Jeans quotes

  • Accept every blind date you can get, even with a girl who wears jeans. Maybe you can talk her out of them.
    -- Abigail Van Buren

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  • Helvetica is the jeans, and Univers the dinner jacket. Helvetica is here to stay.
    -- Adrian Frutiger

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  • I love shopping; I'm a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl, but I go classy when I dress up - with a little bit of sexy.
    -- Adrianne Palicki

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  • I tend to splurge on fancy dresses because I always think I'll get a lot of wear out of them, but it's false logic. You should really spend more money on the things you wear every day, like jeans.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • I wear mostly black Main Line or T… But the other day, the sun was shining so I wore blue jeans. It caused so much excitement in the office! People were literally coming up from the floor below and peering behind my desk saying; we hear you’re wearing blue jeans and we have to have a look
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • I keep track of my body by how my jeans fit—and how I feel.
    -- Alison Sweeney

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  • [At high school in Cape Town] my interests outside my academic work were debating, tennis, and to a lesser extent, acting. I became intensely interested in astronomy and devoured the popular works of astronomers such as Sir Arthur Eddington and Sir James Jeans, from which I learnt that a knowledge of mathematics and physics was essential to the pursuit of astronomy. This increased my fondness for those subjects.
    -- Allan McLeod Cormack

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  • I'm drawn to what I'm drawn to. I wear jeans and loafers everyday, mostly casual, but when I really turn it on, I like a classic, simple look.
    -- Allison Williams

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  • I love a great pair of jeans and a nice blouse.
    -- Allyson Felix

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  • The stage show is, in some sense, highly theatrical. It's definitely not just a band in jeans playing rock and roll.
    -- Amanda Palmer

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  • I usually try on at least 20 pairs of jeans before I find something that looks good on me. And even then, I have a trustworthy friend tell me if my butt looks big!
    -- Amanda Peet

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  • I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I've got all kinds.
    -- Amanda Seyfried

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  • Even as a stage performer, I have my garb which is leather jackets and black jeans to make me feel a certain way. The wardrobe is really important to feeling the character you're playing.
    -- Andrew Dice Clay

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  • I want to die with my blue jeans on.
    -- Andy Warhol

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  • It was their mothers, long ago. Tibby noted with joy that all four of them were wearing jeans.
    -- Ann Brashares

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  • I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I'm very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • I can bulk up very fast. I can lift heavy weights because, like most people, I started off with heavy workouts. That's stayed in my muscle memory. I feel horrible when I feel my jeans are getting tight. Workouts peace me out.
    -- Arjun Rampal

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  • I love jeans, T-shirts, boots, and tennis shoes.
    -- Ashley Benson

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  • I love guys who know how to dress. I love the motorcycle boots, and I love the skinnier jeans with jackets and scarves. Anybody who gets his clothes at All Saints, that's my guy.
    -- Ashley Benson

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  • Skinny jeans are usually my go to jean. I do bootleg every once in a while, boyfriend jeans I feel like are so hard to pull off! Skinny jeans are very easy and you can kind of pair anything with them and it will work: heels and boots or nice top or flouncy top.
    -- Ashley Greene

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  • When I was 15, I worked at a dry cleaner because I wanted Abercrombie Fitch jeans. My mom told me I could have $20 jeans, not $70 jeans, unless I was willing to work for them. So I did!
    -- Ashley Greene

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  • Topshop makes the best skinny jeans for my shape. I order online or stock up when I'm back in London.
    -- Ashley Madekwe

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  • I'm sort of a reverse Method actor. In my personal life, I become my characters. After 'One Tree Hill', I started dressing in Converse and ripped jeans and hoodies. On 'Awkward', it manifests in how I speak.
    -- Ashley Rickards

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  • You can take the babushka off the Jewish mother and dress her up in a pair of Seven jeans and Marc Jacobs sling-backs, but she's still going to expect a passel of grandkids.
    -- Ayelet Waldman

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  • More than the Big Mac, Coca Cola, or Levi's 501 jeans, the dollar is surely the United States' signature export.
    -- Barry Eichengreen

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  • Sir Arthur Eddington deduces religion from the fact that atoms do not obey the laws of mathematics. Sir James Jeans deduces it from the fact that they do.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • I don't think it's good to constantly talk about your own weight and the fact that you look fat in jeans.
    -- Bethenny Frankel

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  • I take them 8 to 80, dumb, crippled, and crazy. Crisp and clean with no caffeine, and a pair of spandex or either tight jeans.
    -- Big Daddy Kane

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  • I'd wear flip-flops and jeans. I guess that's not cool.
    -- Bill Rancic

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  • I usually always start with the jeans, which is weird because most guys, I would say, start with a shirt and build around the shirt. I always start with the jeans and I have so many jeans. I have an entire rack of just jeans.
    -- Blake Michael

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  • I'm a big fan of pops of color, but I thought I would take that to the next level and do a color-blocked Rolex. This watch is the perfect accessory whether you're wearing a tee and jeans or a well-tailored suit.
    -- Brad Goreski

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  • She's a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans. She looks great in cheap sunglasses, she looks great in anything. She's, "I want a piece of chocolate cake; take me to a movie." She's a, "I can't find a thing to wear." Now and then she's moody. She's a Saturn with a sunroof with her brown hair blowing. She's a warm conversation I wouldn't miss for nothing. She's a fighter when she's mad and she's a lover when she's lovin'.
    -- Brad Paisley

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  • If my jeans could talk, would I be embarrassed?
    -- Brooke Shields

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  • I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.
    -- Cameron Diaz

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  • I'm someone who loves to enjoy life and tries to focus on real things and real friendships. That's why I live very simply. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I don't spend much time fixing myself up or trying to look cool. I live like a normal person and even though I'm in a very high-profile business, I really don't let it affect the way I live.
    -- Cameron Diaz

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  • I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.
    -- Cameron Diaz

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  • I had no style when I was 17! I look at teenagers now and say, 'I wish I'd looked like them when I was that age.' I had no style whatsoever, but style also wasn't as prominent as it is today. I was just very laid back, usually wearing jeans and tank tops and flip flops.
    -- Candace Cameron

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  • I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans.
    -- Cara Delevingne

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  • Even though jeans suit me, I never wear jeans.
    -- Carine Roitfeld

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  • I was into Barbie and designer jeans.
    -- Carson Kressley

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  • I'm 50-50 on glamour stuff. I'd rather put on a pair of jeans and get on my Harley and act like a guy.
    -- Charlize Theron

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  • I'm going to die wearing the same things that I love wearing. I'm going to wear my jeans. I'm going to wear wifebeaters. I'm going to wear my leather jacket. I don't care. As long as I can look good in it, and feel comfortable in it, then I'm going to do it.
    -- Cher

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  • I like to carry a nice bag because then I can wear t-shirts and jeans all the time!
    -- Christa Miller

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  • A pair of skinny jeans and a tattoo does not make you a leader.
    -- Christine Caine

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  • But yeah, Ann [Trason] insisted, running was romantic; and no, of course her friends didn't get it because they'd never broken through. For them, running was a miserable two miles motivated solely by size 6 jeans: get on the scale, get depressed, get your headphones on, and get it over with. But you can't muscle through a five-hour run that way; you have to relax into it, like easing your body into a hot bath, until it no longer resists the shock and begins to enjoy it.
    -- Christopher McDougall

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  • If I ever get married myself, it’ll be in jeans.
    -- Clemence Poesy

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  • I just wear jeans, big motorcycle boots and T-shirts that are way too big for me. I like anything that has lived a little bit, that has traces of life on it. Knitwear that's a tiny bit too long because you've pulled it with your hands, or jeans that are starting to get holes.
    -- Clemence Poesy

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  • At the after-party of the Indy 500, I'm usually wearing jeans and a tank top.
    -- Danica Patrick

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  • A mechanic is just an engineer in blue jeans.
    -- Daniel H. Wilson

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  • [Relationships] never seem to work out, I mean it gets to the point where I have to be extremely cautious. You have to understand, this stardom thing is still new to me, I don't even consider myself "famous". It's 2008: if you have a blog, a mixtape and two pairs of skinny jeans you, too, can be 'famous'.
    -- Danny Denzongpa

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  • I have two pairs of stretchy maternity leggings and jeans, which I will never give up, because once you experience an elastic band for a waist, you will never go back.
    -- Daphne Oz

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  • this blue shirt i have is practically the same color as my jeans, and looking all-blue is something only cookie monster can pull off.
    -- David Levithan

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  • If I'm wearing jeans all day at work, it's [hard] to slip into a dress and make yourself feel like you were born in it. That sort of thing can really be the difference between a good look and a great look. You can have a great dress, but when you put it on and you feel like it's embodying who you are that day, that's not just fashion, that's style!
    -- Debby Ryan

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  • I'm never sloppy, and I never wear jeans. I don't work one look in particular, but it's usually retro - I'm a flea-market freak. And detailed - I'm always very done, even at the gym.
    -- Debi Mazar

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  • I myself identify as a recovering Blockhead. You'd be surprised how many twenty- and thirty-something hipster chicks have the NKOTB skeleton in their closet, albeit artfully concealed by stacks of Ksubi skinny jeans and ironic Judas Priest T-shirts.
    -- Diablo Cody

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  • Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola.
    -- Diana Vreeland

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  • I can tell you that, you know, when I went to my first movie premiere, it was my own movie, and I wore the best jeans I had and my favorite top. You know, I made sure my hair had some wave in it because I braided it the night before myself.
    -- Diane Lane

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  • I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod's Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch.
    -- Diego Della Valle

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  • I prefer to leave a little room in my bag to grab goodies when I'm travelling, but otherwise you need one good pair of shoes that can be worn day or night, a pair of black jeans, and a nice dress.
    -- Dree Hemingway

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  • The Victorian era is the sexiest age for me, but I also like a woman in a pair of jeans.
    -- Dylan McDermott

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  • I literally remember when I made my audition tape for 'Buffy'. I went to the Arsenal Mall. I got my outfit at Contempo Casuals in the Arsenal Mall and put some safety pins in my jeans. I remember telling whoever the clerk was that I was making a tape for 'Buffy', and they were so excited.
    -- Eliza Dushku

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  • I like mixing things. I wear a lot of boots. Love boots. And then jeans, but I like to wear them with a really ruffly top. Or I love high-waisted anything.
    -- Elle Fanning

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  • I didn't really play dress up when I was a kid, and I'm really T-shirt and jeans-y.
    -- Ellen Page

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  • I still love the skinny jeans thing and I wear my favorite leather jacket constantly. I like being kind of a rock star. I love that I can feel comfortable in a small dress or I can feel comfortable wearing a baggy T-shirt.
    -- Ellie Goulding

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  • If I could wear any label forever it would be Burberry. It covers a huge span of stuff. You can't go wrong with a classic trench and a pair of jeans.
    -- Emma Watson

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  • Reducing your life down to three pairs of jeans, two skirts, a couple of shirts, and a few pairs of shoes was so nice for me. I really loved living in this tiny room where I didnt have space for anything. It sounds really lame, but it made me feel a lot more free, because I just didnt have as many choices.
    -- Emma Watson

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  • I have to be honest, I am a true jeans and t-shirt girl.
    -- Emmanuelle Chriqui

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  • I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese, where you have one rolling rack and it's like your four T-shirts, your five dresses, your two pairs of jeans.
    -- Erin Wasson

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  • I want to wear skinny jeans when I'm in my 70s. Why not? Who cares?
    -- Ewan McGregor

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  • I look really odd in jeans and a hoodie - it doesn't feel or seem right.
    -- Florence Welch

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  • I have 137 pairs of shoes and 200 pairs of jeans.
    -- Frances Bean Cobain

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  • A magazine to have style, must need and understand and invest in what jingles - not jiggles - in designer jeans.
    -- Frances Lear

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  • I'm a T-shirt-and-jeans-with-combat-boots guy. And if I don't have to shave, I don't.
    -- Gabriel Macht

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  • Usually I trundle about in trainers and baggy jeans, looking about as attractive as a potato.
    -- Gail Porter

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  • I'm a mum, so my wardrobe consists of sweaters and jeans. As long as I don't leave the house forgetting my jeans, I count that as a fashion success.
    -- Gail Porter

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  • He reclined on a delightfully cushioned lounge in the sprawling ranch Paris had rented. In Dallas, Texas, of all places. Promiscuity had decked himself out, too, wearing a Stetson (weird), no shirt (understandable), unfastened jeans (smart) and cowboy boots (weird again). Dude looked ready to rustle cattle or something.
    -- Gena Showalter

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  • I didn't want to move or act like a rich man. I wanted to dance in a pair of jeans. I wanted to dance like the man in the streets.
    -- Gene Kelly

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  • She's the gal in the red blue jeans.
    -- Gene Vincent

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  • It is amazing to me how deeply into the popular culture the creature has become. There are zombie walks in every major city. I live in Toronto, and last year 3,000 people came out dressed as zombies.... I do not get it. Maybe it's an easy costume: Splash some ketchup on and rip up your jeans -- although most people already have torn jeans -- and you're done.
    -- George A. Romero

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  • A new artist today has to get their teeth fixed, has to tighten their jeans up, and they have to get 'em the right kind of hat, and if anything's wrong with their nose, if it's a little crooked, it's got to be straightened up.
    -- George Jones

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  • I always see those jeans with the stretchy front on pregnant women, and they look like the dreamiest thing ever.
    -- Georgia May Jagger

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  • My problem is that I always find jeans that are either high-waisted or low-rise, but nothing in between, like they used to be in the eighties and early nineties. That's actually the most flattering cut.
    -- Georgia May Jagger

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  • Is there any more Room for me in those Jeans...
    -- Ginuwine

    #Jeans #Rooms

  • Jeans represent democracy in fashion.
    -- Giorgio Armani

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  • I'm a bit of lunatic with shoes and jackets and jeans. It's just how I am.
    -- Graham Coxon

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  • I just can't perform well unless I'm wearing jeans.
    -- Grimes

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  • I had an old man moment the other day. I went into Abercrombie & Fitch to get some jeans and the music was so loud I couldn't stay.
    -- Harry Connick, Jr.

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  • And you still have to sqeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me..
    -- Harry Styles

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  • I live in jeans and own a lot of them. I'm much more comfortable in trousers and T-shirts, and I don't often wear dresses.
    -- Hayley Mills

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  • I go through different phases and change my mind about my style all the time. In the winter, I wanted to wear jeans and pumps and black and leather all the time. Right now, I want to wear long skirts and belts, with my hair in a ponytail. It changes all the time!
    -- Heather Morris

    #Winter #Jeans #Hair

  • People always want an explanation about everything and I cannot give it to them. Because I don't know myself. 'Why did you do a pair of pants like that?' I have no idea. I'm not going to have a 20-minute political discussion about the necessity for slashed, painted leather jeans. Basically, I don't know more than you.
    -- Hedi Slimane

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  • When I was designing, I had in mind Jimi Hendrix, and I could hardly find skinny indie black kids to wear my clothes. I remember one telling me he had to swap his skinny jeans for baggy ones in the subway before going home, so he wouldn't get in trouble in his neighborhood.
    -- Hedi Slimane

    #Home #Kids #Jeans

  • I've always done the style that I loved, so I didn't mind sending an old pair of jeans down the runway. It's about that style. It's not Hedi Slimane. You know, I'm not all that familiar with his thing-I really don't look. I certainly know who he is.
    -- Hedi Slimane

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  • An athletic man, or whatever you want to call him, will only look good in a very classic suit, a pair of classic jeans, athletic clothes or simply naked. Forget fashion. This is not going to happen, unless you want to look like a Chippendales dancer in designer clothes.
    -- Hedi Slimane

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  • Music really influenced me when I was growing up. I did go through a Jimi Hendrix phase. My hair was naturally quite afro, and I wore low-slung jeans with very high heels. Siouxsie and the Banshees had a lot to answer for. I was in a top hat with peacock feathers and thigh-high black boots. I was 17 -- old enough to know better.
    -- Helen McCrory

    #Growing Up #High Heels #Jeans

  • There are better ways we can transform this virulent hatred - by living our ideals, the Peace Corps, exchange students, teachers, exporting our music, poetry, blue jeans.
    -- Helen Thomas

    #Teacher #Peace #Jeans

  • I travel to work on my motorcycle, so it's jeans, boots and a brown Aero leather jacket that weighs as much as I do. If it were black, it would seem like I've got a Brando idea going on, which I don't.
    -- Hugh Laurie

    #Jeans #Ideas #Motorcycle

  • Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention, wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot.
    -- Hugh Laurie

    #Perseverance #Fun #Jeans

  • The only thing I change mainly is my sneakers. I love sneakers. But everything's sort of black or jeans. Jeans, always.
    -- Idris Elba

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  • The door swung open and Kate walked in. Her jeans and T-shirt were splattered with blood and she was carrying a severed vampire head. The T-shirt has a smiley face on it.
    -- Ilona Andrews

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