Daddy quotes

  • I wouldn't call myself a geek, but I do sometimes teach Mommy and Daddy stuff about computers. And I do watch TV, but only informative programmes like the news and documentaries.
    -- Adora Svitak

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  • I think there's a little me hiding behind your leg, Chichi." "I'm Goten." "I'm Goku. Hi!" .... "Daddy!
    -- Akira Toriyama

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  • My daddy, Rev. A. D. King, my granddaddy, Martin Luther King, Senior - we are a family of faith, hope and love.
    -- Alveda King

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  • I was raised by my father; I was daddy's girl.
    -- Amber Heard

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  • Liberals want the government to be your Mommy. Conservatives want government to be your Daddy. Libertarians want it to treat you like an adult.
    -- Andre Marrou

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  • Brad [Pitt] and I have never wanted our kids to be actors. We've never talked about it. But, we also want them to be around film and be a part of mommy and daddy's life, and for it not to be kept from it either. We just want them to have a good, healthy relationship with it.
    -- Angelina Jolie

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  • I'll tell you what, I love my daddy. And he's so special. He's meant so much to me, so it's not a thorn in my side to be known as Billy Graham's daughter. It's a privilege.
    -- Anne Graham Lotz

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  • The Giants are usually described as rag tag, kind of a great garage sale team, and the Democrats are described as the Mommies to the Republican Daddies; and everyone hates the mommies, but wait, wait - I didn't intend to get into the pathos and thrill of being a Democratic Giants fan.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • Maurice Sendak is the daddy of them all when it comes to picture books - the words, the rhythm, the psychology, the design.
    -- Anthony Browne

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  • The number one thing I've been doing is being daddy.
    -- Austin Peck

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  • Mommy would never divorce Daddy. He's just like one of the family.
    -- Bil Keane

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  • I don't want Daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did.
    -- Bindi Irwin

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  • If there's one thing I really want for my birthday, that is for the mining company not to mine my daddy's reserve.
    -- Bindi Irwin

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  • My Daddy was my hero. He was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things. But most of all he was fun.
    -- Bindi Irwin

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  • Never ever want to be my daddy / All I ever didn't want to be, and I all I ever want to be is him
    -- Birdman

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  • One day, my daughter Tybee came to me, and she said, ‘I have so much love for you in my body, Daddy, I can’t stop giving you hugs and kisses. And when I have no more love left, I just drink milk, because that’s where love comes from.’
    -- Bruce Feiler

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  • I do find, coming form the stage and all that, I've always been conscious of my posture and my body, but also the style aspect, I do find myself throwing on a blazer and a nice pair of loafers more often. Daddy always likes a new pair of Guccis.
    -- Bryan Batt

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  • I got into a brawl one night in a saloon in Greenwich Village. Elia Kazan, a great director, saw me put out a couple of hecklers and figures there was some Big Daddy in me, just lyin' dormant. And out it came. People still do call me Big Daddy, but to me, inside, I'm no Big Daddy at all.
    -- Burl Ives

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  • Running to Mommy and Daddy on the campus grievance committee is unworthy of strong women.
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • And make sure you tell daddy That I'm still his little girl Yeah I still feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be But don't forget to remember me
    -- Carrie Underwood

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  • To the newcomer to the south, hearing that a coworker plans a weekend visit to 'mama and them's' (the correct plural possessive, don'tchaknow), might make him think that mama has been left alone either throught an act of scoundreldom involving the town's resident hoochie-mama (an altogether different kind of mama) or Daddy's untimely demise.
    -- Celia Rivenbark

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  • My daddy used to maintain, if you have to use ten-dollar words, what you're trying to say isn't worth a dime.
    -- Charlene Weir

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  • I have come to communism because of daddy Stalin and nobody must come and tell me that I mustn’t read Stalin. I read him when it was very bad to read him. That was another time. And because I’m not very bright, and a hard-headed person, I keep on reading him. Especially in this new period, now that it is worse to read him. Then, as well as now, I still find a Seri of things that are very good.
    -- Che Guevara

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  • I’ve done all kinds of cool things as an actor—I’ve jumped out of helicopters and done some daring stunts and played baseball in a professional stadium, but none of it means anything compared to being somebody’s daddy.
    -- Chris Pratt

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  • One of my daughters told me the other day, "Kevin Hart is funnier than you, Daddy." I told her, "Does Kevin Hart make you pancakes?"
    -- Chris Rock

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  • In my case, a papadaddy is a father. My paternal grandfather was called Papa by my father who was called Daddy by me.
    -- Clyde Edgerton

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  • When it comes to musicians, I'm like the daddy of musicians here in Cuba.
    -- Compay Segundo

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  • My daddy used to tell me not to chew on something that was eatin you.
    -- Cormac McCarthy

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  • Tried on daddy's 1979 rookie firesuit a while back. Smelled every bit of 36 years old.
    -- Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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  • My daddy used to say that I was too big to ride and too little to hitch a wagon - no good for a damn thing.
    -- Dan Blocker

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  • There are all of these people that say, my mommy doesn't love me enough, my daddy doesn't hug me enough. There are some people that would want to coddle them somewhere. I want them to shut up and stop whining.
    -- Danny Bonaduce

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  • Conservatives want to be your daddy, telling you what to do and what not to do. Liberals want to be your mommy, feeding you, tucking you in, and wiping your nose. Libertarians want to treat you as an adult.
    -- David Boaz

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  • The worst thing in the world was the way I felt when I wanted us to be like the families in the books in the library, when I just wanted Daddy Glen to love me like the father in Robinson Crusoe. (209)
    -- Dorothy Allison

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  • The only people I ever felt intimidated by in my whole life were Bob Gibson and my Daddy.
    -- Dusty Baker

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  • And almost instantly, Daddy made everything seem just fine. Even when it wasn't.
    -- Ellen Hopkins

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  • Daddy gave me real useful information to protect me in the real world. If anyone hits me, I'm not to hit them back. I wait until their back is turned, then hit them in the head with a brick.
    -- Fannie Flagg

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  • Unless you are political or intellectual, events like the Depression are seen as personal events. We thought of the Depression as something that made the pipes freeze; we thought it hit us because Daddy didn't move his taxi stand and because he broke his hip. It was only later I found out it was a national phenomenon.
    -- Florynce Kennedy

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  • Evangelistic preaching is what Daddy does, I never thought I would.
    -- Franklin Graham

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  • What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  • Daddy always said you only explained things to the people that actually mattered.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • Daddy always said that an option that you know to have a bad outcome is only a fool's option, i.e., not an option at all. And I liked to think that Daddy hadn't raised a fool.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • Daddy always said the only thing worth begging for was your life, but maybe he was wrong. Maybe sometimes your love is a little bit worth begging for, too.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • Tragedy is when someone ends up dead. Everything else is just a bump in the road. For the record, that was something Daddy used to say.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • I let myself feel good and sorry for myself, but only for a second. Daddy always said that the most useless of all human emotions was self-pity.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • Daddy once said, "If you don't know what you believe, Annie, you'll be a lost soul.
    -- Gabrielle Zevin

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  • Let me tell you a secret about a father's love,/A secret that my daddy said was just between us.”/He said, “Daddies don't just love their children every now and then./It's a love without end, amen, it's a love without end, amen.
    -- George Strait

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  • Old as he was, he still missed his daddy sometimes.
    -- Gloria Naylor

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  • As Daddy said, life is 95 percent anticipation.
    -- Gloria Swanson

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  • A young boy shouldn't be given up for hopeless just because he's lazy, surly, and good for nothing. Don't be discouraged by those things - maybe he's just trying to be like his daddy.
    -- Gracie Allen

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  • Swimming in my Daddy's big nuts
    -- Grand Puba

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  • My daddy, he was somewhere between God and John Wayne.
    -- Hank Williams, Jr.

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  • I remember when my daddy gave me that gun. He told me that I should never point it at anything in the house; and that he'd rather I'd shoot at tin cans in the backyard. But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much, and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted - if I could hit 'em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird.
    -- Harper Lee

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  • Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy.
    -- Harry Connick, Jr.

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  • It's really funny because the same people who loved me as Stringer Bell were the same people that were watching 'Daddy's Little Girls' literally in tears.
    -- Idris Elba

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  • Summer time an' the livin' is easy, Fish are jumpin' an' the cotton is high. Oh, yo' daddy's rich, and yo' ma' is good-lookin', So hush, little baby, don' yo' cry.
    -- Ira Gershwin

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  • I remember Mr. Mayer very well. He sort of liked to be the father - no, he liked to be treated like you thought he was Daddy, but he didn't treat you like Daddy at all.
    -- Jackie Cooper

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  • The only requisite to entry into the Middle Passage is to have discovered that one does not know who one is, that there are no rescuers, no Mommy or Daddy, and that one's fellow travelers will do well to survive themselves.
    -- James Hollis

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  • I remember when I was like 19 years old and I started a desk calendar company to pay for my first short film, just so I could say one day that my daddy didn't pay for my first short film. And I really established myself in the film festival world.
    -- Jason Reitman

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  • My earliest memories are the best. I always try to remember the good times when Daddy was alive.
    -- Jayne Mansfield

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  • It isn't the great big pleasures that count the most; it's making a great deal out of the little ones--I've discovered the true secret of happiness, Daddy, and that is to live in the now. Not to be for ever regretting the past, or anticipating the future; but to get the most that you can out of this very instant.
    -- Jean Webster

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  • Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, You never answered my question and it was very important. ARE YOU BALD?
    -- Jean Webster

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  • I want to thank my mum, my daddy, my coach, my teacher, everybody in my life.
    -- Jet Li

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  • Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy.
    -- Jimmy Carter

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  • Chasing Amy' was an amazing role, but then after that, I went and did 'Big Daddy' and you're the girlfriend or you're the best friend. I wasn't getting the Nicole Kidman roles.
    -- Joey Lauren Adams

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  • My old daddy used to say "kill the closest snake first".
    -- John Dingell

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  • My daddy wanted me to be a farmer; feel the smoothness of Alabama clay and become one of the first blacks in my town to own land. But, I was worried about my history being caked with that southern clay, and I subscribed to a different kind of teaching and learning in my bones and in my spirit.
    -- John Henrik Clarke

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  • I'm glad God chose you to be my Dad!
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • Dad's are the treasures of the world!
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad!
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • A father is someone who can't get on the phone, in the bathroom or out of debt.
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • If I could choose the perfect Dad There's no one I would rather Have Dad, than you Dad Coz you go further, Father Happy Birthday Father
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • Daddy I'm just little But I love you BIG Happy Birthday Big Daddy
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • If I could choose from all the fathers in the world, Dad, I'd choose you!
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • The best inheritance a father can leave his children is a good example.
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • My daughter was asked by a little old lady in a London hotel restaurant what her daddy did. She answered, “He’s a pirate” - I was very proud of that answer.
    -- Johnny Depp

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  • Not only am I trying to be a daddy, but also a friend, not be the old fogey thats slowing everybody else down... not for a while, at least.
    -- Josh Turner

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  • Like my daddy always said, where there's a way, there's a will.
    -- JR

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  • My Daddy liked physical fitness and wanted me to be a prizefighter.
    -- Judy Johnson

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  • Things a mother should know: how to comfort a son without exactly saying Daddy was wrong.
    -- Katharine Whitehorn

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  • There was no way we'd ever get spoiled. Daddy made sure to instill in us a work ethic.
    -- Kathie Lee Gifford

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  • When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy.
    -- Kaye Gibbons

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  • I got it this time, Daddy Warbucks,” I said,
    -- Kim Harrison

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  • Let the child see Mama and Daddy both at least once a day. Never quarrel or argue in front of a baby or a child-it destroys security.
    -- L. Ron Hubbard

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  • Hard as I try, daddy-o, I really do not like concert singers. They are always singing in some foreign language.
    -- Langston Hughes

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  • Good evening, daddy! Ain't you heard The boogie-woogie rumble Of a dream deferred? Trilling the treble And twining the bass Into midnight ruffles Of cat-gut lace.
    -- Langston Hughes

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  • What did I do to make Mommy leave?” “You didn’t do anything. This isn’t your fault.” “Then why?” she’d wailed. “I don’t know,” her daddy had said, and he looked so sad. “It isn’t fair!” “No, it isn’t, baby. Not by a mile. The world’s only as fair as you can make it. Takes a lot of fight. A lot of fight. But if you stay in here, in your own little cave, that’s one less fighter on the side of fair.
    -- Libba Bray

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  • The night I announced I was getting married, Daddy paced for hours on the porch.
    -- Loretta Lynn

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  • My Daddy was left-handed, and I was left-handed when I was little. In fact, I was left-handed all the way to high school. Then I switched over to right-handed cause I wanted to play shortstop.
    -- Luke Appling

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  • Now, of course, cold fusion is the daddy of them all in a way, in terms of value, so I think that viewed in a social way, from the point of social considerations and economics, it will tell you that this thing will stay around.
    -- Martin Fleischmann

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  • Mother was the disciplinarian, but it was Daddy who could turn me into an angel with just one look.
    -- Mary Martin

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  • There's a culture in orphanages that children are eager to escape from, and it's a culture of being reared as a group and not being doted upon by parents. For any child, that's the bottom line. The fact is that a human child wants that mommy or daddy or both.
    -- Melissa Fay Greene

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  • No word makes me happier than the word "daddy" when it's directed to me.
    -- Michael Josephson

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  • So to compare the Beatles, obviously the Beatles are the Beatles, but in hip-hop terms, Tribe is the Beatles. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are the Beatles. Big Daddy Kane is Jimi Hendrix. It means that much to people that grew up with it.
    -- Michael Rapaport

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  • Did you work for the money to buy those earrings? Or did your Daddy buy those for you?
    -- Molly Ringwald

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  • I wouldn't want to do a 'Maury Povich' show. Baby daddy! Who's your daddy? Who's your mama? I wouldn't want to do that kind of show.
    -- NeNe Leakes

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  • The other day my daughter said, ‘Daddy, guess who my favorite Stroke is?’ And I thought she was going to say me because, oh man, she loves me so much, and she said: ‘Julian! Because he’s the singer
    -- Nick Valensi

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  • Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream - they go together.
    -- Nikki Giovanni

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  • You are responsible for your life. It doesn't matter what your Mama did. It doesn't matter what your Daddy didn't do. You are responsible for your life.
    -- Oprah Winfrey

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  • It's sad when our daddies die. Makes us one less person inside.
    -- Pamela Ribon

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  • My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me, “All Southern literature can be summed up in these words: ‘On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to Sister.’” She raised me up to be a Southern writer, but it wasn’t easy.
    -- Pat Conroy

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