Passing Away quotes

  • All earth-born hopes with time must pass away; prayer grasps eternal things; pray, always pray.
    -- A. B. Simpson

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  • Fondly do we hope, ferverently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • Do no cheat thy Heart and tell her, 'Grief will pass away.'
    -- Adelaide Anne Procter

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  • The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive.
    -- Ali ibn Abi Talib

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  • The Greeks do not think correctly about coming-to-be and passing-away; for no thing comes to be or passes away, but is mixed together and dissociated from the things that are. And thus they would be correct to call coming-to-be mixing-together and passing-away dissociating
    -- Anaxagoras

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  • The day is not far distant when the man who dies leaving behind him millions of available wealth, which was free for him to administer during life, will pass away unwept, unhonored, and unsung, no matter to what uses he leave the dross which he cannot take with him. Of such as these the public verdict will then be: The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced. Such, in my opinion, is the true gospel concerning wealth, obedience to which is destined some day to solve the problem of the rich and the poor.
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • The human body is constantly undergoing a process of decay and of reconstruction. First builded into the astral form in the womb of the mother, it is built up continually by the insetting of fresh materials. With every moment tiny molecules are passing away from it; with every moment tiny molecules are streaming into it.
    -- Annie Besant

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  • I love Jesus, who said to us: Heaven and earth will pass away. When heaven and earth have passed away, my word will remain. What was your word, Jesus? Love? Forgiveness? Affection? All your words were one word: Wakeup.
    -- Antonio Machado

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  • Time is that in which all things pass away.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • But why should we not place implicit confidence in God and rely upon His word of promise? Is anything too hard for the Lord? Has His word of promise ever failed? Then let us not entertain any unbelieving suspicions of His future care of us. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not so His promises.
    -- Arthur W. Pink

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  • Thoughts of themselves have no substance; let them arise and pass away unheeded. Thoughts will not take form of themselves, unless they are grasped by the attention; if they are ignored, there will be no appearing and no disappearing.
    -- Asvaghosa

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  • Men pass away, but their deeds abide. [His last words.]
    -- Augustin-Louis Cauchy

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  • Light, when suddenly let in, dazzles and hurts and almost blinds us: but this soon passes away, and it seems to become the only element we can exist in.
    -- Augustus William Hare

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  • Movie stars and singers never fully pass away because their images are replayed on film and recordings, over and over.
    -- Bill Kurtis

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  • The road to Hades is easy to travel; at any rate men pass away with their eyes shut.
    -- Bion of Borysthenes

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  • It's my belief that history is a wheel. 'Inconstancy is my very essence,'? says the wheel. Rise up on my spokes if you like but don't complain when you're cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it's also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away.
    -- Boethius

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  • Balance out the good things and the bad that have happened in your life and you will have to acknowledge that you are still way ahead. You are unhappy because you have lost those things in which you took pleasure? But you can also take comfort in the likelihood that what is now making you miserable will also pass away.
    -- Boethius

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  • In the days of Joseph [Smith] it was considered a great privilege to be permitted to speak to a member of Congress, but twenty-six years will not pass away before the Elders of this Church will be as much thought of as the kings on their thrones.
    -- Brigham Young

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  • Remember, 'Even this will pass away.'
    -- Chinmayananda Saraswati

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  • I totally disagree with the view that the Tibet struggle will die, and there will be no hope for Tibet, after the Dalai Lama passes away.
    -- Dalai Lama

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  • At issue is not whether the global economy will pass away. It is passing away. Rising populations and debt combined with depletion of freshwater sources and fossil fuel make the status quo untenable. The only question is whether civil society will survive the transition.
    -- Daniel Suarez

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  • no person will ever get into my blood as a place can ... People and things pass away, but not places.
    -- Daphne du Maurier

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  • The old must pass away. It has served its purpose in the cycles of evolution and must now make way for a new, more expanded and more fruitful manifestation.
    -- David Spangler

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  • Hodie mihi cras tibi, said the inscription. Sic transit gloria mundi. My turn today, yours tomorrow. And thus passes away the glory of the world.
    -- Diana Gabaldon

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  • Remember that although bodies may pass away, the energy that connects you to a loved one is everlasting and can always be felt when you’re open to receiving it.
    -- Doreen Virtue

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  • As our language wanes and dies, the golden legends of the far-off centuries fade and pass away. No one sees their influence upon culture; no one sees their educational power.
    -- Douglas Hyde

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  • While the parts change, the whole always remains the same. For every thief who departs this world, a new one is born. And every decent person who passes away is replaced by a new one. In this way not only does nothing remain the same but also nothing ever really changes.
    -- Elif Safak

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  • Passing away" is written on the world and all the world contains.
    -- Felicia Hemans

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  • Whatever be thy fate today, Remember, this will pass away!
    -- George Eliot

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  • The women who pass away before they receive Social Security, for them this is nothing but a tax from which they or their family will never receive a benefit.
    -- Ginny Brown-Waite

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  • As warmth makes even glaciers trickle, and opens streams in the ribs of frozen mountains, so the heart knows the full flow and life of its grief only when it begins to melt and pass away.
    -- Henry Ward Beecher

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  • Flash mobbing may be a fad that passes away, or it may be an indicator of things to come.
    -- Howard Rheingold

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  • everything you experience is what constitutes you as a human being, but the experience passes away and the person's left. The person is the residue.
    -- Ilka Chase

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  • Just as we bemoan the passing away of the Great Novel, a great novelist is likely to emerge, perhaps even from Denmark or Switzerland, to prove us wrong.
    -- J. M. Coetzee

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  • Whatever passes away is too vile to be the price of time, which is itself the price of eternity.
    -- Jean Baptiste Massillon

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  • This civilization is rapidly passing away, however. Let us rejoice or else lament the fact as much as everyone of us likes; but do not let us shut our eyes to it.
    -- Joseph A. Schumpeter

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  • It is wonderful to see persons of sense passing away a dozen hours together in shuffling and dividing a pack of cards.
    -- Joseph Addison

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  • It is the duty of all who make philosophy the entertainment of their lives, to turn their thoughts to practical schemes for the good of society, and not pass away their time in fruitless searches, which tend rather to the ostentation of knowledge than the service of life.
    -- Joseph Addison

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  • Every time a value is born, existence takes on a new meaning; every time one dies, some part of that meaning passes away.
    -- Joseph Wood Krutch

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  • Grieve not that I die young. Is it not well to pass away ere life hath lost its brightness?
    -- Lady Flora Hastings

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  • What is fair in men, passes away, but not so in art
    -- Leonardo da Vinci

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  • The world is fleeting; all things pass away; Or is it we that pass and they that stay?
    -- Lucian

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  • Everything beautiful has its moment and then passes away.
    -- Luis Cernuda

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  • If you pursue good with labor, the labor passes away but the good remains; if you pursue evil with pleasure, the pleasure passes away and the evil remains.
    -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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  • Life as we knew it is passing away, and something new is emerging to take its place, The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life.
    -- Marianne Williamson

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  • Ah, that shows you the power of music, that magician of magician, who lifts his wand and says his mysterious word and all things real pass away and the phantoms of your mind walk before you clothed in flesh.
    -- Mark Twain

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  • Time is not a thing, thus nothing which is, and yet it remains constant in its passing away without being something temporal like the beings in time.
    -- Martin Heidegger

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  • When I retire or pass away, I will be able to look back and say that this has been an exciting life. That's all that matters.
    -- Martin Yan

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  • When you start with a necessary evil, and then over time the necessity passes away, what's left?
    -- Matthew Scully

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  • If you live for pleasure, your ability to enjoy it may pass away and your senses grow dim.
    -- Matthew Simpson

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  • Someone once asked me what I want on my epitaph when I pass away. Just the words 'I tried.' That's what this game of life is all about. Trying. There's the tryers, the criers, and the liars.
    -- Mickey Rooney

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  • The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and pass away, but man remains.
    -- Nikola Tesla

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  • If I pass away one day, I am happy because I tried to do my best. My sport allowed me to do so much because it's the biggest sport in the world.
    -- Pele

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  • Everything in this world will pass away. In eternity only Love will remain.
    -- Pope Benedict XVI

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  • Nothing can ever pass away from the words of Christ, nor can anything be changed in the doctrine which the Catholic Church received from Christ to guard, protect, and preach.
    -- Pope Pius IX

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  • A million tomorrows shall all pass away 'ere I forget all the joy that is mine, today.
    -- Randy Sparks

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  • Renunciation is not getting rid of the things of this world, but accepting that they pass away.
    -- Robert Baker Aitken

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  • With my dad passing away, he's always watching me-a big smile on his face, watching every snap on the 50-yard line.
    -- Russell Wilson

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  • Both life and death manifest in every moment of existence. Our human body appears and disappears moment by moment, without cease, and this ceaseless arising and passing away is what we experience as time and being. They are not separate. They are one thing, and in even a fraction of a second, we have the opportunity to choose, and to turn the course of our action either toward the attainment of truth or away from it. Each instant is utterly critical to the whole world.
    -- Ruth Ozeki

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  • Every sensation shares the same characteristic: it arises and passes away, arises and passes away. It is this arising and passing that we have to experience through practice, not just accept as truth because Buddha said so, not just accept because intellectually it seems logical enough to us. We must experience sensation’s nature, understand its flux, and learn not to react to it.
    -- S. N. Goenka

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  • Joy and sorrow, beauty and deformity, equally pass away.
    -- Saadi

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  • What relationship could exist between the lives of the fools and healthy rabble who were well, who slept well, who performed the sexual act well, who had never felt the wings of death on their face every moment-what relationship could exist between them and one like me who has arrived at the end of his rope and who knows that he will pass away gradually and tragically?
    -- Sadegh Hedayat

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  • Your quality of life is directly tied to the amount of love flowing in you and through you to others. Though it’s often overlooked, love is infinitely more valuable than riches, fame, or honor. They will pass away, but love remains.
    -- Stephen Kendrick

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  • It's the same with all the thoughts and feelings and other experiences that arise in the ocean of ourselves. The ocean never resists them, it never creates a negative reference point saying "Damn , that seaweed is still there. There must be something terribly wrong with me". When they arise, the ocean just sees them for what they are and they pass away naturally.
    -- Suzanne Segal

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  • The Buddha never intended to make desire itself the problem. When he said craving causes suffering, he was referring not to our natural inclination as living beings to have wants and needs, but to our habit of clinging to experience that must, by nature, pass away.
    -- Tara Brach

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  • Pleasure comes, but not to stay;Even this shall pass away.
    -- Theodore Tilton

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  • Pain is hard to bear.... But with patience, day by day, Even this shall pass away.
    -- Theodore Tilton

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  • O how quickly passes away the glory of the earth.
    -- Thomas a Kempis

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  • Money comes and goes. When you pass away it's about what you've done to make this world a better place.
    -- Tia Mowry

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  • And from my place, and from the time that I went through my divorce, I also had my father pass away in the middle of all that. And it kind of made everything else just kind of like the back burner, you know.
    -- Vince Gill

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  • The last thing in the world that I would want to know, in my own life, is when I'm going to pass away.
    -- Vince Gilligan

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  • The chains of military despotism, once fastened upon a nation, ages might pass away before they could be shaken off.
    -- William Henry Harrison

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  • So, from generation to generation, the spiritual church is rising upwards toward its perfection; and, though one after another the workmen pass away, the fabric remains, and the great Master-builder carries on the undertaking. Be it ours to build in our portion in a solid and substantial manner, so that they who come after us may be at once thankful for our thoroughness, and inspired by our example.
    -- William Mackergo Taylor

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  • We can make war so terrible and make them so sick of war that generations pass away before they again appeal to it.
    -- William Tecumseh Sherman

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  • With the withering of the rose, and with each fallen petal, Allah is reminding us that everything here is passing away. He is reminding us that nothing in this world will remain, except for Allah.
    -- Yasmin Mogahed

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  • Happiness, sadness, loss and gain all pass away. What they do to us is what remains.
    -- Yasmin Mogahed

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  • Sometimes this world comes between us and what we love. But if we are patient, when this world passes away, there will be no more separation.
    -- Yasmin Mogahed

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  • There is a form of literature that is a deed, and a form that is only talk, and the latter passes away like a conversation.
    -- Austin O'Malley

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  • Should prosperity befall thee, rejoice not, and should abasement come upon thee, grieve not, for both shall pass away and be no more.
    -- Bahá'u'lláh

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  • We need to welcome the experimental creativity that is always searching out new ways of singing the Gospel, and banish the fear that grips us when familiar music passes away.
    -- Michael Adam Hamilton

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  • I'd advise you to visit New Orleans before you pass away. I really would. Because if you die without seeing New Orleans, you wasted half your life.
    -- Danny Barker

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