Magic quotes

  • We like to see death as an unfair conspiracy, and what we want is a magic practitioner, a combination of Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes.
    -- A. A. Gill

    #Life And Death #Magic #Want

  • Any sufficiently badly-written science is indistinguishable from magic.
    -- Aaron Allston


  • That's when the magic happens- when everyone else is asleep and you're awake thinking about the world as it is, and the world as it could be. Make the most of those moments.
    -- Adam Braun

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  • Frauds master our minds; magicians, like poets and lovers, engage them in a permanent maze of possibilities.
    -- Adam Gopnik

    #Magic #Mind #Mazes

  • There's a little bit of magic in every box!
    -- Adam Rex

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  • Magic likes a good tragedy, too.
    -- Adam Rex

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  • Back when I was a professional model-maker at Industrial Light & Magic, my specialty was hard-edged construction - spaceships, miniature sets, and architectural stuff. These objects were sometimes just 12 inches across yet needed enough detail to fill a movie screen.
    -- Adam Savage

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  • The alleycats manipulate the blocks with gutter magic
    -- Aesop Rock

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  • I'm fanatical about movies: African, European, Viking, Roman. I got into witchcraft and magic from watching 'Bewitched' and 'The Wizard of Oz,' which shows in some of my outfits. I dress to reflect the whole spectrum of the universe.
    -- Afrika Bambaataa

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  • I've been in the studio when you go through a track and you run down a track and you know even before the singer starts singing, you know the track is swinging ... you know you have a multimillion-seller hit - and what you're working on suddenly has magic,
    -- Ahmet Ertegun

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  • The table was her stage. The mobile phone was the microphone. And the new moon was the spotlight. That kind of magic only Nana could make it happen.
    -- Ai Yazawa

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  • If you would bring the magic out of your mind - the magic which will transform everything - you must believe.
    -- Al Koran

    #Believe #Magic #Mind

  • For humans, flying isn't magic, it's physics.
    -- Alan Alda

    #Flying #Magic #Physics

  • a historical reconstruction as sanitised as the Kremlin's, and a future vision as uncognisant of contemporary pointers as Peter Pan's. It is a magic carpet under which everything has been swept.
    -- Alan Coren

    #Historical #Magic #Vision

  • To get the medium's magic to work for one's aims rather than against them is to attain literacy.
    -- Alan Kay

    #Magic #Literacy #Aim

  • I think that storytelling and creation are very close to what the center of what magic is about. I think not just for me, but for most of the cultures that have had a concept of magic, then the manipulation of language, and words, and thus of stories and fictions, has been very close to the center of it all.
    -- Alan Moore

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  • For me, there is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It's like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat.
    -- Alan Moore

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  • Any effects created before 1975 were done with either tape or echo chambers or some kind of acoustic treatment. No magic black boxes!
    -- Alan Parsons

    #Echoes #Black #Magic

  • My idea of a real treat is Magic Mountain without standing in line.
    -- Alan Rickman

    #Real #Ideas #Magic

  • The best magic always results from ecstasies of logic.
    -- Alban Berg

    #Magic #Logic #Results

  • If you want to be a writer, just write. There's no magic to it.
    -- Albert Brooks

    #Writing #Magic #Want

  • Beige is atmosphere. It's bisque, it's ivory, it's cream, it's stone, it's toast, it's cappuccino. It;s well, it's magic.
    -- Albert Hadley

    #Ivory #Atmosphere #Magic

  • I try to transform a dream's magic into reality.
    -- Alberta Ferretti

    #Dream #Reality #Magic

  • Every reader has found charms by which to secure possession of a page that, by magic, becomes as if never read before, fresh and immaculate.
    -- Alberto Manguel

    #Magic #Pages #Charm

  • Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.
    -- Aleister Crowley

    #Wisdom #Science #Magic

  • Miserere is about redemption, and the triumph of our best impulses over our worst. It's also about swords, monsters, chases, ghosts, magic, [and] court intrigues. It's also really, really good.
    -- Alex Bledsoe

    #Magic #Monsters #Triumph

  • The magic is over, but its effects will live forever.
    -- Alex Flinn

    #Forever #Magic #Live Forever

  • Appellate review is not a magic wand and we undermine public confidence in the judicial process when we make it look like it is.
    -- Alex Kozinski

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  • Our obsessive focus on college schooling has blinded us to basic truths. College is a place, not a magic formula. It matters what subjects students study, and subsidies should focus on the subjects that matter the most - not to the students, but to everyone else.
    -- Alex Tabarrok

    #College #Focus #Magic

  • Love passed, the Muse appeared, the weather of mind got clarity new-found; now free, I once more weave together emotion, thought, and magic sound.
    -- Alexander Pushkin

    #Weather #Magic #Mind

  • The world amazed me, in that I saw it as I had when I was a child. I had forgotten the beauty and the magic and the knowingness of it and me.
    -- Alexander Shulgin

    #Children #Magic #Saws

  • You're a wizard," I snapped. "Can't you just use magic to make your own food?" "Ah, yes," he retorted. "Because mud pies are so very delicious and the wind fills empty stomachs quite nicely.
    -- Alexandra Bracken

    #Pie #Wind #Magic

  • No man can describe to another convincingly wherein lies the magic of the woman who ensnares him.
    -- Algernon Blackwood

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  • My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Aunt Frances
    -- Alice Hoffman

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  • Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone.
    -- Alicia Witt

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  • An essential part of the magic involves turning everyone into an enemy, to ward off surprises.
    -- Alma Guillermoprieto

    #Magic #Enemy #Essentials

  • I would have to say the power to heal. This show has enhanced my relationship to magic. I would have called it prayer. There are definitely certain incantations that I do now.
    -- Alyssa Milano

    #Prayer #Magic #Certain

  • This is a collection of dexterous, loving, beautifully optimistic work that left me breathless and delighted.... Hannu Rajaniemi's magnificent science fiction - as is paradoxically appropriate - is pure magic.
    -- Amal El-Mohtar

    #Optimistic #Magic #Fiction

  • When you're an artist, nobody ever tells you or hits you with the magic wand of legitimacy. You have to hit your own head with your own handmade wand. And you feel stupid doing it.
    -- Amanda Palmer

    #Stupid #Artist #Magic

  • There are so many wonderful shows that come out through the year. What makes some stick is an unknown factor, you know? It's gotta be the right show at the right time. Really, you've got to have magic elements line up. But I felt that this was going to be something that was really going to ring true to people.
    -- America Ferrera

    #Years #People #Magic

  • Bridging the virtual world with the physical word is really when social media channels come to life and the magic happens. Because whoever coined the term 'social media' didn't do us any favors. It's not really media. It's more like the telephone, less like the TV.
    -- Amy Jo Martin

    #Media #Magic #World

  • Magic is always there. Sometimes it just takes an artist to find it and show the rest of us where to look.
    -- Amy Neftzger

    #Artist #Magic #Looks

  • I have loved works of fiction precisely for their illusions, for the author's sleight-of-hand in showing me the magic, what appeared in the right hand but not in the left...
    -- Amy Tan

    #Hands #Magic #Fiction

  • Words to me were magic. You could say a word and it could conjure up all kinds of images or feelings or a chilly sensation or whatever. It was amazing to me that words had this power.
    -- Amy Tan

    #Feelings #Magic #Kind

  • When you're around kids you can be a little kid yourself and pretend that life is magic and you don't have to be one of those sweaty people going to work every day.
    -- Amy Winehouse

    #Kids #People #Magic

  • A man fell in love with Jeanne, and she tried to love him. But she complained that he uttered such ordinary words, that he could never say the magic phrase which would open her being.
    -- Anais Nin

    #Men #Magic #Ordinary

  • I am a showman in the traditional sense, but modern, too. I like to use sets and lighting to create magic.
    -- Andre Rieu

    #Magic #Use #Modern

  • Love isn't always magic. Sometimes it's just melting.
    -- Andrea Gibson

    #Love Is #Magic #Melting

  • The magic of espresso is that it's only made with 50 beans.
    -- Andrea Illy

    #Espresso #Magic #Made

  • These magic moments when rhythms and harmonies extend themselves and jell together and the people become another instrument. These things are priceless and they can't be learned; they can only be felt.
    -- Andrew Hill

    #Music #People #Magic

  • Suspend for a moment your disbelief and encounter once again the sense of wonder you knew when there was... magic!
    -- Andrew Lord

    #Magic #Encounters #Wonder

  • Read about the history of magic.
    -- Andrew Mayne


  • [T]he myth that there was somehow a magic wand in the early 1980s to cure AIDS - a wand that Reagan deliberately refused to wave - is now almost conventional wisdom.
    -- Andrew Sullivan

    #Magic #Politics #Wave

  • You know, 'Project Runway' was a really special show, and we had a great five seasons with it. We loved that show, and we loved the stories that it brought to Bravo and the creativity. And it was a magic five seasons.
    -- Andy Cohen

    #Creativity #Magic #Special

  • Apple was our benefactor at starting General Magic, but about a year later decided they would rather BE General Magic and tried to make us blink out of existence... which we eventually did, but it took a few years.
    -- Andy Hertzfeld

    #Years #Apples #Magic

  • I left General Magic in 1996 to become an Internet hobbyist - got a T-1 line to my house. At one point I had all four food banks of the Bay Area hosted from this house here.
    -- Andy Hertzfeld

    #House #Magic #Bay Area

  • Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.
    -- Andy Weir

    #Magic #Tape #Should

  • All fiction for me is a kind of magic and trickery, a confidence trick, trying to make people believe something is true that isn't.
    -- Angus Wilson

    #Believe #People #Magic

  • I moved my arms through the water, feeling them float on the surface, watching the waves and wake that followed my gesture. Here was magic, I thought. Here was something holy.
    -- Anita Diament

    #Water #Feelings #Magic

  • There is some magic in wealth, which can thus make persons pay their court to it, when it does not even benefit themselves.
    -- Ann Radcliffe

    #Magic #Doe #Benefits

  • I go forth to seek To seek and claim the lovely magic garden Where grasses softly sigh and Muses speak.
    -- Anna Akhmatova

    #Garden #Lovely #Magic

  • Old Magic, Old Ways, the Old Ones themselves often seem powerless in a new place.
    -- Anne Cameron

    #Magic #Way #Powerless

  • Without using the word, everyone started forgiving each other again. Just like that, from the no of all nothingness: you have a big tense mess and out of it comes some joy. It must be magic.
    -- Anne Lamott

    #Joy #Magic #Forgiving

  • We're like Magic 8-Balls. After you ask your question and shake the 8-Ball, you read the answer in the little window. If you ever broke open a Magic 8-Ball with a hammer, you discovered that it contained a many-sided plastic object, with an answer on every facet, floating in a cylinder of murky blue fluid. The many-sided core held the answer to your question. My theory is that, as with our children, as with every surface of that geodesic dome inside the 8-Ball, every age we've ever been is who we are.
    -- Anne Lamott

    #Children #Blue #Magic

  • Something in me was responding now as the audience responded, not in fear, but in some human way, to the magic of that fragile painted set, the mystery of the lighted world there.
    -- Anne Rice

    #Magic #World #Way

  • Creativity is really the structuring of magic.
    -- Anne Rush

    #Creativity #Magic

  • Fiercely original and uncommonly lovely, The Witch's Boy is equal parts enchanting and haunting. Kelly Barnhill is master of truly potent and unruly magic; luckily for readers, she chooses to use her powers for good.
    -- Anne Ursu

    #Boys #Lovely #Magic

  • I love roller coasters. I don't get a chance often, but I've gone to Magic Mountain and gone on the rides. I love roller coasters.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

    #Magic #Mountain #Gone

  • I love the idea that magic and witchcraft and battles between supernatural creatures could be raging all around us but just out of our sight.
    -- Anthony Horowitz

    #Sight #Ideas #Magic

  • Writing about magic is harder than writing about spies because you're dealing with something that doesn't really exist.
    -- Anthony Horowitz

    #Writing #Magic #Spy

  • Cinema Paradiso, because it reminds me of why I make movies, the magic of movies, the romance of movies.
    -- Antoine Fuqua

    #Romance #Magic #Cinema

  • Those who spell Magic with a K aren't.
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey


  • Magic is never totally scientifically explainable, but science has always been, at one time or another, considered magic.
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey


  • If our life lacks a constant magic it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in consideration of their imagined form and meaning, instead of being impelled by their force.
    -- Antonin Artaud

    #Magic #Consideration #Form

  • I am adding another language to the spoken language, and I am trying to restore to the language of speech its old magic, its essential spellbinding power, for its mysterious possibilities have been forgotten.
    -- Antonin Artaud

    #Magic #Trying #Essentials

  • Like all magic cultures expressed by appropriate hieroglyphs, the true theater has its shadows too, and, of all languages and all arts, the theater is the only one left whose shadows have shattered their limitations.
    -- Antonin Artaud

    #Art #Magic #Shadow

  • In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.
    -- Arjuna Ardagh

    #Magic #Quantum #Exception

  • Once we meet our children, even for moments, in a place of "I don't know," of relinquished authority, we return to the realms of mystery and magic, where real connection becomes alive again.
    -- Arjuna Ardagh

    #Children #Real #Magic

  • There is no magic method of beginning... Take hold of your nerves, and jump.
    -- Arnold Bennett

    #Magic #Nerves #Method

  • Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of magic.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke

    #Technology #Magic #Theatre

  • Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke

    #Technology #Magic

  • Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke


  • The inner defenses are unconscious. They consist of a kind of magic aura which the mind builds around cherished belief. Arguments which penetrate into the magic aura are not dealt with rationally but by a specific type of pseudo-reasoning. Absurdities and contradictions are made acceptable by specious rationalizations.
    -- Arthur Koestler

    #Magic #Mind #Atheism

  • Thomson sought the wilderness, never seeking to tame it, but only to draw from it, its magic of tangle and season.
    -- Arthur Lismer

    #Nature #Magic #Wilderness

  • The Web is cool, but the library is magic.
    -- Arthur Plotnik

    #Magic #Library

  • It is in their eyes that their magic resides.
    -- Arthur Symons

    #Cat #Eye #Magic

  • To understand the magic way of thinking you have to know non-magic thinking. If you see that clearly, you will see how many magic thoughts are necessary elements even of natural science today.
    -- Asger Jorn

    #Thinking #Magic #Today

  • I'm like that person who hates going to magic shows - and I love magic, I love wizards - but going to a show where there is any possibility of audience participation is a nightmare for me.
    -- Aubrey Plaza

    #Hate #Magic #Wizards

  • Have the passion and the magic will happen
    -- Bar Refaeli

    #Passion #Positivity #Magic

  • At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better
    -- Barack Obama

    #Children #Forever #Magic

  • I don't think we'll ever know all there is to know about gardening, and I'm just as glad there will always be some magic about it!
    -- Barbara Damrosch

    #Garden #Thinking #Magic

  • In memory Venice is always magic.
    -- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

    #Memories #Venice #Magic

  • We agreed with him in principal - we were little scientists, born and bred. But children robbed of love will dwell on magic.
    -- Barbara Kingsolver

    #Children #Magic #Littles

  • Fiction is a sort of inter-human magic, allowing you to travel into a scene and feel it tingle on your skin...
    -- Barbara Kingsolver

    #Magic #Skins #Fiction

  • We ought to be very cautious and circumspect in the prosecution of magic and heresy. The attempt to put down these two crimes may be extremely perilous to liberty.
    -- Baron de Montesquieu

    #Two #Magic #Liberty

  • And I think of nothing. I think of nothing but Rachel. What happens next is pure magic, and is for us and us alone.
    -- Barry Lyga

    #Thinking #Magic #Next

  • My father made sure that I had lots of levels of education - from ballroom-dancing to painting, commando training, theatre and magic.
    -- Baz Luhrmann

    #Father #Dancing #Magic

  • When I'm in 'Man vs. Wild' mode, it's not pleasure. Every sensor is firing and I'm on reserve power all the time and I'm digging deep - and that's the magic of it as well, and that's raw and it's great.
    -- Bear Grylls

    #Men #Magic #Digging

  • This is your brain on magic.
    -- Ben Aaronovitch

    #Magic #Brain

  • Movie magic is movie magic and acting magic is acting magic.
    -- Ben Kingsley

    #Magic #Acting