Cinema quotes

  • Campaign may invite a certain skepticism about democracy, but it will surely restore your faith in cinema verite.
    -- A. O. Scott

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  • Cinema seats make people lazy. They expect to be given all the information. But for me, question marks are the punctuation of life.
    -- Abbas Kiarostami

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  • Good cinema is what we can believe and bad cinema is what we can't believe. What you see and believe in is very much what I'm interested in.
    -- Abbas Kiarostami

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  • I didn't go to the cinemas a lot as a kid.
    -- Abbie Cornish

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  • What puzzles most of us are the things which have been left in the movies rather than the things which have been taken out.
    -- Agnes Repplier

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  • I live in cinema. I feel I've lived here forever.
    -- Agnes Varda

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  • Do we recognize the platform that Indian cinema has been given? Of course. And typically India of us, we gracefully acknowledge our host's grace and we thank you for celebrating us and our cinema.
    -- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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  • For me, filmmaking combines everything. That's the reason I've made cinema my life's work. In films, painting and literature, theatre and music come together. But a film is still a film.
    -- Akira Kurosawa

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  • The cinema is a place of intrinsic indiscernibility between art and non-art.
    -- Alain Badiou

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  • I ask of cinema what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • Don't make your living with cinema because Hollywood will take you, will eat you, will destroy you. This is the reality. You have a good picture, have success, you take the person and they destroy you.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • Hollywood films have become a cesspool of formula and it's up to us to try to change it... I feel like a preacher! But it's really true. I feel personally responsible for the future of American cinema. Me personally.
    -- Alexander Payne

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  • I don't want all of American cinema to be big cartoons that are just made to be digested by the entire world.
    -- Alexander Payne

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  • The best cinema is about ethics.
    -- Alexander Payne

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  • For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • We cannot put cinema in parallel with the political, because politics are something dirty and cinema is not dirty.
    -- Ali Suliman

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  • I believe that cinema picks up ideas from society and not the other way round.
    -- Amitabh Bachchan

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  • The select group of people who do make realistic cinema, who do make cinema perhaps a little more acceptable to the Western audience, is a very small percentage.
    -- Amitabh Bachchan

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  • The 'Western' is the only genre whose origins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself.
    -- Andre Bazin

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  • Juxtaposing a person with an environment that is boundless, collating him with a countless number of people passing by close to him and far away, relating a person to the whole world, that is the meaning of cinema.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • Relating a person to the whole world: that is the meaning of cinema.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • A literary work can only be received through symbols, through concepts - for that is what words are; but cinema, like music, allows for utterly direct, emotional, sensuous perception of the work.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • Why does there exist a global American entertainment industry, but there isn't an equivalent coming from France or Italy? This is the case simply because the English language opens the whole world to the American cinema.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • Previously the same Polish audiences would have been pressured into seeing cinema made for adults, films made by us about those spheres of life that were significant for us and which should be significant for our society.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • Cinemas gained new young audiences who wanted films made for them.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • I became producer so that I could work with persons like him and to rock the world of Hong Kong Cinema a bit.
    -- Andy Lau

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  • I'm in the early stages of a film called 'Freezing Time' about Eadweard Muybridge, the Victorian photographer who was really the forefather of cinema. Digital animators still treat his images like the Bible. He was a very obsessed man.
    -- Andy Serkis

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  • I think the first British actor who really worked well in cinema was Albert Finney. He was a back-street Marlon Brando. He brought a great wittiness and power to the screen. The best actor we've had.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

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  • Of course, like all film-makers I've been mesmerised by cinema since I was a child.
    -- Anthony Minghella

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  • I became a director just for the love of movies, because of the power of cinema.
    -- Antoine Fuqua

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  • Cinema Paradiso, because it reminds me of why I make movies, the magic of movies, the romance of movies.
    -- Antoine Fuqua

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  • Cinema has opened a world of possibilities up for me.
    -- Antonio Banderas

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  • It was only in the early 1990s - during my student years as an aspiring scientist at Delhi University - that I discovered the world of cinema.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • Chennai is the birthplace of a new language in cinema. The audiences here are the most evolved moviegoers to be found anywhere in India.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • Cinema is an art form.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • Cinema is much more than heroes and villains.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • There is more to Indian cinema than just Bollywood. I think regional cinema, especially Tamil and Marathi cinema, are exploring some really bold themes.
    -- Anurag Kashyap

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  • Even the great bad guys in cinema history, they're likable.
    -- Balthazar Getty

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  • I really believe musical form will go on. There's got to be a way of making musical form in cinema live again.
    -- Baz Luhrmann

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  • Opera was the cinema of its time, so to bring back that popular appeal, you just need to unleash its visceral immediacy and excitement. Most productions don't manage that - but when an opera does do it, you never forget it.
    -- Baz Luhrmann

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  • There are no rebels in the cinema business.
    -- Beatrice Dalle

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  • I love awards, especially if I get them. It's up to the courage of the filmmakers to make art in cinema, not just business. John was rejected by studios, he borrowed money and did movies with his own money. You're either courageous or not. You have to find a way.
    -- Ben Gazzara

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  • I think the cinema you like has more to do with silence, and the theater you like has more to do with language.
    -- Ben Kingsley

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  • In cinema, the leading player is the director.
    -- Ben Kingsley

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  • Film students should stay as far away from film schools and film teachers as possible. The only school for the cinema is the cinema.
    -- Bernardo Bertolucci

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  • What happened in the late Fifties, early Sixties in French cinema was a fantastic revolution. I was in Italy, but completely in love with the nouvelle vague movement, and directors like Godard, Truffaut, Demy. 'The Dreamers' was a total homage to cinema and that love for it.
    -- Bernardo Bertolucci

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  • American cinema is international like the fairy tales were international.
    -- Bertrand Tavernier

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  • We can compare classical chess and rapid chess with theatre and cinema - some actors don't like the latter and prefer to work in the theatre.
    -- Boris Spassky

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  • Indian cinema seems to be growing very well at its own pace.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • Most horror movies are certainly that.
    -- Brendan Behan

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  • I am really not interested in the cinema. I loathed it when I started six years ago, and I don't enjoy it even now.
    -- Brigitte Bardot

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  • I am really not interested in the cinema.
    -- Brigitte Bardot

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  • Cinema has no boundaries...we all belong to the same artistic community.
    -- Bruce Willis

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  • Cinema is all about going back from shadow to light and back and forth: cinema is a place of transgression.
    -- Bruno Dumont

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  • My life is existing. Cinema is certainly not my life
    -- Bruno Dumont

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  • I've been in love with the cinema since childhood and it's a fantasy of mine to appear in a Hollywood movie.
    -- Bruno Tonioli

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  • I never sit in a cinema and go, "Ah! I want to be in that film!"
    -- Carey Mulligan

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  • The cinema, like the detective story, makes it possible to experience without danger all the excitement, passion and desirousness which must be repressed in a humanitarian ordering of life.
    -- Carl Jung

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  • On Being John Malkovich and the cinema of the absurd, I do enjoy it. I wish there were more like it. The very fact that there can't be more like it is one of the reasons it's admirable.
    -- Carter Burwell

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  • I know why I make films -cinema is a mode of expression that allows you to express all the nuances of a thing while including its opposites. These are things that can't be quantified mentally; yet they can exist and be juxtaposed. That may seem very contradictory. Cinema allows you to film these contradictions.
    -- Catherine Breillat

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  • That's what I like about film-it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic. Cinema is to me the most versatile thing.
    -- Catherine Deneuve

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  • The landscape of cinema is not original. Not to say there aren't great movies being made, but it's much easier for studios to make movies that have built-in audiences. So it's all remakes, adaptations, a lot of remakes of adaptations.
    -- Charlie Hunnam

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  • Cinema d'auteur, cinema about people, about emotions. About la difficulté d'être, the difficulty of being, existential problems. That's what the nouvelle vague is. The early '60s was all about that.
    -- Charlotte Rampling

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  • Doing cinema is not about watching yourself
    -- Charlotte Rampling


  • The Lego Movie: Merely a great film, or the greatest film ever in the history of cinema?
    -- Christy Lemire

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  • It is also difficult to articulate the subtleties in cinema, because there aren't words or metaphors which describe many of the emotions you are attempting to evoke.
    -- Conrad Hall

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  • It took a while for me to grasp that my colleagues believe I have made an impact on the history of cinema.
    -- Conrad Hall

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  • Realism is always subjective in film. There's no such thing as cinema verite
    -- Crispin Glover

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  • Realism is always subjective in film. There's no such thing as cinema verite. The only true cinema verite would be what Andy Warhol did with his film about the Empire State Building - eight hours or so from one angle, and even then it's not really cinema verite, because you aren't actually there.
    -- Crispin Glover

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  • I didn't go to the cinema a lot when I was young.
    -- Dagmara Dominczyk

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  • I want people to leave the cinema feeling that something's been confirmed for them about life.
    -- Danny Boyle

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  • I like action movies, even though I think action movies are kind of derided now. But there is something extraordinary about action movies, which is absolutely linked to the invention of cinema and what cinema is and why we love it.
    -- Danny Boyle

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  • Anybody who comes to the cinema is bringing they're whole sexual history, their literary history, their movie literacy, their culture, their language, their religion, whatever they've got. I can't possibly manipulate all of that, nor do I want to.
    -- David Cronenberg

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  • . . . it is true that language and forward movement in the cinema are jolly hard to reconcile. It's a very, very, difficult thing to do. . . . There is still a place in the cinema for movies that are driven by the human face, and not by explosions and cars and guns and action sequences . . . there's such a thing as action and speed within thought rather than within a ceaseless milkshake of images.
    -- David Hare

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  • Sometimes I get an idea for cinema. And when you get an idea that you fall in love with, this is a glorious day.
    -- David Lynch

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  • Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That's the thing about painting, photography, cinema.
    -- David Lynch

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  • Unfortunately, my ideas are not what you'd call commercial, and money really drives the boat these days. So I don't know what my future is. I don't have a clue what I'm going to be able to do in the world of cinema.
    -- David Lynch

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  • I make every movie and every scene like it could be my last. That's the only way I know how to make cinema that stands on its feet. I have to treat it like that. It has to be life and death stakes.
    -- David O. Russell

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  • I'm not naive enough to pretend that on its own cinema can capture the very soul of significant social and cultural problems.
    -- David Puttnam

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  • I don't like differentiating between art and commercial cinema.
    -- Deepika Padukone

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  • I'm an idol of cinema? Oh, wow.
    -- Dennis Quaid

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  • The Last Of England works with image and sound, a language which is nearer to poetry than prose. It tells its story quite happily in silent images, in contrast to a word-bound cinema....
    -- Derek Jarman

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  • Oh how Shakespeare would have loved cinema!
    -- Derek Jarman


  • I've grown up around cinema. Michael Kamen was a very, very close friend of mine, sort of my godfather. So I know how much work goes into it. You have to know what you're doing.
    -- Dhani Harrison

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  • If you lived in a provincial town like Torre Annunziata, where there was nothing to do in the evening but go to the movies with your friends, the cinema was a world of fantasy. I had always been in love with it.
    -- Dino De Laurentiis

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  • Personally, I prefer contemporary films, but the market calls for more period choices, especially since China opened up a cinema market in Hong Kong. There's a lot of restriction for contemporary films simply because of subject matter.
    -- Donnie Yen

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  • you have often seen in the cinema, erich, haven't you, that between extraordinary people extraordinary things like for example extraordinary love can arise. so we only have to be extraordinary and see what happens.
    -- Elfriede Jelinek

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  • It is not easy to grow old in this business, when you are a woman above all, in the cinema.
    -- Emmanuelle Beart

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  • In football you have an adversary; in cinema that adversary is yourself.
    -- Eric Cantona

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  • I think American cinema, particularly, has become so disposable. It's not even cinema, It's just moviemaking.
    -- Eriq La Salle

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  • Going to the cinema is like returning to the womb; you sit there, still and meditative in the darkness, waiting for life to appear on the screen.
    -- Federico Fellini

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  • I’m just a storyteller, and the cinema happens to be my medium. I like it because it recreates life in movement, enlarges it, enhances it, distills it. For me, it’s far closer to the miraculous creation of life than, say, a painting or music or even literature. It’s not just an art form; it’s actually a new form of life, with its own rhythms, cadences, perspectives and transparencies. It’s my way of telling a story.
    -- Federico Fellini

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  • I even see the cinema itself as a woman, with its alternation of light and darkness, of appearing and disappearing images
    -- Federico Fellini

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  • I have always hated the cinema.
    -- Fernando Arrabal

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  • Sequels are not done for the audience or cinema or the filmmakers. It's for the distributor. The film becomes a brand.
    -- Francis Ford Coppola

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  • I demand that a film express either the joy of making cinema or the agony of making cinema. I am not at all interested in anything in between.
    -- Francois Truffaut

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  • Is the cinema more important than life?
    -- Francois Truffaut

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  • During the war, I saw many films that made me fall in love with the cinema.
    -- Francois Truffaut

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  • But Hitler didn't strive for the annihilation of the Jews - he stressed that fact in public life and in the newspapers. Hitler merely said at the beginning that Jewish influence was too great, that of all the lawyers in Berlin, eighty percent were Jewish. Hitler thought that a small percentage of the people, the Jews, should not be allowed to control the theater, cinema, radio, et cetera.
    -- Franz von Papen

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