days.
    -- Adam Sandler

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  • Technology is usually there to let some process go on hidden in the background. For us on 'MythBusters,' we're always trying to make the process apparent. So, we have learned to try and never rely on a technological solution when an analogue one is in front of us.
    -- Adam Savage

    #Technology #Trying #Goes On

  • Jamie's gonna go take a break now, and i am going to continue the on-going process of making a fool of myself and go ahead and try it myself.
    -- Adam Savage

    #Trying #Fool #Fierce

  • As children, we have a tenuous idea of love; we often try to quantify it with how much we feel seen and heard.
    -- Adora Svitak

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  • My favorite puzzle is trying to work out the parts myself, after all it is a solo effort.
    -- Adrian Belew

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  • Byrd has always been that kind of pitcher, trying to trick you, keep the ball low, in and out. He threw a lot of strikes, worked it inside and out, threw breaking balls for strikes behind in the count.
    -- Adrian Beltre

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  • But the Twins opened the fifth with their second and third hits, and Beltre helped Hernandez by taking his bullet throw for a force at third on a bunt try. I felt it, ... My only worry was that he didn't throw me a sinker. He threw hard, but a good fastball.
    -- Adrian Beltre

    #Worry #Trying #Bullets

  • I'm trying to get some building work done at the moment, quite seriously. Be careful.
    -- Adrian Chiles

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  • The challenge, really, on any new film is to try to avoid that and achieve a few moments that aren't cliche.
    -- Adrian Lyne

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  • Always, with any movie that I do, I have a book of ideas that I've heard, or seen, or whatever, and I always try to incorporate it in the film.
    -- Adrian Lyne

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  • I try to be open with everybody, try to make everybody feel welcome and make them feel like, hey, I'm an easy person to talk to, get along with.
    -- Adrian Peterson

    #Trying #Hey #Welcome

  • I try to eat a lot of baked foods, fish, chicken, potatoes, stuff like that. Grab me a Muscle Milk. That helps.
    -- Adrian Peterson

    #Trying #Stuff #Potatoes

  • If you take part of the truth, and try to make that part of the truth, all of the truth, then that part of the truth becomes an untruth.
    -- Adrian Rogers

    #Trying #Truth Is #Untruth

  • Life is complicated. It wtarts before we're ready, it continues while we're still trying to figure out the point of it. And it ends long before we've worked out just what to do.
    -- Adrian Tan

    #Long #Trying #Life Is

  • Don't try to be what you're not. If you're nervous, be nervous. If you're shy, be shy. It's cute.
    -- Adriana Lima

    #Cute #Beauty #Trying

  • I was a wild, mischievous kid, and I had tremendous imagination. Any experience I had, I'd try to reenact it.
    -- Adrien Brody

    #Kids #Imagination #Trying

  • I don't try to knock people out, but I have the ability to press him and get the cheese.
    -- Adrien Broner

    #Motivation #People #Trying

  • I am an instrument in the shape/ of a woman trying to translate pulsations/ into images for the relief of the body/ and the reconstruction of the mind.
    -- Adrienne Rich

    #Mind #Trying #Relief

  • What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest
    -- Adyashanti

    #Interesting #Trying #Manifest

  • A meditative mind is at ease because it's not trying to acquire anything.
    -- Adyashanti

    #Mind #Trying #Ease

  • There is nothing wrong with thought and it can be used whenever necessary. But in every moment you can choose to follow your thoughts or you can recognize that which is not thinking. Don’t try to stop thinking, let it happen. Just recognize that which is not thinking.
    -- Adyashanti

    #Thinking #Trying #Moments

  • Place (or put) a spider on top of a mountain, it will only try to catch flies; alas, they are many those who, in the figurative meaning, have spider's eyes.
    -- African Spir

    #Eye #Mountain #Trying

  • If man do not find in himself the required (or wished, or wanted, - "voulue", Fr.) force to accomplish his moral aspirations, he can try to purt himself in the conditions suitable to assist (or promote, or further, -"favoriser", Fr.) his self-control.
    -- African Spir

    #Men #Self #Trying

  • The need for sociability induce man to be in touch with his fellow men. However, this need might not ("ne saurait", Fr.) find its full (or complete) satisfaction in the conventional (or superficial, - "conventionnel", Fr.) and deceitful world, in which (or where) everyone is mainly (or mostly) trying to assert oneself in front of others ("devant les autres", Fr.), to appear, and hoping to find in society ("mondaine", Fr.) relationships some advantages for his interest and vanity (or vainglory or conceit", Fr.).
    -- African Spir

    #Men #Vanity #Trying

  • Whether we had a (good) moral intuition more developed, we would be as much morally disgusted by the rapacity of those who try to benefit from, and monopolize (or secure or corner), having no consideration (regardless or irrespective of) for others ("autrui", Fr.), than we physically are by a sickening (or nauseating) smell.
    -- African Spir

    #Smell #Intuition #Trying

  • We also want to try and slow down all this foolishness that's going on between the East and West. We gotta understand that Hip Hop is now universal. Hip Hop is not East coast or West coast.
    -- Afrika Bambaataa

    #Hip Hop #Trying #Hips

  • The Aga Khan Awards for Architecture seeks to make a better place in physical terms. This means trying to bring values into environments, buildings, and contexts that improve the quality of life for future generations.
    -- Aga Khan IV

    #Mean #Awards #Trying

  • We try to avoid the single-building syndrome. You have to look at the big picture. If you try to put social and cultural development ahead of economic development, it doesn’t work. You have to do it all together.
    -- Aga Khan IV

    #Trying #Together #Looks

  • Words are changing. I find that old expressions are outdated, so when I write something, I try to find a new expression that hasn't been born yet. It's difficult.
    -- Agnes Denes

    #Writing #Expression #Trying

  • It is the steady and merciless increase of occupations, the augmented speed at which we are always trying to live, the crowding of each day with more work than it can profitably hold, which has cost us, among other things, the undisturbed enjoyment of friends. Friendship takes time, and we have no time to give it.
    -- Agnes Repplier

    #Friendship #Giving #Trying

  • When I record, it feels like I'm in a bubble. There's nothing else in my head right then. It's just that song, and I'm trying to really sound like what the song is about.
    -- Agnetha Faltskog

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