Epidemics quotes

  • Dishonoring what we feel is an epidemic that has us self-medicating as a culture and trying to numb ourselves.
    -- Abiola Abrams

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  • Ebola has shown that the world is not ready to deal with an epidemic on this scale.
    -- Alpha Conde

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  • Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity. The sedentary nature of much of modern life probably plays a significant role in the epidemic incidence of depression today. Many studies show that depressed patients who stick to a regimen of aerobic exercise improve as much as those treated with medication.
    -- Andrew Weil

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  • Although it is still important to develop an HIV vaccine, we have significant tools already at our disposal that can make a major impact on the trajectory of this epidemic.
    -- Anthony S. Fauci

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  • You can have an epidemic in a state. You can have it in a region. You can have it in a country where the critical level of disease passes a certain threshold, and we call that an epidemic threshold.
    -- Anthony S. Fauci

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  • Wars are not fought for territory, but for words. Man's deadliest weapon is language. He is as susceptible to being hypnotized by slogans as he is to infectious diseases. And where there is an epidemic, the group-mind takes over.
    -- Arthur Koestler

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  • Abstinence, being faithful and correct and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic.
    -- Ashley Judd

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  • We have an epidemic of fatherlessness here, and that's what I agree with the president [Barack Obama] on, and we should be doing more to promote and protect marriage as between a man and a women for the needs of our children.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • However, as a parent, as a grandparent, as a former educator, I know that these practices alone when we are dealing with young children are insufficient. We will never control this rising epidemic without greater accountability from the food industry.
    -- Bob Filner

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  • If society is to progress on a truly humanistic basis, without being subject to mental epidemics and virulent social diseases to which the subconscious falls an easy victim, the personal consciousness of every individual should be cultivated to the highest degree possible.
    -- Boris Sidis

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  • Deregulation created this epidemic of greed which according to the rules of capitalism was OK. Beyond that there was criminal behaviour. There have been no repercussions and it's hard to make your peace with.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • This problem will knock on the doors of all of us, whether through uncontrolled and unmanageable migration flows, by means of diseases and epidemics, as a result of the conflicts generated by poverty and hunger, or as a result of events which are today unforeseeable.
    -- Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla

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  • The epidemic is truly black-on-black crime. The greatest danger to the lives of young black men are young black men.
    -- C.L. Bryant

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  • Masses are always breeding grounds of psychic epidemics.
    -- Carl Jung

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  • This cures everything except stupidity, which is an epidemic on the rise.
    -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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  • As a nation we should commit ourselves not only to the fight against terrorism, but to economic justice, defeat of the AIDS epidemic and vestiges of discriminatory policies of all kinds.
    -- Charles Rangel

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  • I don't know … but I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control.
    -- Chris Brown

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  • I took a lot of time off after Mobsters and although I did something I had never done before, which was to direct a play, The Laughter Epidemic, it felt like a vacation.
    -- Christian Slater

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  • As a doctor, let me tell you what self-love does: It improves your hearing, your eyesight, lowers your blood pressure, increases pulmonary function, cardiac output, and helps wiring the musculature. So, if we had a rampant epidemic of self-love then our healthcare costs would go down dramatically. So, this isn't just some little frou-frou new age notion, oh love yourself honey. This is hardcore science.
    -- Christiane Northrup

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  • One of the most dangerous and best-kept secrets of the medical profession is the epidemic of anesthesiologists who are addicted to their own drugs.
    -- Christopher McDougall

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  • Blaming the running injury epidemic on big, bad Nike seems too easy - but that's okay, because it's largely their fault.
    -- Christopher McDougall

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  • One out of six women are toxic with mercury. Mercury comes out of coal plants and chlorine plants. I am toxic, I deal with symptoms, children are born with, you know, autism - there is an epidemic in this country. This is like, the air that we breath.
    -- Daphne Zuniga

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  • Epidemic obesity is unquestionably a health crisis in the United States, and for that matter, in much of the world. But it is a crisis in slow motion, one that has crept up on us over years, and even decades.
    -- David L. Katz

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  • What a horrible feeling that is, to know that if the disease [AIDS] had primarily affected PTA presidents, or priests, or white teenage girls, the epidemic would have been ended years earlier, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.
    -- David Levithan

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  • Those of us who lived through the worst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the early 1980s through the mid-1990s have a very special spot in our heart for home-based health care.
    -- David Mixner

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  • Violence in our society has reached epidemic proportions. ... Violence in the media for entertainment purposes has been established as a major contributing factor.
    -- Deborah Prothrow-Stith

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  • We must work to repeal trade agreements that impede access to affordable generic drugs. We must work to cause the IMF and the World Bank to reduce and eventually eliminate the debt that takes poor nations' resources away from crises like AIDS. We must focus America's leadership on addressing and ending this epidemic.
    -- Dennis Kucinich

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  • People who do not worship are swept into a vast restlessness, epidemic in the world, with no steady direction and no sustaining purpose.
    -- Edmund Clowney

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  • The craze of genealogy is connected with the epidemic for divorce. If we can't figure out who our living relatives are, then maybe we'll have more luck with the dead ones.
    -- Elizabeth Jane Howard

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  • All the men in my life have been two things: an epic and an epidemic.
    -- Ethel Waters

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  • There is a global epidemic where one out of three women will be beaten or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes? How are we going to build a future of love and connection? And why would this not be of utmost concern to men?
    -- Eve Ensler

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  • The more populous the world and the more intricate its structure, the greater must be its fundamental insecurity. A world-structure too elaborately scientific, if once disrupted by war, revolution, natural cataclysm or epidemic, might collapse into a chaos not easily rebuilt.
    -- F. L. Lucas

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  • The Caribbean is the region in the Americas worst affected by the epidemic of NCDs. These diseases are responsible for over two- thirds of deaths, much sickness and ill health, resulting in an unsustainable burden on our fragile economies.
    -- Freundel Stuart

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  • Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting. What part of democracy are they afraid of? I call on Republicans at all levels of government, with all manner of ambition, to stop fear mongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud. I'm calling for universal, automatic voter registration, every citizen in every state in the union.
    -- Greg Gutfeld

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  • According to his dad's journal, vampires had been through some of the worst epidemics in history. And apparently, during the days of the Black Plague, their biggest complaint had been rotten "food".
    -- Heather Brewer

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  • My father, who had previously been a civil engineer, died in the great influenza epidemic of 1918.
    -- James Rainwater

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  • The history of interactions among disparate peoples is what shaped the modern world through conquest, epidemics and genocide. Those collisions created reverberations that have still not died down after many centuries, and that are actively continuing in some of the world's most troubled areas.
    -- Jared Diamond

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  • It's striking that Native Americans evolved no devastating epidemic diseases to give to Europeans, in return for the many devastating epidemic diseases that Indians received from the Old World.
    -- Jared Diamond

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  • Although there have been warnings that it was coming for years, the Alzheimer's epidemic is here now and millions more families will be touched by this progressive - and ultimately fatal - disease unless its course can be altered.
    -- Jeanne Phillips

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  • I think it's a major epidemic in women, faking orgasms. So many women in this world feel like they are put on this planet to please men, that they have to fake, and they never worry about their own pleasure.
    -- Jenna Jameson

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  • We can either continue to collectively stand on the sidelines and debate what is causing autism and if it is an epidemic or we can get on the field and start addressing the real problem - a generation of children with autism. We are not focusing enough on prevention, treatments and support services.
    -- Jenny McCarthy

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  • Those outside of autism need to understand this is an epidemic and we need more government funding, insurance coverage and education reform.
    -- Jenny McCarthy

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  • Epidemics follow patterns because diseases follow patterns. Viruses spread; they reproduce; they die.
    -- Jill Lepore

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  • Epidemiologists study patterns in order to combat infection. Stories about epidemics follow patterns, too. Stories arent often deadly, but they can be virulent: spreading fast, weakening resistance, wreaking havoc.
    -- Jill Lepore

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  • NEGRO :; Member of a subgroup of the human race who hails, or whose ancestors hailed, from a chunk of land nicknamed not by its residents Africa. Superior to the Caucasian in that negroes did not invent nuclear weapons, the automobile, Christianity, nerve gas, the concentration camp, military epidemics, or the megalopolis.
    -- John Brunner

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  • Think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction-all challenges that know no borders-the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them.
    -- John F. Kerry

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  • The assumption being that if high-risk children could be made to 'feel good about themselves,' these epidemics could be mitigated. ... This prescription, unfortunately, has proven to be yet another in a long list of nouveau homilies that haven't lived up to their promises.
    -- John Rosemond

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  • Evil is relatively rare. Ignorance is epidemic.
    -- Jon Stewart

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  • It is possible to create an epidemic of health which is self-organizing and self-propelling.
    -- Jonas Salk

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  • It's a dirty little secret that most New Yorkers are pleasant, thoughtful, patient, and polite. The Chamber of Commerce must work overtime to maintain the surly, off-putting image that is widely believed to define the city. In truth, niceness is nearly epidemic in this town.
    -- Judith Kelman

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  • We live, I am trying to say, in an epidemic of male violence against women.
    -- Katha Pollitt

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  • Our society is filled with runaways, dropouts, and quitters. The epidemic of walking away has hit our land with effects as devastating as the bubonic plague, and it has destroyed millions of effective lives and relationships. We are so self-centered that we have ceased to lay down our lives for others. We have seen others faint or walk away and we have followed in their weakness. We have fainted when we could have persevered by exchanging our strength for His! With His strength, not only could we have kept on walking, we could have run!
    -- Kay Arthur

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  • Today, few Americans are aware of the spiritual epidemic that wiped out the land of our Christian forefathers. Even fewer are aware that the same epidemic has reached our own shores, spreading like a virus.
    -- Ken Ham

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  • Some people are so sensitive that they feel snubbed if an epidemic overlooks them.
    -- Kin Hubbard

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  • The global HIV/AIDS epidemic is an unprecedented crisis that requires an unprecedented response. In particular it requires solidarity - between the healthy and the sick, between rich and poor, and above all, between richer and poorer nations. We have 30 million orphans already. How many more do we have to get, to wake up?
    -- Kofi Annan

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  • When I first arrived in beautiful Zimbabwe, it was difficult to understand that 35 percent of the population is HIV positive. It really wasn't until I was invited to the homes of people that I started to understand the human toll of the epidemic.
    -- Kristen Ashburn

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  • When I was diagnosed I didn't know how epidemic cancer was. You find out that everybody you know is touched by this disease.
    -- Laura Ziskin

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  • In countries around the world, waistlines are expanding so rapidly that health experts recently coined a term for the epidemic: globesity.
    -- Laurie Cunningham

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  • Bullying is a national epidemic.
    -- Macklemore

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  • People at CDC [Centers for Disease Control] who cut their teeth on diseases over the last 10 years have started to think of crime as another disease, and using some of these same concepts. It was something that was in the air in that world, but it was time to bust it out and apply it to any number of different social epidemics.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • The answer is that the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • Starting epidemics requires concentrating resources on a few key area. The Law of the Few says that Connectors, Mavens, and Salesman are responsible for starting word-of-mouth epidemics, which means that if you are interested in starting a word-of-mouth epidemic , your resources ought to be solely concentrated on these three groups. No one else matters.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • What must underlie successful epidemics, in the end, is a bedrock belief that change is possible, that people can radically transform their behavior or beliefs in the face of the right kind of impetus.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • The Law of the Few,... says that one critical factor in epidemics is the nature of the messenger.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • Many diseases including malaria, dengue, meningitis - just a few examples - these are what we call climate-sensitive diseases, because such climate dimensions for rainfall, humidity and temperature would influence the epidemics, the outbreaks, either directly influencing the parasites or the mosquitoes that carry them.
    -- Margaret Chan

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  • Recommending gastric bypass as a national solution for our diabetes epidemic is bad medicine and bad economics.
    -- Mark Hyman, M.D.

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  • The facts are in, the science is beyond question. Sugar in all its forms is the root cause of our obesity epidemic and most of the chronic disease sucking the life out of our citizens and our economy - and, increasingly, the rest of the world. You name it, it’s caused by sugar: heart disease, cancer, dementia, type 2 diabetes, depression, and even acne, infertility and impotence.
    -- Mark Hyman, M.D.

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  • Epidemics historically have tended to kill the very young and the very old, but AIDS is different: Those ages 20 to 40 are most affected, which means that so far over 12 million African children have been orphaned because of AIDS.
    -- Marvin Olasky

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  • We have yet to beat our drums for birth control in the way we beat them for polio vaccine. We are still unable to put babies in the class of dangerous epidemics, even though this is the exact truth.
    -- Mary Calderone

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  • Fear-bola attacks the part of the brain responsible for rational thinking. It starts with a low-grade concern about the two health care workers diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas and slowly builds into fear of a widespread epidemic in the United States.
    -- Mel Robbins

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  • I started to write about science and medicine at the Washington Post, in the early days of the AIDS epidemic.
    -- Michael Specter

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  • We cannot run away from the TB epidemic. It is a moral injustice.
    -- Michel Sidibe

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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens are bullied and ostracized in epidemic proportions. It's disgusting, and it must change.
    -- Monica Raymund

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  • When the AIDS epidemic broke, because I happened to be a science nerd and knew a lot about viruses and a lot about that virus at the time, I felt a moral obligation to go out and try to stem the fear and get out and explain to people what the disease was and how it worked.
    -- Morgan Fairchild

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  • More than a billion adults worldwide are now overweight - and at least 300 million of them are clinically obese. Childhood obesity is already epidemic in some areas and on the rise in others. Worldwide, an estimated 17.6 million children under five are said to be overweight.
    -- Morgan Spurlock

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  • I couldn't open up a magazine, you couldn't read a newspaper, you couldn't turn on the TV without hearing about the obesity epidemic in America.
    -- Morgan Spurlock

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  • If you find diseases before they've really emerged, you can control them early on, before you get a major epidemic.
    -- Nathan Wolfe

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  • If you look upon chronic diseases as an epidemic, and you see that the chronically ill are the poor, then you see that this issue of the uninsured is not really a moral but a financial obligation to change health care.
    -- Patrick Soon-Shiong

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  • We need to think of chronic disease, hypertension, cancer, like H1N1. In fact, there's an epidemic of chronic disease.
    -- Patrick Soon-Shiong

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  • Cancer touches every family in one way or another. As other diseases are brought under control, cancer is set to become the number one killer, and is already in epidemic proportions worldwide.
    -- Paul Davies

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  • War is the most devastating endemic and epidemic disease the human race has to endure, and yet too little has been done to discover and eliminate its cause by intelligent early control.
    -- Pearl S. Buck

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  • Now a cholera epidemic was sweeping through Southeast Asia and south Asia in the early 1970s, so I started medical school and I joined a laboratory to work on this.
    -- Peter Agre

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  • Whining is a virus, a lethal, infectious, epidemic disease.
    -- Peter Høeg

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  • The reality is that the AIDS epidemic continues to outstrip the global and national efforts to contain it.
    -- Peter Piot

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  • Epidemics on the other side of the world are a threat to us all. No epidemic is just local.
    -- Peter Piot

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  • One out of every 100 American men is HIV positive. The rate of infection has reached epidemic proportions in 40 developing nations.
    -- Philip Emeagwali

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  • [In-group exclusivism has] killed more human beings and destroyed more cities and villages than all the epidemics, hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions taken together. It has brought upon mankind more suffering than any other catastrophe.
    -- Pitirim Sorokin

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  • An eating disorder epidemic suggests that love and disgust are being jointly marketed, as it were; that wherever the proposition might first have come from, the unacceptability of the female body has been disseminated culturally.
    -- Rachel Cusk

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  • If the childhood obesity epidemic remains unchecked, it will condemn many of our kids to shorter lives, as well as the emotional and financial burdens of poor health.
    -- Richard Carmona

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  • It has always been the role of government to help solve problems, including and especially health crises. Obesity is a health epidemic across our country, and we have a responsibility as a government and a society to do all we can to promote good nutrition and healthy eating so we can reverse this alarming trend.
    -- Richard Codey

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  • The mob hysteria over pedophiles has reached epidemic proportions and driven parents to panic. Today's Just Williams, today's Huck Finns, today's Swallows and Amazons are deprived of the freedom to roam that was one of the delights of childhood in earlier times (when the actual, as opposed to the perceived, risk of molestation was probably no less).
    -- Richard Dawkins

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  • The steam-engine in its manifold applications, the crime-decreasing gas-lamp, the lightning conductor, the electric telegraph, the law of storms and rules for the mariner's guidance in them, the power of rendering surgical operations painless, the measures for preserving public health, and for preventing or mitigating epidemics,-such are among the more important practical results of pure scientific research, with which mankind have been blessed and States enriched.
    -- Richard Owen

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  • Now they're calling taking drugs an epidemic - that's cos white folks are doing it.
    -- Richard Pryor

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  • The people in power have created an obesity epidemic.
    -- Robert Atkins

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  • Materialism has cast man into such depths that a mighty concentration of forces is necessary to raise him again. He is subject to illnesses of the nervous system which are veritable epidemics of the life of the soul.
    -- Rudolf Steiner

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  • So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected, let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!
    -- Russell Conwell

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  • We are losing the war against cancer. The prohibition of new carcinogenic products, reduction of toxins in use, and right-to-know laws - these are among the legislative proposals which could reverse the cancer epidemic.
    -- Samuel Epstein

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  • America may be the only society on earth to have experienced what has been called an 'epidemic of children killing children,' which is ravaging some of its communities today.
    -- Sissela Bok

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