Soda quotes

  • The seriousness of my situation started to sink in, and again I fought panic. I pushed it down, but it was harder this time, like my insides were an open can of shaken soda and I was trying to keep it from bubbling up out of the top.
    -- Abby Sunderland

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  • I was always Armie. There couldn't be a 90-year-old Armand and a 9-day-old one. And I heard enough jokes about baking soda.
    -- Armie Hammer

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  • I've sold shoes, hawked newspapers, jerked sodas, gazed rapturously at the tinsel dream at the end of a runway from my usher's aisle in a burley-cue, drove a truck - then because I didn't like being pushed around, started pushing a pencil around.
    -- Burne Hogarth

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  • all my bounce has gone flat, like soda with the top left off.
    -- Charlaine Harris

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  • Hooka Tooka, my soda cracker, does your momma chaw tobacca?
    -- Chubby Checker

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  • He spilled my diet soda!
    -- CM Punk

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  • John, what are you doing? John, my diet soda. What are you doing?
    -- CM Punk

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  • Faygo's like a Detroit thing, and you can't really find it everywhere, but the difference between Faygo Creme Soda and other cream sodas is that it's foamy. Faygo Creme Soda is almost like Sprite, but it's cream soda, so that's ill!
    -- Danny Brown

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  • A lot of people are like, "You're doing commercials?" And I honestly feel like those Sierra Mist commercials are better than a lot of sitcoms I get offered. It's hard work, and I'm paid a lot of money, and I do it because I love the soda.
    -- Jim Gaffigan

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  • That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted.
    -- Lou Costello

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  • We need to demonise soda, the way we've demonised cigarettes.
    -- Mark Bittman

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  • I needed another soda. I’d only had six since breakfast.
    -- Meg Cabot

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  • I played soccer because my friends did. Besides we got sodas afterwards.
    -- Mia Hamm

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  • The arts are not frosting but baking soda.
    -- Michael Gazzaniga

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  • Another advantage of avoiding sodas is that you will avoid the caffeine that is in many of them. Caffeine is a weak diuretic that causes calcium loss via the kidneys.
    -- Neal Barnard

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  • Ironically, he'd yet to leave a good impression. First he'd spilled soda on her, next she'd seen him almost involved in a riot, and then this morning she'd believed him to be either lazy or an idiot.
    -- Nicholas Sparks

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  • But all I said, as I dug a five from my pocket to pay for my soda, was, "You have a friend?" Tod scowled. "Well, I wouldn't call him a friend according to the traditional definition, but in the sense that he imposes on me constantly and isn't afraid to point out my flaws, I'd say he qualifies." "Sounds more like a cousin.
    -- Rachel Vincent

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  • The combination of popcorn, soda, and melted chocolate which covers the floors of movie theaters.
    -- Rich Hall

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  • I have learned that the cost of everything from a royal suite to a bottle of soda water can be halved by the simple expedient of saying it must be halved.
    -- Robert Byron

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  • When I was growing up, I was eating fast food every day. I'd drink soda non-stop, candy, just everything. It was horrible. My go-to was McDonald's, for sure.
    -- Ryan Lochte

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  • ... Hey, I didn't know you didn't like baloney." I went cold. "I don't like it. I never liked it." Soda just looked at me. "You used to eat it. That's why you wouldn't eat anything while you were sick. You kept saying you didn't like baloney, no matter what it was we were trying to get you to eat." "I don't like it," I repeated.
    -- S. E. Hinton

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  • Sure, you can mix the flour, baking soda, salt, shortening, and the whole nine yards, but why wouldn't you just pull out a box of Bisquick?
    -- Sandra Lee

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  • I've picked up a great appetite for pastrami on rye and a nice cream soda. It is fantastic. So I have to be careful or I'm going to just get really fat.
    -- Vincent Piazza

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