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  • As long as you want anything very much, especially more than you want God, it is an idol.
    -- A. B. Simpson

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  • Mammootty sir is an idol for me.. His uniqueness in developing characters is quite amazing
    -- Aamir Khan

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  • There's a certain level of pageantry with 'Idol,' and in order to work the show, you kind of have to feed into it.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • The biggest risk I've ever taken is going on American Idol and trying to be myself. I wasn't going to try too hard to conform, and I knew that it could possibly not work out.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • Anything you love more, fear more, serve more, or value more than God is your idol.
    -- Adrian Rogers

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  • If we insist upon trying to imagine Him, we end with an idol, made not with hands but with thoughts; and an idol of the mind is as offensive to God as an idol of the hand.
    -- Aiden Wilson Tozer

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  • I don’t want to do what my idols did… I want to do more than they did. And I feel like I’m on my way.
    -- AJ Lee

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  • Many people think that the Bible is the authentic word of God and they worship the Bible, making it an idol...
    -- Alan Watts

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  • For at least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Every idol, however exalted, turns out, in the long run, to be a Moloch, hungry for human sacrifice.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Guard against idols -- yes, guard against all idols, of which surely the greatest is oneself.
    -- Alexandra David-Neel

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  • There is a hint of despair in the cry of 'I told you so,' an element of disappointment in the apparent satisfaction when idols turn out to have clay feet. The human race, when it thinks it has proved that no one is superior, is partly gratified and partly depressed.
    -- Alice Thomas Ellis

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  • Taylor Swift is pretty hip...She seems pretty honest. I think that’s hip. She’s promoting knowing yourself, and that’s the best idol.
    -- Amanda Seyfried

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  • I auditioned for 'American Idol' at 17. They told me, 'No.'
    -- Amber Riley


  • Look at 'American Idol,' which I don't look at. Those winners haven't become household names except for Jennifer Hudson, and she was a reject. You can't aim to be a household name. You just have to be successful.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • If there are some who talk the same language as myself, then why should I neglect their interests for the sake of some other group of people who are alien and remote? they have their own 'gods and idols' and we have nothing in common. [...] If you try to please audiences, uncritically accepting their tastes, it can only mean that you have no respect for them: that you simply want to collect their money
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • In the past, I had my idols but today I enjoy learning from all the soccer I watch.
    -- Andres Iniesta

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  • I am classified as an idol in Hong Kong and in Asia.
    -- Andy Lau

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  • There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy!
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey

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  • Before none of your printed idols do I bend in acquiescence, and he who saith thou shalt to me is my mortal foe!
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey

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  • I remember one guy, Reg Park, a British bodybuilder, who entered Mr Universe when he was very young. But he won it and continued to win it a second and third time. So, he was my idol. I read everything about Reg Park and followed his footsteps and trained like him. I said if he could make it, I could make it. It was a blueprint, basically, for how to get there, to win the championships.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Proof is an idol before which the mathematician tortures himself.
    -- Arthur Eddington

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  • No graven images may be Worshipped, except the currency.
    -- Arthur Hugh Clough

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  • I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.
    -- Ayrton Senna

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  • It does seem to me that at least some of us have made an idol of exhaustion. The only time we know we have done enough is when we are running on empty and when the ones we love most are the ones we see the least.
    -- Barbara Brown Taylor

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  • The modern world is not given to uncritical admiration. It expects its idols to have feet of clay and can be reasonably sure that the press and camera will report their exact dimensions.
    -- Barbara Ward, Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth

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  • Your mock saint who stands in a niche is not a woman if she have not suffered, still less a woman if she have not sinned. Fall at the feet of your idol as you wish, but drag her down to your level after that -- the only level she should ever reach, that of your heart.
    -- Baroness Orczy

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  • Everybody is a teenage idol.
    -- Barry Gibb

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  • You know, when I did 'American Idol' the three times, I tried to tell these kids you have to tell the story of the lyric.
    -- Barry Manilow

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  • These days, with 'American Idol' and all the other reality shows, young people become famous overnight, and that can be very difficult to handle, the way photographers follow you around and study your every move.
    -- Barry Manilow

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  • I have a lot of feminist idols. My favorite thing about growing up in Arkansas - well, not favorite but something I've always felt grateful for - was that I really had to dig for what I could. There was no Internet. There wasn't tons of feminist literature floating around.
    -- Beth Ditto

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  • We're not encouraging idols other than on the TV show, you know and that's the wrong way to do it. If we had become famous from a contest show we'd be embarrassed in my generation. But if that's the benchmark then I thought well young people who want to be filmmakers, or musicians, or whatever are screwed. But maybe they're not because what they're doing is they're creating their own thing.
    -- Billy Bob Thornton

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  • I don't have a problem with 'Idol' or 'X Factor,' I have a problem with when those things are not given the proper contextual hue.
    -- Billy Corgan

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  • Even our pets can become idols.
    -- Billy Graham

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  • A Christian is someone who has turned to God from idols.
    -- Billy Graham

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  • The Christian is an idol breaker.
    -- Billy Graham

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  • The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm stupid.
    -- Billy Idol

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  • I am the entertainer, the idol of my age I make all kinds of money when I go on the stage You see me in the papers, I've been in the magazines But if I go cold, I won't get sold I get put in the back in the discount rack Like another can of beans.
    -- Billy Joel

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  • I'm not trying to be evasive, but when I say yes and no, I say 'yes' because there are narrow-minded people that won't look past the logo and 'no' because 'American Idol' put me in front of millions of people and I would not have a career without 'Idol.
    -- Bo Bice

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  • Peace will come With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall..
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • As far as advice to potential teenage idols, there is no formula.
    -- Bobby Sherman

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  • I started going to Madame Louise's, the lesbian club where all the punk bands used to go - the Sex Pistols, the Clash. I remember seeing Billy Idol walk in there; he was gorgeous.
    -- Boy George

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  • My idols are Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Keaton, John Goodman. Maybe that's what I want for me.
    -- Breckin Meyer

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  • We're just like you. Were not these older idols, you know, were just kids like you guys.
    -- Brendon Urie

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  • The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Phil Spector. Those were my idols.
    -- Brian Wilson

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  • I grew up trying to be like my idols, and one of the main people in my life was my father. He played football, and when your father is telling stories about the game he played... Everybody wants to be like their father.
    -- Cam Newton

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  • I went to a Canadian college for performing arts and then I auditioned for Canadian Idol. That honestly was my golden ticket.
    -- Carly Rae Jepsen

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  • We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.
    -- Carol S. Dweck

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  • When reality television really hit, I just had a backlash towards reality. It seemed like a cheap way to make a product. And then when music reality and 'Idol hit,' I just didn't watch it, it seemed novelty. And of course the story of 'Idol,' this is one of the greatest stories in television history.
    -- Carson Daly

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  • After I am dead, I would rather have men ask why Cato has no monument than why he had one.
    -- Cato the Elder

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  • God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.
    -- Chanakya

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  • Any idol, regardless of its beauty or usefulness or original purpose, is to be set aside so that Christ might reign supreme, without a single competitor.
    -- Charles R. Swindoll

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  • I want to be acknowledged as not just a pretty idol who sings and dances on stage, but as an artist
    -- Choi Soo-young

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  • I was always in bands before, but on 'American Idol,' it was about getting my voice out there. It was always my goal, though, to get a band together again.
    -- Chris Daughtry

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  • Who's judging American Idol? Paula Abdul? Paula Abdul judging a singing contest is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest!
    -- Chris Rock

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  • Composers aren't daring enough. They're afraid of that sacred idol called 'common sense', which is the most dreadful thing I know - after all, it's no more than a religion founded to excuse the ubiquity of imbeciles!
    -- Claude Debussy

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  • I was on TV for almost sixteen weeks during American Idol. It's at the point now where it's old.
    -- Clay Aiken

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  • There is a denial of the value of the individual. Christianity affirms the value of each individual soul. Nazism denies it. The individual is sacrificed to the idol of the German Leader, German State or the German race. The ordinary citizen is allowed to hear and think only as the rulers decree.
    -- Clement Attlee

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  • I love the live performances and Las Vegas. I also like making films that are being discovered by another generation. Having been a teen idol of the '60s is great because you realize you left your generation with a smile and good memories.
    -- Connie Stevens

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  • Shelley was an idol of mine -- and many -- an extraordinary woman with powerful charisma, enormous talent and a keen, perceptive mind.
    -- Connie Stevens

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  • American Idol' is a $900 million-a-year corporation. When you are dealing with that, you can't come off with lies - it's either the truth or nothing.
    -- Corey Clark

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  • I've tried to move on with my life and my career for the last two years and do my own thing, and 'American Idol' and FOX, they've just been making it really tough for me to do that.
    -- Corey Clark

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  • For the past two years,the only thing the 'Idol' machine has been doing has been maliciously attacking my name.
    -- Corey Clark

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  • Clay Aiken ran for Congress in North Carolina. But he didn't make it. Clay Aiken is famous for coming in second in a TV popularity contest that most people got fed up with years ago. He also lost on 'American Idol.'
    -- Craig Ferguson

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  • If we must “feel” God's presence before we believe he is with us, we again reduce God to our ability to grasp him, making him an idol instead of acknowledging him as God.
    -- Craig S. Keener

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  • Any time you're mentioned in the same breath as Tony Esposito, for whatever reason, it's a great honor. He's one of my idols. He's one of the greatest of all time.
    -- Curtis Joseph

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  • Damn all false antitheses to hell, for they generate false gods, they perpetuate idols, they twist and distort our souls, they launch the church into violent pendulum swings who oscillations succeed only in dividing brothers and sisters in Christ
    -- D. A. Carson

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  • I remember when I was very little my idol was Britney Spears. I had just come to California and that's just who I wanted to meet. So I was in a store and she walked in and my jaw just fell to the floor. I started like sweating. I could not believe that I was meeting her. She told me that I was very cute. And I lost it — I was so excited.
    -- Dakota Fanning

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  • My idol was Sandino, and also Christ. I was brought up a Christian, but I regarded Christ as a rebel, a revolutionary.
    -- Daniel Ortega

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  • Because you have things like 'American Idol' and you've got radio stations that play music made entirely by computers, it's easy to forget there are bands with actual people playing actual instruments that rock.
    -- Dave Grohl

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  • I got to play with ZZ Top and introduce Bryan Adams and George Michael. And to have it all topped off by me winning 'American Idol?!' It's pretty absurd.
    -- David Cook

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  • Anything that effects our decisions besides that of the Glory of God and His Will Alone is an idol. Why are people so free to do as they please and make decisions off of pleasures, feelings or emotion? It is because they have not been taken captive by the Lord Jesus Christ and He alone does not rule in that life, there are rivals on the throne.
    -- David Wilkerson

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  • To love the one who loves you, To admire the one who admires you, In a word, to be the idol of one's idol, Is exceeding the limit of human joy; It is stealing fire from heaven.
    -- Delphine de Girardin

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  • Men have made an idol of luck as an excuse for their own thoughtlessness.
    -- Democritus

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  • I'm an idol of cinema? Oh, wow.
    -- Dennis Quaid

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  • The response of teenagers to their idols is relevant. As an audience, they enjoy themselves, not by screaming with laughter, but screaming with screams.
    -- Desmond Morris

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  • As a kid, Punky Brewster was my idol. I wanted to dress like her and talk like her.
    -- Devin Kelley

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  • American Idol, I love. I think it's a passing fancy but not passing so soon.
    -- Diane Sawyer

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  • I'm a huge fan of Billy Idol. I spiked my hair every day like him in 7th and 8th grade.
    -- Dierks Bentley

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  • Growing up, my idols were Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper. And Scottie Pippen.
    -- Dirk Nowitzki

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  • My idol was Jack Benny and he was the master of subtlety and timing.
    -- Don Knotts

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  • People want an idol. They want royalty. They don't want a public servant. Hell no. They want someone to clap for and go, "Oh, he touched my hand at the rally!"
    -- Doug Stanhope

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  • We want our idols to be dead because it makes death a much less scary place.
    -- Douglas Coupland

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  • That's my idol, Elvis Presley. If you went to my house, you'd see pictures all over of Elvis. He's just the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And I think it's because he had such presence. When Elvis walked into a room, Elvis Presley was in the ***** room. I don't give a ***** who was in the room with him, Bogart, Marilyn Monroe.
    -- Eddie Murphy

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  • Beware of flattery, 'tis a weed Which oft offends the very idol--vice, Whose shrine it would perfume.
    -- Elijah Fenton

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  • As history shows, dead metaphors make good idols.
    -- Elizabeth A. Johnson

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  • Sometimes I think we know too much about our idols and that spoils the dream.
    -- Elizabeth Taylor

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  • Idols aren't stone statues. They are thoughts, desires, and longings that we worship in the place of the true God
    -- Elyse Fitzpatrick

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  • My hectic work schedule does not often permit me time to visit temples, but my conversations with God don't depend on idol worship. Inside my heart, I have developed and sustained a direct communication with Him.
    -- Emraan Hashmi

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  • Fame means millions of people have the wrong idea of who you are.
    -- Erica Jong

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  • Viktor Petrenko and I met at a competition, where I beat him completely accidentally. I felt so embarrassed in front of my idol.
    -- Evgeni Plushenko

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  • I've been wanting to sing for a long time. I've been singing all my life, and I've tried different record companies, but it seemed like - it was such a struggle and so hard to get out there. So, I said, 'I'm gonna go on American Idol and see how far it takes me.'
    -- Fantasia Barrino

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  • You bring life to my world you give me strength to go on And face life even when it seems all hopes gone Labeled my wife but you truly exceed the title You my future my happiness my heart my idol
    -- Fat Joe

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  • My idol was Johann Cruyff (a Dutch soccer player) and I wanted to be like him. But when I realized that I would never be, I decided to do something else. I met the kitchen by chance and quickly became completely enamoured by it.
    -- Ferran Adria

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  • Dada is like your hopes: nothing like your paradise: nothing like your idols: nothing like your heroes: nothing like your artists: nothing like your religions: nothing
    -- Francis Picabia

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  • Is Billy Idol just doing a bad Elvis pout, or was he born that way?
    -- Freddie Mercury

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  • Jimi Hendrix is very important. He's my idol. He sort of epitomizes, from his presentation on stage, the whole works of a rock star. There's no way you can compare him. You either have the magic or you don't. There's no way you can work up to it. There's nobody who can take his place.
    -- Freddie Mercury

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  • Watch them clamber, these swift monkeys! They clamber over one another and thus drag one another into the mud and the depth. They all want to get to the throne: that is their madness — as if happiness sat on the throne. Often, mud sits on the throne — and often the throne also on mud. Mad they all appear to me, clambering monkeys and overardent. Foul smells their idol, the cold monster: foul, they smell to me altogether, these idolators.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  • Utility is the great idol of the age, to which all powers must do service and all talents swear allegiance.
    -- Friedrich Schiller

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  • Work until your idols become your rivals
    -- G-Dragon

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