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  • Every family has a story that it tells itself, that it passes on to the children and grandchildren. The story grows over the years, mutates, some parts are sharpened, others dropped, and there is often debate about what really happened. But even with these different sides of the same story, there is still agreement that this is the family story. And in the absence of other narratives, it becomes the flagpole that the family hangs its identity from.
    -- A.M. Homes

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  • The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy ... proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism...
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Infringing upon (or encroaching) the right of a single person, we overthrow (or turn upside down) the whole order on which rest legal agreements; for if we break (or transgress or violate) the undertakings enter unto ("les engagements contractés", Fr.), nothing assure that we will not break them, possibly ("éventuellement", Fr.) in another.
    -- African Spir

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  • When ordinary Soviet citizens are told that a vital trade agreement awarding their country most-favoured-nation status with the US is being blocked in Congress because Soviet Jews are demanding as an absolute right something few other inhabitants can expect as a special privilege - then the result is likely to be spontaneous outbreaks of anti-Semitism.
    -- Alan Brien

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  • I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain—especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • When we first got married, we made a pact. It was this: In our life together, it was decided I would make all of the big decisions and my wife would make all of the little decisions. For fifty years, we have held true to that agreement. I believe that is the reason for the success in our marriage. However, the strange thing is that in fifty years, there hasn’t been one big decision.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The State did not originate in any form of social agreement, or with any disinterested view of promoting order and justice. Far otherwise. The State originated in conquest and confiscation, as a device for maintaining the stratification of society permanently into two classes-an owning and exploiting class, relatively small, and a propertyless dependent class. . . . No State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any other purpose than to enable the continuous economic exploitation of one class by another.
    -- Albert J. Nock

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  • You can't talk about peace nor agreement while terror is used as the main argument.
    -- Alberto Fujimori

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  • They are not rules prescribed by the sovereign to the subject, but agreements between sovereign and sovereign.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

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  • It is amusing to discover, in the twentieth century, that the quarrels between two lovers, two mathematicians, two nations, two economic systems, usually assumed insoluble in a finite period should exhibit one mechanism, the semantic mechanism of identification - the discovery of which makes universal agreement possible, in mathematics and in life.
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • If we are all in agreement on the decision - then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about.
    -- Alfred P. Sloan

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  • The goal of #BDS is the full restoration of Palestinian rights, not an agreement to create an artificial mini-state in order to save Zionism
    -- Ali Abunimah

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  • Europeans should pay more attention. Iran has called for dialogue and is moving in the direction of reaching an agreement through peaceful means.
    -- Ali Larijani

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  • As far as the sovereignty of Bosnia-Hercegovina is concerned we agreed to have limited sovereignty for a limited time and that is clear from the Dayton Agreement.
    -- Alija Izetbegovic

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  • Surely the better way is to pursue a generous orthodoxy, seeing disagreements in the context of the greater agreements which bind us together.
    -- Alister E. McGrath

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  • Good discourse sinks differences and seeks agreements.
    -- Amos Bronson Alcott

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  • I am happy to announce that we have reached an agreement on the question of transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russian Federation.
    -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen


  • I welcome the signing by the presidential candidates Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani of an agreement on the formation of a government of national unity in Afghanistan,
    -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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  • Everything that is in agreement with our personal desires seems true. Everything that is not puts us in a rage.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • We need the UN, to deal with the threats to our common security from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, not only in the case of Iraq. They must be tackled by the international community together, by strengthening conventions, treaties and agreements.
    -- Anna Lindh

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  • The message is NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) is there. NAFTA has helped both our countries enormously. We live up to the terms of NAFTA. We ask you, our best friend and most important trading partner to do the same thing.
    -- Anne McLellan

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  • The reason the world is in the spot it's in is because North Korea entered into an agreement and then did not keep up their terms of the agreement. They received aid in return for promising not to develop nuclear weapons. They took the aid, they ran with the aid and then they developed a nuclear weapons anyway.
    -- Ari Fleischer

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  • I believe that Jews and Arabs can live together. It's not an easy thing but I believe we can reach an agreement.
    -- Ariel Sharon

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  • It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought.
    -- Aristotle

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  • What is the highest good in all matters of action? To the name, there is almost complete agreement; for uneducated and educated alike call it happiness, and make happiness identical with the good life and successful living. They disagree, however, about the meaning of happiness.
    -- Aristotle

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  • Was it possible that a bustling display of energy might only be a camouflage for a spiritual vacuum? The thought so impressed me that I mentioned it next day to the French purser, at whose table I was sitting. He nodded his agreement. "Stevenson is right," he said. "Indeed, if you will pardon my saying so, the idea applies particularly to you Americans. A lot of your countrymen keep so busy getting things done that they reach the end of their lives without ever having lived at all."
    -- Arthur Gordon Webster

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  • Free nations with different histories, economies and a vast amount of stubborn pride will never achieve complete agreement, even when they desire the same objectives.
    -- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

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  • (Politeness is) a tacit agreement that people's miserable defects, whether moral or intellectual, shall on either side be ignored and not be made the subject of reproach.
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • The trade agreement itself does have labor and environmental protections, but we have to stand for human rights and we have to make sure that violence isn't being perpetrated against workers who are just trying to organize for their rights.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • I think that the important point is we've got to have a president who understands the benefits of free trade but also is going to enforce unfair trade agreements and is going to stand up to other countries.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Iraq made commitments after the Gulf War to completely dismantle all weapons of mass destruction, and unfortunately, Iraq has not lived up to its agreement
    -- Barbara Boxer

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  • Are our ways of teaching students to ask some questions always correlative with our ways of teaching them not to ask - indeed, to be unconscious of - others? Does the educational system exist in order to promulgate knowledge, or is its main function rather to universalize a society’s tacit agreement about what it has decided it does not and cannot know?
    -- Barbara Johnson

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  • Truth does not need argument, agreement, theories or beliefs. There is only one test for it and that is to ask yourself 'Is the statement true or false in my experience?.
    -- Barry Long

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  • The logical thing is to implement the Arab Defense Agreement.
    -- Bashar al-Assad

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  • It is not important for me as a writer that you leave a piece of writing of mine with either an agreement or even a resonance with what I have said. What is important is that you leave with the resonance of what you have felt and what you thought in reaction to that.
    -- Ben Okri

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  • My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.
    -- Benjamin Disraeli

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  • We cut nature up, organize it into concepts, and ascribe significances as we do, largely because we are parties to an agreement to organize it in this way - an agreement that holds through our speech community and is codified in the patterns of our language.
    -- Benjamin Lee Whorf

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  • In the frameworks of a peace agreement, a government under my leadership would agree to make real territorial concessions but will not compromise our security borders. We want there to be less friction. We want to remove outposts to help the Palestinian population. We will not reoccupy the Palestinian population.
    -- Benjamin Netanyahu

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  • If there is willingness on the Palestinian side to reach an agreement, it is possible. We are conducting the negotiations with goodwill.
    -- Benjamin Netanyahu

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  • If the Palestinians do their part, we shall do our part and we shall have an agreement.
    -- Benjamin Netanyahu

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  • I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan.
    -- Benjamin Netanyahu

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  • Peace is never long preserved by weight of metal or by an armament race. Peace can be made tranquil and secure only by understanding and agreement fortified by sanctions. We must embrace international cooperation or international disintegration. Science has taught us how to put the atom to work. But to make it work for good instead of for evil lies in the domain dealing with the principles of human dignity. We are now facing a problem more of ethics than of physics.
    -- Bernard Baruch

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  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is a continuation of other disastrous trade agreements, like NAFTA, CAFTA, and permanent normal trade relations with China.
    -- Bernie Sanders

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  • Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent than in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • The opposition of instinct and reason is mainly illusory. Instinct, intuition, or insight is what first leads to the beliefs which subsequent reason confirms or confutes; but the confirmation, where it is possible, consists, in the last analysis, of agreement with other beliefs no less instinctive. Reason is a harmonizing, controlling force rather than a creative one. Even in the most purely logical realms, it is insight that first arrives at what is new.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • Marriage is the agreement to let a family happen.
    -- Betty Jane Wylie

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  • I can do whatever I want. They will tell me if what I am doing is stupid or a total waste of time. I may tell them that they are wrong, and we will come to an agreement.
    -- Bill Budge

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  • I'm proud of my record of negotiating agreements, representing people and making sure that both employers and employees could get the best out of going to work every day.
    -- Bill Shorten

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  • We have worked very hard to accommodate the requests from the Mayor and the Council that changed the terms of the agreement that brought the Montreal Expos to Washington. Because we believe in the future of Baseball in the nation's capital, we have signed a lease that honors the 2004 agreement, while conforming to the emergency legislation that the Council passed last month.
    -- Bob DuPuy

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  • I'd like to have a vote on it at the November [owners'] meetings. There's no reason why we can't announce who we intend to sell the team to in conjunction with signing the lease. But it's very important that we sign a lease contemplated by the stadium agreement. We continue to negotiate and hope that this will quickly be resolved.
    -- Bob DuPuy

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  • NRTC is pleased with our preliminary agreement and we look forward to working with SES AMERICOM, as it develops the exciting, new IP-PRIME platform, .. NRTC is focused on finding telecommunications solutions that are ideal for rural communities and working with our membership to make those solutions a reality across the country.
    -- Bob Phillips

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  • Clinton feels a profound alienation from the Washington culture here, and I happen to agree with him.
    -- Bob Woodward

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  • What I question is the extent to which any of us truly knows what the facts really are. I mistrust every ideal cherished in western democratic civilization. The words that make others smile and nod in agreement cause me to recoil.
    -- Boyd Rice

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  • People just... disappear," he says. "The Earth just opens up and swallows people," I say, some what sadly, checking my Rolex. "Eerie." Kimball yawns, stretching. "Really eerie." "Ominous." I nod my agreement. "It's just"- he sights, exasperated- "futile.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

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  • Engineers in the developed world should be arguing not for protectionism but for trade agreements that seek to establish rules that result in a real rise in living standards. This will ensure that outsourcing is a positive force in the developing nations economy and not an exploitative one.
    -- Brian Behlendorf

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  • It's very nice to be able to write something you don't have to get four other people to agree with before it can become authoritative.
    -- Brian Lamb

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  • I did not ask for objections, but for comments, or helpful suggestions. I looked for more loyalty from you, Captain Hornblower.' That made the whole argument pointless. If Leighton only wanted servile agreement there was no sense in continuing...
    -- C. S. Forester

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  • A Gentleman's agreement cannot be broken without breaking the person who has entered into it.
    -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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  • The Convention is not only a visionary document. We are reminded daily that it is an agreement that works - and its utility can be seen in the everyday use to which I have seen it increasingly being put by country after country, in policy, in practice and in law.
    -- Carol Bellamy

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  • The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences.
    -- Carroll Quigley

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  • Sanctions and negotiations can be very ineffective, and indeed foolish, unless the people you are talking with and negotiating with and trying to reach agreements with are people who can be trusted to keep their word.
    -- Caspar Weinberger

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  • I will never be without information,' she determined. 'I will do better than my sisters. If a bird or any other beast comes out of that uncanny republic where husbands are grown, I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love.' For this is how Marya Morevna surmised that love was shaped: an agreement, a treaty between two nations that one could either sign or not as they pleased.
    -- Catherynne M. Valente

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  • I don't agree with everything Madonna's done but she is fearless.
    -- Cathy Freeman

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  • Agreement in likes and dislikes- this, and this only, is what constitutes true friendship.
    -- Catiline

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  • He received me not only cordially, but he was also full of confidence with respect to the war. His first words, after he had welcomed me, were as follows: 'Well, Dr. Weismann, we have as good as beaten them already.' I...thanked him for his constant support for the Zionist course. 'You were standing at the cradle of this enterprise.' I said to him, 'and hopefully you will live to see that we have succeeded.' Adding that after the war we would build up a state of three to four million Jews in Palestine, whereupon he replied: 'Yes, go ahead, I am full in agreement with this idea.'
    -- Chaim Weizmann

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  • Property is, after all, a social convention, an agreement about someone's exclusive right to use a thing in specified ways. However, we seem to have forgotten this. We seem to think that property belongs to us in some essential way, that it is of us. We seem to think that our property is part of ourselves, and that by owning it we therefore make ourselves more, larger, greater.
    -- Charles Eisenstein

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  • We've come to a basic agreement, which is that first, people will be legalized. In other words, not citizens, but they'll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. Then, we will make sure the border is secure. And we have specific metrics that are in the bill. I'm not going to get into what they are...
    -- Charles Schumer

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  • Such evidence is not the only kind which produces belief; though positivism maintains that it is the only kind which ought to produce so high a degree of confidence as all minds have or can be made to have through their agreements.
    -- Chauncey Wright

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  • I was an assistant once. I worked for Rob Reiner and his family. I did sign a confidentiality agreement, though.
    -- Cheryl Hines

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  • Denmark and the UK are in agreement that our future prosperity depends on stimulating green growth, and getting off the oil hook.
    -- Chris Huhne

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  • When the lights go down, that's 30,000 peoples lives colliding. Everyone there working is working for that moment, everyone watching is watching for that moment. It's when you're all in agreement about what you're all doing so it's a wonderful feeling of togetherness and possibility.
    -- Chris Martin

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  • It's very hard to find things that rhyme with North American Free Trade Agreement.
    -- Chris Martin

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  • Marian Head is a true student of Tao. Her insightful and persuasive 'Wu-Wei' approaches for personal transformation reach our hearts with open invitation to join the 'soft' revolution and harmonious agreement for all.
    -- Chungliang Al Huang

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  • I mean that the time where we need International agreement more than ever on the environment and the rest, poverty we are breaking up our International Institutions and the rule of law and Tony Blair is part of it.
    -- Clare Short

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  • It has often been said that, to make discoveries, one must be ignorant. This opinion, mistaken in itself, nevertheless conceals a truth. It means that it is better to know nothing than to keep in mind fixed ideas based on theories whose confirmation we constantly seek, neglecting meanwhile everything that fails to agree with them.
    -- Claude Bernard

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  • The more people are involved in a given task, the more potential agreements need to be negotiated to do anything, and the greater the transaction costs.
    -- Clay Shirky

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  • Make fair agreements and stick to them
    -- Confucius

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  • Grammar, he saw, was agreement, community, consensus.
    -- D. T. Max

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  • There is no evidence for a god, no coherent definition of a god, no good argument for a god, good positive arguments against a god, no agreement among believers about the nature or moral principles of a god, and no need for a god. We can live happy, moral, productive lives without such belief, and we can do it better.
    -- Dan Barker

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  • Unfortunately, the United States has entered into several free trade agreements that do not sufficiently protect and support our manufacturing industries and the millions of American workers they employ.
    -- Dan Kildee

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  • The establishment of free trade agreements can be a critical and progressive step towards greater economic integration, and continues to become more valuable in an increasingly global world.
    -- Dan Kildee

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  • Beneficial in theory, so-called free trade agreements far too often have been detrimental to the United States economy and the manufacturing sector that forms its central pillar.
    -- Dan Kildee

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  • In an open adoption agreement, you agree to a minimum number of visits - a floor, not a ceiling. It's enforceable.
    -- Dan Savage

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  • If we want more trade in the world, we should establish bilateral trade agreements with other democratic countries. That way we can control the decision-making process. The major economic countries of the world will enter into those agreements.
    -- Dana Rohrabacher

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  • The progressive movement against the war of occupation in Iraq is a reason for hope, as is resistance to free trade agreements in Latin America. Those are moments that we have to celebrate: that people still find the resolve and energy to resist
    -- Danny Glover

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  • We do not seek an agreement with the [Palestinian] Arabs in order to secure the peace. Of course we regard peace as an essential thing. It is impossible to build up the country in a state of permanent warfare. But peace for us is a mean, and not an end. The end is the fulfillment of Zionism in its maximum scope. Only for this reason do we need peace, and do we need an agreement.
    -- David

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  • Most people feel best about their work the week before their vacation, but it's not because of the vacation itself. What do you do the last week before you leave on a big trip? You clean up, close up, clarify, and renegotiate all your agreements with yourself and others. I just suggest that you do this weekly instead of yearly.
    -- David Allen

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  • The sense of anxiety and guilt doesn't come from having too much to do; it's the automatic result of breaking agreements with yourself.
    -- David Allen

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  • A partial Jewish State is not the end, but only the beginning. ... I am certain that we well not be prevented from settling in the other parts of the country, either by mutual agreements with our Arab neighbors or by some other means. . . [If the Arabs refuse] we shall have to speak to them in another language. But we shall only have another language if we have a state.
    -- David Ben-Gurion

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  • Trade agreements are a net benefit for the world, and a net benefit for our foreign policy, and in the long run, given the dislocations, are a net benefit for us, too.
    -- David Brooks

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  • Consensus isn't just about agreement. It's about changing things around: You get a proposal, you work something out, people foresee problems, you do creative synthesis. At the end of it, you come up with something that everyone thinks is okay. Most people like it, and nobody hates it.
    -- David Graeber

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  • Nixon tried to wrap the Soviet Union into a web of agreements that would constrain its behavior. What happened is that many people lost faith in that approach, not the least because of how the Soviets handled it.
    -- David Hoffman

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  • Authenticity is an alignment between your beliefs, your desires and your choices in the world. Desires change throughout the course of a life, but agreement between ideals, aspirations and deeds is key to a life of peace, happiness and success.
    -- David Simon

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  • Because countries often have differing political and economic systems, agreements are needed to protect those invested in trade.
    -- David Suzuki

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  • EFR entered into an agreement to sell some noncore assets for $2.05M.
    -- David Talbot

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  • The Republican movement have not behaved properly over the years. They have not themselves implemented the Agreement. If they had implemented the Agreement then they would have disarmed completely in May 2000, that is what they undertook to do, that is what they failed to do.
    -- David Trimble

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  • Some people fear seeing or feeling anything about which there is no general agreement. For others, it is thrilling to be aware of innuendo, shading, complexity.
    -- Deena Metzger

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  • We must work to repeal trade agreements that impede access to affordable generic drugs. We must work to cause the IMF and the World Bank to reduce and eventually eliminate the debt that takes poor nations' resources away from crises like AIDS. We must focus America's leadership on addressing and ending this epidemic.
    -- Dennis Kucinich

    #America #Epidemics #Agreement

  • An honourable agreement among men as to their conduct toward women, and it was devised by women.
    -- Don Herold

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  • You sign an agreement; you make a contract, you live up to it. You never get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. You got a right to say yay or nay.
    -- Don King

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