Video quotes

  • There is a bit of acting involved when you get in front of a camera for a video. Even when you perform onstage, you're putting on a show.
    -- Aaliyah

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  • In film, you are a totally different person than in the video.
    -- Aaliyah

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  • I filmed myself drunk, just to see what I'm like. I watched so many funny videos of people drunk on YouTube.
    -- Aaron Paul

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  • I breeze through Twitter - I look at the mentions, the pictures, the videos.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • All the violence in videos and movies, you can't tell me that that wouldn't influence a disturbed person.
    -- Alana Stewart

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  • I direct a lot of TV commercials and music videos.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • Y Tu Mama Tambien' is one of the first unrated movies to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. But many video stores won't take a movie that's not rated, so I had to make the movie an R.
    -- Alfonso Cuaron

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  • I truly loved doing the videos, but it has been hard hearing all the time that you're just the Aerosmith chick.
    -- Alicia Silverstone

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  • The thing that helped me get into the film business was that I went to school in Athens, Georgia and managed to get on, um, working on music videos for a band called R.E.M. and that kind of opened up a lot of doors for me.
    -- Alton Brown

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  • Use video to train assistants you'll be surprised how quickly they learn.
    -- Andrew Mayne

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  • There's not a lot of music videos that are totally, totally disturbing.
    -- Andy Milonakis


  • Video just accesses international information so much more readily.
    -- Ann Macbeth

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  • You have to also provide a video for it, look a certain way and big hair... If you're a woman it's even more strange with fake fingernails and corsets and all this stuff that was big in the 80s.
    -- Ann Wilson

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  • I didn't know much about video games.
    -- Anna Torv

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  • Apart from photography and music videos, I also do graphic design.
    -- Anton Corbijn

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  • He found it both sad and fascinating that only through an artificial universe of video images could she establish contact with the real world.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke

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  • I don't like new cars; I'm into vintage cars - there's a Jaguar E-Type in the 'Goldie' video.
    -- ASAP Rocky

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  • I've loved Michael Jackson, his music, his music videos.
    -- Ashley Tisdale


  • I see the beard and cloak, but I don't yet see a philosopher. -Video barbam et pallium; philosophum nondum video
    -- Aulus Gellius

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  • Video games are a huge, incredibly popular, world-transforming medium.
    -- Austin Grossman

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  • The video game story-development process is incredibly broken.
    -- Austin Grossman

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  • I promoted myself on Twitter and Facebook as hard as possible, nonstop. People started realizing that if they commented on my videos, I'd reply to their comment, so I started getting a lot more views and comments.
    -- Austin Mahone

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  • I'm the kind of person, if I see something, like a funny video, I want to share it. With Twitter and Tumblr you can do that on a mass scale, and people get to know your personality.
    -- Aziz Ansari

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  • When I got to the stadium, one of my biggest things was watching video of hitters.
    -- Bengie Molina

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  • I don't have a good attention span and can't spend long in record stores or video shops or games emporiums without getting grumpy.
    -- Beth Ditto

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  • Video games are engineered now, but the step I am trying to take, no one can engineer.
    -- Bill Budge

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  • I worked with Lady Gaga for a day on a video shoot. It was crazy; we had a lot of fun. I had a great time.
    -- Bill Skarsgard

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  • Video artists being at the low end of the totem pole economically, one of the ways we survive is to go around showing work and giving these talks.
    -- Bill Viola

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  • The fundamental aspect of video is not the image, even though you can stand in amazement at what can be done electronically, how images can be manipulated and the really extraordinary creative possibilities. For me the essential basis of video is the movement - something that exists at the moment and changes in the next moment.
    -- Bill Viola

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  • I came of age at the end of the 1960s, just when video was also coming into the world. Companies such as Sony and Panasonic were starting to market it and we artists immediately knew how it could be used.
    -- Bill Viola

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  • It's a music video but she was real specific on the character that Mary J. Blige was playing, and that I was playing in this video and I told her whenever you get to jump to the big screen I'd love to come with you and she honored that.
    -- Blair Underwood

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  • I must tell you, to get started today must be very difficult 'cause whatever it takes today is very tough. They have to invest a million dollars in a video just to see if you have a hit record.
    -- Bobby Vinton

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  • We saw a fair bit of video on them towards the back end of the week and we were licking our lips.
    -- Brett Morris

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  • A good video can make all the difference
    -- Brian May

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  • My videos always involve some idea of a human being in a unusual situation-and what happens.
    -- Bruce Nauman

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  • I think all my videos suck.
    -- Bryan Adams

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  • We hope everyone will join us in showing everyone just how much fun video games can be.
    -- Cammie Dunaway

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  • The downside of videos is that it will put my vision in front of other people, so they might not get the chance to create their own.
    -- Carole King

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  • I would love to do something like 'Tosh.0,' where I host Internet clips. I did host 'Talk Soup,' which is similar. I love doing that, making fun of video clips on the Internet.
    -- Cassandra Peterson

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  • Every song will be a video. Its going to be very spectacular.
    -- Celine Dion

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  • We started YouTube to democratize video distribution. Now, we are democratizing video creation,
    -- Chad Hurley

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  • My favorite artist in the world is Michael Jackson, and he revolutionized the music video aspect of music.
    -- Chance the Rapper

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  • I do want to take some time and reinvent and get better and maybe get behind the camera a little more. I do want to direct at some point and start failing really early - start shooting videos and then commercials and then hopefully do some narrative.
    -- Channing Tatum

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  • I can act normally, and I can go out, but people around you don't act normally. If it was normal, I'd go out and have my dinner and nobody would be video-phoning me eating my dinner.
    -- Cheryl Cole

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  • Just to be clear, Ray Rice was not fired for beating his wife. He was fired because a video of him beating his wife was released.
    -- Chris Rock

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  • I'm rather old-fashioned about this video business. It's all relatively new. We really don't do videos, Fleetwood Mac. We've only done two.
    -- Christine McVie

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  • When videotape came so a lot of movies that I do have a kind of afterlife in video. Things where movies that I do would come and go; they still come and go but you can go rent them and see them on TV.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • Here's the problem right now; the person who is savvy enough to want to have a good PC to upgrade their video card, is a person who is savvy enough to know bit torrent to know all the elements so they can pirate software. Therefore, high-end videogames are suffering very much on the PC.
    -- Cliff Bleszinski

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  • I am a kid from the '70s, when video games first started coming out, so I definitely have to say I am a video game junkie to this day.
    -- Cobi Jones

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  • Having come up in the era where movies are only movies if they're released in the theater... I don't know if that holds true anymore. I've been involved in some movies that have gone 'direct-to-video,' and that used to not be a good thing, but now it's different.
    -- Colin Hanks

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  • I play a lot of ultra-violent video games.
    -- Cory Monteith

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  • There was a time when country never used to do videos.
    -- Crystal Gayle

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  • The modern video games kind of - they're too three dimensional.
    -- Dan Auerbach

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  • There's huge, massive mother ships going up to the Yukon. They've been filmed and are on video.
    -- Dan Aykroyd

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  • I've discovered a new video game called owning my home.
    -- Dan Harmon

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  • I always would dream of making music videos. Whenever I make music, I always have a visual in my mind. I always see things.
    -- Dan Reynolds

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  • Take any job, get started and stop with the video games and pot. I'm not for that.
    -- Dana Perino

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  • Things have to hit for the moment. That's one of the reasons I'm into video; the image has to hit immediately. I adore video and the whole cutting up of it.
    -- David Bowie

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  • I've rarely seen video screens used well in a music concert.
    -- David Byrne

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  • Nah, I've done sex scenes before, you know, like in video.
    -- David Cronenberg

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  • I get a lot of action scripts. I get low-budget vehicles that will end up right on the video shelf. I want to do movies that I want to talk about, that I'm proud of, but I also want to make a living.
    -- Dean Cain

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  • I did, like, a couple of sexier videos, because all of a sudden I went, 'Wow, I have a body. I have this side of me that I haven't shown yet.' And I started kind of playing around with that side of things.
    -- Debbie Gibson

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  • We are so habitually nostalgic by now that we anticipate looking back in the midst of enjoyment, look forward to watching the videos we're taking of our children even as we make them.
    -- Deborah Tall

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  • It takes more than going down to the video store and renting "Easy Rider" to be a rebel.
    -- Dennis Hopper

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  • I still think about that one Jamiroquai video a lot.
    -- Doris Kearns Goodwin

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  • Sometimes videos make a bad song very tight.
    -- Earl Sweatshirt

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  • By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We've sold tons of them.
    -- Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

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  • The best movies now are called 'thrillers.' Because if you use the word 'horror,' people's associations are straight-to-video crap.
    -- Eli Roth

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  • It is, I suppose, the business of grandparents to create memories and the relative of memories: traditions. We want to lodge moments, like snapshots, in the fleeting video of time.
    -- Ellen Goodman

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  • I'm into video games, but only real specific lame video games.
    -- Emily Browning

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  • In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food; in 2000, they spent more than $110 billion. Americans now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, or new cars. They spend more on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music—combined.
    -- Eric Schlosser

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  • Video games paid for my house. What am I saying? Go ahead and keep playing!
    -- Ernest Cline

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  • I thought, 'If I'm going to die, I'm going to videotape it.' So I got out my little video recorder and was taping goodbyes to my family.
    -- Estella Warren

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  • Video games are ubiquitous now.
    -- Eugene Jarvis

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  • My goal with every show we put on Geek & Sundry is to make it that big of a success, not just within the video but within fandom itself.
    -- Felicia Day

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  • Growing up, I would watch a movie on video and would go to the back of the VHS and locate the address for Universal Pictures or MGM or whatever. I'd write to the studios asking them if I could be in a movie. They never wrote me back.
    -- Garrett Hedlund

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  • I don't take my clothes off in my videos
    -- Gavin DeGraw

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  • I am terrible at video games and I am really competitive. And if I am not the best at something, I go absolutely crazy!
    -- Gemma Arterton

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  • I don't watch penalties in my hotel room. I watch naughty videos
    -- Gianluigi Buffon

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  • My knowledge of video games ends with Nintendo 'Mario Bros.
    -- Gina Carano

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  • It's insanely difficult to ask an audience to go somewhere other than YouTube to watch videos.
    -- Grace Helbig

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  • It was literally like the video game!
    -- Greg Biffle

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  • I get offers to do huge-budget music videos with big production companies all the time, but I have no interest.
    -- Grimes

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  • Most of my music videos were made for under $200.
    -- Grimes

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  • When I was a teenager there was no video in my country. Betamax came to Mexico very slowly
    -- Guillermo del Toro

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  • Films are fantastic - they are one of the peaks of human narrative. But I'm sorry to break the news to the movie industry: So is a video game.
    -- Guillermo del Toro

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  • I'm a huge fan of Geffen records. Everything about them - their artists, their videos, their marketing.
    -- Guy Oseary

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  • The most nervous I've ever been was on a 250 pound music video which is the first thing I ever did. And I stepped on there with a directing partner, so I could blame him when everything went ***** up. But since then my nerves have incrementally decreased so I'm not plagued by the same sense of nerves as I used to be.
    -- Guy Ritchie

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  • Ten minutes in a video store should convince any impartial observer that we live in a police state of consciousness, far more pervasive than the Nazis.
    -- Hakim Bey

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  • If the right to vote were expanded to seven year olds … its policies would most definitely reflect the ‘legitimate concerns’ of children to have ‘adequate’ and ‘equal’ access to ‘free’ french fries, lemonade and videos.
    -- Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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  • I did my own music videos, my own TV commercials.
    -- Helen Reddy

    #Video #Tvs #Tv Commercial

  • Video games lend themselves completely to 3-D.
    -- Howard Stringer

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  • But many researchers operate as if it is their responsibility to demonstrate that video violence has a direct effect on the behaviour of young children, because that will help to explain why society is becoming more violent.
    -- Hugh Mackay

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  • Right now, more people enjoy movies, music, television and movies than they do video games.
    -- J Allard

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  • When I started competing, you had to have your coach there. Now you can be coached from a home office via Skype or video. That's not the same as having them on the field with you.
    -- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

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  • I'm kind of a 'Fix-It Felix' video girl. I like the simpler, sweeter kind of games.
    -- Jane Lynch

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  • I am really indoors-y. I am a video game and movie buff, and this keeps me in my little boy cave.
    -- Jared Gilman

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  • I win and succeed only 'cause I fail so much. I fail all the time. I wrote 70 songs just to have 12 good ones. For the video I shot 60 hours of footage. 60 hours! To come up with an 8 minute video. So really I only win 'cause I fail.
    -- Jared Leto

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  • Everything is happening faster on the Internet, so advertisers have to be able to respond quickly. If there is a pop-culture topic, a celebrity, event, some amazing viral video, a news story - how do advertisers get close to that so they can take advantage of traffic jumps?
    -- Jason Hirschhorn

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  • I don't play video games.
    -- Jason Newsted

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