Wife quotes

  • I love my wife, she deserves anything and everything.
    -- Aaron Spelling

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  • One thing my wife says is bad about me is that I still care too much.
    -- Aaron Spelling

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  • [On her recently widowed father's much younger wife:] My father has been very busy in conjugating the verb to love, and I assure you he declines its moods and tenses inimitably.
    -- Abby May Alcott

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  • In Biblical times, a man could have as many wives as he could afford. Just like today.
    -- Abigail Van Buren

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  • It was, however, resolved that 'we use our private influence at present to prevent our brethren from going into court and promising to obey the law; and as soon as possible we take steps to get some flavors from the government for those who already have more wives than one.'
    -- Abraham H. Cannon

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  • There was the strangest combination of church influence against me. Baker is a Campbellite; and therefore, as I suppose with few exceptions, got all of that Church. My wife had some relations in the Presbyterian churches, and some in the Episcopal churches; and therefore, wherever it would tell, I was set down as either one or the other, while it was everywhere contended that no Christian ought to vote for me because I belonged to no Church, and was suspected of being a Deist and had talked of fighting a duel.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • Finding a good band is Iike finding a good wife. You got to keep trying till you find the right one.
    -- Ace Frehley

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  • Many women I know think the ideal of happiness is to be in love with a great man, or to be the wife of a great public success; to share his triumph! They forget you share the man as well!
    -- Ada Leverson

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  • In one day, I have times where I'm feeling great, I feel like I love my life, and then 2:30 rolls around and I'm the angriest man alive. My wife sees it.
    -- Adam Sandler

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  • I want to say a little something that's long overdue, the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I wanna offer my love and respect till the end.
    -- Adam Yauch

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  • My first wife was a theater person.
    -- Ahmet Ertegun

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  • May your wife and children get raped, right in the ass. (to the jurors who convicted her)
    -- Aileen Wuornos

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  • Actually way back when Abhishek and I were just co-actors, I kept telling him 'let's be a part of a troupe and go on a world tour'. And he kept on saying 'It's not the right time'. But I never thought that my wish will be fulfilled in such a grand way and that we will be part of the team as man and wife.
    -- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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  • It is best for ordinary men to have only one wife !
    -- Akbar

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  • I'm a polygamist. I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.
    -- Akon

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  • Why bother with Google when I have a wife who knows everything about everything!
    -- Akshay Kumar

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  • It drives me nuts how I rely on my wife for everything. I can't imagine a day without her!
    -- Akshay Kumar

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  • On every birthday, I ask my wife, 'What would you like this year?' and her instant reply is, 'Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds!' I'm always living in hope that one day she'll say she just wants me!
    -- Akshay Kumar

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  • If O.J. had been accused of killing his black wife, you would not have seen the same passion stirred up.
    -- Al Sharpton

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  • My wife went off with Elvis.
    -- Al Yankovic

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  • Marriage requires searing honesty at all costs. I learned that from my third wife.
    -- Alan Arkin

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  • I've been a lot of places, and my wife, Denise, she likes a lot of the fancy restaurants. I'm more of a basic eater. I still go into Cracker Barrel. Those are the kind of people who like the kind of music I'm making.
    -- Alan Jackson

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  • I never get bored of my wife. It's lovely.
    -- Alan Titchmarsh

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  • I wish I had been a better mother and a more compassionate and understanding wife in both of my marriages.
    -- Alana Stewart

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  • I am doing just fine, considering that I have triumphantly survived Nazism and two wives.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • My father suffered much and toiled painfully all his life, for he had no resources other than the proceeds of his trade from which to support himself and his wife and family.
    -- Albrecht Durer

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  • The innocence of those who grind the faces of the poor, but refrain from pinching the bottoms of their neighbour's wives! The innocence of Ford, the innocence of Rockefeller! The nineteenth century was the Age of Innocence--that sort of innocence. With the result that we're now almost ready to say that a man is seldom more innocently employed than when making love.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • I remember during my lifetime I would meet women, and it was almost like God would say to me, 'Now, this woman here is not the one you are going to end up with, but she is going to be a lot like this woman; look at this woman, study this woman.' And when my wife showed up, He was like, 'You recognize her now?'
    -- Alec Baldwin

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  • My wife had an uncle who could never walk down the nave of an abbey without wondering whether it would take spin.
    -- Alec Douglas-Home

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  • My wife is 37 years younger than me. I don't feel the difference.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • I've never felt that I've had some great fashion sense of my own - I tend to wear what my wife tells me to wear.
    -- Alessandro Nivola

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  • I have a wife, a son, and I've had some practical life experience.
    -- Alex Meraz

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  • Yes, I don't think I shall ever become Prime Minister. Hard as that is to swallow, I tell you one person who is very happy always to see me say that, and that's my wife.
    -- Alexander Downer

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  • I admit that Mendeleev has two wives, but I have only one Mendeleev.
    -- Alexander III of Russia

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  • For wit and judgment often are at strife, Though meant each other's aid, like man and wife.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • The Muse but serv'd to ease some friend, not wife, / To help me through this long disease, my life.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • All other goods by Fortune's hands are given; A wife is the peculiar gift of heaven.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • Thank you, darling, for learning to play chess. It is an absolute necessity for any well organized family. (in a letter to his wife)
    -- Alexander Pushkin

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  • The loveliest Muse in the world does not feed her owner; these girls make fine mistresses but terrible wives
    -- Alfred de Vigny

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  • The ideal husband understands every word his wife doesn't say.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • Few males achieve any real freedom in their sexual relations even with their wives. Few males realise how badly inhibited they are on these matters.
    -- Alfred Kinsey

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  • My wife and I use a lot of garlic and rosemary with roast lamb. It has to be New Zealand lamb. The domestic variety is too gamy, in my experience.
    -- Alfred Molina

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  • When I get home after being away for work, my wife always stuffs the fridge with loads of what she calls 'nibbles' - all the great things you can eat straight from the fridge, like chunks of cheese, slices of ham, bowls of hummus.
    -- Alfred Molina

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  • Time turns the old days to derision, Our loves into corpses or wives.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • I'm very romantic, I'm extremely romantic. I date my wife.
    -- Alice Cooper

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  • I gather from a lawyer that there was a rehearsal yesterday. We haven't a hope. I know the presiding judge too: I've had the misfortune to sleep with his wife. He was specially picked.
    -- Alphonse Karr

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  • Now my wife may think she's locked me out of the kitchen but MacGyver's not my patron saint for nothing.
    -- Alton Brown

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  • As a group, housewives to-day suffer more from social isolation and loss of purpose than any other social group, except, perhaps, the old.
    -- Alva Myrdal

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  • My wife and I, unlike many intellectuals, spent five years working on assembly lines. We came to fully understand the criticisms of the industrial age, in which you are an appendage of a machine that sets the pace.
    -- Alvin Toffler

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  • MUSTANG, n. An indocile horse of the western plains. In English society, the American wife of an English nobleman.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • The burning embers within me burst into flame / My body becomes a fire-lit torch. / Ho someone! Send for the mid-wife.
    -- Amrita Pritam

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  • If a politician isn't doing it to his wife , then he's doing it to his country.
    -- Amy Grant

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  • I know I'm talented, but I wasn't put here to sing. I was put here to be a wife and a mom and look after my family. I love what I do, but it's not where it begins and ends.
    -- Amy Winehouse

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  • After you play husband and wife on camera multiple times, it becomes easy to be husband and wife off camera as well.
    -- Amy Yasbeck

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  • Leave everything. Leave Dada. Leave your wife. Leave your mistress. Leave your hopes and fears. Leave your children in the woods. Leave the substance for the shadow. Leave your easy life, leave what you are given for the future. Set off on the roads.
    -- Andre Breton

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  • He who has found a good wife has found great happiness, but a quarrelsome woman is like a roof that lets in the rain.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • A lot of people look for you to change. Everything has stayed the same. Financially, this is God's money, and my wife and I are just stewards of it.
    -- Andre Ward

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  • I've had three wives and three guitars. I still play the guitars.
    -- Andres Segovia

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  • Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there.
    -- Andrew Jackson

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  • The emotional elevation of the film is due in no small measure to the extraordinarily engaging performances of Anne Bancroft as the wife-mother-mistress, Dustin Hoffman as the lumbering Lancelot, and Katherine Ross as his fair Elaine.
    -- Andrew Sarris

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  • Perhaps love is a minor madness. And as with madness, it's unendurable alone. The one person who can relieve us is of course the sole person we cannot go to: the one we love. So instead we seek out allies, even among strangers and wives, fellow patients who, if they can't touch the edge of our particular sorrow, have felt something that cuts nearly as deep.
    -- Andrew Sean Greer

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  • I've got two contracts in my life: One with my wife and the other to protect Andy Dalton.
    -- Andrew Whitworth

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  • My wife uses fabric softener. I never knew what that stuff was for. Then I noticed women coming up to me, sniffing, then saying under their breath, "Married!" and walking away. Fabric Softeners are how our wives mark their territory. We can take off the ring, but it's hard to get that April fresh scent out of your clothes.
    -- Andy Rooney

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  • I don't want to be a great chief executive without being a great mum and a great wife.
    -- Angela Ahrendts

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  • I don't want to be a great executive without being a great mom and a great wife. I don't want to look back and say I wish I had done things differently. 'Balance' is a really big word for me.
    -- Angela Ahrendts

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  • My cousins and I used to play Beatle wives. We all wanted to be married to Paul, but John was O.K. too. None of us wanted Ringo. Or even worse, George.
    -- Ann Hood

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  • A loss, but who still mourns the breath of one woman, or laments one wife? Though my heart never can forget, how, for one look, she gave up her life.
    -- Anna Akhmatova

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  • A successful woman preacher was once asked what special obstacles have you met as a woman in the ministry? Not one, she answered, except the lack of a minister's wife.
    -- Anna Garlin Spencer

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  • It is well known that a man, when wooing a lady to be his wife, must first win over the females she most confides in—her friends, of course, and her sister, if she has one.
    -- Anna Godbersen

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  • I grew up poor. I had no money. My family was poor. There's things I wanted to do and couldn't. I was an abused wife. Just -- there's tons of things that I couldn't even mention. And for me to come up and to have all of this fame and fortune, it's just.
    -- Anna Nicole Smith

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  • In some ways, what I need is a wife.
    -- Anne Beatts

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  • If ever wife was happy in a man, compare with me, ye women if you can.
    -- Anne Bradstreet

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  • A man must have something to grumble about; and if he cant complain that his wife harries him to death with her perversity and ill-humour, he must complain that she wears him out with her kindness and gentleness.
    -- Anne Bronte

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  • Roy's wife of Aldivalloch, Wat ye how she cheated me, As I came o'er the braes of Balloch?
    -- Anne Grant

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  • Age has given me the gift of me; it just gave me what I was always longing for, which was to get to be the woman I've already dreamt of being. Which is somebody who can do rest and do hard work and be a really constant companion, a constant, tender-hearted wife to myself.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • Who I really am is the mother of six kids and Woody's wife.
    -- Anne Northup

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  • It is not monogamy when there is one legal wife, and mistresses out of sight.
    -- Annie Besant

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  • My wife and I have always trusted each other, and I have to thank her strength.
    -- Anthony Anderson

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  • In my house, neither my wife nor my daughter are impressed that I'm on television, and they remind me of that frequently.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • I'm married. My wife, Stella - a beautiful woman. She's brought a lot of peace to my life, a lot of wisdom.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

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  • My weak spot is laziness. I have a lot of weak spots - cookies, croissants; my wife is always lecturing me about this, I tend to put it all down as habit or it's just acting.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

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  • I am here today to again apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents, but I make it particularly to my wife, Huma.
    -- Anthony Weiner

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  • Narrative prose is a legal wife, while drama is a posturing, boisterous, cheeky and wearisome mistress.
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • I myself smoke, but my wife asked me to speak today on the harmfulness of tobacco, so what can I do? If it's tobacco, then let it be tobacco.
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • My wife is beautiful but she can't run anything.
    -- Arash

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  • I'd love to do a romantic comedy. And perhaps, if the character was right and I had a good gut instinct, a Bollywood movie. And I'd love to direct. One day. I'm learning a lot on the set of 'The Good Wife.'
    -- Archie Panjabi

    #Character #Wife #One Day

  • I'd love to say I made the smart decision of picking projects that became hits, but with 'The Good Wife,' I read the script and something inside me said, 'I love this, I want to do this.
    -- Archie Panjabi

    #Smart #Wife #Decision

  • And I'd love to direct. One day. I'm learning a lot on the set of The Good Wife.
    -- Archie Panjabi

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  • The predictable thing about 'The Good Wife' is how unpredictable 'The Good Wife' is.
    -- Archie Panjabi

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  • Of all the names Polygamy went by (so as not to exasperate the Gentile population and even some of the wives of the members' own bosoms any more than necessary) -- such as Pluralism, Plural or Celestial Wedlock, the Principle, the Doctrine, the New Covenant and the Gospel Dispensation of the Meridian of Consummate Time -- the latter was thought to be the least like waving a red flag in front of a bull. But as it was hard to remember and did not make instant or any other kind of sense, it was not much used.
    -- Ardyth Kennelly

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  • A proper wife should be as obedient as a slave... The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities - a natural defectiveness.
    -- Aristotle

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  • I support myself. My wife and I together - it's all our household. I'm really proud of that.
    -- Armie Hammer

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  • My wife comes from a foodie family so I've been indoctrinated into that. I had sweetbreads the other night, and I have to say, not my favorite thing in the world You're eating a gland.
    -- Armie Hammer

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  • People are always making a fuss over my $15-20-million salaries. Believe me, the amount is meaningless once my wife, Maria, finds out about it. She's already spent half of my salary from Terminator 7!
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.
    -- Arsene Wenger

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  • People are broad-minded. They'll accept the fact that a person can be an alcoholic, a dope fiend, a wife beater, and even a newspaperman, but if a man does not drive, there is something wrong with him.
    -- Art Buchwald

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  • I'm working when I'm fighting with my wife. I constantly ask myself-how can I use this stuff to literary advantage.
    -- Art Buchwald

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  • Broke my femur on a cruise with my wife in Italy. I'd walked back to my cabin after dinner with half a plate of spaghetti when I leaned in to open the door. Turns out it was already open, so I fell flat on my face like something from the Keystone Kops.
    -- Art Donovan

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  • Steel True, Blade Straight *In 1955, Doyle's family sold Windlesham, which was turned into a hotel. The bodies of Conan Doyle and his wife, Jean, were moved to a grave at Minstead Churchyard, Hampshire.
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • Should I ever marry, Watson, I should hope to inspire my wife with some feeling which would prevent her from being walked off by a housekeeper when my corpse was lying within a few yards of her.
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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