Self Esteem quotes

  • I am sure it is one's duty as a teacher to try to show boys that no opinions, no tastes, no emotions are worth much unless they are one's own. I suffered acutely as a boy from the lack of being shown this.
    -- A. C. Benson

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  • When we look at a child, we see that sense of fullness, of intrinsic aliveness, of joy in being, is not the result of something else. There is value in just being oneself, it is not because of something one does or doesn't do. It is there in the beginning, when we are children, but slowly it gets lost.
    -- A. H. Almaas

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  • I never had a low self-esteem that would make me gay. At one point, though, the reverse happened. Being homosexual led me to have a loss of self-esteem when I first became aware of society's attitudes about homosexuality.
    -- Aaron Fricke

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  • Do we not realize that self respect comes with self reliance?
    -- Abdul Kalam

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  • Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.
    -- Aberjhani

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  • No psychological health is possible unless this essential care of the person is fundamentally accepted, loved and respected by others and by himself.
    -- Abraham Maslow

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  • The spiritual life is part of the human essence. It is a defining characteristic of human nature, without which human nature is not fully human.
    -- Abraham Maslow

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  • I've never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that.
    -- Adele

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  • I like having my hair and face done, but I'm not going to lose weight because someone tells me to. I make music to be a musician not to be on the cover of Playboy.
    -- Adele

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  • I love hearing my audience breathe.
    -- Adele

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  • I'd lose weight if I was an actress and had to play a role where you're supposed to be 40 lbs lighter, but weight has nothing to do with my career. Even when I was signing a contract, most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared say lose weight to me, they wouldn't be working with me.
    -- Adele

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  • The focus on my appearance has really surprised me. I've always been a size 14 to 16, I don't care about clothes, I'd rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze.
    -- Adele

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  • I'm like Johnny Cash. I only wear black.
    -- Adele

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  • I've never been more normal than I am now.
    -- Adele

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  • I don’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like
    -- Adele

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  • I don't really need to stand out, there's room for everyone. Although I haven't built a niche yet, I'm just writing love songs.
    -- Adele

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  • I get so nervous on stage I can't help but talk. I try. I try telling my brain: stop sending words to the mouth. But I get nervous and turn into my grandma. Behind the eyes it's pure fear. I find it difficult to believe I'm going to be able to deliver.
    -- Adele

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  • I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don't think I'd get my t**s and ***** out for no one.
    -- Adele

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  • In five years' time I'd like to be a mum. I want to settle down and have a family, definitely sooner rather than later. I'd like to have finished my second album too, maybe even my third. I'd like a sound that sticks around that other people are inspired by and that people know is me.
    -- Adele

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  • By creating so many illusory images of physical perfection, whether on store aisles or storefronts ads, magazine covers or TV show, we speak more to the profit margins of companies than the self-esteem of today's girls.
    -- Adora Svitak

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  • You agree - I'm sure you agree that beauty is the only thing worth living for.
    -- Agatha Christie

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  • I guess I lost a little bit of self-esteem that time that you made it with the whole hockey team.
    -- Al Yankovic

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  • Those with a high level of confidence may have as many or more weaknesses than those with low self-esteem. The difference is this; instead of dwelling on their handicaps, they compensate for them by dwelling on their strengths.
    -- Alan Loy McGinnis

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  • Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • Self-esteem is the greatest sickness known to man or woman because it's conditional.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • For that again, is what all manner of religion essentially is: childish dependency. If something is irrational, that means it won't work. It's usually unrealistic. People don't just get upset. They contribute to their upsetness. People have motives and thoughts of which they are unaware. Rational beliefs bring us closer to getting good results in the real world. Self-esteem is the greatest sickness known to man or woman because it's conditional. The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • Attempts to help humans eliminate all self-ratings and views self-esteem as a self-defeating concept that encourages them to make conditional evaluations of self. Instead, it teaches people unconditional self-acceptance.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • This, perhaps, goes to show that conditional self-esteem, as I have said for many years, is an insidious, real sickness, so much so that even Buddhists carelessly sneak it in and sometimes encourage their clients to achieve it.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • Is self-esteem a sickness? That's according to the way you define it. In the usual way it is defined by people and by psychologists, I'd say that it is probably the greatest emotional disturbance known to man and woman.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • I just think that whole culture of hatred, and also feeling like it's your right to judge people when you don't know them, is really f***ed up. So I'm pleased I experienced that side of it, so I can learn to be a better person on the other side of it. I'm sure in the past I've been judgmental too ... Self esteem, that's something you've got to work on yourself. I know for me it's different day to day.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • Women sometimes allow you to be unfaithful to their love; they never allow you to wound their self-esteem.
    -- Alexandre Dumas-fils

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  • The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.
    -- Alfred Adler

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  • Identification makes general sanity and complete adjustment impossible. Training in non-identity plays a therapeutic role with adults.
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • Riches I need not, nor man's empty praise.
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • These 'philosophers', etc., seem unaware, to give a specific example, that by teaching and preaching 'identity', which is empirically non-existent in this actual world, they are neurologically training future generations in the pathological identifications found in the 'mentally' ill or maladjusted.
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • Identity is invariably false to facts.
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • I am a part of all that I have met.
    -- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  • Charm is that extra quality that defies description.
    -- Alfred Lunt

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  • There is nothing I need so much as nourishment for my Self Esteem
    -- Alfred Lunt

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  • We can never do the right thing as long as we are out to please someone else.
    -- Alice Miller

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  • The achievement of freedom is hardly possible without the felt mourning. This ability to mourn, i.e, to give up the illusion of a happy childhood, can restore vitality and creativity if a person is able to experience that he was never loved as a child for what he was, but for his achievements, success and good qualities. And that he sacrificed his childhood for this love, this will shake him very deeply.
    -- Alice Miller

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  • The abused children are alone with their suffering, not only within the family, but also within themselves. They cannot crate a place in their own soul where they could cry their beart out.
    -- Alice Miller

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  • Demands for equality for women are threats to men's self-esteem and sense of sexual turf.
    -- Alice S Rossi

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  • Anybody can observe the Sabbath, but making it holy surely takes the rest of the week.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • Grosvenor and Burke suggest that continually, though silently, a school building tells students who they are and how they should think about the world. It can help to manufacture rote obedience or independent activity; it can create high self-confidence or low self-esteem.
    -- Alison Lurie

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  • self-esteem, n. An erroneous appraisal.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Western parents worry a lot about their children's self-esteem. But as a parent, one of the worst things you can do for your child's self-esteem is to let them give up. On the flip side, there's nothing better for building confidence than learning you can do something you thought you couldn't.
    -- Amy Chua

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  • I think the biggest difference is that I've noticed Western parents seem much more concerned about their children's psyches, their self-esteem, whereas tough immigrant parents assume strength rather than fragility in their children and therefore behave completely differently.
    -- Amy Chua

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  • Both of my girls have very high self-esteem because they were both able to master certain things; I should think that's good for their confidence.
    -- Amy Chua

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  • I once won a second prize in a history concert. My parents came to the ceremony. Somebody else had won the prize for best all-around student. Afterwards my father said to me, 'Never, ever disgrace me like that again.' When I tell my Western friends, they are aghast. But I adore my father. It didn't knock my self-esteem at all.
    -- Amy Chua

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  • Groveling for connection from someone who compares you to Hitler is not good for a person's self-esteem.
    -- Amy Dickinson

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  • Brazilians need to work on their own national pride. I always think that they suffer from national low-self esteem. It's a lesser-developed country, and they have struggled so much. Sometimes they have an attitude that, if it's Brazilian, it can't be good.
    -- Amy Irving

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  • Learn more about yourself! Make a self-esteem collage using pictures of other people you wish you were.
    -- Amy Sedaris

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  • She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • When we are confident, all we need is a little support.
    -- Andre Laurendeau

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  • The attempt to force human beings to despise themselves is what I call hell.
    -- Andre Malraux

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  • We appreciate frankness from those who like us. Frankness from others is called insolence.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • What men call friendship is only social intercourse, an exchange of favours and good offices; it comes down to a commercial dealing in which self-esteem always expects to profit.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • No one can keep you down except yourself.
    -- Andy Gilbert

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  • Rejection is a big part of show business. It can be tough on anyone who doesn't have fairly good self-esteem. Especially kids, as they try to discover who they are.
    -- Angela Cartwright

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  • We don't realise that we are actually perfect just the way we are. We are born perfect, but spend a lifetime trying to be something we are not, and then feel inadequate for failing. Your only purpose is to BE YOURSELF, otherwise you will deprive the universe of who you came here to be.
    -- Anita Moorjani

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  • Who you are is of greater importance than what you do.
    -- Ann M. Fudge

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  • I didn't want to go down any scarier path of low self-esteem than I was already on the track for. So during my second year of college I was like, 'I'm over it! I have to go see what this other thing called life is about!
    -- Anna Chlumsky

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  • Self-esteem does not come from surrounding yourself with people and things that seem to increase your value. Real self-esteem is an integration of an inner-value with things in the world around you.
    -- Anna Deavere Smith

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  • I have a giant ego and terrible self-esteem, so I need to hit the re-set button fairly regularly - to get into presence, and humility, and being right-sized.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • I took notes on the people around me, in my town, in my family, in my memory. I took notes on my own state of mind, my grandiosity, the low self-esteem. I wrote down the funny stuff I overheard. I learned to be like a ship's rat, veined ears trembling, and I learned to scribble it all down.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others.
    -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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  • When one is a stranger to oneself, then one is estranged from others, too.
    -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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  • The false pride of perennial celebration, of wearing flag lapel pins while betraying the values that the flag stands for, is like the self-esteem curriculum for toddlers, where everything is praised and no achievement ultimately has meaning.
    -- Anne-Marie Slaughter

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  • The determination and conviction to succeed can only come from within.
    -- Anthony D. Williams

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  • The self-esteem of western women is founded on physical being (body mass index, youth, beauty). This creates a tricky emphasis on image, but the internalized locus of self-worth saves lives. Western men are very different. In externalizing the source of their self-esteem, they surrender all emotional independence. (Conquest requires two parties, after all.) A man cannot feel like a man without a partner, corporation, team. Manhood is a game played on the terrain of opposites. It thus follows that male sense of self disintegrates when the Other is absent.
    -- Antonella Gambotto-Burke

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  • Strauss admits to being obsessed by his mother's rejection, and with the resultant rents in self-esteem. The Game echoes with disturbingly abusive comments leveled at his adolescent self, a self he feels was unacceptable. With bravado, he expresses regret that he didn't rack up more sexual conquests in his teens; in person, he expresses a truer regret that he was intimidated by life itself.
    -- Antonella Gambotto-Burke

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  • Sticking to a diet required me to have a permanently low self-esteem. But happily, I developed other skills beyond a fluctuating weight, eventually building up a different source of self-worth.
    -- Arabella Weir

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  • Too many young girls have eating disorders due to low self-esteem and distorted body image. I think it's so important for girls to love themselves and to treat their bodies respectfully.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
    -- Aristotle

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  • Human dignity can be achieved only in the field of ethics, and ethical achievement is measured by the degree in which our actions are governed by compassion and love, not by greed and aggressiveness.
    -- Arnold J. Toynbee

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  • Your ears are yours alone. Tell others what you alone can hear. Your voice is yours alone. Tell others what only you can say. Your eyes are yours alone. Show others what only you can see.
    -- Arthur Dobrin

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  • Self care isn't selfish. It's self esteem.
    -- Ashley Judd

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  • I do not want to give my power, my self-esteem, or my autonomy, to any person, place, or thing outside myself. [...] The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.
    -- Ashley Judd

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  • Always be a first-rate version of yourself.
    -- Audrey Hepburn

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  • What is greatness? I will answer: it is the capacity to live by the three fundamental values of John Galt: reason, purpose, self-esteem.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • Honor is self-esteem made visible in action.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • To love is to value. Only a rationally selfish man, a man of self esteem, is capable of love - because he is the only man capable of holding firm, consistent, uncompromising, unbetrayed value. The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • Love is an expression and assertion of self-esteem, a response to one's own values in the person of another. One gains a profoundly personal, selfish joy from the mere existence of the person one loves. It is one's own personal, selfish happiness that one seeks, earns, and derives from love....
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • A man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions.... He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to experience a sense of self-esteem. The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer--because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • Self-esteem is reliance on one's power to think. It cannot be replaced by one's power to deceive. The self-confidence of a scientist and the self-confidence of a con man are not interchangeable states, and do not come from the same psychological universe. The success of a man who deals with reality augments his self-confidence. The success of a con man augments his panic.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • In order to deal with reality successfully - to pursue and achieve the values which his life requires - man needs self-esteem; he needs to be confident of his efficacy and worth.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • If you want to save capitalism there is only one type of argument that you should adopt, the only one that has ever won in any moral issue: the argument from self-esteem. Check your premises, convince yourself of the rightness of your cause, then fight for capitalism with full, moral certainty.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • No value is higher than self-esteem, but you've invested it in counterfeit securities-and now your morality has caught you in a trap where you are forced to protect your self-esteem by fighting for the creed of self-destruction. The grim joke is on you: that need of self-esteem, which you're unable to explain or to define, belongs to my morality, not yours; it's the objective token of my code, it is my proof within your own soul.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • The man of authentic self-confidence is the man who relies on the judgment of his own mind. Such a man is not malleable; he may be mistaken, he may be fooled in a given instance, but he is inflexible in regard to the absolutism of reality, i.e., in seeking and demanding truth.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • There is only one source of authentic self-confidence: reason.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • The attack on "selfishness" is an attack on man's self-esteem; to surrender one, is to surrender the other.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • With fear come the lies and the justifications that, no matter how convincing, lower our self-esteem.
    -- Azar Nafisi

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  • Everybody is unique. Compare not yourself with anybody else lest you spoil God's curriculum.
    -- Baal Shem Tov

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  • Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.
    -- Baltasar Gracian

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  • It is time for you to make a commitment to create joy, creativity and love for yourself, only then will you benefit others, for if you do not evolve yourself, you do not serve others. By becoming a living example, by following what is in your heart, you show the way for others to follow with courage, what is in their hearts.
    -- Barbara Marciniak

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  • You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.
    -- Barbara Marciniak

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  • Resentment is weak and lowers your self-esteem.
    -- Barbara Sher

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