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  • Rules of living Don't worry, eat three square meals a day,say your prayers, be courteous to your creditors, keep your digestion good,steer clear of biliousness,exercise, go slow and go easy. May be there are other things that your special case requires to make you happy, but my friend, these, i reckon, will give you a good life.
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • If you want to have a good life, you should focus on your family, on your business, on your dog, on your fun, and you'll have a good life.
    -- Adam Carolla

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  • I love laugh lines. It means you've had a good life.
    -- Aerin Lauder

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  • The difference being that in films, unlike in life, good does always win over evil in the end.
    -- Ajay Devgan

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  • Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • It is this idea 'decency' should be attached to wealth -and 'indecency'' to poverty - that forms the core of one strand of skeptical complaint against the modern status-ideal. Why should failure to make money be taken as a sign of an unconditionally flawed human being rather than of a fiasco in one particular area if the far larger, more multifaceted, project of leading a good life? Why should both wealth and poverty be read as the predominant guides to an individual's morals ?
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • Well, it's a good life and a good world, all said and done, if you don't weaken.
    -- Alan Sillitoe

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  • I take a less gloomy view. A good life means fighting to be human under growing difficulties. A lot of young folk know this and fight very hard, but after a few years life gets easier for them and they think they've become completely human when they've only stopped trying. I stopped trying, but my life was so full of strenuous routines that I wouldn't have noticed had it been not for my disease. My whole professional life was a diseased and grandiose attack on my humanity. It is an achievement to know that I am simply a wounded and dying man. Who can be more regal than a dying man?
    -- Alasdair Gray

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  • The good life of any river may depend on the perception of its music; and the preservation of some music to perceive.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

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  • There are certain things in a man that have to be won, not forced; inspired, not compelled. Among these are many, I should say most, of the things that constitute the good life. All are essential to democracy. All are proof against its enemies.
    -- Alfred Whitney Griswold

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  • I like my life. I've had a good life. I think the reason is my parents taught me that life is a burden. But if you take it one day at a time, it's an easy burden.
    -- Andrew Young

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  • do get over the idea that size has any value or merit. It is the enemy of most of the best things in the world - it is the enemy of the good life.
    -- Ann Bridge

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  • Mellow doesn't always make for a good story, but it makes for a good life.
    -- Anne Hathaway

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  • The city (regardless which one it is) does provide a certain degree of sophistication and intellectualism. It offers the challenge of professional matters. It throws new and interesting people in one's path. There is a dynamic and an energy in cities which is diametric to the life-forces of the forest. Still the cabin is the wellspring, the source, the hub of my existence. It gives me tranquility, a closeness of nature and wildlife, good health and fitness, a sense of security, the opportunity for resourcefulness, reflection and creative thinking.....
    -- Anne LaBastille

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  • There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.
    -- Annie Dillard

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  • There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by. A life of good days lived in the senses is not enough. The life of sensation is the life of greed; it requires more and more. The life of the spirit requires less and less; time is ample and its passage sweet. Who would call a day spent reading a good day? But a life spent reading -- that is a good life.
    -- Annie Dillard

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  • I don't mind being a commodity. It's given me a good life.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

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  • I like the good life too much, I'm not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons.
    -- Anthony Hopkins

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  • I like Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, because shes just sleeping and looking pretty and waiting for boys to come kiss her. Sounds like a good life - lots of naps and cute boys fighting dragons to come kiss you.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • Good cheer is no hindrance to a good life.
    -- Aristippus

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  • Men come together in cities in order to live: they remain together in order to live the good life
    -- Aristotle

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  • When several villages are united in a single complete community, large enough to be nearly or quite self-sufficing, the state comes into existence, originating in the bare needs of life, and continuing in existence for the sake of a good life.
    -- Aristotle

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  • What is the highest good in all matters of action? To the name, there is almost complete agreement; for uneducated and educated alike call it happiness, and make happiness identical with the good life and successful living. They disagree, however, about the meaning of happiness.
    -- Aristotle

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  • Now property is part of a household, and the acquisition of property part of household-management; for neither life itself nor the good life is possible without a certain minimum supply of the necessities.
    -- Aristotle

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  • The best things in life aren't things.
    -- Art Buchwald

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  • Do a little more than you're paid to. Give a little more than you have to. Try a little harder than you want to. Aim a little higher than you think possible, and give a lot of thanks to God for health, family, and friends.
    -- Art Linkletter

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  • It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
    -- Arthur C. Clarke

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  • Faith gives the courage to live and do. Scientists, with their disciplined thinking, like others, need a basis for the good life, for aspiration, for courage to do great deeds. They need a faith to live by. The hope of the world lies in those who have such faith and who use the methods of science to make their visions become real. Visions and hope and faith are not part of science. They are beyond the nature that science knows. Of such is the religion that gives meaning to life.
    -- Arthur Compton

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  • Life is good, life is great. Always love and never hate. Break the rules, stand apart. Ignore your head and follow your heart.
    -- Ashley Purdy

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  • If we aren't willing to pay a price for our values, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Value your friendship. Value your relationships.
    -- Barbara Bush

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  • A certain feeling comes from throwing your good life away, and it is one part rapture.
    -- Barbara Kingsolver

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  • I realize we're not promised tomorrow. Believe me, I realize that. But if God blesses me and lets me stay, I love my life so much, it is such a good life. I am eager to throw myself at His feet, but I don't want to get on the first busload that is going.
    -- Barbara Mandrell

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  • I'm so lazy as far as liking to get up, go to the office in my pajamas, get dressed about noon. And I hate flying. So I have this really laid-back, good lifestyle, and it's hard to nudge me out of it.
    -- Barbara Park

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  • A good life is a main argument.
    -- Ben Jonson

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  • What the White House is trying to do is racialize all politics and they're especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that's just a complete lie,
    -- Ben Stein

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  • I reckon domesticated cats have a pretty good life.
    -- Ben Whishaw

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  • Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect.
    -- Benny Hill

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  • In real life, good people die all the time and a**holes can live long and happy lives. It's a crapshoot.
    -- Bentley Little

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  • Your actions in passing, pass not away, for every good work is a grain of seed for eternal life.
    -- Bernard of Clairvaux

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  • The happy life is to an extraordinary extent the same as the good life.
    -- Bertrand Russell

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  • My mom keeps me going, man. She deserves such a good life. I just wanna give it to her. My dad, too. My family, my friends, they keep me motivated. Just knowing my personal legend, just knowing what I'm supposed to do, that keeps me going.
    -- Big Sean

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  • But someone once described the contrast between a good life and a godly life as the difference between the top of the ocean and the bottom. On top, sometimes it's like glass -- serene and calm -- and other times it's raging and stormy. But hundreds of fathoms below, it is beautiful and consistent, always calm, always peaceful.
    -- Bill McCartney

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  • Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.
    -- Bill Mollison

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  • It is possible to have a pretty good life and career being a leech and a parasite in the media world, gadding about from TV studio to TV studio, writing inconsequential pieces and having a good time.
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • I grew up in a family where the internalized understanding was that the kids were going to grow up into a better world. I worry, because I don't think my kids are going to have that. The world is very scary. The world would be scary without the choices the current administration made, but they just exacerbated it. And it ticks me off. I want my kids to have a good life.
    -- Bradley Whitford

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  • Remember, success is not measured by heights attained but by obstacles overcome. We're going to pass through many obstacles in our lives: good days, bad days. But the successful person will overcome those obstacles and constantly move forward.
    -- Bruce Jenner

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  • You can't teach children to be good. The best you can do for your child is to live a good life yourself. What a parent knows and believes, the child will lean on.
    -- Bruno Bettelheim

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  • If you want good things to happen in your life you first have to believe good things are possible for yourself. Quit allowing negative and cynical thinking to get in the way of the good life you deserve.
    -- Bryant H. McGill

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  • The first duty of life is to live.
    -- Burt Lancaster

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  • I enjoy the hunt much more than the 'good life' after the victory.
    -- Carl Icahn

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  • The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire
    -- Carl Jung

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  • A second characteristic of the process which for me is the good life, is that it involves an increasingly tendency to live fully in each moment. I believe it would be evident that for the person who was fully open to his new experience, completely without defensiveness, each moment would be new.
    -- Carl Rogers

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  • This process of the good life is not, I am convinced, a life for the faint-hearted. It involves the stretching and growing of becoming more and more of one's potentialities. It involves the courage to be. It means launching oneself fully into the stream of life.
    -- Carl Rogers

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  • All in all, it is a good life we are living, in a good world filled with good friends.
    -- Carlos P. Romulo

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  • You suffer as an actor. It's difficult to be an actor and live a good life, especially today.
    -- Catherine Deneuve

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  • We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them.
    -- Cato the Elder

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  • Through each passage and each season, may you trust the goodness f life.
    -- Charlene Costanzo

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  • If one is strong be also merciful, so that one's neighbors may respect one rather than fear one.
    -- Chilon of Sparta

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  • Do not make too much haste on one's road.
    -- Chilon of Sparta

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  • Learn how to regulate one's own house well.
    -- Chilon of Sparta

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  • Do not let one's tongue outrun one's sense.
    -- Chilon of Sparta

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  • I don't think polarization is some kind of grand distraction. It's real. People have different commitments, believe in different things and principles, different visions of the good life ... but there is also a degree to which all the really big, successful reform movements in the country had extremely bizarre ideological coalitions.
    -- Chris Hayes

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  • The more you are positive and say, I want to have a good life, the more you build that reality for yourself by creating the life that you want.
    -- Chris Pine

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  • There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.
    -- Christopher Morley

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  • My father passed away a couple of years ago, but he was very old. He was almost a 100 years old. And, you know, he had a very good life. He came to America and he had a good life.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • We should render a service to a friend to bind him closer to us, and to an enemy in order to make a friend of him.
    -- Cleobulus

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  • Be fond of hearing rather than of talking.
    -- Cleobulus

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  • Be superior to pleasure.
    -- Cleobulus

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  • Be ready for reconciliation after quarrels.
    -- Cleobulus

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  • A life without fame can be a good life, but fame without a life is no life at all.
    -- Clive James

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  • Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.
    -- Confucius

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  • I'm in an environment where I have a lot of information about how to stay healthy and live a good life. I love vegan and raw food, I love to exercise. If I weren't in this business, I think I would be aging differently.
    -- Connie Britton

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  • Theories are patterns without value. What counts is action.
    -- Constantin Brancusi

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  • Humanism believes that the individual attains the good life by harmoniously combining personal satisfactions and continuous self-development with significant work and other activities that contribute to the welfare of the community.
    -- Corliss Lamont

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  • I myself feel, and also tell other Buddhists that the question of Nirvana will come later. There is not much hurry. If in day to day life you lead a good life, honesty, with love, with compassion, with less selfishness, then automatically it will lead to Nirvana.
    -- Dalai Lama

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  • Whether you believe in God or not does not matter much, whether you believe in Buddha or not does not matter so much; as a Buddhist, whether you believe in reincarnation or not does not matter so much. You must lead a good life.
    -- Dalai Lama

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  • Of course the lower classes have always felt downtrodden and aspired to a better life. But there is this theory that people respond to a class structure in England - there was a time when people knew who they were and knew whom they served and as long as management wasn't abusive, it was a good life for people.
    -- Damian Lewis

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  • Genuine trust involves allowing another to matter and have an impact in our lives. For that reason, many who hate and do battle with God trust Him more deeply than those whose complacent faith permits an abstract and motionless stance before Him. Those who trust God most are those whose faith permits them to risk wrestling with Him over the deepest questions of life. Good hearts are captured in a divine wrestling match; fearful, doubting hearts stay clear of the mat.
    -- Dan B. Allender

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  • Life, a good life, a great life is about "Why not?" May we never forget it.
    -- Danielle Steel

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  • Brigid O'Shaughnessy: “I haven't lived a good life. I've been bad, worse than you could know.” Sam Spade “You know, that's good, because if you actually were as innocent as you pretend to be, we'd never get anywhere
    -- Dashiell Hammett

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  • A Tough life with God is better than a good life without Him
    -- David Asscherick

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  • This is good, life must continue, we are fighting barbarians, but we must remain human.
    -- David Benioff

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  • I stand by every decision I've made throughout my career and my life, good or bad, up or down.
    -- David Coverdale

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  • Human will-power alone is not enough. Will-power is excellent and we should always be using it; but it is not enough. A desire to live a good life is not enough. Obviously we should all have that desire, but it will not guarantee success.
    -- David Lloyd-Jones

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  • Transcending gives a human being a chance to think before acting. And experiencing this beautiful treasury within gets rid of torment and replaces it with happiness, inner peace, creativity intelligence, love, energy. This fuels a real good life and fuels an appreciation for all human beings. It's so powerful and it's a blessing for humanity.
    -- David Lynch

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  • Poor people put a low value on themselves and their efforts.
    -- Daymond John

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  • A good life is a collection of happy memories.
    -- Denis Waitley

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  • There's only one very good life and that's the life you know you want and you make it yourself.
    -- Diana Vreeland

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  • The people in Iraq lived essentially good lives. They had brilliant health and education systems. Saddam actually created an incredible infrastructure in a very difficult country, but they were a Mafia family. If you said anything against that regime or that family you would be killed instantly.
    -- Dominic Cooper

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  • The horror of class stratification, racism, and prejudice is that some people begin to believe that the security of their families and communities depends on the oppression of others, that for some to have good lives there must be others whose lives are truncated and brutal.
    -- Dorothy Allison

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  • If your life had lyrics, would they be any good?
    -- Douglas Coupland

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  • Life is good when we think it's good. Life is bad when we don't think.
    -- Douglas Horton

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  • So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you'll move mountains.
    -- Dr. Seuss

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  • It's a fool's life, a rogue's life, and a good life if you keep laughing all the way to the grave.
    -- Edward Abbey

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  • Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
    -- Edwin Hubbel Chapin

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  • The crest and crowning of all good, life's final star, is Brotherhood.
    -- Edwin Markham

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  • Pompeii, especially, with its grand murals and its flourishing gardens haunted by the dark shadow of Vesuvius, has always suggested uncomfortable parallels with our contemporary world, especially here in Southern California, where the sunlit life also turns out to have dark shadows in which failure and death lurk at the edge of consciousness. Now in these times, we have even closer parallels with those ancient, beautiful, affluent people living the good life on the verge of annihilation.
    -- Eleanor Antin

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