Movement quotes

  • I, personally, am trying to get more and more involved with the gay and lesbian movement, very much so.
    -- A. J. McLean

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  • The essence of trade unionism is social uplift. The labor movement has been the haven for the dispossessed, the despised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the poor.
    -- A. Philip Randolph

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  • A statesman who keeps his ear permanently glued to the ground will have neither elegance of posture nor flexibility of movement.
    -- Abba Eban

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  • For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action.
    -- Adam Braun

    #Momentum #Movement #Gains

  • For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action. This action becomes multiplied by the masses, and is made tangible when leadership changes course due to the weight of the movement's voice.
    -- Adam Braun

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  • Until the 1990s, there were few reliable observations about movement at the scale of the entire universe, which is the only scale dark energy effects. So dark energy could not be seen until we could measure things very, very far away.
    -- Adam Riess

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  • People think of travel, of movement, as a kind of reprieve from life. But they're wrong. Movement isn't a reprieve. There is no reprieve. Movement is our permanent state.
    -- Adam Ross

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  • Volcanic action is essentially paroxysmal; yet Mr. Lyell will admit no greater paroxysms than we ourselves have witnessed-no periods of feverish spasmodic energy, during which the very framework of nature has been convulsed and torn asunder. The utmost movements that he allows are a slight quivering of her muscular integuments.
    -- Adam Sedgwick

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  • Revolution: Political movement which gets many people´s hopes up, let´s even more people down, makes almost everybody uncomfortable, and a few, extraordinarily rich. It is widely held in high regard.
    -- Adolfo Bioy Casares

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  • Never, never, never join a movement that persecutes people because of their faith.
    -- Adrian Rogers

    #Religious #People #Movement

  • I accommodated practically all of the liberation movements, including those of Latin America.
    -- Ahmed Ben Bella

    #Latin #America #Movement

  • All our first movements are good, generous, heroical; reflection weakens and kills them.
    -- Aime Martin

    #Reflection #Movement #Firsts

  • I have not been part of an active counterculture movement, as it is not the approach that I have personally pursued to create a qualitatively beneficial and meaningful impact on society.
    -- Al Seckel

    #Meaningful #Impact #Movement

  • When I joined the Communist movement in 1935 it was based upon the belief that mankind's future was to be found there. Certainly, millions who joined it the world over, like myself, didn't join it for profit.
    -- Albert Maltz

    #Movement #World #Belief

  • Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.
    -- Aldous Huxley

    #Movement #Consciousness

  • My whole theory about art is the disparity that exists between form, masses and movement.
    -- Alexander Calder

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  • We must continue to liberalise the single market, cut red tape and basically create a digital single market. We have not completed the single market yet, there is not sufficient free movement of goods, labour, services and money. We have to keep on working at that against all the protectionist tendencies that we have right now.
    -- Alexander Stubb

    #Cutting #Tape #Movement

  • Every musical movement that is big enough has to produce some good musicians who wouldn't have had the incentive to start playing without it.
    -- Alexis Korner

    #Musical #Musician #Movement

  • The parallel development in American blues to the British movement has resulted in Johnny Winters.
    -- Alexis Korner

    #Winter #Movement #Development

  • We live in an age of universal investigation, and of exploration of the sources of all movements.
    -- Alfred de Vigny

    #Age #Movement #Exploration

  • As a movement Cubism had consistently stopped short of complete abstraction. Heretics such as Delaunay had painted pure abstractions but in so doing had deserted Cubism.
    -- Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

    #Movement #Cubism #Heretic

  • I would adopt a standpoint, irrespective of whether someone was for or against it, if I felt deeply that it was right for the movement.
    -- Alfred Rosenberg

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  • I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.
    -- Alice Paul

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  • All partisan movements add to the fullness of our understanding of society as a whole. They never detract; or, in any case, one must not allow them to do so. Experience adds to experience.
    -- Alice Walker

    #Understanding #Add #Movement

  • I've noticed it a lot. I'm not someone who revises. It's always the first movement, it's that. It's an instinct. Either it works straight away, or it won't ever work.
    -- Amelie Nothomb

    #Movement #Firsts #Instinct

  • Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • One of the few luxuries left is travel, and the aspect of travel that is luxurious is not the movement, but the being there.
    -- Andre Balazs

    #Luxury #Movement #Being There

  • People in motion are wonderful to photograph. It means catching the right moment... when one thing changes into something else.
    -- Andre Kertesz

    #Mean #People #Movement

  • We started a movement... to build character, citizenship and confidence in young people.
    -- Andrew Shue

    #Character #People #Movement

  • I think a lot of the basis of the open source movement comes from procrastinating students...
    -- Andrew Tridgell

    #Procrastination #Thinking #Movement

  • There's no problem on the planet that can't be solved without violence. That's the lesson of the civil rights movement.
    -- Andrew Young

    #Rights #Movement #Lessons

  • The question is always 'What is the role of a labor movement?' How much is about collective bargaining, how much is about social change for all workers?
    -- Andy Stern

    #Roles #Movement #Social

  • I would say the issue for the labor movement in the United States is not structural... there is no correlation between the success of workers and how the labor movement is structured.
    -- Andy Stern

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  • Today I send this message to every emerging global corporation: "justice; family, community, and union" are the same in every language and, wherever you go and whatever you do, a new global labor movement is coming to find you.
    -- Andy Stern

    #Justice #Community #Movement

  • No march, movement, or agenda that defines manhood in the narrowest terms and seeks to make women lesser partners in this quest for equality can be considered a positive step.
    -- Angela Davis

    #Agendas #Movement #Quests

  • It is important not only to have the awareness and to feel impelled to become involved, it's important that there be a forum out there to which one can relate, an organization- a movement.
    -- Angela Davis

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  • Well, we see an increasingly weaker labor movement as a result of the overall assault on the labor movement and as a result of the globalization of capital.
    -- Angela Davis

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  • In a way, by being fully committed to the Olympic movement globally, I'm better able to promote women's hockey and talk about women's hockey and put a face to women's hockey, to all the IOC members.
    -- Angela Ruggiero

    #Hockey #Movement #Able

  • The body is living art. Your movement through time and space is art. A painter has brushes. You have your body.
    -- Anna Halprin

    #Art #Space #Movement

  • The most important issue we have to deal with is freedom of movement.
    -- Anna Lindh

    #Issues #Important #Movement

  • You can never know enough, never work enough, never use the infinitives and participles oddly enough, never impede the movement harshly enough, never leave the mind quickly enough,
    -- Anne Carson

    #Mind #Use #Movement

  • The women's movement burst forth when I was fifteen. That was when I began to believe that life might semi-work out after all. The cavalry had arrived. Women were starting to say that you got to tell the truth now, that you had to tell the truth if you were going to heal and have an authentic life.
    -- Anne Lamott

    #Believe #Work Out #Movement

  • Life: a constellation of vital phenomena—organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation.
    -- Anthony Marra

    #Organization #Growth #Movement

  • Martin Luther dreamed up Protestantism while sitting on the toilet at Wittenburg monastery, and we know what a big movement that became.
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey

    #Sitting #Movement #Toilets

  • Two characteristic marks have above all others been recognized as distinguishing that which has soul in it from that which has not - movement and sensation.
    -- Aristotle

    #Two #Soul #Movement

  • Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive.
    -- Arnaud Desjardins

    #Buddhism #Suffering #Movement

  • Movement is the translation of life, and if art depicts life, movement should come into art, since we are only aware of living because it moves.
    -- Arshile Gorky

    #Art #Moving #Movement

  • I look askance at any movement which assists in making the peacemaker among nations merely a national warrior.
    -- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

    #Warrior #Looks #Movement

  • I am a non Zionist because the Jew, in seeking a homeland of his own, seems to me to be giving up something of infinitely greater value of the world. ... I look askance at any movement which assists in making the peacemaker among nations merely a national warrior.
    -- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

    #Giving Up #Warrior #Movement

  • Thinking is movement confined to the brain
    -- Arvid Carlsson

    #Thinking #Brain #Movement

  • Nowhere in the world is a woman safe from violence. The strengthening of global commitment to counteract this plague is a movement whose time has come.
    -- Asha-Rose Migiro

    #Commitment #Domestic Violence #Movement

  • I have been very interested in labor movement. If I could have wished another life, I would have loved to be a pioneer woman in the beginning of labor movement.
    -- Astrid Lindgren

    #Pioneers #Movement #Another Life

  • In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
    -- Atul Gawande

    #Reform #Stories #Movement

  • If the artist succeeds in producing the impression of a movement which takes several moments for accomplishment, his work is certainly much less conventional than the scientific image, where time is abruptly suspended.
    -- Auguste Rodin

    #Artist #Accomplishment #Movement

  • The Olympic Movement is a 20th century religion. Where there is no injustice of caste, of race, of family, of wealth.
    -- Avery Brundage

    #Race #Movement #Injustice

  • Feeling the movement of movements is wandering to the past or future. Living in the movements of movement is being in the present.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

    #Past #Feelings #Movement

  • When an asana is done correctly the body movements are smooth, there is lightness in the body and freedom in the mind.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

    #Mind #Done #Movement

  • Action is movement with intelligence
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

    #Movement #Action

  • Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

    #Needs #Movement #World

  • Dance ... is life, or becomes it, in a way that other arts cannot attain. It is not in stone, or words or tones, but in our muscles. It is a formulation of their movements.
    -- Baker Brownell

    #Dance #Art #Movement

  • They say of us that we are an anti-Christian movement. They even say that I am an outspoken paganist.... I solemnly declare here, before the German public, that I stand on the basis of Christianity, but I declare just as solemnly that I will put down every attempt to introduce confessional matters into our Hitler Youth.
    -- Baldur von Schirach

    #Christian #Movement #Matter

  • Indeed, we Jews were at the leading edge of communist totalitarianism, one of the most murderous movements of the 20th century.
    -- Barbara Amiel

    #Movement #Communist #Century

  • A liberation movement that is nonviolent sets the oppressor free as well as the oppressed.
    -- Barbara Deming

    #Strength #Movement #Liberation

  • To offer the complexities of life as an excuse for not addressing oneself to the simpler, more manageable (trivial) aspects of daily existence is a perversity often indulged in by artists, husbands, intellectuals -- and critics of the Women's Movement.
    -- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

    #Husband #Artist #Movement

  • The social potential movement is on the threshold of a mass awakening, seeking to carry into society what individuals have learned spiritually and personally.
    -- Barbara Marx Hubbard

    #Society #Movement #Awakening

  • In bodies moved, the motion is received, increased, diminished, or lost, according to the relations of the quantity of matter and velocity; each diversity is uniformity, each change is constancy.
    -- Baron de Montesquieu

    #Diversity #Movement #Body

  • You have to join every other movement for the freedom of people.
    -- Bayard Rustin

    #People #Movement

  • There is a strong moralistic strain in the civil rights movement that would remind us that power corrupts, forgetting that the absence of power also corrupts.
    -- Bayard Rustin

    #Strong #Rights #Movement

  • I... was not too happy to suddenly take on this public role thrust upon me. They just assumed I was the Joan of Arc of the women's movement. And I wasn't at all. It put a lot of unnecessary pressure on me.
    -- Bea Arthur

    #Roles #Movement #Pressure

  • If the women's movement can be summed up in a single phrase, it is 'the right to choose'.
    -- Beatrice Faust

    #Women #Phrases #Movement

  • Part of the western movement is this desire that we, Americans, have to keep pressing on.
    -- Beau Bridges

    #Desire #Movement #Pressing On

  • Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.
    -- Bell Hooks

    #Feminism #Movement #Oppression

  • I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions - a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom.
    -- Bell Hooks

    #Teaching #Practice #Movement

  • the women's movement, not only here in the U.S., but worldwide, is bigger and stronger than ever before and in places where it has never been. It has arms. It has legs. And most importantly, it has heads.
    -- Bella Abzug

    #Stronger #Movement #Legs

  • I don't fully understand movements in the gold price
    -- Ben Bernanke

    #Gold #Movement #Gold Price

  • A picture story just doesn't run like a film. It doesn't have 24 frames per second. It doesn't deal with this illusion of movement.
    -- Ben Katchor

    #Running #Stories #Movement

  • ...a point is reached where the self is so completely aligned with the still-point that it can no longer be moved, even in its first movements, from this center. It can no longer be tested by any force or trial, nor moved by the winds of change, and at this point the self has obviously outworn its function; it is no longer needed or useful, and life can go on without it.
    -- Bernadette Roberts

    #Wind #Self #Movement

  • In figure painting, the type of all painting, I have endeavoured to set forth that the principal if not sole source of life enchantments are Tactile Values, Movement and Space Composition.
    -- Bernard Berenson

    #Space #Enchantment #Movement

  • They will have the World to be in Large, what a Watch is in Small; which is very regular, and depends only upon the just disposing of the several Parts of the Movement.
    -- Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle

    #Life #Watches #Movement

  • I think there's a mystery about what a social movement is.
    -- Bernardine Dohrn

    #Thinking #Movement #Mystery

  • I guess I feel very strongly that I disagree with the notion of personalizing history and movements and big events.
    -- Bernardine Dohrn

    #Events #Movement #Bigs

  • Movement is the essence of life.
    -- Bernd Heinrich

    #Running #Essence #Movement

  • The voice I have now, I got the first time I sang in a movement meeting, after I got out of jail... and I'd never heard it before in my life.
    -- Bernice Johnson Reagon

    #Voice #Jail #Movement

  • The Civil Rights Movement also reaffirmed me as a singer. It taught me that singing was not entertainment, it was something else.
    -- Bernice Johnson Reagon

    #Rights #Singing #Movement

  • At the same time all this was happening, there was a folk song revival movement goingon, so the commercial music industry was actually changed by the Civil Rights Movement.
    -- Bernice Johnson Reagon

    #Song #Rights #Movement

  • All movements go too far.
    -- Bertrand Russell

    #Change #Movement #Belief

  • In movement class, you had to lie on the floor and get your alignment in to pass the class
    -- Beth Henley

    #Lying #Class #Movement

  • The elimination of force at all costs is Utopian and the new movement which has arisen in the country and of whose dawn we have given a warning is inspired by the ideals which Guru Gobind Singh and Shivaji, Kamal Pasha and Reza Khan, Washington and Garibaldi, Lafayette and Lenin preached.
    -- Bhagat Singh

    #Country #Lafayette #Movement

  • I was involved in the anti-war movement.
    -- Bill Ayers

    #War #Movement #Anti War

  • With all this consumer debt, business debt, government debt, smaller movements in interest rates have a magnified effect. a small movement can tip the boat.
    -- Bill Gross

    #Government #Movement #Debt

  • Visualizing the movement finally got me over the top after months of practice.
    -- Bill James

    #Practice #Movement #Months

  • Liberation movements - operating surreptitiously and conspiratorially - thrive on discipline and suspicion, and punish deviation or dissent.
    -- Bill Keller

    #Discipline #Movement #Deviation

  • Liberation movements - prizing ends over means - are not always particular about their friends or scrupulous about their transactions.
    -- Bill Keller

    #Mean #Movement #Ends

  • I have become a pupil of the AA movement rather than the teacher.
    -- Bill W.

    #Teacher #Movement #Pupils

  • I'm not focused on the gay and lesbian movement.
    -- Billy Graham

    #Gay #Movement #Focused

  • But I'm not interested in politics. I lose interest the microsecond it ceases to be emotional, when something becomes a political movement. What I'm interested in is emotions.
    -- Bjork

    #Emotional #Political #Movement

  • A leader can create a company, but a community creates a movement,
    -- Blake Mycoskie

    #Community #Leader #Movement

  • The CrossFit program is broad, general and inclusive, and most of all, the movements can be scaled down to any level of athlete. Just watch what I do with it on 'The Biggest Loser.'
    -- Bob Harper

    #Athlete #Watches #Movement

  • CrossFit is all about constantly-varied, high-intensity movements. And to do these movements, you have to have a certified coach to take you through this - or any type of physical activity.
    -- Bob Harper

    #Movement #Crossfit #Intensity

  • Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.
    -- Bob Keeshan

    #Children #Parent #Movement