Rays quotes

  • Krishna was conceived in the womb of Devaki mysteriously as the sun setting in the West imparts his rays to the rising moon in the East.
    -- A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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  • Everyone felt like they knew Ray Charles and in a way they did, because he was embodied by his music.
    -- Ahmet Ertegun

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  • Though thou art far away, thy rays are on Earth; Though thou art in their faces, no one knows thy going.
    -- Akhenaton

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  • When you are risen on the eastern horizon You have filled every land with your beauty... Though you are far away, your rays are on Earth.
    -- Akhenaton

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  • As an actor, if you're just sitting and staring and you don't know who you are in your own mind, it's vacant. And sometimes the camera is an X-ray machine, it can pick it up.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • Oh! blest with temper, whose unclouded ray Can make to-morrow cheerful as to-day.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • Tis use alone that sanctifies expense And splendor borrow all her rays from sense.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • There are no objective tests in psychiatry-no X-ray, laboratory, or exam finding that says definitively that someone does or does not have a mental disorder.
    -- Allen Frances

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  • Your thoughts are your message to the world. Just as the rays are the messages of the Sun.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • There are truths that shield themselves behind veils, and are best spoken by implication. Even the sun veils himself in his own rays to blind the gaze of the too curious starer.
    -- Amos Bronson Alcott

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  • Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world. If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.
    -- Andrew Mason

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  • Both the brightness and the spectrum of the X-rays are very different from what theory predicts.
    -- Andrew Young

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  • Lethargics are to be laid in the light, and exposed to the rays of the sun for the disease is gloom.
    -- Aretaeus of Cappadocia

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  • Oh leave the Wise our measures to collate. One thing at least is certain, light has weight. One thing is certain and the rest debate. Light rays, when near the Sun, do not go straight.
    -- Arthur Eddington

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  • Even originally well-defined pencils of cathode rays from the Sun cannot reach the Earth. For Birkeland's theories to be correct, the existance of such cathode rays is clearly presupposed to be necessary...and this assumption is untenable.
    -- Arthur Schuster

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  • My dad has always been a big Ray Charles fan, and I've grown up listening to all kinds of music.
    -- Avicii

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  • Awareness must be like the rays of the sun: extending everywhere, illuminating all.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • If I could start with anybody, I would initially draft Tom Brady. Then I would go get Ray Lewis, and then maybe an offensive lineman, or somebody like Adrian Peterson.
    -- Barry Sanders

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  • I love Ray Mears. He's brilliant. He's so rude about me in the press, it's outrageous!
    -- Bear Grylls

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  • Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music.
    -- Blake Shelton

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  • You know, the streets are filled with vipers Who've lost all ray of hope You know, it ain't even safe no more In the palace of the Pope
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • Don't try to be the next Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay, we already have those people. We want someone who is going to make their own mark on 'Food Network.'
    -- Bobby Flay

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  • Ray Wilkins' day will come one night
    -- Bobby Robson

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  • Some golfers fantasize about playing in a foursome with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Sam Snead. The way I hit I'd rather play in a foursome with Helen Keller, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder.
    -- Bruce Lansky

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  • A feeling that was possibly generated by experiences in my previous work on cosmic rays; more likely it was inborn and was the reason why, as a young man, I went into the field of cosmic rays.
    -- Bruno Rossi

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  • If I heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times from Ray Hunt. He said 'make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy'. Then he said 'but don’t make the wrong thing impossible'. Well.....you learn from making mistakes. It’s that simple.
    -- Buck Brannaman

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  • Anyone got X-ray visión?I asked, trying to smile. Where is Superman when you need him?
    -- Charlaine Harris

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  • Genius is of no country; her pure ray Spreads all abroad, as general as the day.
    -- Charles Churchill

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  • Ray Cummins is my good friend and one of the best finger pickers around.
    -- Chet Atkins

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  • Just to be clear, Ray Rice was not fired for beating his wife. He was fired because a video of him beating his wife was released.
    -- Chris Rock

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  • In general, the objects in the universe that are very high-energy objects, or the processes that are high-energy processes, will radiate more in the short wavelength range towards the gamma rays or the x-rays.
    -- Claude Nicollier

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  • When I'm online, I'm alone in a room, tapping on a keyboard, staring at a cathode-ray tube.
    -- Clifford Stoll

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  • Nothing quite delivers the full experience of being out there like floating around soaking up the warmth of the early morning rays with a brush in hand.
    -- Cory Trepanier

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  • There are certain things in there that no one else would recognize, really. I see details of my life that I didn't even intend to put in when I was doing the work. For example, I noticed that every single kid in the high school in The Death-Ray is based on somebody I went to high school with.
    -- Daniel Clowes

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  • For example, I noticed that every single kid in the high school in 'The Death-Ray' is based on somebody I went to high school with.
    -- Daniel Clowes

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  • Ray Charles has always been a big part of my life.
    -- Darius Rucker

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  • Illy [Ray Illingworth] had the man-management skills of Basil Fawlty
    -- Darren Gough

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  • All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • And although I see few results, future missionaries will see conversions following every sermon. May they not forget the pioneers who worked in the thick gloom with few rays to cheer, except such as flow from faith in the precious promises of God's Word.
    -- David Livingstone

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  • I have the background singers of Ray Charles, the background singers of Smokey Robinson, and the background singers of Barry White and I built a choir around that.
    -- Della Reese

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  • Sunspots and cosmic rays have a 79 percent correlation with our thermometer record since 1860. Meanwhile the CO2 correlation is a mere 22 percent.
    -- Dennis T. Avery

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  • If I'm traveling, I'll take a film camera and a digital camera because sometimes there are moments where, if you've lost it, or if coming back and it accidentally goes through the X-ray machine and it gets overexposed, you might have had a really important moment to you and you would be really upset that you didn't have a back-up.
    -- Dianna Agron

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  • Sugar Ray Robinson was at the top of the boxing world during the 1950's when it seemed that he would either win or lose the championship about every three or four months.
    -- Dick Schaap

    #Winning #Boxing #Rays

  • I got to know Sugar Ray but I certainly would not say we were good friends.
    -- Dick Schaap

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  • Any conversation including the mention of Roald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, or Emily Dickinson is one worth getting into or at least eavesdropping.
    -- Don Roff

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  • Randy Newman seemed like an even worse singer than me. I liked Ray Charles, Levi Stubbs, Jack Jones, Joe Tex, Wilson Pickett.
    -- Donald Fagen

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  • I should not like to leave an impression that all structural problems can be settled by X-ray analysis or that all crystal structures are easy to solve. I seem to have spent much more of my life not solving structures than solving them.
    -- Dorothy Hodgkin

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  • If you don't care about science enough to be interested in it on its own, you shouldn't try to write hard science fiction. You can write like Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison as much as you want.
    -- Frederik Pohl

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  • A ray of imagination or of wisdom may enlighten the universe, and glow into remotest centuries.
    -- George Berkeley

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  • Starlight is falling on every square mile of the earth's surface, and the best we can do at present is to gather up and concentrate the rays that strike at area 100 inches in diameter.
    -- George Ellery Hale

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  • When Hank Jones had his night off, I would get somebody to take my place as intermission pianist and I'd play the show with Ella, so I would get a chance to play with Ray Brown and Charlie Smith as well.
    -- George Shearing

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  • If you have only a little ray of light, show out distinctly that you are for Him.
    -- George Wigram

    #Christian #Light #Rays

  • Reality only reveals itself when it is illuminated by a ray of poetry.
    -- Georges Braque

    #Reality #Poetry #Rays

  • ...although divided in His various powers and energies, in each of His works the Holy Spirit is wholly present and active, undividedly divided, partaken of while remaining complete, like the sun's ray.
    -- Gregory Palamas

    #Christian #Rays #Energy

  • Glory darts her soul-pervading ray on thrones and cottages, regardless still of all the artificial nice distinctions vain human customs make.
    -- Hannah More

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  • Round my cradle shimmered the last moonbeams of the eighteenth century and the first morning rays of the nineteenth.
    -- Heinrich Heine

    #Time #Morning #Rays

  • As all true virtue, wherever found, is a ray of the life of the All-Holy; so all solid knowledge, all really accurate thought, descends from the Eternal Reason, and ought, when we apprehend it, to guide us upwards to Him.
    -- Henry Parry Liddon

    #Knowledge #Rays #Virtue

  • The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken.
    -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    #Adversity #Light #Rays

  • All living creatures are sparks from the radiation of God’s brilliance, emerging from God like the rays of the sun.
    -- Hildegard of Bingen

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  • David Ray Griffin has done admirable and painstaking research in reviewing the mysteries surrounding the 9/11 attacks. It is the most persuasive argument I have seen for further investigation [into] that historic and troubling event.
    -- Howard Zinn

    #Rays #Events #Done

  • Mozart's music is like an X-ray of your soul - it shows what is there, and what isn't.
    -- Isaac Stern

    #Soul #Rays #Music Is

  • One day, I'll be listening to a bunch of Ray Charles, the next day it's nothing but Red Hot Chili Peppers. The next day it might be Tupac all day.
    -- J. Cole

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  • Ray, what you got to do is go climb a mountain...
    -- Jack Kerouac

    #Mountain #Rays #Climbs

  • The three toughest fighters I ever fought were Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Robinson. I fought Sugar so many times, I'm surprised I'm not diabetic.
    -- Jake LaMotta

    #Funny #Boxing #Rays

  • I fought Sugar [Ray Robinson] so many times that I'm lucky I didn't get diabetes
    -- Jake LaMotta

    #Boxing #Rays #Lucky

  • I fought Sugar Ray so often, I almost got diabetes.
    -- Jake LaMotta

    #Rays #Sugar #Diabetes

  • As far as a guy like Ray Lewis is concerned, you know hes going to be around the ball all the time.
    -- Jamal Lewis

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  • Luckily, I have the good fortune of being on the same team as Ray Lewis. I dont have to face him on Sunday.
    -- Jamal Lewis

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  • The advent of DVD/Blu-ray reissues of classic Hollywood and foreign films has been a boon to film buffs, who can now study their favorites in all their glistening detail and restored palettes.
    -- James Wolcott

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  • I never planned to win an Oscar. When I auditioned for 'Ray,' I was just thinking about what a great project it would be.
    -- Jamie Foxx

    #Winning #Thinking #Rays

  • I don't think our death ray is working. I'm standing right in it, and I'm not dead yet.
    -- Jamie Hyneman

    #Thinking #Rays #Standing

  • Ray Comfort's got a fabulous film. Oh boy, this is going to cause the halls of academia to have a few conversations around the cafeteria.
    -- Janet Parshall

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  • Patricia Sun is a solar light of consciousness whose wisdom rays cover the world. Everywhere I travel through out the earth, I find people whose lives have been enhanced and transformed by her luminous work.
    -- Jean Houston

    #Light #People #Rays

  • Yeah, I loved Ray Bradbury.
    -- Jeff Bridges

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  • You are more likely to acquire power by narrowing your focus and applying your energies, like the sun's rays, to a limited range of activities in a small number of domains.
    -- Jeffrey Pfeffer

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  • I just went to the doctor today, I got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven.
    -- Jennifer Lawrence

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  • I think Ray Guy and John Madden for sure should be in the Hall of Fame and Cliff Branch should be as well.
    -- Jim Otto

    #Thinking #Guy #Rays

  • And there's Ray Clemence looking as cool as ever out in the cold.
    -- Jimmy Hill

    #Football #Rays #Cold

  • I would like to be able to do a song with Ray Charles, before we both get too old.
    -- Joe Cocker

    #Song #Rays #Able

  • Here in Denver, we want to thank Jeremy Jacobs for the way he runs his business. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten Ray Bourque and won a Stanley Cup.
    -- Joe Sakic

    #Running #Rays #Denver

  • A beam of luminous hydrogen canal rays has, owing to its velocity, exactly the same direction as that of the electric field in which it may be made to move.
    -- Johannes Stark

    #Moving #Rays #Owing

  • We have learnt through experience that when an electrical ray strikes the surface of an atom, an electron, and in some circumstances a second and even a third electron, can be detached.
    -- Johannes Stark

    #Experience #Rays #Atoms

  • O truth divine! enlightened by thy ray, I grope and guess no more, but see my way.
    -- John Arbuthnot

    #Truth #Rays #Way

  • Ray Illingworth is relieving himself in front of the pavilion.
    -- John Arlott


  • Autumn ripens in the summer's ray.
    -- John Armstrong

    #Summer #Autumn #Rays

  • Every area of trouble gives out a ray of hope; and the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.
    -- John F. Kennedy

    #Hope #Giving #Rays

  • Cathode-ray tubes are the most important items in a television receiver.
    -- John Logie Baird

    #Important #Rays #Television

  • There is no hope for television by means of cathode-ray tubes.
    -- John Logie Baird

    #Mean #Rays #Television

  • Who isn't a fan of Ray Charles?
    -- John Scofield

    #Rays #Fans

  • Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have created a biblically sound course that will not only motivate Christians; it will equip them to fulfill the Great Commission.
    -- Josh McDowell

    #Christian #Rays #Sound

  • We delight in the mere sight of the delicate glow of fading rays clinging to the surface of a dusky wall, there to live out what little life remains to them.
    -- Junichiro Tanizaki

    #Wall #Sight #Rays

  • The writer cannot be a mere storyteller; he cannot be a mere teacher; he cannot merely X-ray society’s weaknesses, its ills, its perils. He or she must be actively involved shaping its present and its future.
    -- Ken Saro-Wiwa

    #Teacher #Rays #Weakness

  • He wished he had some kind of X-ray vision for the human heart.
    -- Kim Edwards

    #Heart #Vision #Rays

  • It's definitely true that Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of my all-time favorite guitarists.
    -- Kirk Hammett

    #Rays #All Time #All Time Favorite

  • I always wanted to fire rays out of my fingertips.
    -- Len Wein

    #Fire #Rays #Lenses

  • More than fantasy or even science fiction, Ray Bradbury wrote horror, and like so many great horror writers he was himself utterly without fear, of anything. He wasn't afraid of looking uncool - he wasn't scared to openly love innocence, or to be optimistic, or to write sentimentally when he felt that way.
    -- Lev Grossman

    #Writing #Optimistic #Rays

  • aloud she said why not you ray you were involed in this as much as the resst of uswhy is it that bud never tried to do anything to you ?his armed tighted around her.'he knew the worst thing for me was a world without you
    -- Lois Duncan

    #Rays #Bud #Why Not

  • Radio has no future." "X-rays are clearly a hoax". "The aeroplane is scientifically impossible.
    -- Lord Kelvin

    #Technology #Rays #Radio

  • But we did conclude that Ray had actually killed Dr. King pursuant to his theory that he was going to be able to get hold of that money. He had learned of this offer through his ties in the Missouri State Penitentiary.
    -- Louis Stokes

    #Kings #Ties #Rays