Lovely quotes

  • Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there.
    -- Adam Young

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  • I thought how lovely and how strange a river is...
    -- Aidan Chambers

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  • Large meadows are lovely for picnics and romping, but they are for the lighter feelings. Meadows do not make me want to write.
    -- Aimee Bender

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  • There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills. These hills are grass-covered and rolling, and they are lovely beyond any singing of it....
    -- Alan Paton

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  • There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills...
    -- Alan Paton

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  • I never get bored of my wife. It's lovely.
    -- Alan Titchmarsh

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  • I'm the leading scorer in the cup, and that's lovely, but don't forget this is also a great moment for the whole squad, when the two things coincide you can't ask for more.
    -- Alessandro Del Piero

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  • I get to work with great photographers, wear lovely clothes, be part of the creative process.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • Toil and risk are the price of glory, but it is a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving an everlasting fame.
    -- Alexander the Great

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  • These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections-sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent-that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it. The events that my death wrought were merely the bones of a body that would become whole at some unpredictable time in the future. The price of what I came to see as this miraculous body had been my life.
    -- Alice Sebold

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  • That's a lovely piece," Kat said, pointing at a Louise XV armoire near the fireplace. The man raised his eyebrows. "Did you come to steal it?" "Darn it," Kat said with a snap of her fingers."I knew I should have brought my big purse.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • I have such a lovely life and I just never imagined that I would miscarry a baby.
    -- Amanda Holden

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  • GRAVITATION, n. The tendency of all bodies to approach one another with a strength proportioned to the quantity of matter they contain-the quantity of matter they contain being ascertained by the strength of their tendency to approach one another. This is a lovely and edifying illustration of how science, having made A the proof of B, makes B the proof of A.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Crafting, or 'making things,' has always been a delightful pastime of mine because it requires putting common elements together in order to achieve a lovely something that nobody needs.
    -- Amy Sedaris

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  • I hid my deepest feelings so well I forgot where I placed them.
    -- Amy Tan

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  • To save myself, I destroyed another, and in doing so, I destroyed myself.
    -- Amy Tan


  • How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.
    -- Andre Agassi

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  • It's every woman's tragedy, that, after a certain age, she looks like a female impersonator. Mind you, we've known some lovely female impersonators, in our time.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • A happy marriage has the tranquility of a lovely sunset.
    -- Ann Landers

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  • I go forth to seek To seek and claim the lovely magic garden Where grasses softly sigh and Muses speak.
    -- Anna Akhmatova

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  • I have the most lovely, healthy bouncing baby, she was all very compact and the right size.
    -- Anna Friel

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  • It is quite lovely being single, and I much prefer it.
    -- Anna Held

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  • I was raised in a very old fashioned Ireland where women were reared to be lovely.
    -- Anne Enright

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  • How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world!
    -- Anne Frank

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  • Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self-doubt.
    -- Anne Hathaway

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  • It turned out this man worked for the Dalai Lama. And she said gently-that they believe when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born-and that this something needs for you to be distracted so that it can be born as perfectly as possible.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • Fiercely original and uncommonly lovely, The Witch's Boy is equal parts enchanting and haunting. Kelly Barnhill is master of truly potent and unruly magic; luckily for readers, she chooses to use her powers for good.
    -- Anne Ursu

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  • Then, brothers, it came. Oh, bliss, bliss and heaven. I lay all nagoy to the ceiling, my gulliver on my rookers on the pillow, glazzies closed, rot open in bliss, slooshying the sluice of lovely sounds. Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh.
    -- Anthony Burgess

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  • I viddied that thinking is for the gloopy ones and that the oomny ones use like inspiration and what Bog sends. For now it was lovely music that came to my aid.
    -- Anthony Burgess

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  • In nature a repulsive caterpillar turns into a lovely butterfly. But with human beings it is the other way round: a lovely butterfly turns into a repulsive caterpillar.
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I'm very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • My music is not lovely
    -- Arnold Schoenberg

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  • What a lovely thing a rose is!
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • The shadow of a cornstalk on the ground is lovely, but it is no denial of its loveliness to see as one looks on it that it is telling the time of day, the position of the earth and the sun, the size of our planet and its shape, and perhaps even the length of its life and ours among the stars.
    -- Arthur Miller

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  • It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.'
    -- Audrey Hepburn

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  • What to do? We yanked the dress up over her lovely attributes and with the addition of a scarf, the problem was solved. Sorry, guys, blame that stuffy censor. He hated surprises.
    -- Audrey Meadows

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  • The truth is that nobody is owed an apology for anything. Apologies are lovely when they happen. But they change nothing. They do not reverse actions or correct damage. They are merely nice to hear.
    -- Augusten Burroughs

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  • I'd never even been to Wrigley Field. I never even enjoyed baseball that much, but I loved being there, the crowd was lovely, and they all sang with me!
    -- Bea Arthur

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  • Sorry, I said to myself, wondering how many times in my marriage I'd said that, how many times I'd meant it, how many times Claire had actually believed it, and, most important, how many times the utterance had any impact whatsoever on our dispute. What a lovely chart one could draw of this word Sorry.
    -- Ben Marcus

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  • I do get stopped on the street, although rarely. And they always have something lovely to say.
    -- Ben Whishaw

    #Lovely #Streets

  • For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up.
    -- Bernie Siegel

    #Gratitude #Lovely #Wake Up

  • A lovely horse is always an experience.... It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.
    -- Beryl Markham

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  • With a stretch belt, anything can be a dress - a dinner napkin, a tablecloth, even a towel. Just wrap and snap, and away you go in an incredible outfit. Another plus is that the belt will pull all eyes to your lovely curves, and they even look good around a coat or a jacket.
    -- Beth Ditto

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  • There is a lovely warmness about feelings of nostalgia as though in one's head one is putting on a pair of comfy old slippers and curling up in front of a fire.
    -- Bill Geist

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  • Emma Watson is adorable in the extreme. She is such a lovely person.
    -- Bill Nighy

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  • I'm happy in the UK. I absolutely love it and I've finally got a great group of friends. I've got a lovely little flat and my work's here.
    -- Billie Piper

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  • I think it would be lovely to see some features on a disc of 'The Rocketeer,' with some reminiscing. I think that would be dynamite.
    -- Billy Campbell

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  • She not only kept her lovely figure, she's added so much to it.
    -- Bob Fosse

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  • There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown, love to watch her do her stuff.
    -- Bob Seger

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  • Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire. They're a lovely twosome, or threesome, or foursome, or twenty-fifthsome.
    -- Bobby Heenan

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  • It's a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • The Bible was a consolation to a fellow alone in the old cell. The lovely thin paper with a bit of matress stuffing in it, if you could get a match, was as good a smoke as I ever tasted.
    -- Brendan Behan

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  • The river Trent is lovely, I know because I have walked on it for 18 years.
    -- Brian Clough

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  • The older we get, the swifter time seems to pass and the quicker memories seem to fade.
    -- Brian Sibley

    #Memories #Lovely

  • Little bitty bags are completely impractical - I like big slouchy bags because they have to be comfortable for my lovely wee Chihuahua Tequila, who comes everywhere with me. I'm devoted to him, now my kids have long since flown the nest.
    -- Britt Ekland

    #Kids #Long #Lovely

  • There are no bad days in the market. When the market is down, you've got bargains, and it's lovely to think of what you are buying at low prices. When the market is up, the bargains have gone, but you're rich.
    -- Bruce Greenwald

    #Bad Day #Thinking #Lovely

  • I have a lovely family who supports me and it's great.
    -- Bryan Cranston

    #Support #Lovely #Support Me

  • Certain things, if not seen as lovely or detestable, are not being correctly seen at all.
    -- C. S. Lewis

    #Lovely #Certain

  • Little princess, lovely as the dawn, well named Aurore.
    -- Cameron Dokey

    #Princess #Lovely #Dawn

  • High Romanticism shows you nature in all its harsh and lovely metamorphoses. Flood, fire and quake fling us back to the primal struggle for survival and reveal our gross dependency on mammoth, still mysterious forces.
    -- Camille Paglia

    #Struggle #Fire #Lovely

  • One can do such lovely things with so little. Subjects that are too beautiful end by appearing theatrical.
    -- Camille Pissarro

    #Beautiful #Lovely #Littles

  • Working with Mario Testino was a joy. He's very young spirited, and it's always lovely and a pleasure to spend time talking to him about all different things.
    -- Cara Delevingne

    #Talking #Joy #Lovely

  • When you idolise someone, or you hold someone in such high regard, you just want them to be everything that you think there are - and when they are it's just lovely.
    -- Carey Mulligan

    #Thinking #Lovely #Want

  • The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion or in politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, and there's no place for it in the endeavor of science. We do not know beforehand where fundamental insights will arise from about our mysterious and lovely solar system. The history of our study of our solar system shows us clearly that accepted and conventional ideas are often wrong, and that fundamental insights can arise from the most unexpected sources.
    -- Carl Sagan

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  • Human beings grew up in forests; we have a natural affinity for them. How lovely a tree is, straining toward the sky.
    -- Carl Sagan

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  • Something is missing: that's as close as I can come to naming the sensation, an awareness of missed or thwarted connections, or of a great hollowness left where something lovely and solid used to be. ...There is something fundamentally insatiable about being human, as though we come into the world with a kind of built-in tension between the experience of being hungry, which is a condition of striving and yearning, and the experience of being fed, which may offer temporary satisfaction but always gives way to new strivings, new yearnings.
    -- Caroline Knapp

    #Giving #Missing #Lovely

  • It would be a lovely place if we didn't necessarily judge or jump to conclusions because someone wants to wear a dress or because someone wants to wear pants.
    -- Casey Legler

    #Judging #Lovely #Dresses

  • I understand signifiers. We're social creatures and we have a physical language of communicating with each other. But it would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something… it would be a lovely place if we didn't necessarily judge or jump to conclusions because someone wants to wear a dress or because someone wants to wear pants.
    -- Casey Legler

    #Beautiful #Judging #Lovely

  • Who can fail to mist at Fergie's anthem, 'My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps.' Hmmm. 'My lunch, my lunch, I swear it's coming up.
    -- Celia Rivenbark

    #Lunch #Lovely #Anthem

  • I love the clouds... the clouds that pass by... over there... over there... those lovely clouds!
    -- Charles Baudelaire

    #Love #Clouds #Lovely

  • The years have gone by quickly. Death sits in the seat next to me. We make a lovely couple.
    -- Charles Bukowski

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  • The brave deserve the lovely - every woman may be won.
    -- Charles Godfrey Leland

    #Bravery #Lovely #May

  • Claire Danes is lovely and a really great actress.
    -- Charlie Cox

    #Lovely #Actresses #Claire

  • After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.
    -- Christian Dior

    #Women #Flower #Lovely

  • It is not the deed we do Though the deed be never so fair, But the love that the dear Lord looketh for, Hidden with lovely care In the heart of the deed so fair.
    -- Christina Rossetti

    #Heart #Lovely #Care

  • Ron Howard is as good a person as you could want to work with on film. He never lost his cool. He's the most easygoing, lovely man, but he's got this enormous intelligence and a wonderful humanity
    -- Christine Baranski

    #Men #Humanity #Lovely

  • I burned the candle at both ends and it often gave a lovely light.
    -- Christopher Hitchens

    #Light #Lovely #Ends

  • In one way, I suppose, I have been 'in denial' for some time, knowingly burning the candle at both ends and finding that it often gives a lovely light.
    -- Christopher Hitchens

    #Light #Giving #Lovely

  • I dont know if Im a heartthrob or if I want to be one! I heard that I get the most fan mail. Its very flattering, and lovely to be popular with the public.
    -- Christopher Parker

    #Lovely #Fans #Want

  • I have something to say: it's better to burn out, than to fade away.
    -- Clancy Brown

    #Lovely #Burn Out

  • It's just lovely to be involved in a movie that does go back to the basics - characters and great writing.
    -- Clive Owen

    #Writing #Character #Lovely

  • It was lovely to do The Knock because I haven't done anything really significant since Doctor Who.
    -- Colin Baker

    #Doctors #Lovely #Done

  • I don't want anyone to be afraid. I don't anyone to hold back who they are.
    -- Connor Franta

    #Lovely #Want

  • All lovely things will have an ending, all lovely things will fade and die; and youth, that's now so bravely spending, Will beg a penny by and by.
    -- Conrad Aiken

    #Lovely #Pennies #Youth

  • Each leaf that brushed his face deepened his sadness and dread. Each leaf he passed he'd never pass again. They rode over his face like veils, already some yellow, their veins like slender bones where the sun shone through them. He had resolved himself to ride on for he could not turn back and the world that day was as lovely as any day that ever was and he was riding to his death.
    -- Cormac McCarthy

    #Sadness #Yellow #Lovely

  • The night whose sable breast relieves the stark, White stars, is no less lovely being dark
    -- Countee Cullen

    #Dark #Night #Lovely

  • In November, the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers. They know it is time to be still.
    -- Cynthia Rylant

    #Dancer #Tree #Lovely

  • Simple stories... emerge as lovely films or television pieces.
    -- Cyril Cusack

    #Simple #Lovely #Stories

  • We will not be recasting J.J. Murphy. He was a lovely man, and the best Denys Mallister we could have hoped for. And now his watch is ended.
    -- D. B. Weiss

    #Men #Lovely #Watches

  • When I read Shakespeare I am struck with wonder that such trivial people should muse and thunder in such lovely language.
    -- D. H. Lawrence

    #People #Lovely #Language

  • everyone tells you what's good for you. they don't want you to find your own answers. they want you to believe theirs.
    -- Dan Millman

    #Believe #Lovely #Answers

  • I can see it, Ed, I leaned deeper into you, felt you nodding along with the sounds in the room, and your warmth signaled through to me from under your shirt, lovely strong, safe and right.
    -- Daniel Handler

    #Strong #Lovely #Sound

  • Long, dark, and lovely she had been, in those days before her mind broke and the parts scattered and she let them go.
    -- Daniel Woodrell

    #Dark #Long #Lovely

  • I know the colour rose, and it is lovely, But not when it ripens in a tumour; And healing greens, leaves and grass, so springlike, In limbs that fester are not springlike.
    -- Dannie Abse

    #Healing #Rose #Lovely

  • I'm a very private person, so I didn't like this idea of tweeting about me. And then I realized, 'Oh, this is actually a brilliant device in terms of interacting with the fans'. It's a lovely way to just get back, to thank the fans for watching the show. And to live tweet is kind of like getting the rewards of doing live theatre.
    -- Darby Stanchfield

    #Ideas #Lovely #Theatre

  • Lovely Arra Sails, nectar to all males, how I'd like to spear you like a whaler spears a whale!
    -- Darren Shan

    #Whales #Lovely #Males

  • It is tragic and sad and chaotic and lovely. All life is the same, as citizens of the human State: the animating limits are within, to be killed and mourned, over and over again.
    -- David Foster Wallace

    #Lovely #Citizens #Limits

  • He's had a lovely career for the talent he's got.
    -- David Pleat

    #Football #Careers #Lovely

  • Joe and Jojo and I had lovely day together. I love Joe so much - more and more.
    -- Dawn Powell

    #Lovely #Together #Lovely Day

  • Because words were hills and valleys you traveled, so lovely sometimes that they hurt your eyes.
    -- Deb Caletti

    #Hurt #Eye #Lovely