Flower quotes

  • You work here [on the farm] simply without philosophizing; sometimes the work is hard and crowded with pettiness. But at times you feel a surge of cosmic exaltation, like the clear light of the heavens... . And you, too, seem to be taking root in the soil which you are digging, to be nourished by the rays of the sun, to share life with the tiniest blade of grass, with each flower; living in nature's depths, you seem then to rise and grow into the vast expanse of the universe.
    -- A. D. Gordon

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  • Back in the days when American billboard advertising was in flower [said Hemingway], there were two slogans that I always rated above all others: the old Cremo Cigar ad that proclaimed, Spit Is a Horrid Word-but Worse on the end of Your Cigar, and Drink Schlitz in Brown Bottles and Avoid that Skunk Taste. You don't get creative writing like that any more.
    -- A. E. Hotchner

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  • Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised I'd throw the thought away. To put the world between us We parted stiff and dry: 'Farewell,' said you, 'forget me.' 'Fare well, I will,' said I. If e'er, where clover whitens The dead man's knoll, you pass, And no tall flower to meet you Starts in the trefoiled grass, Halt by the headstone shading The heart you have not stirred, And say the lad that loved you Was one that kept his word.
    -- A. E. Housman

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  • Power is the flower of organization.
    -- A. Philip Randolph

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  • Some flowers give out little or no odour until crushed.
    -- Abby May Alcott

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  • A world without poetry and art would be too much like one without birds or flowers: bearable but a lot less enjoyable.
    -- Aberjhani

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  • In a rich moonlit garden, flowers open beneath the eyes of entire nations terrified to acknowledge the simplicity of the beauty of peace.
    -- Aberjhani

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  • There are two kinds of beauty; there is a beauty which God gives at birth, and which withers as a flower. And there is a beauty which God grants when by His grace men are born again. That kind of beauty never vanishes but blooms eternally.
    -- Abraham Kuyper

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  • All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • There is a graveyard in my poor heart - dark, heaped-up graves, from which no flowers spring.
    -- Adah Isaacs Menken

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  • Nationalist Socialist Germany wants peace because of its fundamental convictions. And it wants peace also owing to the realization of the simple primitive fact that no war would be likely essentially to alter the distress in Europe. The principal effect of every war is to destroy the flower of the nation. Germany needs peace and desires peace!
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • If I can send the flower of the German nation into the hell of war without the smallest pity for the shedding of precious German blood, then surely I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • William Henry Flower the Anglican too praised evolution as a cleansing solvent, dissolving the dross which had 'encrusted' Christianity 'in the days of ignorance and superstition'.
    -- Adrian Desmond

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  • If I could relive my life, what I would do is work with scientists. But not one scientist, because they're locked into their little specializations. I'd go from scientist to scientist to scientist, like a bee goes from flower to flower.
    -- Agnes Denes

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  • Before I take my last breath, before my last flower withers, I wish to live, I wish to make love, I wish to be in this world close to those who need me, those who I need, in order to learn, comprehend and rediscover that I can be and I want to be better at every moment.
    -- Ahmad Shamloo

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  • If I ever fall in love again, I would like it if it were a slightly cold guy. Someone who won't constantly mind about my childish needs but who, the day after the quarrel, for example would offer me a flower accompanied by a sweet note That's kind of guy I need.
    -- Ai Yazawa

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  • We cannot teach a flower how to grow, we can only learn from it.
    -- Akiane Kramarik

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  • The root of any film project for me is this inner need to express something. What nurtures this root and makes it grow into a tree is the script. What makes the tree bear flowers and fruit is the directing.
    -- Akira Kurosawa

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  • Future's the only flower worth tending in this earth, where I sow my words daily: and you know, these good trees bear fruit round the year, discreetly, moving along the waterways and four seasons of the faithful sun.
    -- Alamgir Hashmi

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  • If you think squash is a competitive activity, try flower arranging.
    -- Alan Bennett

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  • English Bohemianism is a curiously unluscious fruit. ... Inside this hothouse, huge lascivious orchids slide sensuously up the sweating windows, passion-flowers cross-pollinate in wild heliotrope abandon, lotuses writhe with poppies in the sweet warm beds, kumquats ripen, open and plop flatly to the floor-and outside, in a neat, trimly-hoed kitchen-garden, English bohemians sit in cold orderly rows, like carrots.
    -- Alan Coren

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  • Wherever God has planted you, you must know how to flower - translated from a French saying
    -- Alan Furst


  • She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls. You must not complain, then, if she goes hunting.
    -- Alan Garner

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  • Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.
    -- Alan Kay

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  • FORTRAN is not a flower but a weed - it is hardy, occasionally blooms, and grows in every computer.
    -- Alan Perlis

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  • If a flower had a God it would not be a transcendental flower but a field.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • My closest friend, who died not long ago, is buried near Marx's grave in Highgate cemetery, so I see the gaggle of admirers laying roses at the foot of his tombstone regularly. I have never been tempted to leave flowers there myself. Great theories, shame about the practice. Marx did many things. But inventing class was not one of them.
    -- Alastair Campbell

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  • Creating is living doubly. The groping, anxious quest of a Proust, his meticulous collecting of flowers, of wallpapers, and of anxieties, signifies nothing else.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • All that remains is a fate whose outcome alone is fatal. Outside of that single fatality of death, everything, joy or happiness, is liberty. A world remains of which man is the sole master. What bound him was the illusion of another world. The outcome of his thought, ceasing to be renunciatory, flowers in images. It frolics-\-\-in myths, to be sure, but myths with no other depth than that of human suffering and, like it, inexhaustible. Not the divine fable that amuses and blinds, but the terrestrial face, gesture, and drama in which are summed up a difficult wisdom and an ephemeral passion.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • To lose the touch of flowers and women's hands is the supreme separation.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Formal symbolic representation of qualitative entities is doomed to its rightful place of minor significance in a world where flowers and beautiful women abound.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • ...my boredom might be described as a malady affecting external objects and consisting of a withering process; an almost instantaneous loss of vitality--just as though one saw a flower change in a few seconds from a bud to decay and dust.
    -- Alberto Moravia

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  • In that moment, I could not write anything about flowers because I myself had turned into a flower, I myself had a stem and a lymph.
    -- Alda Merini

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  • There are some of us who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.  For us of the minority, the opportunity to see geese or wild flowers is a right as inalienable as free speech.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • I was not looking now at an unusual flower arrangement. I was seeing what Adam had seen on the morning of his creation - the miracle, moment by moment, of naked existence.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • The flower of the present rosily blossomed.
    -- Aldous Huxley


  • One builds one's life in consistency; one invests it with the belief, however unsupported by reality, that one has always been what one is now, that even in one's distant past one could recognize the seed from which this doomed flower has bloomed.
    -- Aleksandar Hemon

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  • Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom while discouragement often nips it at the bud. Creativity is now something we can turn on and off like a faucet. It is an experience and expression in our lives that must be nurtured. This nurturing process means that creativity is at once a skill, an art, and a life-style.
    -- Alex Faickney Osborn

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  • Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better ideas if our efforts are appreciated.
    -- Alex Faickney Osborn

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  • Flowers make me irrationally happy.
    -- Alexa Von Tobel


  • If you are to be leaders, teachers, and guides among your people, you must have strength. No people can be fed, no people can be built up on flowers.
    -- Alexander Crummell

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  • As the flowers follow the sun, and silently hold up their petals to be tinted and enlarged by its shining, so must we, if we would know the joy of God, hold our souls, wills, hearts, and minds, still before Him, whose voice commands, whose love warns, whose truth makes fair our whole being. God speaks for the most part in such silence only. If the soul be full of tumult and jangling voices, His voice is little likely to be heard.
    -- Alexander MacLaren

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  • I used flowers because they die. My mood was darkly romantic at the time.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • Where'er you walk cool gales shall fan the glade, Trees where you sit shall crowd into a shade. Where'er you tread the blushing flowers shall rise, And all things flourish where you turn your eyes.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • All nature mourns, the skies relent in showers; hushed are the birds, and closed the drooping flowers.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • Ask for what end the heavenly bodies shine, Earth for whose use? Pride answers, 'Tis for mine For me kind nature wakes her genial power, Suckles each herb, and spreads out every flower.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • The flower's are gone when the Fruits appear to ripen.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • Thoughts must come naturally, like wild-flowers; they cannot be forced in a hot-bed, even although aided by the leaf-mould of your past.
    -- Alexander Smith

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  • In my garden I spend my days, in my library I spend my nights. My interests are divided between my geraniums and my books. With the flower I am in the present; with the book I am in the past.
    -- Alexander Smith

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  • September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret.
    -- Alexander Theroux

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  • Landscapes have a language of their own, expressing the soul of the things, lofty or humble, which constitute them, from the mighty peaks to the smallest of the tiny flowers hidden in the meadow's grass.
    -- Alexandra David-Neel

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  • Who knows the flower best? - the one who reads about it in a book, or the one who finds it wild on the mountainside?
    -- Alexandra David-Neel

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  • It is not the tree that forsakes the flower, but the flower that forsakes the tree.
    -- Alexandre Dumas

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  • Her delight in the smallest things was like that of a child. There were days when she ran in the garden, like a child of ten, after a butterfly or a dragon-fly. This courtesan who had cost more money in bouquets than would have kept a whole family in comfort, would sometimes sit on the grass for an hour, examining the simple flower whose name she bore.
    -- Alexandre Dumas-fils

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  • Where has thou been all the dumb winter days When neither sunlight was nor smile of flowers, Neither life, nor love, nor frolic, Only expanse melancholic, With never a note of thy exhilarating lays?
    -- Alfred Austin

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  • Tis true among fields and woods I sing, Aloof from cities--that my poor strains Were born, like the simple flowers you bring, In English meadows and English lanes.
    -- Alfred Austin

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  • Never did form more fairy thread the dance Than she who scours the hills to find it flowers; Never did sweeter lips chained ears entrance Than hers that move, true to its striking hours; No hands so white e'er decked the warrior's lance, As those which tend its lamp as darkness lours; And never since dear Christ expired for man, Had holy shrine so fair a sacristan.
    -- Alfred Austin

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  • If you are weak, dependent upon others, inclined to allow yourself to be dominated by opinion, to take root wherever you see a little soil, make for yourself a shield that will resist everything, for if you yield to your weaker nature you will not grow, you will dry up like a dead plant, and you will bear neither fruit nor flowers. The sap of your life will dissipate into the formation of a useless bark; all your actions will be as colorless as the leaves of the willow; you will have no tears to water you, but those from your own eyes, to nourish you, no heart but your own.
    -- Alfred de Musset

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  • A simple maiden in her flower, Is worth a hundred coats of arms.
    -- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  • Willows whiten, aspens quiver, little breezes dusk and shiver, thro' the wave that runs forever by the island in the river, flowing down to Camelot. Four gray walls and four gray towers, overlook a space of flowers, and the silent isle imbowers, the Lady of Shalott.
    -- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  • Beauty is a fading flower,Truth is but a wizard's tower,Where a solemn death-bell tolls,And a forest round it rolls.
    -- Alfred Noyes

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  • Love you not, then, to list and hear The crackling of the gorse-flower near, Pouring an orange-scented tide Of fragrance o'er the desert wide?
    -- Alfred William Howitt

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  • I am tired of tears and laughter, And men that laugh and weep Of what may come hereafter For men that sow to reap: I am weary of days and hours, Blown buds of barren flowers, Desires and dreams and powers And everything but sleep.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • For winter's rains and ruins are over, And all the season of snows and sins; The days dividing lover and lover, The light that loses, the night that wins; And time remembered isgrief forgotten, And frosts are slain and flowers begotten, And in green underwood and cover Blossom by blossom the spring begins.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • In friendship's fragrant garden, There are flowers of every hue. Each with its own fair beauty And its gift of joy for you. Friendship's Garden If love were what the rose is, And I were like the leaf, Our lives would grow together In sad or singing weather.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • Heart's ease of pansy, pleasure or thought, Which would the picture give us of these? Surely the heart that conceived it sought Heart's ease.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • The sweetest flowers in all the world- A baby's hands.
    -- Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  • Be like a flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushed it.
    -- Ali ibn Abi Talib

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  • the feet should have more of the acquaintance of earth, and know more of flowers, freshness, cool brooks, wild thyme, and salt sand than does anything else about us. ... It is only the entirely unshod that have lively feet.
    -- Alice Meynell

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  • Rich meanings of the prophet-Spring adorn, Unseen, this colourless sky of folded showers, And folded winds; no blossom in the bowers; A poet's face asleep in this grey morn. Now in the midst of the old world forlorn A mystic child is set in these still hours. I keep this time, even before the flowers, Sacred to all the young and the unborn.
    -- Alice Meynell

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  • The grape Hyacinth is the favorite spring flower of my garden - but no! I though a minute ago the Scilla was! and what place has the Violet? the Flower de Luce? I cannot decide, but this I know - it is some blue flower.
    -- Alice Morse Earle

    #Spring #Flower #Garden

  • Spring, when the earth tilts closer to the sun, runs a strict timetable of flowers.
    -- Alice Oswald

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  • Each time I told my story, I lost a bit, the smallest drop of pain. It was that day that I knew I wanted to tell the story of my family. Because horror on Earth is real and it is every day. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained.
    -- Alice Sebold

    #Pain #Real #Flower

  • Because horror on Earth is real and it is every day. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained.
    -- Alice Sebold

    #Life #Real #Flower

  • And in a small house five miles away was a man who held my mud-encrusted charm bracelet out to his wife. Look what I found at the old industrial park," he said. "A construction guy said they were bulldozing the whole lot. They're afraid of sink holes like that one that swallowed the cars." His wife poured him some water from the sink as he fingered the tiny bike and the ballet shoe, the flower basket and the thimble. He held out the muddy bracelet as she set down his glass. This little girl's grown up by now," she said. Almost. Not quite. I wish you all a long and happy life.
    -- Alice Sebold

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  • ... my mother adorned with flowers whatever shabby house we were forced to live in.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see - or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • As long as the Earth can make a spring every year, I can. As long as the Earth can flower and produce nurturing fruit, I can, because I'm the Earth. I won't give up until the Earth gives up.
    -- Alice Walker

    #Giving Up #Spring #Flower

  • The nature of this flower is to bloom.
    -- Alice Walker


  • Every soul is to be cherished, every flower is to bloom.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • Us sing and dance, make faces and give flower bouquets, trying to be loved. You ever notice that trees do everything to git attention we do, except walk?
    -- Alice Walker

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  • It's so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that's what I get from these older black women, that every soul is to be cherished, that every flower Is to bloom.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • I'd rather have flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck.
    -- Alli Simpson

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  • When we see a beautiful object, a beautiful garden, or a beautiful flower, let us think that there we behold a ray of the infinite beauty of God, who has given existence to that object.
    -- Alphonsus Liguori

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  • "The flowers have appeared in our land: the time of pruning is come: the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land." When the soul, like the solitary turtle-dove, retires and recollects itself in meditation to converse with God, then the flowers, that is, good desires, appear; then comes the time of pruning, that is, the correction of faults that are discovered in mental prayer.
    -- Alphonsus Liguori

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  • I like jewellery because it's forever. Flowers die, chocolates get eaten and lingerie wears out in the wash. Plus, the girl is reminded of you every time she wears it. It's a wise move.
    -- Amanda Bynes

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  • I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed.
    -- Amanda McBroom


  • Botany, n. The science of vegetables - those that are not good to eat, as well as those that are. It deals largely with their flowers, which are commonly badly designed, inartistic in color, and ill-smelling.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • The flowers anew, returning seasons bring; but beauty faded has no second spring.
    -- Ambrose Philips

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  • You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.
    -- Amit Ray

    #Flower #Psychics #Meditation

  • As flower blooms in spring, compassion grows in mindfulness.
    -- Amit Ray

    #Spring #Flower #Compassion

  • Peace is not just the absence of violence,peace is when the flowers bloom.
    -- Amrita Pritam

    #Flower #Violence #Absence

  • Life is a stream On which we strew Petal by petal the flower of our heart; The end lost in dream, They float past our view, We only watch their glad, early start. Freighted with hope, Crimsoned with joy, We scatter the leaves of our opening rose; Their widening scope, Their distant employ, We never shall know. And the stream as it flows Sweeps them away, Each one is gone Ever beyond into infinite ways. We alone stay While years hurry on, The flower fared forth, though its fragrance still stays.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Dream #Flower #Heart

  • Lilacs, False Blue, White, Purple, Colour of lilac, Your great puffs of flowers Are everywhere in this my New England ... Lilacs in dooryards Holding quiet conversation with an early moon; Lilacs watching a deserted house; ... Lilacs, wind-beaten, staggering under a lopsided shock of bloom, You are everywhere.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Spring #Flower #Moon

  • Oh! To be a flower Nodding in the sun, Bending, then upspringing As the breezes run.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Running #Flower #Bending

  • My words are little jars For you to take and put upon a shelf. Their shapes are quaint and beautiful, And they have many pleasant colours and lustres To recommend them. Also the scent from them fills the room With sweetness of flowers and crushed grasses.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Beautiful #Flower #Rooms

  • Oh! To be a butterfly Still, upon a flower, Winking with its painted wings, Happy in the hour.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Flower #Butterfly #Wings

  • Life is a stream On which we strew Petal by petal the flower of our heart.
    -- Amy Lowell

    #Life #Flower #Heart

  • My dream is for my flowers to act as beacons and rallying points across the planet - bringing people together on a global scale and through my art start a global conversation.
    -- Ana Tzarev

    #Dream #Art #Flower

  • When I stand at the top of the Champs-Elysées, with its chestnut trees in flower, its undulations of shining cars, its white spaciousness, I feel as if I were biting into a utopian fruit, something velvety and lustrous and rich and vivid.
    -- Anais Nin

    #Flower #Paris #White