Healthy quotes

  • There is a healthy American newspaper tradition of not taking yourself seriously It is the story you must take that way... And if you do take yourself seriously, according to this sound convention, you are supposed to do your best not to let anyone else know about it. (Like bed-wetting.)
    -- A. J. Liebling

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  • We are coming to understand health not as the absence of disease, but rather as the process by which individuals maintain their sense of coherence (i.e. sense that life is comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful) and ability to function in the face of changes in themselves and their relationships with their environment.
    -- Aaron Antonovsky

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  • Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs.
    -- Abd-ru-shin

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  • India has to be transformed into a developed nation, a prosperous nation and a healthy nation, with a value system.
    -- Abdul Kalam

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  • The good or healthy society would then be defined as one that permitted people's highest purposes to emerge by satisfying all their basic needs.
    -- Abraham Maslow

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  • I think that's created a healthy environment. The comparisons to "ER" were maddening and there was this assumption that the two of us were looking at each other with rage and resentment, which was also not the case.
    -- Adam Arkin

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  • The longer I work in nutrition, the more convinced I become that for the healthy person all foods should be delicious.
    -- Adelle Davis

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  • My parents told us how they felt but never imposed their beliefs on us, although I appreciate I got a healthy sense of democracy from them.
    -- Ahmet Zappa

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  • We want to keep the company healthy and its employees happy, and we want to keep them on the job and productive.
    -- Akio Morita

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  • The most important mission for a Japanese manager is to develop a healthy relationship with his employees, to create a familylike feeling within the corporation, a feeling that employees and managers share the same fate.
    -- Akio Morita

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  • The consensus is clear. We need an immediate and determined shift to a clean, renewable economy. The continued mass burning of fossil fuels is inconsistent with a healthy, prosperous future for our civilization.
    -- Al Gore

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  • One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • Investment in the eradication of hunger today is a good business decision. If we fail to make this investment, it is doubtful that we can sustain healthy economic growth. Without this investment, our nation may disintegrate into a country sharply divided between those who have enough to eat and those who do not.
    -- Alan Hassenfeld

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  • Tears are often a gift from God, and sadness is a healthy emotion.
    -- Alan Loy McGinnis

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  • There are very few things you can really do [to promote] healthy aging ... and none of these things include an insurance system or a legal system. All those things do is change who pays.
    -- Alan Russell

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  • I still indulge in a glass of wine or chocolate - treats are mandatory. Without deviating from the day-to-day healthy diet once in a while, it wouldn't be sustainable for me, and that's what I wanted: an approach to eating to last my entire life.
    -- Alanis Morissette

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  • Negative thinking will always lead to failure and nervous prostration; but positive faith- positive thinking -will lead you towards happy, healthy, and abundant living.
    -- Albert E Cliffe

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  • In a healthy nation there is a kind of dramatic balance between the will of the people and the government, which prevents its degeneration into tyranny.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The more sinful and guilty a person tends to feel, the less chance there is that he will be a happy, healthy, or law-abiding citizen. He will become a compulsive wrong-doer.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • You have considerable power to construct self-helping thoughts, feelings and actions as well as to construct self-defeating behaviors. You have the ability, if you use it, to choose healthy instead of unhealthy thinking, feeling and acting.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • It's a very salutary thing to realize that the rather dull universe in which most of us spend most of our time is not the only universe there is. I think it's healthy that people should have this experience.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • The most delicious sensation of all is the re-birth of healthy human love. Spring coming back to Earth!
    -- Aleister Crowley

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  • All that matters is that I stay healthy.
    -- Alessandra Ambrosio

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  • Those who know they're valued irrespective of their accomplishments often end up accomplishing quite a lot. It's the experience of being accepted without conditions that helps people develop a healthy confidence in themselves, a belief that it's safe to take risks and try new things.
    -- Alfie Kohn

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  • Why do some die and some live? The answer was clearly, that on the whole the best fitted live. From the effects of disease the most healthy escaped; from enemies, the strongest, swiftest, or the most cunning; from famine, the best hunters or those with the best digestion; and so on. Then it suddenly flashed upon me that this self-acting process would necessarily improve the race, because in every generation the inferior would inevitably be killed off and the superior would remain-that is, the fittest would survive.
    -- Alfred Russel Wallace

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  • Getting enough sleep can be just as important as working out.
    -- Ali Vincent

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  • We like reactions - a reaction is walking out on us, a reaction is throwing tomatoes at the stage, that's a healthy psychological reaction.
    -- Alice Cooper

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  • I try to take care of myself, and I lead a healthy lifestyle.
    -- Alice Temperley

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  • Don't kill the competition. Competition is healthy for businesses. It keeps you the entrepreneur on your toes.
    -- Aliko Dangote

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  • I battled with my weight as a teenager, partly because there wasn't the information or conversation about how to live a healthy lifestyle.
    -- Alison Sweeney

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  • Regular expository preaching of the Bible is the staple diet of a healthy church.
    -- Alistair Begg

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  • Show me a person without prejudice of any kind on any subject and I'll show you someone who may be admirably virtuous but is surely no gardener. Prejudice against people is reprehensible, but a healthy set of prejudices is a gardener's best friend. Gardening is complicated, and prejudice simplifies it enormously.
    -- Allen Lacy

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  • Investigative reporting is the bone structure without which the journalistic body collapses. The Center for Public Integrity's constant and consistently enterprising investigative work is an invaluable contribution not only to journalism, but to society and to a healthy democracy
    -- Alma Guillermoprieto

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  • I like to take risks as long as they're healthy, you know. They're good, smart risks.
    -- Alyson Stoner

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  • Art is food for the soul, and an artistic climate is a healthy climate because it breeds empathy.
    -- Amanda Palmer

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  • Fire made us human, fossil fuels made us modern, but now we need a new fire that makes us safe, secure, healthy and durable.
    -- Amory Lovins

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  • Healthy boundaries are important, but you may be building a brick wall when a picket fence would do.
    -- Amy Dickinson

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  • I love my cats more than I love most people. Probably more than is healthy.
    -- Amy Lee

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  • I tend to eat pretty healthy, though, and I work out - I work out hard.
    -- Amy Schumer

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  • I do Pilates and yoga and try to eat healthy.
    -- Amy Smart

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  • I love being an advocate for women as we get older so that we can feel comfortable with ourselves. It's all about being healthy for me now.
    -- Andie MacDowell

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  • I think it's important that models be healthy.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • We might not object to the statement that Lear deserved to suffer for his folly, selfishness and tyranny; but to assert that he deserved to suffer what he did suffer is to do violence not merely to language but to any healthy moral sense.
    -- Andrew Coyle Bradley

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  • It is impossible for any culture to be sound and healthy without a proper respect and proper regard for the soil.
    -- Andrew Nelson Lytle

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  • Travel is no more than a relatively healthy form of narcotic, after all.
    -- Andrzej Stasiuk

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  • Find something that is a happy, healthy alternative to hurting yourself, as opposed to taking a razor blade to yourself because at the end of the day, you're only hurting the most important person in the world and that's you. And you don't want to hurt that person.
    -- Andy Biersack

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  • The boom was healthy too, even with its excesses. Because what this incredible valuation craze did was draw untold sums of billions of dollars into building the Internet infrastructure. The hundreds of billions of dollars that got invested in telecommunications, for example.
    -- Andy Grove

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  • The whole chameleon thing about acting. That's why I'm moving towards directing - it's a much more healthy occupation.
    -- Andy Serkis

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  • Be Here Now is all about being present and not fearing what you don't know.
    -- Andy Whitfield

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  • Brad [Pitt] and I have never wanted our kids to be actors. We've never talked about it. But, we also want them to be around film and be a part of mommy and daddy's life, and for it not to be kept from it either. We just want them to have a good, healthy relationship with it.
    -- Angelina Jolie

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  • I don't think it's necessarily healthy to go into relationships as a needy person. Better to go in with a full deck.
    -- Anjelica Huston

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  • When you're used to being healthy and strong and vibrant and everything and then - bang - overnight you're desperately ill, it's frightening.
    -- Ann Romney

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  • I eat as healthy as I can. It is tough.
    -- Ann Romney

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  • I have the most lovely, healthy bouncing baby, she was all very compact and the right size.
    -- Anna Friel

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  • I work in an industry where everyone is flawlessly beautiful, but I just want to be healthy.
    -- Anna Torv

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  • Our ultimate aim in life is not to be healthy, wealthy, prosperous, or problem free. Our ultimate aim in life is to bring glory to God.
    -- Anne Graham Lotz

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  • For me to stay healthy in a relationship, the individuals have to nurture themselves
    -- Anne Heche

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  • Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something-anything-down on paper. A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft-you just get it down. The second draft is the up draft-you fix it up. You try to say what you have to say more accurately. And the third draft is the dental draft, where you check every tooth, to see if it's loose or cramped or decayed, or even, God help us, healthy.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside by a generous hand. But- and this is the point- who gets excited by a mere penny? But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted in pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days.
    -- Annie Dillard

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  • As incisively pointed out in the documentary Food Inc.," an overwhelmingly large percentage of "new," healthy," and "organic" alternative food products are actually owned by the same parent companies that scared us into the organic aisle in the first place. "They got you comin' and goin'" has never been truer.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • And I sort of frowned about that, thinking. 'You felt ill this afternoon,' he said, 'because you're getting better. When we're healthy we respond to the presence of the hateful with fear and nausea. You're becoming healthy, that's all.
    -- Anthony Burgess

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  • Nationalism is fraught with dangers, of course, but so is the blind refusal to recognize that attachment to one's own culture, traditions, and history is a creative, normal, and healthy part of human experience.
    -- Anthony Daniels

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  • They all matter to me, whether I'm working on a Sam Jackson film for a week or I'm the star of my own TV series - I take it all very seriously, and I have a healthy respect for the work in general, despite the role.
    -- Anthony Michael Hall

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  • Investigating rare diseases gives researchers more clues about how the healthy immune system functions.
    -- Anthony S. Fauci

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  • Do silly things. Foolishness is a great deal more vital and healthy than our straining and striving after a meaningful life.
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • Too many multi-vitamins are packaged as one size fits all, but you should be more specific about what you need. When I was competing as a dancer, I took zinc for healthy skin and immune system.
    -- Anton du Beke

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  • For me, any kind of thing that has stood for 100 years tells me of the health of that thing. So, cinema completing a hundred years in India just says that it is very healthy.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • I wish my parents hadn't made me feel that how I looked was linked to how much they loved me. But I do also see how hard it must be to see your child pile on the pounds and trust they'll find their own way back to a healthy weight.
    -- Arabella Weir

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  • There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset.
    -- Arlen Specter

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  • Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using, very extensively, chiropractors in order to stay healthy and fit. Whenever I had a little problem with my body, I always ran to one of my dear friends, Dr Franco Columbo, he was always right there with the adjustments. This is how I found out the best way of going, is to use chiropractors, not only after injuries , but also before injury.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • With a healthy environment all our lives are enriched - without it our lives are diminished. The environment is and will always be number one - One Life, One World, Our Future.
    -- Arron Wood

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  • I found that no food tastes as good as what it feels like to be healthy.
    -- Art Smith

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  • Healthy scepticism is the basis of all accurate observation.
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • I love to work out and do cardio and have a healthy, active lifestyle, but I also am not going to, like, freak out over food.
    -- Ashley Tisdale

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  • I love pancakes, and I actually do love healthy stuff. Like, I love gluten-free or whole-wheat pancakes. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
    -- Ashley Tisdale

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  • Peoples attitudes about sex arent healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.
    -- Asia Argento

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  • The more you understand what you're dealing with, the stronger you get. People see fear as a bad thing. Fear is healthy when you're dealing with Amerika. But when fear controls you, when you're afraid to struggle fear is a bad thing. I'm more afraid of what will happen if I don't struggle, than what will happen if I do
    -- Assata Shakur

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  • I don't work on longevity, I work on keeping people healthy.
    -- Aubrey de Grey

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  • Integrated meditation practice is like a healthy diet which is indispensable for maintaining your vitality and resistance to disease. Likewise, a balanced meditative practice in the course of a socially engaged way of life heightens your psychological immune system, so that you are less vulnerable to mental imbalances of all kinds.
    -- B. Alan Wallace

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  • When your body, mind and soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to the world- not by withdrawing from the world, but by being a healthy, living organ of the body of humanity.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • I don't think that's healthy for the country when anyone thinks their morals are better than anyone else's.
    -- Barbara Bush

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  • The greatest gift you and your partner can give your children is the example of an intimate, healthy, and loving relationship.
    -- Barbara De Angelis

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  • there is clearly a kind of anger that is healthy. It is the concentration of one's whole being in the determination: this must change.
    -- Barbara Deming

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  • But it is also clear that left entirely untouched by public policy, the capitalist system will produce more inequality than is socially healthy or than is necessary for maximum efficiency.
    -- Barney Frank

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  • Regarding homophobia in general, the good news is that there is a lot less of it than there used to be. The bad news is that it ever existed in the first place, and the worse news is that it remains far stronger than is healthy for a society dedicated in theory to equality under the law.
    -- Barney Frank

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  • That's immediately how I gauge how healthy a city is-by the amount of tags. It's just in direct competition with advertising. It's still one of the last things that hasn't been corrupted.
    -- Barry McGee

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  • Indulge yourself in pleasures only in so far as they are necessary for the preservation of health.
    -- Baruch Spinoza

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  • I try and eat really healthy when I'm home, but I certainly don't eat worms and snakes.
    -- Bear Grylls

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  • As for my diet, I try to eat lean, clean and healthy - nothing too surprising. And I avoid too much meat or dairy because they slow you down.
    -- Bear Grylls

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  • I love making healthy lean foods delicious - that's an art!
    -- Bear Grylls

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  • A healthy relationship is built on unwavering trust
    -- Beau Mirchoff

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  • I eat healthy and stay active and drink plenty of water.
    -- Behati Prinsloo

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  • The most basic activism we can have in our lives is to live consciously in a nation living in fantasies. Living consciously is living with a core of healthy self-esteem. You will face reality, you will not delude yourself.
    -- Bell Hooks

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  • I believe that it is impossible for two individuals not committed to their own and each other’s well being to sustain a healthy and enduring relationship.
    -- Bell Hooks

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  • I find forgiveness to be really healthy.
    -- Ben Affleck


  • You can't please everybody all the time, but I think for the most part we tend to maintain a healthy level of self-reference to kind of make sure we continue to push things forward.
    -- Ben Gibbard

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  • People are as healthy and confident as the stories they tell themselves.
    -- Ben Okri

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  • Nothing is more fatal to health than an over care of it.
    -- Benjamin Franklin

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