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  • For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Isocrates was in the right to insinuate, in his elegant Greek expression, that what is got over the Devil's back is spent under his belly.
    -- Alain-Rene Lesage

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  • And, with much of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, and Mussolini's armies in Albania, on the Greek frontier, one wasn't sure what came next. So, don't trust the telephone. Or the newspapers. Or the radio. Or tomorrow.
    -- Alan Furst

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  • From Pandora's Box, where all the ills of humanity swarmed, the Greeks drew out hope after all the others, as the most dreadful of all. I know no more stirring symbol; for, contrary to the general belief, hope equals resignation. And to live is not to resign oneself.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Analysis of rebellion leads at least to the suspicion that, contrary to the postulates of contemporary thought, a human nature does exist, as the Greeks believed. Why rebel if there is nothing permanent in oneself worth preserving? ... Rebellion, though apparently negative, since it creates nothing, is profoundly positive in that it reveals the part of man which must always be defended.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Oh, when shall Britain, conscious of her claim, Stand emulous of Greek and Roman fame? In living medals see her wars enroll'd, And vanquished realms supply recording gold?
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • Youths of the Pellaians and of the Macedonians and of the Hellenic Amphictiony and of the Lakedaimonians and of the Corinthians... and of all the Hellenic peoples, join your fellow-soldiers and entrust yourselves to me, so that we can move against the barbarians and liberate ourselves from the Persian bondage, for as Greeks we should not be slaves to barbarians.
    -- Alexander the Great

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  • Your ancestors came to Macedonia and the rest of Hellas [Greece] and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury. I have been appointed leader of the Greeks, and wanting to punish the Persians I have come to Asia, which I took from you.
    -- Alexander the Great

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  • I had to marry a Greek; I had to stir up the ethnic pot. Otherwise, my children would have been anemic and sickly. Now theyve got some good Mediterranean blood in them.
    -- Alexandra Wentworth

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  • The verdict of the Greek people renders the troika a thing of the past for our common European framework.
    -- Alexis Tsipras

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  • Mathematics as a science, commenced when first someone, probably a Greek, proved propositions about "any" things or about "some" things, without specifications of definite particular things.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks.
    -- Alistair Cooke

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  • Classical music is a special taste like Greek language or pre-Columbian archeology, not a common culture of reciprocal communication and psychological shorthand.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • Professors of Greek forget or are unaware that Thomas Aquinas, who did not know Greek, was a better interpreter of Aristotle than any of them have proved to be, not only because he was smarter but because he took Aristotle more seriously.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • The Greeks do not think correctly about coming-to-be and passing-away; for no thing comes to be or passes away, but is mixed together and dissociated from the things that are. And thus they would be correct to call coming-to-be mixing-together and passing-away dissociating
    -- Anaxagoras

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  • The Greeks are wrong to recognize coming into being and perishing; for nothing comes into being nor perishes, but is rather compounded or dissolved from things that are. So they would be right to call coming into being composition and perishing dissolution.
    -- Anaxagoras

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  • Wrongly do the Greeks suppose that aught begins or ceases to be; for nothing comes into being or is destroyed; but all is an aggregation or secretion of preexisting things; so that all becoming might more correctly be called becoming mixed, and all corruption, becoming separate.
    -- Anaxagoras

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  • I create little challenges for myself, like, 'Okay, whatever you do in this song, you've got to somehow work in Greek Cypriots,' or something like that.
    -- Andrew Bird

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  • There are proofs that date back to the Greeks that are still valid today.
    -- Andrew Wiles

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  • Strangers used to gather together at the cinema and sit together in the dark, like Ancient Greeks participating in the mysteries, dreaming the same dream in unison.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • Let Greeks be Greeks, and women what they are.
    -- Anne Bradstreet


  • What is an adjective? Nouns name the world. Verbs activate the names. Adjectives come from somewhere else. The word adjective (epitheton in Greek) is itself an adjective meaning 'placed on top', 'added', 'appended', 'foreign'. Adjectives seem fairly innocent additions, but look again. These small imported mechanisms are in charge of attaching everything in the world to its place in particularity. They are the latches of being.
    -- Anne Carson

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  • There is something about the way that Greek poets, say Aeschylus, use metaphor that really attracts me. I don't think I can imitate it, but there's a density to it that I think I'm always trying to push towards in English.
    -- Anne Carson

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  • We believe that what they call "Grexit" [a Greek exit from the eurozone] is not an option for us.
    -- Antonis Samaras

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  • Don't worry about your physical shortcomings. I am no Greek god. Don't get too much sleep and don't tell anybody your troubles. Appearances count: Get a sun lamp to keep you looking as though you have just come back from somewhere expensive: maintain an elegant address even if you have to live in the attic. Never nickel when short of cash. Borrow big, but always repay promptly.
    -- Aristotle Onassis

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  • Proportions are what makes the old Greek temples classic in their beauty. They are like huge blocks, from which the air has been literally hewn out between the columns.
    -- Arne Jacobsen

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  • Your ancestors invaded Macedonia and the rest of Greece and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury; ... [and] I have been appointed leader of the Greeks ...
    -- Arrian

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  • Laughter and weeping, the Greek masks of comedy and tragedy, mark the extremes of a continuous spectrum; both provide channels for the overflow of emotion; both are
    -- Arthur Koestler

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  • The sacred writings excepted, no Greek has been so much read and so variously translated as Euclid.
    -- Augustus De Morgan

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  • The ancient Greeks kept women athletes out of their games. They wouldn't even let them on the sidelines. I'm not sure but that they were right.
    -- Avery Brundage

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  • I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • In our household, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Ergometer is Greek for 'work meter'
    -- Barry S. Strauss

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  • Aristotle is the last Greek philosopher who faces the world cheerfully; after him, all have, in one form or another, a philosophy of retreat.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • Athens will again be the host of the Games in 2004, but there are rumors that they might be switched if the Greeks don't begin to construct the sites faster.
    -- Bill Toomey

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  • I guess darkness serves a purpose: to show us that there is redemption through chaos. I believe in that. I think that's the basis of Greek mythology.
    -- Brendan Fraser

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  • I have friends who read my books in Greek.
    -- Brian Lumley

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  • If we accept the Greek's definition of the idiot as an altogether private man, then we must conclude that many American citizens are now idiots. And I should not be surprised, although I don't know, if there were some such idiots even in Germany.
    -- C. Wright Mills

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  • We are living in what the Greeks called the kairos- the right moment- for a 'metamorphosis of the gods', of the fundamental principles and symbols. This peculiarity of our time, which is certainly not of our conscious choosing, is the expression of the unconscious man within us who is changing.
    -- Carl Jung

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  • Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.
    -- Carl Sagan

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  • One meets the cat in nearly all forms of art...curiously enough she is not a conspicuous figure in Roman or Greek art.
    -- Carl Van Vechten

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  • ... passion, once unleashed, has a way of unleashing other passions -- a principle adhered to as firmly by the police force of any large modern city as by the Greek tragedians.
    -- Caroline Gordon

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  • ...a state is not the same thing as a society, although the Greeks and Romans thought it was. A state is an organization of power on a territorial basis.
    -- Carroll Quigley

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  • My Mom always cooked healthy. Greek food lends itself to cooking healthy.
    -- Cat Cora

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  • Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, yet you're my favorite work of art. Is your figure less than Greek, is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, are you smart?
    -- Chet Baker

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  • I've played American, Italian, Greek, French. I've been really lucky that way.
    -- Chita Rivera

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  • And Numenius, the Pythagorean philosopher, expressly writes: 'For what is Plato, but Moses speaking in Attic Greek.'
    -- Clement of Alexandria

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  • The ancient Greeks were the first ones to say an unexamined life is not worth living. They don't tell you of course what we found out, an examined life not that fascinating either.
    -- Colin Quinn

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  • The Greek word pseudepigrapha is a Greek word meaning 'falsely superscribed,' or what we moderns might call writing under a pen name. The classification, 'OT Pseudepigrapha,' is a label that scholars have given to these writings.
    -- Craig A. Evans

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  • People try to make a Greek tragedy of my life, and they can't do it. I'm too happy.
    -- Curt Flood

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  • Human reason is beautiful and invincible. No bars, no barbed wire, no pulping of books, No sentence of banishment can prevail against it. It puts what should be above things as they are. It does not know Jew from Greek nor slave from master.
    -- Czeslaw Milosz

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  • The ancient Greek oral poets all had this anxiety about the deficiencies of their memories and always began poems by praying to the Muse to help them remember.
    -- David Antin

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  • English has been this vacuum cleaner of a language, because of its history meeting up with the Romans and then the Danes, the Vikings and then the French and then the Renaissance with all the Latin and Greek and Hebrew in the background.
    -- David Crystal

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  • I've long said that comic books are the modern equivalent of our Greek myths.
    -- David S. Goyer

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  • In Greek tragedy, they fall from great heights. In noir, they fall from the curb.
    -- Dennis Lehane

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  • I have turned my entire attention to Greek. The first thing I shall do, as soon as the money arrives, is to buy some Greek authors; after that, I shall buy clothes.
    -- Desiderius Erasmus

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  • In Greek mythology, the hero wants to be great, but the very concept does not exist in the Indian vocabulary. Yet it has become the global template. And it's a template that won't fit in India.
    -- Devdutt Pattanaik

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  • He (King Philip) wanted as many Greeks as possible to take part in the festivities in honour of the gods, and so planned brilliant musical contests and lavish banquets for his friends and guests. Out of all Greece he summoned his personal guest-friends and ordered the members of his court to bring along as many as they could of their acquaintances from abroad.
    -- Diodorus Siculus

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  • I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.
    -- Diogenes

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  • We, to some degree, are like what we are because we inherited certain things from the Greeks and the Romans. One of them that's so striking is the whole area of politics.
    -- Donald Kagan

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  • The games of the ancient Greeks were, in their original institutions, religious solemnities.
    -- Dorothea Brande

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  • Versatility is one of the few human traits which are universally intolerable. You may be good at Greek and good at painting and be popular. You may be good at Greek and good at sport, and be wildly popular. But try all three and you’re a mountebank. Nothing arouses suspicion quicker than genuine, all-round proficiency.
    -- Dorothy Dunnett

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  • To defer anything to the Greek Calends is to defer it sine die. There were no calends in the Greek months. The Romans used to pay rents, taxes, bills, etc., on the calends, and to defer paying them to the “Greek Calends” was virtually to repudiate them. (See NEVER.)
    -- E. Cobham Brewer

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  • The world no doubt is the best or most serviceable schoolmaster; but the world's curriculum does not include Latin and Greek.
    -- E. V. Lucas

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  • It's ironic that Olympic spectators will never have seen Yiannis Kouros, the greatest Greek athlete since Pheidippides
    -- Ed Ayres

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  • To rejoice in life, to find the world beautiful ... was a mark of the Greek spirit...
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • The Greek temple is the creation, par excellence, of mind and spirit in equilibrium.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • The Greeks were the first intellectualists. In a world where the irrational had played the chief role, they came forward as the protagonists of the mind.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • To rejoice in life, to find the world beautiful and delightful to live in, was a mark of the Greek spirit which distinguished it from all that had gone before. It is a vital distinction.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • They were the first Westerners. The spirit of the West, the modern spirit, is a Greek discovery; and the place of the Greeks is in the modern world.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • I came to the Greeks early, and I found answers in them. Greece's great men let all their acts turn on the immortality of the soul. We don't really act as if we believed in the soul's immortality and that's why we are where we are today.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • ..,No love cannot leave where there is no trust..,~cupid and psyche..,"Greek mythology of Edith Hamilton
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • The fundamental facts about the Greek was that he had to use his mind. The ancient priest had said, "Thus far and no farther. We set the limits of thought." The Greeks said, All things are to be examined and called into question. There are no limits set on thought.
    -- Edith Hamilton

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  • Aristotle's opinion... that comets were nothing else than sublunary vapors or airy meteors... prevailed so far amongst the Greeks, that this sublimest part of astronomy lay altogether neglected; since none could think it worthwhile to observe, and to give an account of the wandering and uncertain paths of vapours floating in the Ether.
    -- Edmond Halley

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  • Poets that lasting marble seek Must come in Latin or in Greek.
    -- Edmund Waller

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  • A landscape, torn by mists and clouds, in which I can see ruins of old churches, as well as of Greek temples - that is Brahms.
    -- Edvard Grieg

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  • The theatre, our theatre, comes from the Greeks
    -- Edward Bond

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  • What Shakespeare and the Greeks were able to do was radically question what it meant to be a human being.
    -- Edward Bond

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  • Religion enabled society to organise itself to debate goodness, just as Greek drama had once done.
    -- Edward Bond

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  • The Greeks said very, very extreme things in their tragedies.
    -- Edward Bond

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  • What's so wonderful about ballet is that it's mind-driven physicality. It's almost a Greek ideal of body, mind, and form.
    -- Edward Villella

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  • I would rather be a member of this [Afrikan] race than a Greek in the time of Alexander, a Roman in the Augustan period, or Anglo-Saxon in the nineteenth century.
    -- Edward Wilmot Blyden

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  • The Greeks said grandly in their tragic phrase, 'Let no one be called happy till his death;' to which I would add, 'Let no one, till his death, be called unhappy.'
    -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  • A scholar like myself who is not a Sinologist and yet ventures the proposition that Chinese languages should be rewritten in the Greek alphabet (or "Romanized", to use the current term) is treading on uncharted territory (for him) and does so at his peril.
    -- Eric A. Havelock

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  • Over the years, I have become convinced that Hellenism as a culture represents not a static condition of uniform sublimity mysteriously achieved and maintained as an effect of some racial advantage. Rather it should be understood as an evolving process, governed by a dynamic of change, as both language and thought underwent transformational alteration caused by a transition from orality to literacy. The instrument of change is discerned to be the invention of the Greek alphabet, at a quite late stage in the history of developing cultures.
    -- Eric A. Havelock

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  • I didn't study Greek mythology in school and I wish I had.
    -- Eric Bana

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  • Movies are immortal art - the first new art since Greek drama.
    -- Eric Johnston

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  • The muse of music isn't just from Greek mythology, but living in people like the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin.
    -- Ernie Isley

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  • Those who have a lot of money in Greece invest in housing abroad. It's all immoral. The Greek crisis is structural, but also political.
    -- Evangelos Venizelos

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  • The vast majority of Greeks accept the need for reform and want to keep our country inside the euro zone.
    -- Evangelos Venizelos

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  • The first of these phases is that of grammar, invented by the Greeks and carried on unchanged by the French. It never had any philosophical view of a language as such.
    -- Ferdinand de Saussure

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  • Although it is true that petros and petra can mean 'stone' and 'rock' respectively in earlier Greek, the distinction is largely confined to poetry.
    -- Frank E. Gaebelein

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  • The Greek makes the distinction between petros and petra simply because it is trying to preserve the pun, and in Greek the feminine petra could not very well serve as a masculine name.
    -- Frank E. Gaebelein

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  • Seldom can two such epoch-making events have occurred in successive years as happened then. In 1453 the Turks stormed Constantinople and finally destroyed the Greek Empire, driving out Greek scholars, who carried the knowledge of Greek language and literature to the western world; and in 1454 the first document known to us appeared from the printing press at Mainz.
    -- Frederic G. Kenyon

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  • All we can say is that, as the result of a process which went on from the fourth century to about the eighth, a standard type of text was produced, which is found in the vast majority of the manuscripts that have come down to us. At least ninety-six per cent of the extant manuscripts of the Greek New Testament are later than the eighth century; and of those only a handful preserve traces of the other types of text which were in existence before the adoption of the standard text, and out of which it was created.
    -- Frederic G. Kenyon

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  • The term "paradigm," from the Greek paradeigma ("pattern"), was used by Kuhn to denote a conceptual framework shared by a community of scientists and providing them with model problems and solutions
    -- Fritjof Capra

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  • Whoever heard of such a mixture of languages in one army, since there were French, Flemings, Frisians, Gauls, Sayonards, Lotharingians, Allemani, Bavarians, Normans, English, Scots, Aquitanians, Italians, Danes, Apulians, Iberians, Bretons, Greeks and Armenians.
    -- Fulcher of Chartres

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  • Greek mathematics is the real thing. The Greeks first spoke a language which modern mathematicians can understand... So Greek mathematics is 'permanent', more permanent even than Greek literature.
    -- G. H. Hardy

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  • [Nietzsche inveighs] against every sort of historical optimism; but he energetically repudiates the ordinary pessimism, which is the result of degenerate or enfeebled instincts of decadence. He preaches with youthful enthusiasm the triumph of a tragic culture, introduced by an intrepid rising generation, in which the spirit of ancient Greece might be born again. He rejects the pessimism of Schopenhauer, for he already abhors all renunciation; but he seeks a pessimism of healthiness, one derived from strength, from exuberant power, and he believes he has found it in the Greeks.
    -- Georg Brandes

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  • Why do Greeks always open restaurants that fail?
    -- George Chakiris

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