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  • An American has invented a remote control that will turn off any telly within a 20ft radius. What a marvellous device! What a splendid invention! What a really helpful and improving way of devoting your time to building something that turns off culture. Next week, I'm instigating Burn a Book Week, to encourage even more conversation. I've come up with a fantastic little device which I'll call a box of matches.
    -- A. A. Gill

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  • The university is our culture's assertion that what is made by the mind has value and can convey values.
    -- A. Bartlett Giamatti

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  • Nationality is the creative power of human culture, culture is the creative power of nationality.
    -- A. C. Cuza

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  • Music is language itself. It should not have any barriers of caste, creed, language or anything. Music is one, only cultures are different. Music is the language of languages. It is the ultimate mother of languages.
    -- A. R. Rahman

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  • Music knows no barrier of age or culture. It isn’t about being politically correct or even making a statement. Music is what appeals to the ears and touches your soul.
    -- A. R. Rahman

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  • The Civic Culture (and The Civic Culture Revisited) remains the best study of comparative political culture in our time.
    -- Aaron Wildavsky

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  • The experience of being on a show that is very much in the center of popular culture is exciting. You really feel like you're reaching people.
    -- Aasif Mandvi

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  • In order to be universal, you have to be rooted in your own culture.
    -- Abbas Kiarostami

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  • Film is very much a universal and common voice, and we can't limit it to one particular culture.
    -- Abbas Kiarostami

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  • I've benefited from the best of both societies and both cultures, East and West.
    -- Abdallah II

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  • We have not invaded anyone. We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their land, their culture, their history and tried to enforce our way of life on them.
    -- Abdul Kalam

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  • Indian weddings are elaborate. As a culture, we like to celebrate everything Our weddings go on for sometimes a week, 10 days.
    -- Abhishek Bachchan

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  • The outcome of this culture of discrimination is that young people are routinely denied the roles in society they can, should, and need to be occupying.
    -- Adam Fletcher

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  • France can never accept that it is no longer a dominating power in the world of culture. This is true both of the French right and the French left. They keep thinking that Americans are primitive cowboys or farmers who do not understand anything.
    -- Adam Michnik

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  • How many actors have a shot at being a part of something that became a part of pop culture? It's been very rewarding. I'm not getting the 20 million bucks for the new movies, but at least I'm getting warmth and recognition from people wherever I go.
    -- Adam West

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  • I'm of Nigerian descent, from the Yoruba tribe. Names are very significant in that culture. It basically states your purpose in life.
    -- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

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  • The exclusion of true esoteric religion has been the business of the State since ancient times. At first this was done via the establishment of the popular idealism of exoteric religious institutions in league with the State. But in modern times the same process is done by the strategic exclusion of conventional religious cultism, mystical idealism, and higher evolutionary Wisdom from the mechanisms of popular culture.
    -- Adi Da

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  • Any good teacher knows how important it is to connect with students and understand our culture.
    -- Adora Svitak

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  • The belief that established science and scholarship--which have so relentlessly excluded women from their making--are "objective"and "value-free" and that feminist studies are "unscholarly," "biased," and "ideological" dies hard. Yet the fact is that all science, and all scholarship, and all art are ideological; there is no neutrality in culture!
    -- Adrienne Rich

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  • When you talk about rap you have to understand that rap is part of the Hip-Hop culture.
    -- Afrika Bambaataa

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  • The people who control culture in China have no culture.
    -- Ai Weiwei

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  • Pop culture hales you and wants you to fail.
    -- Aisha Tyler

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  • Pop culture is great, but it can be bad, at times.
    -- Aisha Tyler

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  • Our critique of Israel has to be about the state, not culture or religion, but the state of Israel
    -- Aja Monet

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  • For me, the most disturbing aspect of the Republican political culture is how it puts its unquenchable thirst for power, domination and a radical ideology above facts, reason and the truth.
    -- Al Gore

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  • When politics is too slow, change has to come from culture.
    -- Al Gore


  • Science has a culture that is inherently cautious and that is normally not a bad thing. You could even say conservative, because of the peer review process and because the scientific method prizes uncertainty and penalises anyone who goes out on any sort of a limb that is not held in place by abundant and well-documented evidence.
    -- Al Gore

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  • We are continuously challenged to discover new works of culture—and, in the process, we don’t allow any one of them to assume a weight in our minds.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • I am so spoiled. I cannot watch a show where it gets interrupted for ads. I have to TiVo it and skip through the ads, because the culture of advertising is so false and phony that I just... ugh, you know?
    -- Alan Ball

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  • I found out the hard way that if we don't disciple people, the culture sure will.
    -- Alan Hirsch

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  • If we are going to make the change from community to communitas, and not just end up with an unsustainable adrenaline-junkie culture, we must have a sophisticated process to form people into adventurer-disciples.
    -- Alan Hirsch

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  • The ultimate solution to the problem of spiritual complacency is to create a systematically embedded culture of holy urgency.
    -- Alan Hirsch

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  • I found a greater identity with my own emotions in the Armenian culture as I grew older, as well as from the beginning, although I didn't know anything about it.
    -- Alan Hovhaness

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  • If the pros at Sun had had a chance to fix Java, the world would be a much more pleasant place. This is not secret knowledge. It's just secret to this pop culture.
    -- Alan Kay

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  • Culture is just a shambling zombie that repeats what it did in life; bits of it drop off, and it doesn't appear to notice.
    -- Alan Moore

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  • I think that storytelling and creation are very close to what the center of what magic is about. I think not just for me, but for most of the cultures that have had a concept of magic, then the manipulation of language, and words, and thus of stories and fictions, has been very close to the center of it all.
    -- Alan Moore

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  • I don't believe in God and all that. But I am Jewish, and very proud to be so, very proud of the culture.
    -- Alan Sugar

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  • The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it - aliens.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • In every aspect of the religious life, American faith has met American culture--and American culture has triumphed.
    -- Alan Wolfe

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  • [M]odern society is indeed often, at least in surface appearance, nothing but a collection of strangers, each pursuing his or her own interests under minimal constraints.
    -- Alasdair MacIntyre

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  • The attempted professionalization of serious and systematic thinking has had a disastrous effect upon our culture
    -- Alasdair MacIntyre

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  • In the world there is, parallel to the force of death and constraint, an enormous force of persuasion that is called culture.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • I believe in standardizing automobiles. I do not believe in standardizing human beings. Standardization is a great peril which threatens American culture.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • Considered now as a possession, one may define culture as the residuum of a large body of useless knowledge that has been well and truly forgotten.
    -- Albert J. Nock

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  • Learning has always been made much of, but forgetting has always been deprecated; therefore pedantry has pretty well established itself throughout the modern world at the expense of culture.
    -- Albert J. Nock

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  • Concerning culture as a process, one would say that it means learning a great many things and then forgetting them; and the forgetting is as necessary as the learning.
    -- Albert J. Nock

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  • Diligent as one must be in learning, one must be as diligent in forgetting; otherwise the process is one of pedantry, not culture.
    -- Albert J. Nock

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  • The therapeutic concerns of the culture too often set the agenda for evangelical preaching.
    -- Albert Mohler

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  • The problem, then, is how to bring about a striving for harmony with land among a people many of whom have forgotten there is any such thing as land, among whom education and culture have become almost synonymous with landlessness. This is the problem of conservation education.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • Back to culture. Yes, actually to culture. You can’t consume much if you sit still and read books.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Like every other good thing in this world, leisure and culture have to be paid for. Fortunately, however, it is not the leisured and the cultured who have to pay.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Every one of us is a perfect human being, deformed by the family, the society and the culture.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • I believe that cuisine is the most important link between nature and culture.
    -- Alex Atala

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  • You create a fearful culture where you spend a lot of time looking at where you screwed up,
    -- Alex Bogusky

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  • Every culture loves scatological humour. That's always a favourite.
    -- Alex D. Linz

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  • I think one of the most fascinating things you can do after you learn about your own people is to study something about the history and culture of other people.
    -- Alex Haley

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  • I have been interested in global web-based communities and emerging technologies since the mid 80's. There is a revolution occurring in global culture nowadays, that will change everything. and it's only just beginning.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • Like I said about Freaked, people tend to find these films, and I think that in the end the cool thing about a movie is that it can be sort of burnt temporarily, but then it's burnt into the fabric of your culture.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • Newspapers are a centre of public culture. We can’t give in to extortion.
    -- Alexander Lebedev

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  • Marketing has supplanted story as the primary force behind the worthiness of making a film, and that's a very sad thing. It's film only as a function of consumerism rather than as an important component of our culture, and that's everywhere around the world.
    -- Alexander Payne

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  • Contemporary art is an epoch of false money allied with false culture.
    -- Alexander Stoddart

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  • I just wanted to make movies, but I never though about, "How am I being perceived because of my culture or my skin?"
    -- Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

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  • The very general occurrence of the homosexual in ancient Greece, and its wide occurrence today in some cultures in which such activity is not taboo suggests that the capacity of an individual to respond erotically to any sort of stimulus, whether it is provided by another person of the same or opposite sex, is basic in the species.
    -- Alfred Kinsey

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  • Culture is activity of thought, and receptiveness to beauty and humane feeling. Scraps of information have nothing to do with it. A merely well informed man is the most useless bore on God's earth.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • I didn't say that the Jews are inferior. I didn't even maintain they are a race. I merely saw that the mixture of different cultures didn't work.
    -- Alfred Rosenberg

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  • Acceptance of race mixture was more developed in Arab culture than in Jewish culture.
    -- Ali Mazrui

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  • When women finally get liberated, they'll do the same that men do - dog eat dog - that's what our culture is...
    -- Alice Neel

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  • I love the natural world - it comes from my culture, which grew out of a people enslaved.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • My parents taught me service - not by saying, but by doing. That was my culture, the culture of my family.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • I’m glad mainstream culture is starting to catch up to where lesbian-feminism was 30 years ago.
    -- Alison Bechdel

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  • The key thing that went wrong was that a culture was allowed to develop where the relationship between what people did and what they got went way out of alignment, especially at the top end.
    -- Alistair Darling

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  • The distinction between the world of commerce and that of "culture" quickly became the distinction between infrastructure and superstructure, with the former clearly determining the latter.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • To recognize that some of the things our culture believes are not true imposes on us the duty of finding out which are true and which are not.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.
    -- Allen Ginsberg

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  • Culture is the study of perfection, and the constant effort to achieve it.
    -- Allen Tate

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  • Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilization.
    -- Alvar Aalto

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  • Even the smallest daily chore can be humanized with the harmony of culture.
    -- Alvar Aalto

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  • I wanted to explore black culture, and I wanted that culture to be a revelation.
    -- Alvin Ailey

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  • The Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets.
    -- Alvin Toffler

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  • But here’s the thing: Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated, but is deemed as high fashion, cool, or funny when the privileged take it for themselves. Appropriation occurs when the appropriator is not aware of the deep significance of the culture that they are partaking in.
    -- Amandla Stenberg

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  • A statesman who shakes the fruit trees of his neighbors - to dislodge the worms.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Am I Latin? Am I American? What the hell am I? I love my culture and I'm very proud of my culture
    -- America Ferrera

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  • The manner of their living is very barbarous, because they do not eat at fixed times, but as often as they please
    -- Amerigo Vespucci

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  • National liberation is necessarily an act of culture
    -- Amilcar Cabral

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  • Culture is simultaneously the fruit of a people's history and a determinant of history.
    -- Amilcar Cabral

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  • We've got 21st century technology and speed colliding head-on with 20th and 19th century institutions, rules and cultures.
    -- Amory Lovins

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  • I believe that everyone deserves love, and sometimes looking outside your own culture is a good way to find it.
    -- Amy Dickinson

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  • If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • We are all engaged in the task of peeling off the false selves, the programmed selves, the selves created by our families, our culture, our religions. It is an enormous task because the history of women has been as incompletely told as the history of blacks.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for a center. So we lost our center and have to find it again.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • All peoples enjoy freedom, and freedom for the development of their culture... There is no Jewish problem in the Soviet Union at all... I have many friends who are Jews.
    -- Anastas Mikoyan

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  • A whole generation of writers dined out on the dialectic between original cultures and their culture by "progress.
    -- Anatole Broyard

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  • The whole celebrity culture thing - I'm fascinated by, and repelled by, and yet I end up knowing about it.
    -- Anderson Cooper

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  • I love Russian culture. I don't know the young Russia, I'm not at all familiar with young Russia, but the old school Russia is good enough for me for the moment.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • It's always great to have things from France at a wedding. It's symbolic of style, of culture, of taste.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • Culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love, and of thought, which, in the coarse or centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved
    -- Andre Malraux

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  • Our art culture makes no attempt to search the past for precedents, but transforms the entire past into a sequence of provisional responses to a problem that remains intact.
    -- Andre Malraux

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  • Coffee is the official beverage of culture.
    -- Andrea Illy

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  • Intellectual freedom is the only guarantee of a scientific - democratic approach to politics, economic development, and culture.
    -- Andrei Sakharov

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