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  • The World Health Organization ... estimated that 1.6 million years of healthy living are lost every year in Europe because of noise pollution.
    -- A. J. Jacobs

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  • It [the Sudetenland] is the last territorial claim that I have to make in Europe.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • It is the last territorial claim which I have to make in Europe, but it is a claim from which I will not recede and which, God willing, I will make good.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Under the guidance of the Reich, Europe would speedily have become unified. Once the Jewish poison had been eradicated, unification would have been an easy matter. France and Italy, each defeated in turn at an interval of a few months by the two Germanic Powers, would have been well out of it. Both would have had to renounce their inappropriate aspirations to greatness. At the same time they would have had to renounce their pretensions in North Africa and the Near East; and that would have allowed Europe to pursue a bold policy of friendship towards Islam. (4th February 1945)
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Thus one of Europe's most serious crises will be ended, and all of us, not only in Germany but those far beyond our frontiers, will then in this year for the first time really rejoice at the Christmas festival. It should for us all be a true Festival of Peace.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • More and more do I see that only a successful revolution in India can break England's back forever and free Europe itself. It is not a national question concerning India any longer; it is purely international.
    -- Agnes Smedley

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  • Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe.
    -- Ahmed Ben Bella

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  • There is extraordinary similarities between the Midwest in America and Europe in that there is this sense of vast, open sky and loneliness and cold.
    -- Ajay Naidu

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  • You know, it's no accident that the great painters came from areas like Europe where there is a lot of clouds and rain, which begets color and subtle washes of tone. Most great graphic artists come from areas with prevalent sun, where line and shadow are paramount.
    -- Al Hirschfeld

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  • Truth is a new word in Europe (and elsewhere).
    -- Alain Badiou

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  • I expect that my readers have been to Europe, I expect them to have some feeling for a foreign language, I expect them to have read books - there are a lot of people like that! That's my audience.
    -- Alan Furst

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  • And, with much of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, and Mussolini's armies in Albania, on the Greek frontier, one wasn't sure what came next. So, don't trust the telephone. Or the newspapers. Or the radio. Or tomorrow.
    -- Alan Furst

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  • It (Arsenal) is an English club but not an English success. It's probably a greater reflection of youngsters from France and elsewhere in Europe.
    -- Alan Pardew

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  • Europe seems a little softer, but in America it's harsh. In L.A., where I live, it's all about perfectionism.
    -- Alanis Morissette

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  • England and France were rivals, not only on the continent, but in the West Indies, in India, and in Europe.
    -- Albert Bushnell Hart

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  • Over there, in Europe, all was shame and anger. Here it was exile or solitude, among these languid and agitated madmen who danced in order to die.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Europe has lived on its contradictions, flourished on its differences, and, constantly transcending itself thereby, has created a civilization on which the whole world depends even when rejecting it. This is why I do not believe in a Europe unified under the weight of an ideology or of a technocracy that overlooked these differences.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Historians don't really like to carry on speculative debates, but you could certainly argue that the likelihood of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe was extremely, extremely low.
    -- Aldrich Ames

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  • By a steady adherence to the Union we may hope, erelong, to become the arbiter of Europe in America, and to be able to incline the balance of European competitions in this part of the world as our interest may dictate.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

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  • We will do whatever we could do to keep Greece inside the euro and inside Europe.
    -- Alexis Tsipras

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  • Germany will regard the Jewish question as solved only after the very last Jew has left the greater German living space... Europe will have its Jewish question solved only after the very last Jew has left the continent.
    -- Alfred Rosenberg

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  • How can we still speak of the salvation and reformation of Europe, when we have to ask Europe's destroyer for help?
    -- Alfred Rosenberg

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  • It was impossible for me to believe that conditions in Europe could be worse than they were in the Polish section of Chicago, and in many Italian and Irish tenements, or that any workshops could be worse than some of those I had seen in our foreign quarters.
    -- Alice Hamilton

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  • As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.
    -- Alison Lurie

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  • It used to be said that you had to know what was happening in America because it gave us a glimpse of our future. Today, the rest of America, and after that Europe, had better heed what happens in California, for it already reveals the type of civilisation that is in store for all of us.
    -- Alistair Cooke

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  • If it works, it works,' Kat told him. 'And if it doesn't?' he asked. She looked at him. 'If it doesn't, then I've heard Monaco has the nicest prisons in all of Europe.' 'It does,' both Hamish and Angus said in unison. And with that, it was decided.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • HARMONISTS, n. A sect of Protestants, now extinct, who came from Europe in the beginning of the last century and were distinguished for the bitterness of their internal controversies and dissensions.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • YANKEE, n. In Europe, an American. In the Northern States of our Union, a New Englander. In the Southern States the word is unknown.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Those new regions [America] which we found and explored with the fleet . . . we may rightly call a New World . . . a continent more densely peopled and abounding in animals than our Europe or Asia or Africa; and, in addition, a climate milder than in any other region known to us.
    -- Amerigo Vespucci

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  • Europe unified its monetary policy through the euro before it unified politically, therefore sustaining member countries' abilities to pursue the kind of independent fiscal policies that can strain a joint currency.
    -- Amity Shlaes

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  • I am not confident that Europe can make it.
    -- Ana Patricia Botin

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  • They [the Soviets] induce the Americans to adopt their own 'restructuring' and convergence of the Soviet and American systems using to this end the fear of nuclear conflict.... Convergence will be accompanied by blood baths and political re-education camps in Western Europe and the United States. The Soviet strategists are counting on an economic depression in the United States and intend to introduce their reformed model of socialism with a human face as an alternative to the American system during the depression.
    -- Anatoliy Golitsyn

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  • Behind the mask of diplomatic and political cooperation and partnership with the United States and Europe, the current Russian leaders are following the strategy of their predecessors and working towards a 'New World Order'. When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms...
    -- Anatoliy Golitsyn

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  • For the whole of Western Europe, I know the business community quite good.
    -- Anatoly Chubais

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  • Europe cannot solve this alone. We need stronger U.S. activity on the climate change issue if we are going to move forward. We are trying to do what we can to convince them to be more active on this.
    -- Anders Borg

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  • Europe should stick to an open economy, to competition and we should refuse protectionism. It will not save one single job in the long run to protect non-competitive industries
    -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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  • I have a European frame of mind and Europe is my home.
    -- Andrea Bocelli

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  • As the criminal, sinful war in Iraq enters its third year, the president goes to Europe to heal the wounds between the United States and its former allies, on his own terms of course.
    -- Andrew Greeley

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  • What finally scuppered Napoleon's Europe was of course the fatal combination of the English Channel and the Russian winter; the same unlikely partnership that also did for Hitler's Europe.
    -- Andrew Roberts

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  • Europe needs a clear and more collective and cohesive policy on security and energy supply. Today the issue of security of energy supply is only really considered at a national member-state level, but in reality we need a much greater European-wide approach on this issue.
    -- Andris Piebalgs

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  • And I know one thing more - that the Europe of the future cannot exist without commemorating all those, regardless of their nationality, who were killed at that time with complete contempt and hate, who were tortured to death, starved, gassed, incinerated, and hanged...
    -- Andrzej Szczypiorski

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  • In Europe, there is no television filmmaking legislation that could assist film production because private broadcasters are not interested in supporting Polish film.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • The Finn is the most watery person in Europe... Here people take baths that last three or four hours and steep their bodies in water right down to their most secret selves.
    -- Angel Ganivet

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  • Soon, nostalgia will be another name for Europe.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • Europe can only hold together and stand together, which is very important in times of migration challenges, terrorism challenges, if each country takes responsibility for itself.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • Overcoming the Cold War required courage from the people of Central and Eastern Europe and what was then the German Democratic Republic, but it also required the steadfastness of Western partner over many decades when many had long lost hope of integration of the two Germanys and Europe.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • It certainly is dangerous that there are only a few clubs left in Europe that can afford to pay millions. At the end of the day however, the spectators decide the rates of pay - by watching the games and consuming the goods and services advertised on sports TV programmes.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • I am not an expert in this field but I do try to keep up to date with the Bundesliga. And I do follow World Cups and European Championships more closely.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • I said, yet again, for Germany, Europe is not only indispensable, it is part and parcel of our identity. We've always said German unity, European unity and integration, that's two parts of one and the same coin. But we want, obviously, to boost our competitiveness.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • History has often showed us the strength of the forces that are unleashed by the yearning for freedom. It moved people to overcome their fears and openly confront dictators such as in East Germany and Eastern Europe about 22 years ago. [...] The yearning for freedom cannot be contained by walls for long. It was this yearning that brought down the Iron Curtain that divided Germany and Europe, and indeed the world, into two blocs.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • The euro is our common fate, and Europe is our common future.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • Above all it is important to point out that we can only maintain our prosperity in Europe if we belong to the most innovative regions in the world.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • If Europe today accounts for just over 7 per cent of the world’s population, produces around 25 per cent of global GDP and has to finance 50 per cent of global social spending, then it’s obvious that it will have to work very hard to maintain its prosperity and way of life,
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • Nobody in Europe will be abandoned. Nobody in Europe will be excluded. Europe only succeeds if we work together.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • So Europe needs to be competitive and we also need to be competitive if we wish to remain an interesting economic partner for the United States. This has to be done on the basis of strength, of competitiveness.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • In Europe it is particularly important that we build good relations to everyone who holds political responsibility because Europe can only be build together.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • Integration is the most important asset Europe has, and the key component to European integration is the euro.
    -- Anibal Cavaco Silva

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  • Does this boat go to Europe, France?
    -- Anita Loos

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  • Americans ... attach such a fantastic importance to their baths and plumbing and gadgets of all sorts. They talk as if people could hardly be human beings without all that; we in Europe are beginning to wonder if people can be human beings with it ...
    -- Ann Bridge

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  • In Europe, a product must be good, or it will not sell in competition with other products; with you, it is enough to say that it is good, often enough and sufficiently loudly. The keenest competition is not in the making of things but in the advertising of them!
    -- Ann Bridge

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  • And my heart beat faster for the mountains of eastern Europe, finally, beat faster for the one hope that somewhere we might find in that primitive countryside the answer to why under God this suffering was allowed to exist - why under God it was allowed to begin, and how under God it might be ended. I had not the courage to end it, I knew, without that answer.
    -- Anne Rice

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  • Although [in 1937] we might still hope to prevent the divisions of Europe into Fascist and anti-Fascist camps, our real affinities and interests, strategic as well as political, lay with France, a fact which some of my colleagues were most reluctant to realise.
    -- Anthony Eden

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  • We have many times led Europe in the fight for freedom. It would be an ignoble end to our long history if we tamely accepted to perish by degrees.
    -- Anthony Eden

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  • Greece's position in Europe will not be put in doubt.
    -- Antonis Samaras

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  • On April 19 1943, the Bermuda conference gathered, with the participation of representatives from Britain and the United States, in order to discuss saving the Jews of Europe. In fact, the participants did everything in their power to avoid dealing with the problem.
    -- Ariel Sharon

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  • Among peoples who are geographically grouped together like the peoples of Europe there must exist a sort of federal link. It is this link which I wish to endeavour to establish.
    -- Aristide Briand

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  • The European organisation contemplated could not oppose any ethnic group, on other continents or in Europe itself, outside of the League of Nations, any more than it could oppose the League of Nations.
    -- Aristide Briand

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  • Compared to industry in Europe or Japan, where industry was based on a craft tradition, we are sadly behind.
    -- Arthur Erickson

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  • The new architecture of transparency and lightness comes from Japan and Europe.
    -- Arthur Erickson

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  • Unless legal and illegal immigration is halted and reversed, European First World nations across all of Europe from Spain to Russia, North America, Australia and New Zealand - will be destroyed and have their very culture and civilisation changed to that of the Third World. Immigration is now the single most important issue facing all First World nations, and will determine whether Western Civilisation continues to exist or not.
    -- Arthur Kemp

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  • Here I am on the shore of Brittany. Let the cities light up in the evening. My day is done. I am leaving Europe. The sea air will burn my lungs. Lost climates will tan me. I will swim, trample the grass, hung, and smoke especially. I will drink alcohol as strong as boiling metal--just as my dear ancestors did around their fires.
    -- Arthur Rimbaud

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  • The trouble with the Labour Party leadership and the trade union leadership, they're quite willing to applaud millions on the streets of the Philippines or in Eastern Europe, without understanding the need to also produce millions of people on the streets of Britain.
    -- Arthur Scargill

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  • Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • [T]he moralists of Europe [have] pretended that beasts have no rights... a doctrine revolting/gross/barbarous... on which a native of the Asiatic uplands could not look without righteous horror...
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • The Fuehrer declared that the Jews have played their final act in Europe, and therefore they have played their final act.
    -- Arthur Seyss-Inquart

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  • We recorded that trio and it's out on the Knitting Factory label. I've got another record in the can with that group and Marc, which I'll hopefully finish some time before next summer.
    -- Arto Lindsay

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  • As to rocket ships flying between America and Europe, I believe it is worth seriously trying for. Thirty years ago persons who were developing flying were laughed at as mad, and that scorn hindered aviation. Now we heap similar ridicule upon stratoplane or rocket ships for trans-Atlantic flights.
    -- Auguste Piccard

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  • The whole point of anti-Semitism has been to create a vulnerable buffer group that can be bribed with some privileges into managing the exploitation of others, and then, when social pressure builds, be blamed and scapegoated, distracting those at the bottom from the crimes of those at the top. Peasants who go on pogrom against their Jewish neighbors won't make it to the nobleman's palace to burn him out and seize the fields. This was the role of Jews in Europe. This has been the role of Jews in the United States, and this is the role of Jews in the Middle East.
    -- Aurora Levins Morales

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  • House music originated in America, and it has always been around, but I guess it just got a tighter hold on Europe and other parts of the world.
    -- Avicii

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  • I grew up in Somalia, in Saudi Arabia, in Ethiopia, and in Kenya. I came to Europe in 1992, when I was 22, and became a member of Parliament in Holland.
    -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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  • I confront the European elite's self-image as tolerant 'while under their noses women are living like slaves.
    -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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  • If Europe thinks Jews will return to the days where we were forced to mark our products - you can forget it. De-legitimization of parts of Israel by Europe is the new anti-Semitism. The old anti-Semitism led to the destruction of our people in gas chambers. We will not allow the new anti-Semitism to hurt us,
    -- Ayelet Shaked

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  • I think it is important for Europe to understand that even though I am president and George Bush is not president, Al Qaeda is still a threat.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Since 2010, America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and all advanced economies combined.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • By now it is evident that the Soviet Union must gain control of Europe to maintain its empire.
    -- Barbara Amiel

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  • Since Europe is dependent on imports of energy and most of its raw materials, it can be subdued, if not quite conquered, without all those nuclear weapons the Soviets have aimed at it simply through the shipping routes and raw materials they control.
    -- Barbara Amiel

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  • The very fears and guilts imposed by religious training are responsible for some of history's most brutal wars, crusades, pogroms, and persecutions, including five centuries of almost unimaginable terrorism under Europe's Inquisition and the unthinkably sadistic legal murder of nearly nine million women. History doesn't say much very good about God.
    -- Barbara G. Walker

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  • Europe is a state with several provinces
    -- Baron de Montesquieu

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  • The 1992 crisis proved that the existing system was unstable. Not moving forward to the euro would have set up Europe for even more disruptive crises.
    -- Barry Eichengreen

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  • Southern Europe has not done enough to enhance its competitiveness, while northern Europe has not done enough to boost demand. Debt burdens remain crushing, and Europe's economy remains unable to grow.
    -- Barry Eichengreen

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  • Political union means transferring the prerogatives of national legislatures to the European parliament, which would then decide how to structure Europe's fiscal, banking, and monetary union.
    -- Barry Eichengreen

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  • The native Jewish families in Jerusalem, as well as those in other parts of Palestine, present a marked difference to the Jews of Europe and America. They possess the same physical characteristics - the dark, oblong eye, the prominent nose, the strongly-marked cheek and jaw - but in the latter, these traits have become harsh and coarse.
    -- Bayard Taylor

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  • I think it's interesting being American, the expectations for an American guy, and the image that has to be projected. 'Oh, I can't wear pink,' that kind of stuff. There's none of that in Europe.
    -- Beck

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  • Oh, lovely Europe, your flowers and your wine, your bread, your music.
    -- Belva Plain

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  • The crisis in Europe has affected the U.S. economy by acting as a drag on our exports, weighing on business and consumer confidence, and pressuring U.S. financial markets and institutions.
    -- Ben Bernanke

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  • Now that Serbia is moving towards integration into Europe, the opportunities to get closer cooperation may very well exist.
    -- Ben Cardin

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  • Yes, [I spent] two long years, traveling all over the United States, all over Europe, interviewing many, many, many people who had been thrown out of their academic jobs because they taught that there was a possibility of life coming from something other than Darwinism, who thought that possibly random selection and mutations didn't account for the universe, didn't account for gravity, didn't account for why nobody had ever seen an individual species evolve -- no one's ever seen an individual species evolve!
    -- Ben Stein

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  • Under this roof are the heads of the family of Rothschild - a name famous in every capital of Europe and every division of the globe. If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James [Rothschild], and one for you, Lionel [Rothschild]. Napoleon will do exactly and all that I shall advise him.
    -- Benjamin Disraeli

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  • The enterprise of America precedes that of Europe, as the industry of England precedes that of the rest of Europe.
    -- Benjamin Disraeli

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  • Most metaphysical words in Hopi are verbs, not nouns as in European languages.
    -- Benjamin Lee Whorf

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