Fashion quotes

  • Those who can bring themselves to renounce wealth, position and power accruing from a social system based on violence and putting a premium on acquisitiveness, and to identify themselves in some real fashion with the struggle of the masses toward the light, may help in a measure - more, doubtless, by life than by words - to devise a more excellent way, a technique of social progress less crude, brutal, costly and slow than mankind has yet evolved.
    -- A. J. Muste

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  • Women overrate the influence of fine dress and the latest fashions upon gentlemen; and certain it is that the very expensiveness of such attire frightens the beholder from all ideas of matrimony.
    -- Abba Louisa Goold Woolson

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  • By and large, the making of serious, thoughtful and occasionally valuable art has become a lonely persuasion, while the marketing of art has become a boutique operation, manipulated by fashion, self-serving art scholars and the vagaries of the auction block.
    -- Abe Ajay

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  • The art world is now a fashion industry, led by its Whitney Biennial 'nose for the new look.' But nobody, it seems, has the guts or the brains to blow the necessary whistle and holler, 'Hold on guys! What the hell is this ugly bit of business?
    -- Abe Ajay

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  • The only lifestyle I'm promoting is the lifestyle of love and friendship. The lifestyle of music, and joy, and fashion. So whoever wants to come and get part of that lifestyle, we accept anybody.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • The war against Russia will be such that it cannot be conducted in a knightly fashion. This struggle is one of ideologies and racial differences and will have to be conducted with unprecedented, unmerciful and unrelenting harshness.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
    -- Adriana Lima

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  • Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.
    -- Adriana Lima

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  • My favorite designer is Christian Lacroix, not just because his clothes are amazing and I love them, but because he's so nice. When I did his fashion show, he was the first one to arrive there and he helped everyone
    -- Adriana Lima

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  • I didn't know anything about fashion. I couldn't believe it when I got here. I don't know how I'm sitting here right now speaking English.
    -- Adriana Lima

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  • I was in a fashion show and I had on a strapless top. When I got to the end the top was down
    -- Adriana Lima

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  • For the last six or seven years the circus has no longer been in fashion. That is a pity. One should go to the circus, beyond any question of fashion, at least one or two times a year-I am not speaking here to the real enthusiasts, they know better than I what they have to do.
    -- Adrienne Monnier

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  • Abstract art: a construction site for high fashion, for advertising, for furniture.
    -- Adrienne Monnier

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  • People always ask what I would have done if I weren't doing what I'm doing. And I say I'd [still] be in fashion or in beauty. It's such a dream come true now because I have the ability to go into home [goods] and accessories as well.
    -- Aerin Lauder

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  • So in the Libyan fable it is told That once an eagle, stricken with a dart, Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft: With our own feathers, not by others' hands, Are we now smitten.
    -- Aeschylus

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  • It is claimed that the United States gets the cleanest and purest tea in the market, and certainly it is too good to warrant the nervous apprehension which strains and dilutes it into nothingness. The English do not strain their tea in the fervid fashion we do. They like to see a few leaves dawdling about the cup. They like to know what they are drinking.
    -- Agnes Repplier

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  • Fashion isn't me, even though I work in it. It's just materialistic stuff.
    -- Agyness Deyn

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  • I don't really go to fashion parties; they're not my scene.
    -- Agyness Deyn

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  • To take part in the African revolution, it is not enough to write a revolutionary song. You must fashion the revolution with the people. And if you fashion it with the people, the songs will come by themselves.
    -- Ahmed Sekou Toure

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  • For as from the same piece of clay a potter may fashion either a pot or a tile, so the Devil may shape a witch into a wolf or a cat or even a goat, without subtracting from her and without adding to her at all. For this occurs just as clay is first molded into one, then shaped into another form, for the Devil is a potter and his witches are but clay.
    -- Aino Kallas

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  • Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource.
    -- Al Gore

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  • Obviously given good health, and a continuing audience and a record company that allows me to do music. So given those things yes, I'm introducing some new music that people haven't really heard me do in quite this fashion.
    -- Al Jarreau

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  • There's a lot of different ways that a song would be a challenge to parody. There are a lot of songs that would ostensibly be a good candidate for parody, yet I can't think of a clever enough idea. Some songs are too repetitive for me to be able to fashion a humorous set of lyrics around. Some songs flat-out just don't work creatively for me.
    -- Al Yankovic

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  • The country is laid out in a haphazard, sloppy fashion, offensive to the tidy, organized mind.
    -- Alan Brien

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  • I need to be performing. I need to be acting. I need to be designing a condo and ripping down walls and buying new plates and looking at fashion magazines. There always has to be some movement in the artistic department for me to not get really, really low.
    -- Alanis Morissette

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  • Fashion is not about before, it’s not about after, it’s about now
    -- Alber Elbaz


  • It was not the story of design or clothes, it was the fantasy of women that made me want to work in fashion,
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I like first class, but I don't like first class people - I prefer the people in coach. I like fine restaurants, but prefer the taste of McDonalds. I like to be perfect, but I don't like perfection - I think it's dangerous. There is nothing after perfection. I know, I am a walking contradiction.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is like a fruit, you couldn't eat it a day before and you can't eat it a day after; it's just about today
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I like the dream, like fantasy dresses. Women can dream at 9 in the morning and at 10 o’clock at night, it doesn’t matter. I think it is also important for me to make it pragmatic and practical and wearable. I always say, 'If you can’t eat it, it’s not food, and if you can’t wear it, it’s not fashion, it is something else.'
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I was thinking recently, If the body really is the new dress, as some are saying - with women buying boobs, butts, faces - then who needs a dressmaker? So I started designing spring like a plastic surgeon - everything stretchy and nude. But after three weeks, I was so bored with myself and the world, I began adding diamond butterflies and chiffon and colors. I realized that fashion is not about second skin. It's not the perfect white shirt or camel jacket. What women need is a dream.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is not about buying a second skin. Fashion is about having a fantasy.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is about having a fantasy.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Pure, intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I've always said fashion is like roast chicken: You don't have to think about it to know it's delicious.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • In fashion we're lucky, we make dreams come true.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • To be a fashion critic is easy because you just say, 'I love it, I hate it,' but life is more than love and hate.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • How do you stand out as a fashion ad campaign? By using people off the street; it does generate buzz.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion doesn't look good only on models; it can look good on different people of different ages and different body shapes.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is not always about what's new, it's also about what's good. And I think if you need to see what's good, you have to be there.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is like life. It needs fear and uncertainty if you are to move forward.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I think that the lack of intuition in fashion today is one of the most dangerous things. My fear is that our business is turning into a bag business, and it's all about the bag. But it's not only about the bag. It's about the women. And it's not about a bag or a shoe or the jewelry. It's only about women. . . . Being almost politically correct and doing only what you expect without the ability to make mistakes is very dangerous to fashion. We have to go with our heart. We have to go with our intuition.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • I think that because I'm overweight, [my] fantasy was lightness. So I project my fantasy to the clothes, and now all I do is light, light clothes because it's the one thing I don't have. That is why I'm too afraid to lose weight because then I might make heavy clothes.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • What is beautiful for you may not be beautiful to someone else. Or whatever is beautiful here may not be beautiful there and what is sometimes beautiful today is not necessarily beautiful tomorrow. Perhaps this is the story of fashion and what makes it move forward, the fact that there is no decision whatsoever with what’s wrong.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • The designers, photographers and models I work with, they are really hard-working people who are devoting their lives to fashion. They're kind of like nuns of fashion.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Fashion is instinctive and sensual. Learn to love what you wear. It should feel like eating chocolates...wi thout the calories
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • Everybody's talking about the new democratic world and whether high fashion is relevant. But without high there is no low. I don't like to intellectualize. I've always said fashion is like roast chicken: You don't have to think about it to know it's delicious.
    -- Alber Elbaz

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  • If it’s not edible, it’s not food. If it’s not wearable, it’s not fashion.
    -- Alber Elbaz


  • Even on the most solemn occasions I got away without wearing socks and hid that lack of civilization in high boots
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses. He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions of his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • If they want to see me, here I am. If they want to see my clothes, open my closet and show them my suits.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out. This is not an easy job.
    -- Albert Hadley

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  • My school is the world, and my teacher is the people. It is very important not to stay cloistered in the office if you want to create. We have to go out in society to understand how people live and dress in their real lives.
    -- Alberta Ferretti

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  • Up to now we have faced external problems in an isolated fashion. One of these problems is precisely the drug trade and what has been the result? A very weak and fragile position.
    -- Alberto Fujimori

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  • All the sculptures of today, like those of the past, will end one day in pieces... So it is important to fashion ones work carefully in its smallest recess and charge every particle of matter with life.
    -- Alberto Giacometti

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  • At different times and in different places I have come to expect certain books to look a certain way, and, as in all fashions, these changing features fix a precise quality onto a book's definition. I judge a book by its cover; I judge a book by its shape.
    -- Alberto Manguel

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  • Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.
    -- Aldo Gucci

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  • Ive been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time.
    -- Alessandra Ambrosio

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  • As eight years before, he was leaving ... to rewrite his destiny in orderly fashion.
    -- Alessandro Baricco

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  • I've never felt that I've had some great fashion sense of my own - I tend to wear what my wife tells me to wear.
    -- Alessandro Nivola

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  • I am a princess. I do not follow fashions--I make them.
    -- Alex Flinn

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  • People's musical tastes are fickle, and music can be a fashion.
    -- Alex Kapranos

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  • Glasgow's not a media center. When you're there, when you're hanging about, you feel quite detached from musical movements or fashions or anything like that. You do feel quite alone, in a good way.
    -- Alex Kapranos

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  • In a very real sense, the Constitution is our compact with history . . . [but] the Constitution can maintain that compact and serve as the lodestar of our political system only if its terms are binding on us. To the extent we depart from the document's language and rely instead on generalities that we see written between the lines, we rob the Constitution of its binding force and give free reign to the fashions and passions of the day.
    -- Alex Kozinski

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  • Clothes are about manipulations: how I feel, how I want to feel and how I want others to feel about me.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • I was at school when Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time' came out. I changed my uniform to look like hers. I just looked slutty after that, so thank you, Britney.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • At school, a careers adviser asked me what I wanted to be, and I said 'fashion journalist,' so writing for 'Vogue' has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill a dream.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • I think it's every girl's dream, a little bit, to be a model because it seems from the outside to be a glamorous industry and I was really into fashion, and I remember just being excited and wanting to be part of that.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • When I was going to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, I'd often walk down the street and go into all the different shops that we didn't necessarily have in the U.K., and Maje was definitely one of the ones that stood out for me.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • London Fashion Week is so different from any of the others. Compared to the strictness in New York, London seems freer from commercial constraints. Truer to the process, to street style, to a sense of humour.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • I worry all the time that I'm going to run out of ideas, you know? I always tell my mom my fashion ideas, because I know she'll remember them.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • I think it's cool that London Fashion Week is about young designers trying wacky things.
    -- Alexa Chung

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  • Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.
    -- Alexander McQueen

    #Fashion #Form #Should

  • For me, what I do is an artistic expression which is channeled through me. Fashion is just the medium.
    -- Alexander McQueen

    #Fashion #Expression #Artistic

  • Fashion is self confident and fearless.
    -- Alexander McQueen

    #Fashion #Self #Fearless

  • Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them. To me, that is what distinguishes good designers from bad designers.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • For people who know McQueen, there is always an underlying message. It's usually only the intellectual ones who understand what's going on in what I do.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • British fashion is self confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • I always wanted to be a designer. I read books on fashion from the age of 12.
    -- Alexander McQueen

    #Birthday #Fashion #Book

  • I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • The explosion of museum exhibitions is only a mirror image of what has happened to fashion itself this millennium. With the force of technology, instant images and global participation, fashion has developed from being a passion for a few to a fascination - and an entertainment - for everybody.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • There has to be a balance between your mental satisfaction and the financial needs of your company. (But) I always remember that it's the fantasy, the artistic side, that makes customers want to buy the straightforward black pants.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • I was literally 3 years old when I started drawing. I did it all my life, through primary school, secondary school, all my life. I always, always wanted to be a designer. I read books on fashion from the age of twelve. I followed designer's careers. I knew Giorgio Armani was a window-dresser, Emanuel Ungaro was a tailor.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.
    -- Alexander McQueen

    #Fashion #Style #Together

  • Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • There's a tendency to think that young designers only do fantasy fashion, but I'm more interested in making clothes that women can afford.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • Any style that Nike makes in all black, shoe, sweatshirt, onesie, doesn't matter, I pretty much need to have.
    -- Alexander Wang

    #Nike #Fashion #Shoes

  • When I decided to launch my first knitwear line, it was because I saw a void in the basics category. The editors were always looking for cool, fashion-forward tees and sweaters. So that's where I started.
    -- Alexander Wang

    #Fashion #Editors #Sweaters

  • I was in fashion school, my brother has a law background, and my sister-in-law had worked in production, but none of us had a proper fashion business education.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • I don't think fashion week will go back to what it used to be because people are realising that the industry is completely changing. It's not just in Bryant Park any more, people are figuring out who their audience is, where they want to show, they aren't really playing by the rules. It's not so much about these editors, these buyers.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • "To fashion stars out of dog dung, that is the Great Work. To take a negative experience and, by comparing it to something worse, make it feel good, is the great skill."
    -- Alexandra David-Neel

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  • The custom and fashion of today will be the awkwardness and outrage of tomorrow - so arbitrary are these transient laws.
    -- Alexandre Dumas

    #Fashion #Law #Awkward

  • What is good today may be a cliche tomorrow.
    -- Alexey Brodovitch

    #Fashion #May #Today

  • People see fashion as superficial and shallow, but its actually not. As an industry, it can really change how things happen and change trade for countries that really need it.
    -- Ali Hewson

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  • Business is tough, and the fashion industry is particularly tough.
    -- Ali Hewson

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  • You know, the fashion business is this legendary repository of young girls on their way to getting husbands. I really wanted to work.
    -- Ali MacGraw

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  • Fashion is fickle, and I was published because I was fashionable. Because I was gay.
    -- Ali Smith

    #Fashion #Gay #Fickle

  • It is a terrifying as well as hopeful truth that we tend to bring into being in form whatever we fashion in thought.
    -- Alice Hegan Rice

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