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  • He considered the Rvolution a victroy for the Jews, which opinion, he said, prevailed on the East Side where rejoicing knew no bounds. We felt, added Mr. Cahan, that this is a great triumph for the Jews' cause. The anti-Jewish element in Russia has always been identified with the anti-revolutionary party. Jews having always sat high in the Councils of the revolutionists, all of our race became inseparably linked with the opponents of the government in the official mind.
    -- Abraham Cahan

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  • I had to inspect all fighter units in Russia, Africa, Sicily, France, and Norway. I had to be everywhere.
    -- Adolf Galland

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  • Of course, the outcome of the war would not have been changed. The war was lost perhaps, when it was started. At least it was lost in the winter of '42, in Russia.
    -- Adolf Galland

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  • The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might, and the Republic is in danger. Yes - danger from within and without. We need law and order! Without it our nation cannot survive.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Everybody calls everybody a spy, secretly, in Russia, and everybody is under surveillance. You never feel safe.
    -- Agnes Smedley

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  • Much that we read of Russia is imagination and desire only.
    -- Agnes Smedley

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  • After Russia (winning bronze at Rostelecom Cup), I'm one of the top Canadian ladies. Tomorrow, I just have to do a good long program.
    -- Alaine Chartrand

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  • Metaphysics of Evolution: What is Matter & Life? 'Recent discoveries from Russia confirm that DNA / Genes are resonant structures which are subtly interconnected to their environment. i.e. Genetic material can be manipulated by waves with certain resonant frequencies.'
    -- Alan Haselhurst

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  • In Russia we had to have special visas in our passports, and when we had to show our passports at the Kremlin gates, we realized that, Oh my God, we're actually playing in THE Kremlin!
    -- Alan Parsons

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  • We welcome, we welcome this good cooperation between Russia and NATO.
    -- Aleksander Kwasniewski

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  • Well, we are very glad that Russia is so close with NATO.
    -- Aleksander Kwasniewski

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  • You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • A great disaster had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • Today when we say the West we are already referring to the West and to Russia. We could use the word 'modernity' if we exclude Africa, and the Islamic world, and partially China.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • Russia is like a dinosaur. A lot of time is needed for change to reach the tail from the head.
    -- Alexander Lebed

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  • You must go deeper into Russia - 150 kilometres from Moscow or more, and look there. The kids are fed with cattle feed - people don't get paid for half a year.
    -- Alexander Lebed

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  • I am probably the biggest equity investor in the history of modern Russia.
    -- Alexander Lebedev

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  • Everybody is jumping up and down back in Russia. Probably lots of vodka, too.
    -- Alexander Ovechkin

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  • I consider him [i.e Stalin] one of the greatest persons in the history of mankind. In the history of Russia he was, in my opinion, even greater than Lenin. Until Stalin's death I was anti-Stalinist, but I always regarded him as a brilliant personality.
    -- Alexander Zinoviev

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  • The worker-mother must learn not to differentiate between yours and mine; she must remember that there are only our children, the children of Russia’s communist workers.
    -- Alexandra Kollontai

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  • We've grown accustomed to injustice in Russia. People are constantly being arrested unlawfully.
    -- Alexei Navalny

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  • Politics is traditionally a male domain in Russia. Until now, women have only been accessories. Now, female protest groups are emerging - not because men came up with the idea, but through their own efforts. That's something new for Russia.
    -- Alexei Navalny

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  • Everyone needs to understand that my work addresses existing problems, and one of the crucial problems in Russia today is corruption.
    -- Alexei Navalny

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  • I've been reading this little book. It's called the Russian constitution. And it says that the only source of power in Russia is the people. So I don't want to hear those who say we're appealing to the authorities. Who's the power here?
    -- Alexei Navalny

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  • When men are arrested without any legal basis and for political reasons, it's merely a routine, everyday occurrence in Russia, and hardly anyone has any sympathy.
    -- Alexei Navalny

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  • It was always a challenge for me to prove that a Russian financial investor can be as successful in the West as back at home in Russia.
    -- Alisher Usmanov

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  • The degeneration of the revolution in Russia does not pass from the revolution for communism to the revolution for a developed kind of capitalism, but to a pure capitalist revo­lution. It runs in parallel with world-wide capitalist domination which, by successive steps, eliminates old feudal and Asiatic forms in various zones. While the historical situation in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries caused the capitalist revolution to take liberal forms, in the twentieth century it must have totalitarian and bureaucratic ones.
    -- Amadeo Bordiga

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  • Russia should support globalization. The Internet can develop in Russia in a very speedy way.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • You're never able to please everybody, especially when you're transforming a country like Russia.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • The kind of capitalism I hate most is crony capitalism, the friends who decide. These are things which should be killed in Russia.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • The red directors were one of the main political forces. Another force was the former Soviet ministers who lost everything because of the transformation of the Soviet Union to Russia.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That's the Russian interest in this process.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • I don't think Russia will follow the United States's way. I don't think Russia will follow the French way. I'm sure Russia will find its own way.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery is a threat to both the Nato allies and Russia.
    -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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  • I love Russian culture. I don't know the young Russia, I'm not at all familiar with young Russia, but the old school Russia is good enough for me for the moment.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • One my favorite things is to go to the provinces of Russia and see the 18th century wood churches with the onion dome architecture. These humble wonders of incredible imagination of architects that were obviously not living in places like Paris or London, but they've created these amazing churches.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • At the time of the Revolution, dogs howled day and night all over Russia.
    -- Andrei Platonov

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  • Persons who clamor for governmental control of American railways should visit Germany, and above all Russia, to see how such control results. In Germany its defects are evident enough; people are made to travel in carriages which our main lines would not think of using, and with a lack of conveniences which with us would provoke a revolt; but the most amazing thing about this administration in Russia is to see how, after all this vast expenditure, the whole atmosphere of the country seems to paralyze energy.
    -- Andrew Dickson White

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  • My early years abroad were spent mainly upon the European Continent, and public duties since have led me to make prolonged stays in various Continental states France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia where the study of Continental statesmen has been almost forced upon me.
    -- Andrew Dickson White

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  • The majority of humankind does not accept this system, despite claims of worldwide support. Even with Russia's ratification, 75% of the world's CO2 is emitted by, 68% of the world's GDP is produced in, and 89% of the world's population live in countries that are not handcuffed by Kyoto's restrictions. Like fascism and communism, Kyotoism is an attack on basic human freedoms behind a smokescreen of propaganda. Like those ideologies of human hatred, it will be exposed and defeated.
    -- Andrey Illarionov

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  • Today's Russia is not to be compared with the Soviet Union of back then.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • The stars of death stood over us. And Russia, guiltless, beloved, writhed under the crunch of bloodstained boots, under the wheels of Black Marias.
    -- Anna Akhmatova

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  • Firstly, economic globalisation has brought prosperity and development to many countries, but also financial crises to Asia, Latin America and Russia, and increasing poverty and marginalisation.
    -- Anna Lindh

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  • They're professionals at this in Russia, so no matter how many Jell-O shots or Jager shooters you might have downed at college mixers, no matter how good a drinker you might think you are, don't forget that the Russians - any Russian - can drink you under the table.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • Eden ha[s] put his country in a position where she sustained the greatest diplomatic reverse since Bismarck in similar circumstances had called Palmerston's bluff in the matter of Schleswig-Holstein...Further damage was done when Russia proved by her action in Spain, that she was not a good European as Mr. Eden had assured the world was the case.
    -- Anthony Eden

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  • In general, Russia suffers from a frightening poverty in the sphere of facts and a frightening wealth of all types of arguments.
    -- Anton Chekhov

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  • Russia itself is an extremely complex country, and sometimes I feel like all of that comes back to haunt me. I can see why so many Russian writers were so tortured.
    -- Anton Yelchin

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  • I don't feel any connection to Russia.
    -- Anton Yelchin

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  • Unless legal and illegal immigration is halted and reversed, European First World nations across all of Europe from Spain to Russia, North America, Australia and New Zealand - will be destroyed and have their very culture and civilisation changed to that of the Third World. Immigration is now the single most important issue facing all First World nations, and will determine whether Western Civilisation continues to exist or not.
    -- Arthur Kemp

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  • One question that people always ask at home is never asked here: "What happened to Communism in Russia?" Everybody yawns when a visitor brings it up, because the answer is so obvious to every Russian. The answer is that there never was Communism in Russia; there were only communists.
    -- Arthur Koestler

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  • My father was an immigrant from Russia and my mother was first generation.
    -- Arthur Rock

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  • Western States keep playing with, and around, Russia.
    -- Aslan Maskhadov

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  • It is not advantageous for Russia in its present state to fight against Chechnya. The army is a mess. It must be made combat ready. That will take time. Russia has a lot of economic, social and political problems much more important than Chechnya.
    -- Aslan Maskhadov

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  • Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demands for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen.
    -- Ayn Rand

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  • We're opposing Russia's aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world, as we saw in the appalling shoot-down of MH17.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Wow, bad news. Mr. Obama now hates Israel because the Israelis want to build 1,600 apartments in their own capital city, Jerusalem. Russia hates Israel, too. So do the Europeans. So does Ban Ki-moon, a Korean who is secretary-general of the UN.
    -- Ben Stein

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  • My favorite Bond films are the really early ones, the first ones in fact, like 'Dr. No' and 'From Russia with Love.'
    -- Ben Whishaw

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  • We have in my country (Russia) a quotation: "It is impossible to make out of apology a fur coat.
    -- Bernard Malamud

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  • Remember...this year has already seen more billion-dollar weather-related disasters than any year in US history. Last year was the warmest ever recorded on planet Earth. Arctic sea ice is near all-time record lows. Record floods from Pakistan to Queensland to the Mississippi basin; record drought from the steppes of Russia to the plains of Texas...This is what climate change looks like in its early stages.
    -- Bill McKibben

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  • The fact is that Americans were sent to Russia that have not been returned.
    -- Bo Gritz

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  • I spent 34 months on the battleship Alabama, South Dakota-class. I was a gun captain. First we went to Russia for about 11 months with the British convoys. Then we were up in Norway and Scandinavia.
    -- Bob Feller

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  • I've worked behind counters serving food, and I've lived on the circus train, and I've led bicycle tours in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and Russia. I've been a key liner for a newspaper, I've done typesetting. Oh, all sorts of things.
    -- Bonnie Jo Campbell

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  • Remind me: who was the greater mass murderer, Stalin or Hitler? Well, Stalin is thought to have been responsible for about 50 million deaths, and Hitler for a mere 25 million. What Hitler did in his concentration camps was equalled if not exceeded in foulness by the Soviet gulags, forced starvation and pogroms. What makes the achievements of communist Russia so special and different, that you can simper around in a CCCP T-shirt, while anyone demented enough to wear anything commemorating the Third Reich would be speedily banged away under the 1986 Public Order Act?
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • You have no right to criticise Russia over Chechnya.
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • Russia also declared its independence. This was approved by the Supreme Soviet, and you know and remember that there was the Declaration on the Independence of Russia
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • We, Russia, are prepared to work with others. I am convinced that stability and security in Europe cannot be considered without taking Russia into account
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • International terrorism is throwing down a challenge, and not just to Russia.
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • Your commanders have ordered you to storm the White House and to arrest me. But I as the elected President of Russia give you the order to turn your tanks and not to fight against your own people.
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • There were no strategic mistakes that could affect Russia's history and it further development. No, there were no such mistakes. Tactical errors were made in some less significant options, problems and so on. But, on the whole, Russia embarked on a correct path and it changed
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • The West has not lived through totalitarianism, with a single ideology for 70 years.We are escaping from the burden of the past, and onlyafter we have done that will we be ready to integrate with Europeand Europe needs Russia.
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • Not a single reform effort in Russia has ever been completed.
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • out of great Russia came three dusky syllables workmen took guns and went out to die for: Bread, Peace, Land.
    -- Carl Sandburg

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  • We are deeply concerned about the situation in Russia with regards to human rights. There are several examples of this situation, such as the new law requiring NGOs to register as "foreign agents", the law banning homosexual "propaganda", problems with the rule of law and arbitrary judicial processes, and court rulings against the opposition.
    -- Cecilia Malmstrom

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  • In Russia I went to a great yeshiva, and in America I work in a carnival.
    -- Chaim Potok

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  • In 1491 the Inka ruled the greatest empire on earth. Bigger than Ming Dynasty China, bigger than Ivan the Great’s expanding Russia, bigger than Songhay in the Sahel or powerful Great Zimbabwe in the West Africa tablelands, bigger than the cresting Ottoman Empire, bigger than the Triple Alliance (as the Aztec empire is more precisely known), bigger by far than any European state, the Inka dominion extended over a staggering thirty-two degrees of latitude—as if a single power held sway from St. Petersburg to Cairo.
    -- Charles C. Mann

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  • I feel most empires fell when they started to act human, but then look at Russia. They kept a pretty strong hand, and they fell from Afghanistan alone because Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. I guess you just can't sustain it.
    -- Colin Quinn

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  • The Danes are causing a bit of trouble. The kingdom of Denmark claimed the North Pole as their own. Hey, you can't just reach out and take something if you want it, Denmark. That's Russia's job.
    -- Craig Ferguson

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  • The White House announced plans to begin normalizing relations with Cuba - this as we're awkwardizing relations with Russia.
    -- Craig Ferguson

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  • I don`t think this has been fully understood by the United States... If you look at India, China and Russia, they all have strong education heritages. Even if you discount 90 percent of the people there as uneducated farmers, you still end up with about 300 million people who are educated. That`s bigger than the U.S. work force.
    -- Craig R. Barrett

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  • Native annalists may look sadly back from the future on that period when we had the atomic bomb and the Russians didn't. Or when the Russians had aquired (through connivance and treachery of Westerns with warped minds) the atomic bomb - and yet still didn't have any stockpile of the weapons. That was the era when we might have destroyed Russia completely and not even skinned our elbows doing it.
    -- Curtis LeMay

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  • [On Rachmaninoff:] He was the most Russian of them all, like a cathedral in the snow. Holy, wintry, infinite, he was all the Russias.
    -- Dagmar Godowsky

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  • It is time for the rest of the world to join ... in demanding that ALL the nuclear weapons states -including Israel, India and Pakistan, but above all the US and Russia - negotiate concrete steps on a definite time-table toward the global, inspected abolition of nuclear weapons.
    -- Daniel Ellsberg

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  • After the fall of the Soviet Union, if you start the clock, then 47 journalists, reporters, cameramen, photographers have been killed in Russia since the fall of communism. That makes it the third most deadly country on Earth to practice journalism. That's not a record to be proud of.
    -- Daniel Silva

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  • The Russians are turning east to the Chinese - to the Europeans' surprise. It always seemed to me that the relationship between Russia and China would shift from being based in Marx and Lenin to being based in oil and gas.
    -- Daniel Yergin

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  • Jazz is about freedom within discipline. Usually a dictatorship like in Russia and Germany will prevent jazz from being played because it just seemed to represent freedom, democracy and the United States.
    -- Dave Brubeck

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  • Ours is a country built more on people than on territory. The Jews will come from everywhere: from France, from Russia, from America, from Yemen... Their faith is their passport.
    -- David Ben-Gurion

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  • Russia's biggest problem is organized crime and its leaders are influenced by the Russian mafia. But it's not right to call it a Russian mafia, it's a Jewish mafia.
    -- David Duke

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  • The orthodoxy of America is as rigid as that of Soviet Russia. There is one point of view allowed. If you start a conversation from another point of view, the words dry in your mouth.
    -- David Hare

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  • Neoliberalization has not been very effective in revitalizing global capital accumulation, but it has succeeded remarkably well in restoring, or in some instances (as in Russia and China) creating, the power of an economic elite. The theoretical utopianism of neoliberal argument has, I conclude, primarily worked as a system of justification and legitimation for whatever needed to be done to achieve this goal.
    -- David Harvey

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  • There is no single field of activity, not a single institution, free of the most brutal sort of corruption. Russia has bred a world-class mafia.
    -- David Remnick

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  • Capitalism in Russia has spawned far more Al Capones than Henry Fords.
    -- David Remnick

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  • The real forces behind Bolshevism is Russia are Jewish forces, and Bolshevism is really an instrument in the hands of the Jews for the establishment of their future Messianic kingdom.
    -- Denis Fahey

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  • The more I see of life in these 'undeveloped countries' and of the methods adopted to 'improve' them, the more depressed I become. It seems criminal that the backwardness of a country like Afghanistan should be used as an excuse for America and Russia to have a tug-of-war for possession.
    -- Dervla Murphy

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  • We have a chance to wind down and expedite the removal of 96 percent of the world's nuclear weapons. What an achievement it would be, if at the end of the next administration, we could say that the nuclear arsenals of both Russia and the United States had been reduced to the barest minimums.
    -- Dianne Feinstein

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  • We have vastly different hopes and expectations, as far as the U.S.-Russia relationship is concerned, in Moscow and Washington. What we need, however, is to manage this troubled relationship -- we don't want this relationship to go out of control.
    -- Dimitri Simes

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  • Legal reform in Russia is a must. And I keep track of it daily.
    -- Dmitry Medvedev

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  • Russia and the U. S. have announced they are definitely planning several space machines. So it's quite possible that the first space ships or satellites may encounter other interplanetary machines, manned or otherwise. Our space devices may even be closely approached by such alien machines...
    -- Donald Keyhoe

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  • One of the things that I heard for years and years, never drive Russia and China together. And Obama has done that.
    -- Donald Trump

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