Lockers quotes

  • I'm not playing for anybody but the guys in this locker room.
    -- Aaron Rodgers

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  • This is my sixth year now. I've never seen this many all-stars in the locker room at the same time.
    -- Adrian Wilson

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  • My plan to put Social Security in an ironclad lockbox has gotten a lot of attention recently, and I'm glad about that. But I'm afraid that it's overshadowing some vitally important proposals. For instance, I'll put Medicaid in a walk-in closet. I'll put the Community Reinvestment Act in a secured gym locker. I'll put NASA funding in a hermetically sealed Ziploc bag.
    -- Al Gore

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  • Readers are bullied in schoolyards and in locker-rooms as much as in government offices and prisons.
    -- Alberto Manguel

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  • The internet is like a gossipy girls' locker room after school, isn't it?
    -- Alex Kapranos

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  • We had an awesome locker room of girls, and I'm honored to have shared a locker room with all those girls.
    -- Amy Dumas

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  • Notice who is in the locker room after you lose, not after you win.
    -- Angelo Dundee

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  • I never thought I would see it. I’m not saying it’s not possible. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I don’t know. There’s a lot of guys getting picked on (in the locker room). Some handle it well, some don’t handle it as well. I’m not saying it’s right, and from a locker room sense or from a team sense, I’m not saying it’s wrong. It’s just the way it is.
    -- Brett Favre

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  • I was very emotional. I cried when I got into the locker room. I didn’t want to show that stuff on the sideline.
    -- Dez Bryant

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  • Everything I own can fit in two suitcases and a foot locker.
    -- GG Allin

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  • When I played, Old-Timers Day was my favorite day of the whole season, because I got to share a locker with one of the great Yankees... It was an out-of-body experience.
    -- Goose Gossage

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  • They've got these things called lockers," I raved on. "The Halls are lined with them. And you won't believe what they're for! They're for locking stuff away-so other people won't steal it! Why can't everyone share?" ~ Cap
    -- Gordon Korman

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  • The Raiders of old were vicious and crazy and cruel. Hanging around their locker room was like hanging around the weight room at Folsom Prison.
    -- Hunter S. Thompson

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  • You have to know what's happening in the locker rooms, you have to know what's happening at the grass-roots level. That's the best way to work.
    -- Jacques Rogge

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  • In the 'Hurt Locker' there's a lot of me in there, a sense of humor, a man of few words and a lot of action.
    -- Jeremy Renner

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  • Tim Henman, I guess, is sitting in the locker room, pacing up and down.
    -- John Inverdale

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  • The jocks that used to stuff me into a locker when I was a punk rocker are my best buddies now.
    -- Jonathan Evison

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  • It wasn't that I got pinned against my locker, but I was intensely aware that the things I valued weren't shared by anyone. Girls didn't like me, and I had few friends.
    -- Josh Groban

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  • Before turning pro, I would never have just left my skates sitting in the locker room unattended.
    -- Kristi Yamaguchi

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  • Matches are won and lost so many times in the locker room.
    -- Lleyton Hewitt

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  • I've carried a gun for 10 years. I've carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself, and I stow it away where nobody really knows about it.
    -- Luke Scott

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  • I am not one to brag but to tell you the truth mang, I am funkier then a locker room after a hoop game.
    -- Mac Dre

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  • I'm funkier than a locker room after a hoop game.
    -- Mac Dre

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  • The locker room talk is always that about who can beat who.
    -- Ray Lewis

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  • The life of the golfer is not all gloom; There's always the lies in the locker room.
    -- Sammy Cahn

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  • Life's not easy for anyone. Everyone has scars they're afraid to show and we all get slammed headfirst into a proverbial locker from time to time by someone bigger and badder.
    -- Sherrilyn Kenyon

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  • Some kids look at me strange in the hallways because I don't decorate my locker,...
    -- Stephen Chbosky

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  • As long as I could remember, since I was 5 years old, I watched the Stanley Cup. I stayed up, made a point of watching it presented, watched the celebration in the locker room, and always dreamed that maybe I'd get there.
    -- Steve Yzerman

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  • You see, everyone in that locker-room gotta pager. And everyone that looks at that pager, sees the three-one-six, so their ***** belongs to me.
    -- Stone Cold Steve Austin

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  • When the whistle blows, I’m completely exhausted, physically and mentally. I get in the locker room and I sit down and I just exhale. Finally, the danger is over.
    -- Tim Howard

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  • First day of school, make sure that you know your locker combination.
    -- Jordan Francis

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  • I've been in the same place for 10 years and having to say goodbye and clean out the locker is the toughest part.
    -- Roy Oswalt

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  • Championships and great seasons are won in locker rooms.
    -- Tom Izzo

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  • I want to show that I can pitch well and get along with the guys in the locker room.'
    -- Justin Verlander

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  • You walk in our locker room and you see Pau Gasol, you see Andrew Bynum, you see Kobe, you see Ron Artest ... we have so many players that can play.
    -- Lamar Odom

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