Substance quotes

  • You are not the feelings or the thoughts or the contents of your awareness. None of these are who you are. You are the fullness of your Being, the substance of your presence.
    -- A. H. Almaas

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  • It’s the glitches and twists, I thought, that make this universe unique and compelling. Without flaws, there would be no depth, no substance.
    -- A.M. Jenkins

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  • The experience you’ve had may be unwanted, may amount to nothing but damage and waste, but experience has substance, is factual, authoritative, lives on in your past and affects your present, whatever you attempt to do about it.
    -- A.S.A. Harrison

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  • Only the other world has substance and reality; only good deeds and holy learning have tangible worth.
    -- Abraham Cahan

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  • Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.
    -- Aesop

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  • What I'm above all primarily concerned with is the substance of life, the pith of reality. If I had to sum up my work, I suppose that's it really: I'm taking the pith out of reality.
    -- Alan Bennett

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  • Beer is sacred business, a mood-altering food substance that may have preserved the human species. To drink beer is to be human.
    -- Alan D. Eames

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  • Work is the only thing that gives substance to life.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • I think that in human evolution it has never been as necessary to have this substance LSD. It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be.
    -- Albert Hofmann

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  • A substance that makes you ill if you don't eat it.
    -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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  • That's what happens with writing. Ingredients bubble and cook. Material becomes substance.
    -- Alex Haley

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  • It needs to connect with the earth. Things that are processed and reprocessed lose their substance.
    -- Alexander McQueen

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  • Disputing the commonsense notion that all events require the prior existence of some underlying matter or substance. There is no antecedent static cabinet.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • The substance of my being has been informed by the books I learned to care for.
    -- Allan Bloom

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  • Boredom is actually the most plentiful substance in the universe.
    -- Amber Dermont

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  • Custard: A detestable substance produced by a malevolent conspiracy of the hen, the cow, and the cook.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • The substance of painting is light.
    -- Andre Derain

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  • Fermentation is the exhalation of a substance through the admixture of a ferment which, by virtue of its spirit, penetrates the mass and transforms it into its own nature.
    -- Andreas Libavius

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  • The substance of the constitution is preserved. That is a fact.
    -- Angela Merkel

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  • There's substance to the point that sociological information is new. We have five years of information to weigh against 2,000 years of history or more.
    -- Anthony Kennedy

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  • In Sweden, water fluoridation, to my knowledge, is no longer advocated by anybody. In Sweden, the emphasis nowadays is to keep the environment as clean as possible with regard to pharmacologically active and, thus, potentially toxic substances.
    -- Arvid Carlsson

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  • This substance, which is manifold in its forms and protean in its transformations, has, in its state of living matter, one physiological name which has become familiar, that of protoplasm.
    -- Asa Gray

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  • Form and substance are one and the same. Form is the life expression and substance the living painting.
    -- Asger Jorn

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  • Thoughts of themselves have no substance; let them arise and pass away unheeded. Thoughts will not take form of themselves, unless they are grasped by the attention; if they are ignored, there will be no appearing and no disappearing.
    -- Asvaghosa

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  • There is one only and true God, but in the unity of the Godhead there are three coeternal and coequal Persons, the same in substance but distinct in subsistence.
    -- B. B. Warfield

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  • In nature, no organic substance is synthesized unless there is provision for its degradation; recycling is enforced.
    -- Barry Commoner

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  • Except God no substance can be granted or conceived. .. Everything, I say, is in God, and all things which are made, are made by the laws of the infinite nature of God, and necessarily follows from the necessity of his essence.
    -- Baruch Spinoza

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  • Of all the states of emotion I've ever been in, music takes me to the strongest state of emotion the quickest, of any other sort of state of mind I've ever been in or been put in by any substance or circumstance, music brings me to an emotional state of being faster than anything I've ever known
    -- Ben Harper

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  • Sometimes when you start losing detail, whether it's in music or in life, something as small as failing to be polite, you start to lose substance.
    -- Benny Goodman

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  • People of substance may sin without being exposed for their stolen pleasure; but servants and the poorer sort of women have seldom an opportunity of concealing a big belly, or at least the consequences of it.
    -- Bernard de Mandeville

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  • A person is an individual substance of a rational nature.
    -- Boethius

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  • Playing quarterback ... it's no joke ... The difference here with Johnny Manziel, there's a lot of style and very little substance.
    -- Boomer Esiason

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  • imaginary things were often the only items of real substance in people's lives.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

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  • If you are without bread, how much wisdom can you boast and of what real utility are your talents, if you cannot procure for yourselves and save against a day of scarcity those substances designed to sustain your natural lives?
    -- Brigham Young

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  • People think of me as a mannequin. All show and no substance.
    -- Brooke Shields

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  • True thusness is the substance of thought, and thought is the function of true thusness. There is no thought except that of true thusness. Thusness does not move, but its motion and function are inexhaustible.
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.
    -- Carl Pfeiffer

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  • I will scrape and dig into every word as far as I can get, right down to the essence of the word, to the substance of the image.
    -- Chairil Anwar

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  • Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.
    -- Charles Fillmore

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  • I know what they said even if they would not say it to my face. People love to talk. They love to slander you if you have any substance.
    -- Charles Portis

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  • Behavior is the substance of religion. Belief is the substance of relationship.
    -- Charles Stanley

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  • The softest, freest, most pliable and changeful living substance is the brain-the hardest and most iron-bound as well.
    -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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  • Some of the substance of English words, I just don't understand at all because the culture's so strange to me
    -- Chow Yun-Fat

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  • You are not an alcoholic or an addict. You are not incurably diseased. You have merely become dependent on substances or addictive behavior to cope with underlying conditions that you are now going to heal, at which time your dependency will cease completely and forever.
    -- Chris Prentiss

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  • If you can stop using substance or stop your addictive behavior for extended periods of time without craving, you are not dependent. You are dependent only if you can't stop without physical or psychological distress (you have unpleasant physical and/or psychological withdrawal symptoms) or if you stop and then relapse.
    -- Chris Prentiss

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  • Reason is the substance of the universe. The design of the world is absolutely rational.
    -- Christian Friedrich Hebbel

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  • I've been taking my time now between projects looking for stuff that has a little bit more substance, that isn't surface. Some of the films that I've done in the past really were surface
    -- Christian Slater

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  • My hair is pure. It stands for purity because no foreign chemicals or substances has ever touched my hair.
    -- CM Punk

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  • In the etheric body are centered the forces animating man's physical vehicle, so disease is evidenced in the etheric before it manifests in the physical. The etheric, composed of finer, more attenuated substances than the physical, is corresponding amenable to vibratory influences. It is upon the former that harmony and rhythm have the most potent effect. Good music readjusts its molecular structure in accordance with the original divine plan, the archetype, and refines and accentuates it's vibratory currents. All forms of beauty and harmony increase this regenerating process.
    -- Corinne Heline

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  • our deeds have even less substance than we ourselves.
    -- Craig L. Rice

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  • Facts of experience are valued in Zen more than representations, symbols, and concepts-that is to say, substance is everything in Zen and form nothing.
    -- D.T. Suzuki

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  • Thoughts naturally arise. The point of meditation is not to banish thoughts but to make peace with them by realizing their lack of substance.
    -- Dan Millman

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  • The capacity for total wonder is the very substance of awakening.
    -- Daniel Odier

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  • Closing one's ears to the complaints of partisans would also entail closing one's mind to the substance of their arguments.
    -- Daniel Okrent

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  • If your goals aren’t synced with the substance of your heart, then achieving them won’t matter much.
    -- Danielle LaPorte

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  • Aside from velcro, time is the most mysterious substance in the universe. You can't see it or touch it, yet a plumber can charge you upwards of seventy-five dollars per hour for it, without necessarily fixing anything.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • There is just so much stuff in the world that, to me, is devoid of any real substance, value, and content that I just try to make sure that I am working on things that matter.
    -- Dean Kamen

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  • Substance is enduring, form is ephemeral.
    -- Dee Hock

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  • The closest thing to a law of nature in business is that form has an affinity for expense, while substance has an affinity for income.
    -- Dee Hock

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  • Success follows those adept at preserving the substance of the past by clothing it in the forms of the future.
    -- Dee Hock

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  • All experience is a drug experience. Whether it's mediated by our own [endogenous] drugs, or whether it's mediated by substances that we ingest that are found in plants, cognition, consciousness, the working of the brain, it's all a chemically mediated process. Life itself is a drug experience.
    -- Dennis McKenna

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  • We are authors, all of us, concerned with beginning, with making, with sources and substance.
    -- Diane Wakoski

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  • There is no logical reason why thoughts, which have no substance, should have so much power over you, nor is there any reason why you should become their slave
    -- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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  • Our response to temptation reveals the substance of our faith.
    -- Dillon Burroughs

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  • Esoteric science premises the existence of the Great Unmanifest, which may be conceived as a sea of limitless but latent force which underlies all things and whence all things derive their substance and draw their life.
    -- Dion Fortune

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  • Karate has helped me lots, otherwise I might have got lost in substance abuse or something like the things a lot of other people do.
    -- Dolph Lundgren

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  • If he says he has the pizzazz and the sizzle, I have the steak, and substance. I've made more money than he's made. I've made bigger deals than he's made, when he's got the complexion to get the protection.
    -- Don King

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  • Alcoholism, tobacco, drunk driving, these things will always be with us. There's always going to be a certain percentage of any population that is addicted to certain substances.
    -- Don Winslow

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  • Faith is the substance of hope - of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So if you can hope for it and imagine it, and keep imagining and hoping and seeing yourself driving a new car, or seeing yourself getting that job, or seeing yourself excel, seeing yourself help that person - that is faith.
    -- Duane Chapman

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  • Einstein said, if everything exists as a substance of qualities, and qualities exist only in mind, then all is mind
    -- Dyan Cannon

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  • The substance of man cannot be measured by Gross National Product.
    -- E. F. Schumacher

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  • Treasure the shadow. ... There are no shadows save from substance cast.
    -- Edith M. Thomas

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  • I can see now that a concept or even a feeling makes no sense unless out of our substance we spin around it a web of references, of relationships, of values.
    -- Ella Maillart

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  • God is all there is - God includes everything, all possibility and all action, for Spirit is the invisible essence and substance of all form.
    -- Ernest Holmes

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  • The journey to freedom is paved by the substance of our character.
    -- Erwin McManus

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  • Wikipedia is a victory of process over substance.
    -- Ethan Zuckerman

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  • Thus the radio elements formed strange and cruel families in which each member was created by spontaneous transformation of the mother substance: radium was a "descendant" of uranium, polonium a descendant of radium.
    -- Eve Curie

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  • I think I enjoy playing human beings no matter the substance of their character.
    -- Ezra Miller

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  • Everything one sees is merely a projection of what one does not see, its true nature and substance.
    -- Fernando Sabino

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  • Truth is the hardest substance in the world to pin down. But the one certainty is the awesome penalty exacted sooner or later from a society whose reporters stop trying.
    -- Flora Lewis

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  • Marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man.
    -- Frances M. Young

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  • Before one can become a magician he must learn to control his own mind; for mind is the substance with which the magician acts, and the power to control it is the beginning of magic.
    -- Franz Hartmann

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  • My 'fear' is my substance, and probably the best part of me.
    -- Franz Kafka

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  • When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.
    -- Freddie Mercury

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  • The Gospels were not thought of as works of literature. People were not concerned with the literary reputation of Matthew or Mark, but with the substance of their records of our Lord's life. They did not have to respect their actual words, as they would if they were transcribing the works of Thucydides or Plato.
    -- Frederic G. Kenyon

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  • The symbol is greater than visible substance. . . . Unhappy the land that has no symbols, or that chooses their meaning without great care.
    -- Freya Stark

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  • How resilient was the body, to return to its prior form so quickly! Yet the mind was formed of a less pliable substance. The emptiness in her thoughts would not be so easily filled. Instead there was a hollowness among them-a place she had reserved for future joys which now would never arrive.
    -- Galen Beckett

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  • To experience relationships of substance and depth requires approaching and entering into relationships with consciousness and concern for the other.
    -- Gary Zukav

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  • The spoken reverie of substances calls matter to birth, to life, to spirituality.
    -- Gaston Bachelard

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  • Designs are a revelation to me. It's like taking something that is not alive and giving it form, shape, substance, and life.
    -- Geoffrey Beene

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  • He who says he hates all kinds of flattery, and says so in earnest, has undoubtedly not as yet become acquainted with all kinds of it, whether in substance or in form.
    -- Georg C. Lichtenberg

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  • To fear the examination of any proposition apears to me an intellectual and a moral palsy that will ever hinder the firm grasping of any substance whatever.
    -- George Eliot

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  • Chewing transforms even toxins into nutritive substances.
    -- George Ohsawa

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  • The body is the substance of the stone.
    -- George Ripley

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  • Jealousy, and local policy mix too much in all our public councils for the good government of the Union. In a words, the confederation appears to me to be little more than a shadow without the substance . . . .
    -- George Washington

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  • I wanted to create a kind of substance by means of brush-work. But that is the kind of discovery which one makes gradually... Thus it was that I subsequently began to introduce sand, sawdust and metal filings into my pictures.
    -- Georges Braque

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  • One begins to realize that art... in setting out to express nature with ever growing accuracy, teaches us to look, to perceive, to feel. The stone itself becomes an organic substance, and one can feel it being transformed as one moment in its life succeeds another.
    -- Georges Clemenceau

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  • I am convinced, by repeated observation, that marbles, lime-stones, chalks, marls, clays, sand, and almost all terrestrial substances, wherever situated, are full of shells and other spoils of the ocean.
    -- Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon

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  • Content is the meaningful substance of the work.
    -- Gerald Brommer

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  • The world changed somewhat in form during its progress, but never in substance.
    -- Gertrude Atherton

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