Rooms quotes

  • The reason that chefs become chefs is that they're not allowed into rooms with windows.
    -- A. A. Gill

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  • A friend is somebody who says the same things to your face that they would say if you're not in the room.
    -- Aaron Sorkin

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  • Tell me what you think and then tell me what the really smart person in the room who disagrees with you thinks.
    -- Aaron Sorkin

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  • I am in awe of the things you've been put through and the fact you can still light up a room when you walk in. When I look at you I see life. I see joy. I see my future.
    -- Abbi Glines

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  • For the whole world, without a native home, Is nothing but a prison of larger room.
    -- Abraham Cowley

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  • In this troublesome world, we are never quite satisfied. When you were here, I thought you hindered me some in attending to business; but now, having nothing but business---no variety---it has grown exceedingly tasteless to me. I hate to sit down and direct documents, and I hate to stay in this old room by myself.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • If I'm not doing something or working on something, I literally just sit in the room and think, which I don't think is productive. I won't go outside for days.
    -- Adam Driver

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  • At any Maroon 5 concert, you'll see a room backstage marked 'yoga.'
    -- Adam Levine

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  • You can't complain about your dressing room or you'll look like Celine Dion.
    -- Adele

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  • The room has to be comfortable; the house has to look habitable.
    -- Adolf Loos

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  • Some people brighten up a room just by leaving it.
    -- Adrian Rogers

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  • ... this world gives no room to be what we dreamt of being
    -- Adrienne Rich

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  • I love to decorate a room - from the furniture to the objects to the books.
    -- Aerin Lauder

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  • Rooms are a fixed size, which can't be altered without pulling down walls and building new ones. They should be unchanging in shape and proportions. But sometimes they do change depending on who's in them.
    -- Aidan Chambers

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  • There's room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory.
    -- Aime Cesaire

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  • With my hand in his, I looked at all the apartment buildings with rushes of love, peering in the wide streetside windows that revealed living rooms painted in dark burgandies and matte reds.
    -- Aimee Bender

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  • But I loved George in part because he believed me; because if I stood in a cold, plain room and yelled FIRE, he would walk over and ask me why.
    -- Aimee Bender

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  • Love is the way I feel for you, the way you fill something inside me whenever you so much as walk into the same room. Sometimes love is quite, lingering in the background until you least expect it. But love it always there for you
    -- Aimee Carter

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  • There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
    -- Al Pacino

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  • You can't get a solution if you won't talk to the people that have the problem. You can't ever have healing if the patient is left out of the operation room.
    -- Al Sharpton

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  • Everything I have ever written has been in the same chair, in the same room.
    -- Alan Garner

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  • George had taken off all ten of his fingers and tied them into a bundle with what appeared to be either his own small intestines, or a guitar string; as I walked into the room, he lovingly placed the bundle on his head.
    -- Alan Goldsher

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  • I just never saw my mother in any other room but the kitchen. There were always pots going.
    -- Alan King

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  • That Beatle euphoria has always been there, and it's hard to be in a room with a Beatle and try to be totally natural. You never shake that off.
    -- Alan Parsons

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  • The day of my arrest I was first put in a room where there were already several other prisoners, most of them Arabs. They laughed when they saw me. Then they asked what I was in for. I said I'd killed an Arab and they were all silent
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room.
    -- Albert Hadley

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  • There is simply no room for anti-Semitism in a democratic and law-abiding state.
    -- Aleksander Kwasniewski

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  • If you film a scene in a wide shot, especially a disturbing, distressing moment, I do feel like that helps you feel as though youre the room with these people, instead of cutting it up and getting close - which you wouldnt be doing if you were actually in a room with these people.
    -- Alex Karpovsky

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  • Hey, is this room out of bounds?
    -- Alex Karras

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  • It's part of our nature. As much as I love (brother and guitarist Eddie), if you put us in a room with no one else for 15 minutes, we'd be at each other's throats.
    -- Alex Van Halen

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  • There is room in history for all of us.
    -- Alexander McCall Smith


  • She was made for untidy rooms and rumpled beds.
    -- Alexander McCall Smith

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  • Whether the darken'd room to muse invite, Or whiten'd wall provoke the skew'r to write; In durance, exile, Bedlam, or the Mint, Like Lee or Budgel I will rhyme and print.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • She left the web, she left the loom, She made three paces through the room
    -- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  • Drinking bear is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion.
    -- Alice Cooper

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  • From the moment I leave my house or my hotel room, the public owns me. The public made Alice Cooper and I can't imagine ever turning my back on my fans.
    -- Alice Cooper

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  • Always remember that when a man goes out of the room, he leaves everything in it behind... When a woman goes out she carries everything that happened in the room along with her.
    -- Alice Munro

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  • There would never be any room in her for anything else. No room for anything but the realization of what she had done.
    -- Alice Munro

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  • Across the room, Hale smiled slightly. 'We can draw you a diagram if you need it.' 'No thanks,' Nick said. 'I think I've got everyone but you.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • In the past, I've thrown myself into work so much there's been very little room for anything else.
    -- Amanda Holden

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  • I painted one dining room red and I must say, the conversation became very heated in that room.
    -- Amanda Pays

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  • Whenever I was with Kevin Pollak, I had to leave the room.
    -- Amanda Peet

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  • Nowadays I'd describe myself as earnest, terribly earnest. I'm the person who wants everybody in the room to feel important and happy.
    -- America Ferrera

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  • We had an awesome locker room of girls, and I'm honored to have shared a locker room with all those girls.
    -- Amy Dumas

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  • How loud clocks can tick when a room is empty, and one is alone!
    -- Amy Lowell

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  • My words are little jars For you to take and put upon a shelf. Their shapes are quaint and beautiful, And they have many pleasant colours and lustres To recommend them. Also the scent from them fills the room With sweetness of flowers and crushed grasses.
    -- Amy Lowell

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  • I'd rather have a part where you walk into a room and you leave. That's perfect for me.
    -- Amy Sedaris

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  • No one in my writers' room can wear sweatpants.
    -- Amy Sherman-Palladino

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  • Everyone’s chest is a living room wall with awkwardly placed photographs hiding fist-shaped holes.
    -- Andrea Gibson

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  • There is something comforting about going into a practice room, putting your sheet music on a stand and playing Bach over and over again.
    -- Andrew Bird

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  • Success can be attained in any branch of labor. There’s always room at the top in every pursuit.
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • When I perform, it's very personal. I'm sharing things I like, inviting the audience into my room.
    -- Andy Kaufman

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  • I don't really rate press conferences. It's not as though I leave the room fist-pumping my way down the corridor after a good one.
    -- Andy Roddick

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  • One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly." ~ (1919-), American writer, producer, humorist.
    -- Andy Rooney

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  • I began to write short pieces when I was living in a room too small to write a novel in.
    -- Angela Cartwright

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  • which pisses her off and makes her scream and i look around my room and miss me.
    -- Angela Johnson

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  • Notice who is in the locker room after you lose, not after you win.
    -- Angelo Dundee

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  • The Bible - it's sort of the other person in the room. There's this book, the reader, and the Bible.
    -- Anita Diament

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  • A person walks into a room and says hello, and your life takes a course for which you are not prepared. It's a tiny moment (almost-but not quite-unremarkable), the beginning of a hundred thousand tiny moments and some larger ones.
    -- Anita Shreve

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  • Grief was like a newborn, and the first three months were hard as hell, but by six months you'd recognized defeat, shifted your life around, and made room for it.
    -- Ann Brashares

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  • Though her emotions had not deviated from a jittery frailty she knew that in her own room she could at least attempt sleep and that if she dreamed she might then finally be with Henry.
    -- Anna Godbersen

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  • There's always moments where you creep yourself out, and you think you heard something and you convince yourself that some spirit is in the room with you, but truly, I don't believe in any of that kind of thing. A lot of my friends really do.
    -- Anna Kendrick

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  • There is something so settled and stodgy about turning a great romance into next of kin on an emergency room form, and something so soothing and special, too.
    -- Anna Quindlen

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  • I love the characters not knowing everything and the reader knowing more than them. There's more mischief in that and more room for seriousness, too.
    -- Anne Enright

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  • Perfectionism is the death of a great room.
    -- Anne McDonald

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  • She wouldn't climb out of the bed for her sister, but she had climbed into a crater. She wouldn't cross a room, but she had crossed a continent.
    -- Anthony Marra

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  • Books do furnish a room.
    -- Anthony Powell

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  • In Moscow you sit in a huge room at a restaurant; you know no one and no one knows you, and at the same time you don't feel a stranger. But here you know everyone and everyone knows you, and yet you are a stranger -- a stranger... A stranger, and lonely...
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • I used to spend a lot of time cutting out film posters from papers and putting them up on the wall in my room.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • There are two types of people. Those we who come into a room and say, "Well, here I am!" and those who come in and say, "Ah, there you are."
    -- Archie Frederick Collins

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  • I've never walked out of a room and had a disagreement as to what was said.
    -- Arlen Specter

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  • If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive.
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • Sometimes when I sit down to practice and there is no one else in the room, I have to stifle an impulse to ring for the elevator man and offer him money to come in and hear me.
    -- Arthur Rubinstein

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  • Censors are energetic and righteous people but they just couldn't work a room like Abbe Lane.
    -- Audrey Meadows

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  • Live in rooms full of light.
    -- Aulus Cornelius Celsus

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  • If you ever find you're the most talented person in the room, you need to find another room.
    -- Austin Kleon

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  • Find the most talented person in the room, and if it's not you, go stand next to him. Hang out with him. Try to be helpful. If you ever find that you're the most talented person in the room, you need to find another room.
    -- Austin Kleon

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  • Darken your room, shut the door, empty your mind. You are still in great company.
    -- Austin Osman Spare

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  • There are some mosques with facilities for women; it's usually a back room with a back-door entrance.
    -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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  • In the beginning, I was searching for myself in my music. My music was for me. I didn't have the mental room to be conscious of the listener; I wrote to save myself.
    -- Ayumi Hamasaki

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  • There is no room for God in the man who is filled with himself.
    -- Baal Shem Tov

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  • Porches are America's lost rooms.
    -- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

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  • The world is changing. Networks without a specific branding strategy will be killed. I envision a world of highly niched services and tightly run companies without room for all the overhead the established networks carry.
    -- Barry Diller

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  • Bigotrys birthplace is the sinister back room of the mind where plots and schemes are hatched for the persecution and oppression of other human beings.
    -- Bayard Rustin

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  • You’re crowding me. I need— room.”... What I needed were boundaries. I needed willpower. I needed to be caged up, since yet again I was proving I couldn’t be trusted in Patch’s presence. I should have been bolting for the door, and yet … I wasn’t.
    -- Becca Fitzpatrick

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  • My whole life is a dark room. One big dark room.
    -- Beetlejuice

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  • We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room.
    -- Bella Abzug

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  • If I ever woke up with a dead hooker in my hotel room, Matt would be the first person I'd call.
    -- Ben Affleck

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  • British films are all "room with a view and a staircase and a pond."
    -- Ben Dreyfuss

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  • There's no room in my life for religion. Religion is separation and segregation of God. How can you segregate the Almighty?
    -- Ben Harper

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  • The click [of a light switch] is the modern triumphal clarion proceeding us through life, announcing our entry into every lightless room.
    -- Ben Katchor

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  • If you put into one room everyone who considered themselves a Nietzschean, there would be a bloodbath.
    -- Ben Macintyre

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  • [Describing his house:] It is a library with living rooms attached.
    -- Bernard Berenson

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  • Women have a favorite room, men a favorite chair.
    -- Bernard Williams

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  • We are the outcasts, we are the ones that are different, we are the ones that never got along with anyone else, we are the ones that went back to our rooms and put on our headphones and listened to those records that made us happy
    -- Bert McCracken

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  • I'm not conniving - that has a pejorative context. I'm not sitting in back rooms making deals. That's not my style.
    -- Bess Myerson

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  • There is always room in our budget for a little experimentation.
    -- Beth Comstock

    #Littles #Rooms #Experimentation

  • When I leave a room, it's gonna be footprints of funk wherever I stepped, because I'm a soul-funk crusader.
    -- Big Boi

    #Soul #Rooms #Footprint

  • And I like messing around in the engine room of music. Seeing what happens in the rhythm section area.
    -- Bill Bruford

    #Rooms #Rhythm

  • Sometimes I had to room with Tony Kaye and that was awful.
    -- Bill Bruford

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