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  • Today the Western powers and media want to domesticate us like sheep, to keep us tame and domesticated.
    -- Abu Bakar Bashir

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  • If Europe today accounts for just over 7 per cent of the world’s population, produces around 25 per cent of global GDP and has to finance 50 per cent of global social spending, then it’s obvious that it will have to work very hard to maintain its prosperity and way of life,
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • Western States keep playing with, and around, Russia.
    -- Aslan Maskhadov

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  • Robert Taylor was not only a splendid actor in a wide variety of roles but one of the most handsome men in the western world.
    -- Audrey Meadows

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  • World military spending has now risen to over $1.2 trillion. This incredible sum represents 2.5 per cent of GDP (global gross domestic product). Even if 1 per cent of it were redirected towards development, the world would be much closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
    -- Ban Ki-moon

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  • I think for the last fifteen, twenty years or so, Hollywood has underestimated the appeal of the Western. I think there is still a huge market.
    -- Barry Corbin

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  • Slow growth and inflation have a tendency to accompany large deficits and increasing debt as a percentage of GDP.
    -- Bill Gross

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  • The question was heatedly debated of how much Western culture should be brought into China.
    -- Chen-Ning Yang

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  • Our estimates suggest that a tax increase of 1 percent of GDP reduces output over the next three years by nearly 3 percent. The effect is highly significant.
    -- Christina Romer

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  • Eugene is located in western Oregon, approximately 278 billion miles from anything.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • It's time we admitted that there's more to life than money, and it's time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB - general well-being
    -- David Cameron

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  • In the eighties and nineties, the innovation agenda was exclusively focused on enterprises. There was a time in which economic and social issues were seen as separate. Economy was producing wealth, society was spending. In the 21st century economy, this is not true anymore. Sectors like health, social services and education have a tendency to grow, in GDP percentage as well as in creating employment, whereas other industries are decreasing. In the long term, an innovation in social services or education will be as important as an innovation in the pharmaceutical or aerospatial industry.
    -- Diogo Vasconcelos

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  • Because people of color will definitely, definitely become the power base in the Western Hemisphere.
    -- Edward James Olmos

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  • What are these so-called austerity measures? What do they really bring? Oh, they bring a lot more poverty. Oh, they bring a worse GDP. Oh, they bring more unemployment.
    -- Gerald Celente

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  • The question is: How do we reduce spending from 25% of GDP, which is where Obama put us? The focus is on total government spending. Can we bring it down, in a reasonable and politically acceptable way? That's what the Paul Ryan plan does. It puts us on a gradual reform path to reducing the size of government.
    -- Grover Norquist

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  • Iraq is just a symbol of the attitude of western democracies to the rest of the world.
    -- Harold Pinter

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  • The US economy, because it's so energy wasteful, is much less efficient than either the European or Japanese economies. It takes us twice as much energy to produce a unit of GDP as it does in Europe and Japan. So, we're fundamentally less efficient and therefore less competitive, and the sooner we being to tighten up, the better it will be for our economy and society.
    -- Hazel Henderson

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  • I then moved to the University of Western Ontario where I was made a full professor in 1985.
    -- J. Philippe Rushton

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  • India needs to be liberated both from the 'high GDP growth hedgehogs' and the 'conservation at all costs hedgehogs.'
    -- Jairam Ramesh

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  • Europe and North America, we are told, are less dependent on energy-intensive heavy industry than in the 1960s and 1970s. It seems we squeeze more GDP out of a barrel of oil than in those benighted days.
    -- James Buchan

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  • It's just a show. It's not the end of Western Civilization. It's chewing gum.
    -- Jerry Springer

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  • Apart from their work and production, households perform other important economic functions. Most CONSUMPTION occurs within the household. ... In developed capitalist economies, private consumption spending accounts for half or more of GDP.
    -- Jim Stanford

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  • If I have any choice I would prefer Western Troops.
    -- John Buford

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  • The present aristocracy of western culture, at the moment when it most clearly dominates the world, is being imitated rapidly and successfully in every eastern country.
    -- John Desmond Bernal

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  • But clearly an economy that's growing and expanding like this one - and it certainly is doing that with high GDP output, employment numbers strong, capacity utilization strong - that's an environment in which the Fed needs to continually be alert to early signs of inflation.
    -- John W. Snow

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  • GDP tells you nothing about sustainability
    -- Joseph Stiglitz

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  • I wouldn't say when you've seen one Western you've seen the lot; but when you've seen the lot you get the feeling you've seen one.
    -- Katharine Whitehorn

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  • Global warming could be solved by shifting three to four per cent of global GDP to pay for it.
    -- Ken Livingstone

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  • Almost every other Western in the last ten years has failed, since Dances with Wolves.
    -- Lawrence Kasdan

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  • Practically every movie that shows the pope or even a bishop as a character, and in much of western literature of the last 300 or 400 years, these are portrayed as awful figures.
    -- Michael Novak

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  • Qatar is giving 2.8% of our GDP to research. This is something again that is a breakthrough, as nobody was even thinking of research as a tool or component for advancement in this part of the world.
    -- Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

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  • Western concepts of ownership and privatization came in and clashed with that. So land began to be exchanged.
    -- Neil Abercrombie

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  • In brief, Western democracy, as other political models, is not exportable to all regions of the world.
    -- Omar Bongo

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  • You've got to realize. In the western world, regardless of what color you are, what title the music is, it's all played by the same notes.
    -- Ornette Coleman

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  • While I was at Microsoft, the annual revenues grew larger than the GDP of the Republic of Ghana.
    -- Patrick Awuah, Jr.

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  • In the last 5 years, American employers have lost over $150 billion of productivity to depression alone. That is more than the GDP of 28 different States during the same period.
    -- Patrick J. Kennedy

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  • In a clean break from the Obama years, and frankly from the years before this president, we will keep federal spending at 20 percent of GDP, or less. That is enough. The choice is whether to put hard limits on economic growth, or hard limits on the size of government, and we choose to limit government.
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • It is born to every Western girl to like outdoor life and to do all kinds of wild, daring things.
    -- Pearl White

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  • Could a government dare to set out with happiness as its goal? Now that there are accepted scientific proofs, it would be easy to audit the progress of national happiness annually, just as we monitor money and GDP.
    -- Polly Toynbee

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  • My personal political convictions are rooted in the populist political traditions of western Canada.
    -- Preston Manning

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  • The aristocracy of Western Europe has absolutely tabooed silver in those countries and driven it away from there. Here it finds its only resting place.
    -- Richard P. Bland

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  • Eventually I would like to touch all the genres. I would like to do some detective stories, and I want to do a Western. I would want to do humorous Westerns.
    -- Sergio Aragones

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  • The center of Western culture is Greece, and we have never lost our ties with the architectural concepts of that ancient civilization.
    -- Stephen Gardiner

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  • Essentially my contribution was to introduce repetition into Western music as the main ingredient without any melody over it, without anything just repeated patterns, musical patterns.
    -- Terry Riley

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  • Grossing Out dealt with the western nations selling arms to the Third World and exploiting these countries.
    -- Terry Southern

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  • Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.
    -- Thomas Sowell

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  • From the recycling miracles in the soil; an army of predators ridding us of unwanted pests; an abundance of life creating a genetic codebook that underpins our food, pharmaceutical industries and much more, it has been estimated that these and other services are each year worth about double global GDP
    -- Tony Juniper

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  • Western countries in particular can today no longer be separated from Muslim societies, because they have them within themselves. They are themselves internally globalized.
    -- Ulrich Beck

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  • The issue of universal coverage is not a matter of economics. Little more than 1 percent of GDP assigned to health could cover all. It is a matter of soul.
    -- Uwe Reinhardt

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  • If I can save 25 billion dollars in terms of reduction of import, I will be adding one percent to the GDP. By conserving the oil energy by the people, the GDP will become 5.5 percent, and this will change the economy of the country.
    -- Veerappa Moily

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  • We'll surely stop the work of all western Christian and eastern religions, and also Islam.
    -- Vladimir Zhirinovsky

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  • If there is one number to which the rights of millions will be happily sacrificed, it is the national GDP growth rate.
    -- William Easterly

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  • I have made revenue collection a frontline institution because it is the one which can emancipate us from begging. If we can get about 22% of GDP we should not need to disturb anybody asking for aid; instead of coming here to bother you, give me this, give me this, I shall come here to greet you, to trade with you.
    -- Yoweri Museveni

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  • We have never in human history seen a run-up in credit of the kind we have just witnessed in advanced economies since 1970, and we have never observed modern finance-capitalist systems operating over a sustained period at this kind of credit-to-GDP leverage ratio.
    -- Alan M. Taylor

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  • A possibility is that we see more and more leverage, and credit-to-GDP ratios rise once more to even higher levels; eventually the banking systems of all advanced economies reach magnitudes of 500 percent, 1000 percent or more of GDP, so that every economy starts to have financial systems that resemble recent cases like Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, or Cyprus. That might be a very fragile world to live in.
    -- Alan M. Taylor

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  • Today China is a first world economy, in terms of development. The U.S. may still be in first in GDP but it is a broken economy in reality.
    -- Alejandro Castro Espin

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  • Ultimately, the current argument is "not having net neutrality will hurt innovation," and you can make that argument, but I would rather make the public good argument, which is not just about innovation or nurturing new companies that will add to the nation's GDP, it's actually about creating a democratic public sphere.
    -- Astra Taylor

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  • Is it in the UK's interests to leave the EU? It depends on your values. The answer can't be read off of GDP statistics under various scenarios or some measures of global influence.
    -- Dale Jamieson

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  • All of our competitors around the world, every country is investing more in infrastructure as a percentage of their GDP than we are. And down the road our children and grandchildren will have to compete with that more and more.
    -- Douglas R Oberhelman

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  • Britain is a textbook case of how growing inequality leads to economic crisis. The years before the crash were marked by a sharp rise in remortgaging and the growth of 0% balance transfer credit cards. By 2008 the UK had the highest ratio of household debt to GDP of any major economy.
    -- Frances O'Grady

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  • You have to have a government to provide you with legal order, with stability, enforcement of property rights, enforcement of contracts, definition of rules and regulations - the rules of the game, so to speak - and to provide certain shared goods and services, public services. Several people have tried to estimate this and they come out with figures like government spending at 15% of GDP. In the modern world it has gone to 40% or above. So we are way beyond the optimal, and that is easier to say than what the optimum is.
    -- James M. Buchanan

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  • Whatever it is, in a 1% GDP world, I think people feel like there are other things they have to do other than just organic growth.
    -- Ken Moelis

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  • I've been to Africa three times. All right? You can't bring Western reasoning into the culture. The same way you can't bring it into fundamental Islam.
    -- Bill O'Reilly

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  • If your credit is going to grow at 10-15 percent per year in order to get your 5 percent GDP growth per year, eventually you're going to have a problem. This isn't a stable system.
    -- Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell

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  • To put it in context, the federal government was, at the beginning [of the Vancouver meeting], talking about a $15-per-tonne floor for carbon emissions. We're at $30 a tonne, so we're already double that. But our economy is growing at a faster rate - three per cent of GDP is our projected growth in British Columbia.
    -- Christy Clark

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  • Strictly from the perspective of human well-being, the richest-but-warmest world characterized by the A1FI scenario would probably be superior to the poorer-but-cooler worlds at least through 2085, particularly if one considers the numerous ways GDP per capita advances human well-being.
    -- Indur M. Goklany

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  • Charitable giving in the United States has remained at 2% of GDP since 1970.
    -- Jeff Henderson

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  • While we have put an utmost emphasis on Gross Domestic Products (GDP) as a barometer for the overall economy until now, we have not paid much attention in detecting a level of social welfare. We, as a member of the society, must now take steps to create an index to indicate other critical elements to be focused on in order to restore reliability of world statistics.
    -- Jose Angel Gurria

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