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  • This chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra is enacted from the spiritual platform and thus this sound vibration surpasses all lower strata of consciouness - namely sensual, mental and intellectual.
    -- A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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  • As for the Jews, their explanation of anti-Semitism is more characteristic yet. In addition to the usual cliche, "with hatred and savagery" - naturally with no motive, they do not care to discuss motives - according to them, anti-Semitism is a madness, an intellectual degeneration, an affliction of the spirit.
    -- A. C. Cuza

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  • In universities and intellectual circles, academics can guarantee themselves popularity -- or, which is just as satisfying, unpopularity -- by being opinionated rather than by being learned.
    -- A. N. Wilson

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  • Earth's dispossessed are vulnerable targets for extremists: those who teach that global justice is meaningless; that satisfaction can come only in violence, division, and intellectual isolation.
    -- Abdallah II

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  • Curiosity, which may or may not eventuate in something useful, is probably the most outstanding characteristic of modern thinking ... Institutions of learning should be devoted to the cultivation of curiosity, and the less they are deflected by the consideration of immediacy of application, the more likely they are to contribute not only to human welfare, but to the equally important satisfaction of intellectual interest, which may indeed be said to have become the ruling passion of intellectual life in modern times.
    -- Abraham Flexner

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  • Let us hopethat by the best cultivation of the physical world, beneath and around us; and the intellectual and moral world within us, we shall secure an individual, social and political prosperity and happiness, whose course shall be onward and upward, and which, while the earth endures, shall not pass away.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • I'm a fake intellectual.
    -- Adam Brody

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  • All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • The more modest its intellectual ballast, the more exclusively it takes into consideration the emotions of the masses, the more effective [propaganda] will be.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • The kind of poetry that interests me is intellectual and moral and political and sexual and sensual - all of that fermenting together. It can speak to people who have themselves felt like monsters and say: you are not alone, this is not monstrous. It can disturb and enrapture.
    -- Adrienne Rich

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  • It is impossible to remain indifferent to Japanese culture. It is a different civilisation where all you have learnt must be forgotten. It is a great intellectual challenge and a gorgeous sensual experience.
    -- Alain Ducasse

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  • We may hope that machines will eventually compete with men in all purely intellectual fields.
    -- Alan Turing

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  • Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Only the [Catholic] Church stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign for suppressing truth. I never had any special interest in the Church before, but now I feel a great affection and admiration because the Church alone has had the courage and persistence to stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom. I am forced thus to confess that what I once despised I now praise unreservedly.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • My pacifism is not based on any intellectual theory but on a deep antipathy to every form of cruelty and hatred.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • I too had thoughts once of being an intellectual, but I found it too difficult.
    -- Albert Schweitzer

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  • The course of every intellectual, if he pursues his journey long and unflinchingly enough, ends in the obvious, from which the non-intellectuals have never stirred.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • I am an artist, you understand? For me, a picture is like poetry. When you make art, this is not coming from an intellectual place. It's coming from the deep side of your unconscious, your soul.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • For people who know McQueen, there is always an underlying message. It's usually only the intellectual ones who understand what's going on in what I do.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • The most powerful influence exercised by the Arabs on general natural physics was that directed to the advances of chemistry ; a science for which this race created a new era.(...) Besides making laudatory mention of that which we owe to the natural science of the Arabs in both the terrestrial and celestial spheres, we must likewise allude to their contributions in separate paths of intellectual development to the general mass of mathematical science.
    -- Alexander von Humboldt

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  • I come from a very la-ti-da East Coast intellectual family - or so they think.
    -- Alexandra Wentworth

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  • I prefer the wicked rather than the foolish. The wicked sometimes rest.
    -- Alexandre Dumas

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  • The scale, properly speaking, does not permit the measure of the intelligence, because intellectual qualities are not superposable, and therefore cannot be measured as linear surfaces are measured.
    -- Alfred Binet

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  • A person may be a moron or an imbecile if he is lacking in judgment; but with good judgment he can never be either. Indeed the rest of the intellectual faculties seem of little importance in comparison with judgment.
    -- Alfred Binet

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  • It seems to us that in intelligence there is a fundamental faculty, the alteration or the lack of which, is of the utmost importance for practical life. This faculty is judgment, otherwise called good sense, practical sense, initiative, the faculty of adapting one's self to circumstances. A person may be a moron or an imbecile if he is lacking in judgment; but with good judgment he can never be either. Indeed the rest of the intellectual faculties seem of little importance in comparison with judgment
    -- Alfred Binet

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  • The factor in human life provocative of a noble discontent is the gradual emergence of a sense of criticism, founded upon appreciation of beauty, and of intellectual distinction, and of duty.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • There is no intellectual road to God...No, we need God to wake us up to our need of a Savior.
    -- Alistair Begg

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  • [Rock and the intellectual Left] must both be interpreted as parts of the cultural fabric of late capitalism. Their success comes from the bourgeois' need to feel that he is not bourgeois.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • Mad, adj. Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Theres nothing but spirit in music. Thats all it is. Yeah, theres a lot of intellectual elements to it, but no matter how you approach it, its all spirit.
    -- Amos Lee

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  • Past and future monopolize the poet’s sensory and intellectual faculties, detached from the immediate spectacle. These two philtres become utterly clear the moment one stops being hypnotized by the cloudy precipitate constituted by the world of today.
    -- Andre Breton

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  • The color of truth is gray.
    -- Andre Gide

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  • Intellectual freedom is the only guarantee of a scientific - democratic approach to politics, economic development, and culture.
    -- Andrei Sakharov

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    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • It doesn't stand up to huge intellectual scrutiny.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • And why should he interest himself at all in my moral and intellectual capacities: what is it to him what I think and feel?' I asked myself. And my heart throbbed in answer to the question.
    -- Anne Bronte

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  • Language grows out of life, out of its needs and experiences...Language and knowledge are indissolubly connected; they are interdependent. Good work in language presupposes and depends on a real knowledge of things.
    -- Anne Sullivan Macy

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  • I think music is the most phenomenal platform for intellectual thought.
    -- Annie Lennox

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  • I had never thought that I would be involved in narrative structures. As a young guy, I was more interested in abstract modeling. But as I got older, I began to see that there was no reason to limit myself to any intellectual or conceptual postulate, when in fact I'm a professional student of music.
    -- Anthony Braxton

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  • A novelist should not be too intelligent either, although... he may be permitted to be an intellectual.
    -- Anthony Burgess

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  • The intellectual's struggle to deny the obvious is never more desperate than when reality is unpleasant and at variance with his preconceptions and when full acknowledgment of it would undermine the foundations of his intellectual worldview.
    -- Anthony Daniels

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  • Karl Popper once advised a student that if he wanted to reap intellectual fame, he should write endless pages of obscure, high-flown prose that would leave the reader puzzled and cowed. He should then here and there smuggle in a few sensible, straightforward sentences all could understand. The reader would feel that since he has grasped this part, he must have also grasped the rest. He would then congratulate himself and praise the author.
    -- Anthony de Jasay

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  • Policy-making, decision-taking, and control: These are the three functions of management that have intellectual content.
    -- Anthony Stafford Beer

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  • A l'intérieur de ce corps vivait l'âme d'une intellectuelle et poète dont personne n'avait le soupçon. Within this body lived the soul of an intellectual and poet, which nobody had suspected.
    -- Antonio Tabucchi

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  • Wisdom is the most-sought intellectual degree whose subjects are regularly learned throughout life with an open mind in an open university called life and taught by a teacher who is none other than self-experience only.
    -- Anuj

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  • I found that I faced a highly complex situation, and that I couldnt hope to change it until I had armed myself with the necessary psychological and intellectual capacity. My contemplation of life and human nature in that secluded place had taught me that he who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any process.
    -- Anwar Sadat

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  • The attainment of truth is then the function of both the intellectual parts of the soul. Therefore their respective virtues are those dispositions which will best qualify them to attain truth.
    -- Aristotle

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  • If then, as we say, good craftsmen look to the mean as they work, and if virtue, like nature, is more accurate and better than any form of art, it will follow that virtue has the quality of hitting the mean. I refer to moral virtue [not intellectual], for this is concerned with emotions and actions, in which one can have excess or deficiency or a due mean.
    -- Aristotle

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  • The manner in which one single ray of light, one single precious hint, will clarify and energize the whole mental life of him who receives it, is among the most wonderful and heavenly of intellectual phenomena.
    -- Arnold Bennett

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  • History not used is nothing, for all intellectual life is action, like practical life, and if you don't use the stuff - well, it might as well be dead.
    -- Arnold J. Toynbee

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  • My favorite definition of an intellectual: 'Someone who has been educated beyond his/her intelligence'.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke

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  • Whether in the intellectual pursuits of science or in the mystical pursuits of the spirit, the light beckons ahead, and the purpose surging in our nature responds.
    -- Arthur Eddington

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  • The forces that are driving mankind toward unity and peace are deep-seated and powerful. They are material and natural, as well as moral and intellectual.
    -- Arthur Henderson

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  • Investors should start with a view of skepticism. They should become intellectual investors rather than emotional investors. They should be careful, and they should be skeptical.
    -- Arthur Levitt Jr

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  • Pessimism is carefully cultivated in some intellectual circles, as if it were a precious plant that the human race could not afford to lose.
    -- Arthur Lynch

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  • Excellence is the eternal quest. We achieve it by living up to our highest intellectual standards and our finest moral intuitions. In seeking excellence, take life seriously-but never yourself!
    -- Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

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  • For many decades now - and certainly during my adult life in academe - the Western intellectual world has not been convinced that theology is a pursuit that can be engaged in with intellectual honesty and integrity.
    -- Arthur Peacocke

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  • (Politeness is) a tacit agreement that people's miserable defects, whether moral or intellectual, shall on either side be ignored and not be made the subject of reproach.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • The greatest intellectual capacities are only found in connection with a vehement and passionate will.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • Our moral virtues benefit mainly other people; intellectual virtues, on the other hand, benefit primarily ourselves; therefore the former make us universally popular, the latter unpopular.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • It is, indeed, only in old age that intellectual men attain their sublime expression, whilst portraits of them in their youth show only the first traces of it.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • Some authors state that the last stage in this chain of measurements involves "consciousness," or the "intellectual inner life" of the observer, by virtue of the "principle of psycho-physical parallelism." Other authors introduce a wave function for the entire universe. In this book, I shall refrain from using concepts that I do not understand.
    -- Asher Peres

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  • In the Sanghi family, there is no one who has undertaken intellectual pursuits.
    -- Ashwin Sanghi

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  • In using terms like patriarchy, hermeneutics, and sexual/textual, I do not wish to misrepresent the Qurn as a feminist text; rather, the use of such terminology shows my own intellectual disposition and biases.
    -- Asma Barlas

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  • A woman can be beautiful as well as intellectual.
    -- Audrey Hepburn

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  • I'm a storyteller. I feel like the issue of discourse is an important one because there's a lot of political and ideological discourse that goes around, and we relate to that on an intellectual level.
    -- Ayad Akhtar

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  • The Argument from Intimidation is a confession of intellectual impotence.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • A culture is not the anonymous product of undifferentiate d masses, but the sum of the intellectual achievements of individual men.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • Just as there is no such thing as a collective or racial mind, so there is no such thing as a collective or racial achievement. There are only individual minds and individual achievements-an d a culture is not the anonymous product of undifferentiate d masses, but the sum of the intellectual achievements of individual men.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • I am an innovator. This is a term of distinction, a term of honor, rather than something to hide or apologize for. Anyone who has new or valuable ideas to offer stands outside the intellectual status quo. But the status quo is not a stream, let alone a 'mainstream'. It is a stagnant swamp. It is the innovators who carry mankind forward.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • Science, not religion, has taught me my most useful values, among them intellectual honesty. It is better to go without answers than to accept those that merely resolve puzzlement.
    -- B. F. Skinner

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  • Health begins with firmness in the body, deepens to emotional stability, then leads to intellectual clarity, wisdom and finally the unveiling of the soul.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • An intellectual mind that is unconnected to the heart is an uncultivated mind.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • I am passionate about everything in my life--first and foremost, passionate about ideas. And that's a dangerous person to be in this society, not just because I'm a woman, but because it's such a fundamentally anti-intellectual, anti-critical thinking society. --bell hooks
    -- Bell Hooks

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  • Pakistan is heir to an intellectual tradition of which the illustrious exponent was the poet and philosopher Mohammad Iqbal. He saw the future course for Islamic societies in a synthesis between adherence to the faith and adjustment to the modern age.
    -- Benazir Bhutto

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  • The colour of the skin is in no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers.
    -- Benjamin Banneker

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  • Many studies have established the fact that there is a high correlation between vocabulary and intelligence and that the ability to increase one's vocabulary throughout life is a sure reflection of intellectual progress.
    -- Bergen Evans

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  • I believe that sensory pleasure should take precedence over intellectual pleasure in art and architecture.
    -- Bernard Rudofsky

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  • The intellectual's hostility to the businessman presents no mystery, as the two have, by function, wholly different standards. While the businessman's motto is the customer is always right, the intellectual's task is to preserve his perceived standards against the weight of popular opinion.
    -- Bertrand de Jouvenel

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  • It seems to me a fundamental dishonesty, and a fundamental treachery to intellectual integrity to hold a belief because you think it's useful and not because you think it's true.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • [Kant] was like many people: in intellectual matters he was skeptical, but in moral matters he believed imjplicitly in the maximx that he had imbibed at his mother's knee.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • Spiritual nature is inconceivable and unlimited. Therefore, the activities of that realm will always remain beyond our mental speculation and intellectual concept.
    -- Bhakti Charu Swami

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  • Emotions are the key to many aspects of life. They are precisely the elements that make human beings human. I think the fact that emotions have been reduced and put off to the side in intellectual work, particularly in the 20th Century, is tragic.
    -- Bill Viola

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  • I'm not like a high intellectual.
    -- Billy West


  • I found university a little dispiriting. I thought I would enter the great halls of Plato, but instead I entered the halls of an intellectual sausage factory. I wanted to do something not on the main course, and chose the environment.
    -- Bjorn Lomborg

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  • I'd love to claim the title of 'songwriter' or 'intellectual,' but the truth is that anything that I ever learned how to do in conjunction with music was purely so that I would have a platform to sing from.
    -- Brandi Carlile

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  • My basic approach to interviewing is to ask the basic questions that might even sound naive, or not intellectual. Sometimes when you ask the simple questions like 'Who are you?' or 'What do you do?' you learn the most.
    -- Brian Lamb

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  • In computer science, we stand on each other's feet.
    -- Brian Reid

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  • Confucianism is all about tempering your instincts with intellectual discipline, with book learning.
    -- Brian Reynolds

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  • People align with movements they can believe in, and it is the human, intellectual, and financial investment in genuine content that defines experiences.
    -- Brian Solis

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  • Intellectual capital is the most valuable of all factors of production.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • Deal honestly and objectively with yourself; intellectual honesty and personal courage are the hallmarks of great character.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • I wouldn't describe that "position" as "parasitic." I'd describe that experience as "edifying." I don't merely write from a critical intellectual distance. I actually live around here.
    -- Bruce Sterling

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  • Play reaches the habits most needed for intellectual growth.
    -- Bruno Bettelheim

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  • I watch people get older and lose their intellectual acuity; you lose that sharpness, that cleanness, that brain that you worked so hard on and that you were gifted with and lose the gifts that were given.
    -- Bryce Courtenay

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  • God is no fonder of intellectual slackers than He is of any other slacker.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • When you go to church you are really listening-in to the secret wireless from out friends: that is why the enemy is so anxious to prevent us from going. He does it by playing on our conceit and laziness and intellectual snobbery.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • The measure of our intellectual capacity is the capacity to feel less and less satisfied with our answers to better and better problems.
    -- C. West Churchman

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