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  • I don't know what DVD commentaries are about. I'd like to strangle the person who came up with that concept.
    -- Abel Ferrara

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  • I don't have a TV at my house. I literally do not. I have a television, but I don't have anything plugged into it, though. I watch DVDs.
    -- Aimee Teegarden

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  • Don't knock finding nemo," Xavier teased, taking the DVD from my grasp. "It's a modern classic." "Is it seriously about fish?" "Yeah, but really cool fish.
    -- Alexandra Adornetto

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  • I love my films. I have stacks and stacks of DVDs. I put 'Last of the Mohicans' on the other day with Daniel Day-Lewis. It hurts me to say it because he's a Millwall fan, but I think he's fantastic.
    -- Alvin Martin

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  • I was one of seven, and we took a lot of road trips - long road trips. And this was before iPhones and iPads and DVD players in cars. I remember how novel it was when I got my own Walkman so I could listen to music.
    -- Amy Adams

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  • When I first moved to L.A., I didn't have a lot of money to join a gym or take classes, so I improvised. My sister and I went to the library and looked over their DVD collection and discovered Neena and Veena, these Egyptian twins who have a whole series of belly dancing routines. We did them all.
    -- AnnaLynne McCord

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  • But the community knew Blade, and everybody but us was shocked at the box office, and subsequently the DVD. That was the beginning of the DVD revolution, and Blade was just like wildfire.
    -- Avi Arad

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  • I'm not a celebrity trainer. I don't have my own line of DVDs, but I'm a fighter and have everything to prove.
    -- Cara Castronuova

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  • I lie around the floor with my cats Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best friends.
    -- Cathy Freeman

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  • But I'll never see any of those fish," said Maxie."Or those whales. Or any lions or tigers. I'm never going to set foot in a rain forest now, am I? I won't even be able to watch old DVD's about them without electricity. What does the future hold? It's like going back to the middle ages. Nobody knowing what was going on beyond their front doorstep. All I'll ever know is this. This little bit of London.
    -- Charlie Higson

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  • I think a Chris Jericho triple DVD set is a great present. I don't what my kids are complaining about....
    -- Chris Jericho

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  • The process of making a movie has expanded in terms of effort and time for the director, doing commentaries for the DVD for example, finishing deleted scenes so they could be on the DVD, and doing things like a web blog.
    -- David Cronenberg

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  • The simple-minded always look for something - if it's not pornography, it's DVDs or the Internet or video games - but I don't think there's anything inherently evil about Facebook.
    -- David Fincher

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  • Oh, yeah, I love DVD's. I don't have what you'd call an extensive collection, maybe a couple of hundred or so. But I have something on almost all the time.
    -- David Fincher

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  • In between training sessions, I'll often watch DVDs of King Kong, Godzilla or Frankenstein, just to keep my mind on the task in hand and remind myself of the magnitude of the challenge.
    -- David Haye

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  • Something happens to us all when we experience something as a unit that doesn't occur when we're on our couches or holding our little portable DVD players.
    -- David Ogden Stiers

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  • We own our movie and are now close to breaking even, even without finishing domestic DVD deals.
    -- Donal Logue

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  • The only way I thought I could do a greatest hits album is to do it in a prison where they have no f**king idea who I am. I'd do what I consider the best of those old, early CDs before I did DVDs. A women's prison would be even better, but it has to be English-speaking.
    -- Doug Stanhope

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  • The stigma of the straight-to-DVD thing is over.
    -- Edward Burns

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  • I never put out a vanilla edition of a DVD.
    -- Eli Roth

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  • Sailor Moon' was my favorite cartoon of all time, and I'm still kind of obsessed with it. I own all the DVDs to watch it at home.
    -- Emily Browning

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  • I try to work out with my personal trainer for an hour, four times a week - we mainly concentrate on weights and running. If I'm on the road I sometimes do DVD work-outs in my hotel room - P90X and Insanity are a couple of my favourites.
    -- Fergie

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  • Kids know me from their Grease DVD, so they instantly respond. You can hear a pin drop when I do my old songs.
    -- Frankie Avalon

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  • I've never been to the opera; I've only seen opera on DVD.
    -- Gemma Arterton

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  • A comic will always be more 'personal' than a DVD or CD, both of which require electronic 'players' to decode their content. With comics, the reader is the player so the engagement with the material is always more fundamental and dynamic. Reading comics is a much less passive activity than consuming CDs and DVDs.
    -- Grant Morrison

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  • That's one of the great things about DVD: In addition to reaching people who didn't catch the movie in theaters, you get to have this interaction of sorts.
    -- Harold Ramis

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  • You know how sad your life is when you know the release date of DVDs.
    -- Heston Blumenthal

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  • I don't think people really do listen. We plug into music, and we have short attention spans. We tend to download individual tracks from iTunes rather than a whole album. We buy music DVDs and watch them once, and then they disappear into a drawer, or we loan them to a friend, and we never watch it again.
    -- Ian Anderson

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  • Also watching a movie on DVD is different than watching it in the theater.
    -- Ivan Reitman

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  • If you buy a DVD you have a copy. If you want a backup copy you buy another one.
    -- Jack Valenti

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  • In industries where a lot of competitors are selling the same product - mangoes, gasoline, DVD players - price is the easiest way to distinguish yourself. The hope is that if you cut prices enough you can increase your market share, and even your profits. But this works only if your competitors won't, or can't, follow suit.
    -- James Surowiecki

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  • The advent of DVD/Blu-ray reissues of classic Hollywood and foreign films has been a boon to film buffs, who can now study their favorites in all their glistening detail and restored palettes.
    -- James Wolcott

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  • I really enjoy the consolation when I'm having to cut loose stuff I love, of saying 'Well, at least it will make it onto DVD.' There's a couple of scenes which I liked very much, but couldn't fit them into the film that are on there.
    -- Jay Roach

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  • I do love DVD and I've always taken them seriously. You know, on the Austin things, we really put a ton of work into them because there's so much design involved. And in this one, we thought a lot about it and what could go in.
    -- Jay Roach

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  • I figure if it's turns out well the film will have its own momentum and will carry into the video release. So it's hard to really picture the DVD version when I'm in production.
    -- Jay Roach

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  • The DVD does make it a little easier for myself to trim things that are otherwise very difficult to let loose of - knowing that they'll make it on the DVD.
    -- Jay Roach

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  • The roadwork is just rehearsal for that DVD you're going to film a year later.
    -- Jeff Dunham

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  • If people are still buying tickets, and still buying the DVDs, and they're still watching on YouTube and my fifteen minutes of fame isn't finished yet, then I'll just keep doing it.
    -- Jeff Dunham

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  • Yeah sure, I'd love to have all my movies on DVD.
    -- Jerry Bruckheimer

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  • The director's who want to be innovative use the DVD as a tool to see what people have done in the past and you have other people who will actually take from better directors and that makes them better directors.
    -- Jerry Bruckheimer

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  • This band - because this is myself on electric and acoustic guitars - we've done three tours together now and I really, really like it which is why I did the DVD as well.
    -- Joan Armatrading

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  • A lot of things went incredibly well for 'Scrubs': from a ridiculous number of downloads on the iPods, to whenever they issue a new season on DVD it kinda sells out, and we got nominated for an Emmy. To be picked up for six years is all gravy, man.
    -- John C. McGinley

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  • I was involved in the color correction and the digital color correction. In an odd way, you end up making a film many times-the DVD, the archival record of a high-definition master, and so on.
    -- John Dykstra

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  • There are people who like short movies, and I think they should just watch our movies on DVD because they can pause, go to the bathroom, eat dinner, and come back to it.
    -- Judd Apatow

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  • I couldn't see my father's films because they were restricted and we didn't have videos or DVDs back then.
    -- Kiefer Sutherland

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  • Movie theaters still exist in spite of all of the alternatives that are available, video and video-on-demand and DVD and streaming video and all of these things.
    -- Leonard Maltin

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  • Uh, I thought DVDs werne't allowed at my sleepovers. They're not. Then why am i watching the Lady and the Tramp?
    -- Lisi Harrison

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  • One of the things that's driving films in a particular direction is that the after market value of them is dropping really fast and in many segments of it, not just DVDs. Pay television is dropping.
    -- Lorenzo di Bonaventura

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  • Do you lend books and DVDs to people? If so, don't you always regret it? All my life I have forced books on to people who have subsequently forgotten all about it. Meanwhile, on my shelves sit many orphaned books loaned to me over the years by trusting, innocent souls - some as long ago as the Seventies.
    -- Lynne Truss

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  • In the wake of her indispensable textbook, Janet Burroway now offers a splendid and concise guide to the thorny task of revision. Writers, young and old, will feel encouraged and enlightened by this excellent DVD which offers a wonderful range of specific advice and suggestive comments from a group of experienced and thoughtful writers.
    -- Margot Livesey

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  • You know, I watched the original 'Same Time, Next Year' on DVD about ten times this year, and I cried all ten times.
    -- Mark Duplass

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  • I buy DVDs. I don't really buy CDs unless they're for other people.
    -- Martin Freeman

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  • I'm very proud of Space 1999. Its success paved the way for other sci-fi shows to follow. My hope is that the DVD release will help it reach a new generation of fans
    -- Martin Landau

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  • I mean, I must confess I don't own Harry Potter DVDs. My parents do. They have them all. And they like watching them.
    -- Matthew Lewis

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  • If life were a movie, physical reality would be the entire DVD: Future and past frames exist just as much as the present one.
    -- Max Tegmark

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  • At home we watch DVDs and love our many animals.
    -- Melissa Satta

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  • When we first put 'Let It Be' out, I had to cut out a lot of stuff that I really like and wanted to stay in there. The stuff in the new DVD has a lot of the stuff that had to be cut out. So for me, it's like the egg is now complete.
    -- Michael Lindsay-Hogg

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  • I don't even like DVDs. Honest to God, in my lifetime, I might have rented a dozen DVDs, literally gone into a video store and rented a dozen DVDs in my lifetime, because I don't like to see movies that way. I like to see them on the big screen.
    -- Michael Moore

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  • Now, DVD can represent more income than the box office-and typically does.
    -- Michael Nesmith

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  • I just made a movie. There's a kind of a banter that some people might recognize as being screwball. There are no cell phones, no DVD playersit's set in a timeless Brooklyn. Hopefully, it's a good, old-fashioned movie.
    -- Michael Showalter

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  • I like to hang out with my friends, go to the theatre, watch DVDs, read, play with my niece.
    -- Michelle Ryan

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  • Before I got signed, I was doing a lot of DVD's, and a lot of freestyles.
    -- Nicki Minaj


  • I like both Blu-ray and DVD, but Blu-ray gives you more options.
    -- Nicolas Cage

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  • I do not buy CDs any more; I usually stream Internet radio. For movies, I hardly every buy any DVDS. I have a DVR, so just record things off HBO, Showtime and so on.
    -- Oren Peli

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  • Now we live in this DVD, iTunes, Hulu age, and show creators and networks are realizing that and letting shows develop on those terms rather than 'We gotta just punch it week to week, man.' Now they're like, 'What will happen if someone watches the entire show?'
    -- Patton Oswalt

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  • I was trying to organise my DVDs into a sort of chronological order, and I am afraid that it all trailed off after the Sixties.
    -- Paul Merton

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  • I cannot get myself interested in video games. I've been given video game players and they just sit there connected to my TVs gathering dust until eventually I unplug them so I can put in another special-region DVD player.
    -- Quentin Tarantino

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  • It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.
    -- Reed Hastings

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  • I founded Netflix. I've built it steadily over 12 years now, first with DVD becoming profitable in 2002, a head-to-head ferocious battle with Blockbuster and evolving the company toward streaming.
    -- Reed Hastings

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  • I want to get all the nations of the world together, it doesn't matter what colour or creed, and I want to sit them down and say: "Guys, The Office is still available on DVD."
    -- Ricky Gervais

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  • A lot of people who watch DVDs are people who are interested in, if not moviemaking, then creativity in general.
    -- Robert Rodriguez

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  • While we reduce our own carbon footprint we will encourage the companies who truck our DVDs and newspapers, sell us paper, and provide an enormous range of products and services.. to all contribute.
    -- Rupert Murdoch

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  • What serialized cable dramas have given us is the opportunity to not simply tell the same story with slightly different words and different costumes, every week. people are really mining the ability of storytellers to tell a long form story that goes from A to Z, and to trust that an audience will follow that. If they miss it, over the course of the week, they can watch it online or buy the DVD. There are so many different ways of interacting with it. Storytelling in television is getting more complex and more nuanced.
    -- Sarah Wayne Callies

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  • I had been acting since I was seven years old, but I had a combination of things happen at about the same time. 'Austin Powers' came out on DVD, I got a series regular gig on 'Buffy' and 'Can't Hardly Wait' came out.
    -- Seth Green

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  • I watch a lot of TV. I love nothing more than having a good TV show on DVD, to just plow through.
    -- Seth Rogen

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  • I've been watching so many movies and they all have to do with the DVDs. It's just so much more convenient.
    -- Shiri Appleby


  • Sometimes you just wish you could make a film and then have it on DVD so you can see your mom. But, no, I've never really had that moment. Not really. Not seriously.
    -- Simon Pegg

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  • I love 'Safe Men.' Now it's getting all this culty kind of - it just came out on DVD. That was awesome. I read that script, I never laughed so hard in my life.
    -- Steve Zahn

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  • The economics of television syndication and DVD sales mean that there's a tremendous financial pressure to make programs that can be watched multiple times, revealing new nuances and shadings on the third viewing. Meanwhile, the Web has created a forum for annotation and commentary that allows more complicated shows to prosper, thanks to the fan sites where each episode of shows like 'Lost' or 'Alias' is dissected with an intensity usually reserved for Talmud scholars.
    -- Steven Johnson

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  • Traditional publishers will be dominant, and they should be because they really do assure quality. But eBooks, which are huge already, are going to eclipse everything. They will save traditional publishing the way DVDs saved movie studios (for a while) and they'll greatly expand the number of readers.
    -- Steven Pressfield

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  • Warner Bros. has talked about going out with low-cost DVDs simultaneously in China because piracy is so huge there. It will be a while before bigger movies go out in all formats; in five years, everything will.
    -- Steven Soderbergh

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  • I like that the best about DVD: how small it is.
    -- Steven Spielberg


  • Instead of watching DVDs at home, I prefer going to the cinema to get the experience.
    -- Sunidhi Chauhan

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  • My DVD cellophane was put on by a psychiatrist. It was shrink-wrapped.
    -- Tim Vine

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  • Even in the off season, people are streaming the show or buying the DVD sets, and new audience comes to Leverage every year weve been doing it.
    -- Timothy Hutton

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  • The attempt is that we want to get a couple of minutes under our belt, depending on how good the tests are and take that into Hollywood. The fallback is we're going to DVD anyways. We've got that covered.
    -- Todd McFarlane

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  • As soon as I get my car I think I'll be going to the cinema more. Since I don't go very often, there are no films that are a must see at the moment. I usually wait till they come out on DVD.
    -- Tom Felton

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  • House of the Dead 2 I gave away. Alone in the Dark 2 I will also not do; even if the DVD movie made money. BloodRayne 2 in the Wild West is what I really want to do.
    -- Uwe Boll

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  • I would be delighted to show my film in the Viennale. I do not offer press kits. I do not offer stills. I do not offer screeners. I do not offer DVD's. I do not offer posters. I require a first-class flight to bring the print however I do not offer any photo ops or press exchange in any way. My fee for showing my film is $35,000 dollars US.
    -- Vincent Gallo

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  • If we're going to solve the problems in North Korea, the first thing we're going to have to do is start helping them get basic amenities like electricity, televisions, and DVD players over there. Otherwise, how can they watch 'Garden State'?
    -- Zach Braff

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  • There's all of the DVD extra material and all these other pieces of information that don't fit into a 90-minute experience, but it's still content and people still want to see it. It's being open to [the fact that] the business is changing and being open to how you can make money to afford you to stay in business to keep making new things. I think you just have to have an open mind and be really smart about stuff and not be so locked into the conventional way of how the process used to go.
    -- Alex Stapleton

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  • When I talk to film students, I always say, "Buy the DVDs and listen to the commentaries, look at the making of, look at the behind-the-scenes," because that's such a great learning tool.
    -- Catherine Hardwicke

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  • Seeing a film at the cinema, or a DVD or whatever at home, your brain is really receptive to not only whether the script's working, or if the actors are acting well, but also the colours.
    -- Crispian Mills

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  • With a DVD, you want something you can own, you can watch, you can come to grips with and you can explore. It's something larger than the film, when it's going out to a fan base.
    -- David Slade

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  • It's very hard for a studio to take a chance on a piece of original material. They used to have the fall-back of DVD sales. They had ways in which they could safely make an investment in a piece of original material, and those opportunities aren't necessarily there anymore.
    -- Doug Liman

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  • We don't have a whole lot of people living hand-to-mouth in the Writers Guild, we get paid really well, and a lot of the things we fought for, in my case, I can negotiate. I can negotiate higher DVD rates or anything I want, it's not going to be a minimum basic agreement. But I do think it was important to stand up to them. I do think that we got things in the deal that we wouldn't have gotten had we not stood up to them.
    -- Edward Allen Bernero

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  • My theory is, I don't know how long it's going to be five or ten years, there will be only two ways to see a movie and that will either be on your computer through your TV screen or in the cinema, end of story. There will be no DVD, that's it, simple.
    -- Eric Fellner

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  • Then something fails and they're all out again, but DVD revenue is disappearing, you know, it's not disappearing but it's going off a cliff and what that's done is it's polarized the industry in a way that I've never seen before where studios are making less, they're bifurcating their choices where they're either going very, very big or they're just picking up a few rights on an acquisition basis or making really small things.
    -- Eric Fellner

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  • Now there's always exceptions to that and the reason is if the film doesn't really work, whereas before you could rely on a decent amount of DVD sales to prop up the revenue to ensure that you got out in a decent manner, now if the film doesn't work, the film doesn't work and there's none of that DVD revenue to fall back on and you can lose a huge, huge sum of money on a big budget movie.
    -- Eric Fellner

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  • I don't have a set routine, but I try to squeeze in a workout every day, whether it's taking a hike, taking a Pilates class, or just putting in a workout DVD. Whatever it takes!
    -- Jacob Vargas

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