Movie quotes

  • A film has its own life and takes its own time.
    -- Aaron Eckhart

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  • The motion picture is the people's Art.
    -- Adela Rogers St. Johns

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  • In my films I always wanted to make people see deeply. I don't want to show things, but to give people the desire to see.
    -- Agnes Varda

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  • I live in cinema. I feel I've lived here forever.
    -- Agnes Varda

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  • The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made - and that's a tricky balance.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • The thing is there have been American movies that are similar to Solaris, like Alien had a lot of things that are similar, although it's also got the horror element.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • The thing about movies these days is that the commerce end of it is so inflated and financiers are just expecting this enormous return on their investment.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • I'm not saying it isn't frustrating that my films haven't gotten a bigger release, but I'm really happy with them and if you just keep cranking and eventually, if you have a certain sensibility, some of your movies will hit and some just won't.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • I think movies are good for getting into dream states or exploring weird alternate states of thinking.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • Hitchcock had to fight to the death to make his movies.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • I'll watch a movie only if it meets the following criteria: 1. It has to have at least two women in it. 2. Who talk to each other. 3. About something besides a man.
    -- Alison Bechdel

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  • It is not as mirrors reflect us but, rather, as our dreams do, that movies most truly reveal the times. If the dreams we have been dreaming provide a sad picture of us, it should be remembered that - like that first book of Dante's Comedy - they show forth only one region of the psyche. Through them we can read with a peculiar accuracy the fears and confusions that assail us - we can read, in caricature, the Hell in which we are bound. But we cannot read the best hopes of the time.
    -- Barbara Deming

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  • License to Kill' is not one of the great Bond movies.
    -- Benicio Del Toro

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  • I'm not saying I'm a writer, but I've been in movies for a long time, and I think I could write a script for a movie.
    -- Benicio Del Toro

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  • Technicolor makes me look like death warmed over.
    -- Bette Davis

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  • The [film] industry is an ecosystem that's sick.
    -- Bette Midler

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  • The [film] business is run by men, and they're basically interested in their own species, and they're not so interested in women belonging to the human race.
    -- Bette Midler

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  • There is a whole generation of people who are going to see movies or watch TV who don't want to work.
    -- Bill Sienkiewicz

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  • Shoot a few scenes out of focus. I want to win the foreign film award.
    -- Billy Wilder

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  • It's something that was very interesting to me to be a part of and all of them again because of the relationship. Some of the superhero movies are better than others.
    -- Blair Underwood

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  • It grossed something like 12 million dollars and started a cycle of so-called boy-meets-ghoul horror films.
    -- Boris Karloff

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  • The Bollywood distribution system is so corrupt that they have trouble making money off movies. So they sell shoes that an actress stepped in. If they turned up the amps some, maybe they could sell the actresses.
    -- Bruce Sterling

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  • I write screenplays that don't get made and pilots that don't get picked up, and I re-write other people's movies, and those are all different kinds of fees.
    -- Bruce Vilanch

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  • You know, I think when people fly the nest a little too soon, as far as getting involved in movies, anything beyond the music can make it suffer, I just want to make sure that I'm not that guy.
    -- Bubba Sparxxx

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  • My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave.
    -- Burt Reynolds

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  • It is odd there are many movies with many men. But generally movies have one woman, or maybe the older woman and the younger girl.
    -- Carla Gugino

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  • I love doing serious movies for adults.
    -- Carla Gugino

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  • I'm intrigued by films that have a singular vision behind them. A lot of studio movies have ten writers by the time they're done. You have a movie testing 200 times, making adjustments according to various people's opinions. It's difficult to have an undistilled vision.
    -- Carla Gugino

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  • Unfortunately, 'chick flick' has become a term to describe most movies that I don't even like. They're these movies that, yes, have women in them but they really don't reflect who women are, and there's something kind of silly or shallow or gossipy about them.
    -- Carla Gugino

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  • I grew up on Bette Davis movies, and Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe.
    -- Charlize Theron

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  • So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
    -- Christina Aguilera

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  • The Dracula movies are probably some of the most famous and enduring ones there are and I am very grateful to them, for sure.
    -- Christopher Lee

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  • The best actors instinctively feel out what the other actors need, and they just accommodate it.
    -- Christopher Nolan

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  • I've made three musical movies which is pretty good considering that not many are made but I was lucky in other ways. I came along when independent movies were starting to boom.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • When videotape came so a lot of movies that I do have a kind of afterlife in video. Things where movies that I do would come and go; they still come and go but you can go rent them and see them on TV.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • My favorite characters are the ones that are the most successful movies.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country.
    -- Clint Eastwood

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  • Technology has not only changed the way people are able to view movies, it has changed the way our industry produces and advertises movies.
    -- Dan Glickman

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  • Before I do a movie, I watch Meryl Streep movies over and over. It's not to mimic her. It's to remind myself to be more committed.
    -- Daphne Zuniga

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  • If you don't like my movies, don't watch them.
    -- Dario Argento

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  • I couldn't sleep one night and I was sitting in my office and I realized that I was an independent filmmaker.
    -- Darren Aronofsky

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  • Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can using only their hands and feet make some of the worst movies in the history of the world.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • For a number of years, I'd been around the kind of people who financed movies and the kind of people who are there to make the deals for movies. But I'd always had this naive idea that everybody wants to make movies as good as they can be, which is stupid.
    -- David Fincher

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  • There are some movies I can watch over and over, never get sick of.
    -- David Fincher

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  • This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.
    -- David Lynch

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  • A good film script should be able to do completely without dialogue.
    -- David Mamet

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  • One cannot overstate the potential for hysteria on a movie set. Everyone always acts as if making the movie is as important as eradicating malaria.
    -- Delia Ephron

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  • Sometimes in movies, I still have to be the hero, but it's not all that important to me anymore.
    -- Dennis Quaid

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  • I'm not a film buff. I don't watch a lot of movies.
    -- Denzel Washington

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  • I would do anything for a part, nearly anything. Being in movies doesn't mean being pretty.
    -- Diane Kruger

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  • It was like in Samoa when they'd put up a movie screen on the beach and show movies and the locals would run behind the sheet to see where the people went. It was pretty grim.
    -- Dick Wolf

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  • I'm a fan of good horror movies.
    -- Donnie Wahlberg

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  • Movies are too literal.
    -- E. L. Doctorow


  • Well, I started thinking about what you were saying about how your movies need to make a profit. Now, what is the one thing, if you put it in a movie, it'll be successful?
    -- Ed Wood

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  • Nobody will ever notice that. Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It's about the big picture.
    -- Ed Wood

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  • I don't think movies can ever be too intense, but people have to understand why you're showing them the things you are showing them.
    -- Edward Zwick

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  • If I were twenty or thirty years younger, I would start afresh in this field with the certainty of accomplishing much. But I should have to learn from the bottom up, forgetting the theatre entirely and concentrating on the special medium of this new art. My mistake, and that of many others, lay in employing "theatrical" techniques despite every effort to avoid them. Here is something quite, quite fresh, a penetrating form of visual poetry, an untried exponent of the human soul. Alas, I am too old for it!
    -- Eleanora Duse

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  • Since films and television have staged everything imaginable before it happens, a true event, taking place in the real world, brings to mind the landscape of films.
    -- Elizabeth Hardwick

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  • Everything makes me nervous - except making films.
    -- Elizabeth Taylor

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  • All I do is go to the movies.
    -- Elizabeth Wurtzel


  • I want to do a musical movie. Like Evita, but with good music.
    -- Elton John

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  • I'm interested in doing movies I wouldn't normally be interested in doing.
    -- Eric Stoltz


  • A lot of the themes of my movies, the actual stories, come from tabloid stories.
    -- Errol Morris

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  • I don’t like the idea of “understanding” a film. I don’t believe that rational understanding is an essential element in the reception of any work of art. Either a film has something to say to you or it hasn’t. If you are moved by it, you don’t need it explained to you. If not, no explanation can make you moved by it.
    -- Federico Fellini

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  • Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.
    -- Federico Fellini

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  • I think America becomes more disgruntled by going to the movies and having an endlessly good time at them.
    -- Fiona Shaw

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  • The reason I took Early Edition - besides the fact that I liked it - was that it enabled me to start a production company in New York City. It's a low-budget film company to produce and direct movies.
    -- Fisher Stevens

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  • When I was a kid, the only way I saw movies was from the back seat of my family's car at the drive-in.
    -- Forest Whitaker

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  • I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.
    -- Francis Ford Coppola

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  • A film is a boat which is always on the point of sinking-it always tends to break up as you go along and drag you under with it.
    -- Francois Truffaut

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  • You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart.
    -- Fred Allen

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  • It's such a pleasure to work in these movies, it's almost like it's not really happening.
    -- Fred Willard

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  • It's very difficult to raise money, especially in the United States, for independent movies.
    -- Gael Garcia Bernal

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  • Every sacred cow in the business has to do with economics.
    -- Gena Rowlands

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  • I'm not surprised that Spielberg was able to capture the heroism of Schindler; so many of his movies are about the better part of mankind.
    -- Gene Siskel

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  • Movie failures are like the common cold. You can stay in bed and take aspirin for six days and recover. Or you can walk around and ignore it for six days and recover.
    -- Gene Tierney

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  • The secret to film is that it's an illusion.
    -- George Lucas

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  • Plays close, movies wrap and TV series eventually get cancelled, and we were cancelled in three season.
    -- George Takei

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  • people only ever offer you a great deal of money for rubbish. The greater the number of noughts on the cheque, the greater the crapular content of the movie; the better the work, the less you're paid.
    -- Glenda Jackson

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  • Hollywood's old trick: repeat a successful formula until it dies.
    -- Gloria Swanson

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  • I loved all those classic figures from the '30s and '40s... Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Humphrey Bogart, Rita Hayworth. They had such glamour and style. I loved the movies of those times too - so much attention paid to details, lights, clothing, the way the studios would develop talent.
    -- Grace Jones

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  • I've always wanted two lives - one for the movies, one for myself.
    -- Greta Garbo

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  • it's difficult in Hollywood to be allowed to try anything. It's all a terrible compromise. There is no time for art. All that matters is what they call box office.
    -- Greta Garbo

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  • I was part of a group that had a cinema club so every week we would project two or three movies on 16 or 35mm.
    -- Guillermo del Toro

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  • The geniuses who conduct the motion-picture business killed glamour when they decided that what the public wanted was not dream stuff, from which movies used to be made, but realism.
    -- Hedda Hopper

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  • Entertainment must be a satisfying emotional experience, a stirring of the heart. We need all kinds of young men and women. Those people with an artist's eye and an executive's brain that we term directors. Those wrestlers with their souls and typewriters known as authors. The beggars on horseback called actors and actresses.
    -- Hedda Hopper

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  • The so-called film star's lot is an infantile and precarious one ...
    -- Hildegard Knef

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  • Hollywood provides ready-made fantasies or daydreams; the problem is whether these are productive or nonproductive, whether the audience is psychologically enriched or impoverished.
    -- Hortense Powdermaker

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  • South Sea natives who have been exposed to American movies classify them into two types, 'kiss-kiss' and 'bang-bang.
    -- Hortense Powdermaker

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  • Sigmund Freud was a half baked Viennese quack. Our literature, culture, and the films of Woody Allen would be better today if Freud had never written a word.
    -- Ian Shoales

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  • [On Alfred Hitchcock:] Hitch is a gentleman farmer who raises goose flesh.
    -- Ingrid Bergman

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  • My sense is, I think it's okay for directors to do movies that speak to other work in their career.
    -- Ivan Reitman

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  • Movies either work or they don't work and they're either funny or they're not and we work very hard. To achieve that kind of work is really kind of delicate stitching.
    -- Ivan Reitman

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  • Like some of my other movies, 'Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes' is also a very political film, and many critics still consider it even the best of all the Apes movies, because it conveys a series of political viewpoints.
    -- J. Lee Thompson

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  • I haven't sold to the movies. In other words, I haven't gotten any enormous checks yet.
    -- Jack Vance

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  • Jack: Where to, Miss? Rose: To the stars.
    -- James Cameron

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