Eerie quotes

  • It is eerie being all but alone in Westminster Abbey. Without the tourists, there are only the dead, many of them kings and queens. They speak powerfully and put my thoughts into vivid perspective.
    -- A. N. Wilson

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  • The world of Shirley Jackson is eerie and unforgettable,
    -- A.M. Homes

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  • In the New Yorker library, I have long been shelved between Nadine Gordimer and Brendan Gill; an eerie little space nestled between high seriousness of purpose and legendary lightness of touch.
    -- Adam Gopnik

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  • I lay there knowing something eerie ties us to the world of animals. Sometimes the animals pull you backward into it. You share hunger and fear with them like salt in blood.
    -- Barry Lopez

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  • Remember Killer Moth, the most ingenuous rogue ever to defy the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin ?Perhaps you recall how the weird beam from the Moth Signal summoned the Gangland Guardian to the aid of desperate criminals ?And who can forget the eerie Moth Cave where new and startling implements of crime were produced by this evil genius !
    -- Bob Kane

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  • People just... disappear," he says. "The Earth just opens up and swallows people," I say, some what sadly, checking my Rolex. "Eerie." Kimball yawns, stretching. "Really eerie." "Ominous." I nod my agreement. "It's just"- he sights, exasperated- "futile.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

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  • I think most people are curious about what it would be like to be able to meet yourself - -it's eerie.
    -- Christy Turlington

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  • The Nazis, for him, are merely available movie tropes--articulate monsters with a talent for sadism. By making the Americans cruel, too, he escapes the customary division of good and evil along national lines, but he escapes any sense of moral accountability as well. In a Tarantino war, everyone commits atrocities. Like all the director's work after 'Jackie Brown,' the movie is pure sensation. It's disconnected from feeling, and an eerie blankness--it's too shallow to be called nihilism--undermines even the best scenes.
    -- David Denby

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  • is the Far Right today that establishes the terms of the nuclear debate. And in this context, in a room ringing with hysterical pleas on behalf of Reagan's eerie laser-beam technology, the MacBundys of the world seem eminently, refreshingly sane.
    -- David Talbot

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  • It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order.
    -- Douglas Hofstadter

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  • And in fact the only way I can deal with this eerie situation at all is to make a conscious decision that I have already lived and finished the life I planned to live - and everything from now on will be A New Life, a different thing, a gig that ends tonight and starts tomorrow morning.
    -- Hunter S. Thompson

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  • It's more eerie to be alone in a city that's lit up and functioning than one that's a tomb. If everything were silent, one could almost pretend to be in nature. A forest. A meadow. Crickets and birdsong. But the corpse of civilization is as restless as the creatures that now roam the graveyards.
    -- Isaac Marion

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  • It was eerie. I saw myself in that machine. I never thought my work would come to this.
    -- Isidor Isaac Rabi

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  • It was eerie. I saw myself in that machine. I never thought my work would come to this. Upon seeing a distorted image of his face, reflected on the inside cylindrical surface of the bore while inside an MRI (magnetic-resonance-imaging) machine-a device made possible by his early physical researches on nuclear magnetic resonance (1938).
    -- Isidor Isaac Rabi

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  • I hated relying on luck. When it worked, it made me feel so damned eerie.
    -- James Alan Gardner

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  • Emptiness is only a disguise for an intimacy of God's, that God's silence, the eerie stillness, is filled by the Word without words, by Him who is above all names, by Him who is all in all. And his silence is telling us that He is here.
    -- Karl Rahner

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  • I had a dream this morning too, and you were in it," he said. "I don't remember what it was about, exactly, but when I woke up I looked at the clock and it was exactly six thirty-two." I felt an eerie tingle all down my back and froze with my spoon halfway to my mouth. "Really?" He smirked and popped the cookie into his mouth. "No
    -- Kate Brian

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  • There was something not quite right about her eagerness, an eerie kind of voyeurism in her need for bad news.
    -- Kim Edwards

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  • I thought Trent should get over his pixy paranoia and admit he had an eerie attraction to them, like every other pure-blood elf I’d met. So he liked pixies. I liked double-crunch ice cream, but you didn’t see me avoiding it in the grocery store.
    -- Kim Harrison

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  • Beautifully written, intensely passionate and gripping, FALLEN grabbed me from the first sentence and didn’t let go. Its eerie future world and frightening mores provide an unforgettable backdrop to the story of Lilia Desjardins, the shade-hunter, and fallen-angel turned cop, Adam Montgomery. It’s Matrix, Blade Runner and Terminator rolled into a riveting love story and made better. Perfect. A must-read by an author who keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    -- Linnea Sinclair

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  • I find it very eerie when somebody is being really polite.
    -- M. Night Shyamalan

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  • If you search the scientific literature on evolution, and if you focus your search on the question of how molecular machines the basis of life developed, you find an eerie and complete silence. The complexity of life's foundation has paralyzed science's attempt to account for it; molecular machines raise an as-yet-impenetrable barrier to Darwinism's universal reach.
    -- Michael Behe

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  • Taking a sip of the hot chocolate he'd made her, she met his gaze, those eerie eyes of endless black impenetrable, unreadable. "Max?" "Yes?" "Will you remember me?" His heart broke into a thousand pieces. "Always.
    -- Nalini Singh

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  • It's a strange, eerie sensation to fly a lunar landing trajectory not difficult, but somewhat complex and unforgiving.
    -- Neil Armstrong

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  • It's so bizarre, I'm not scared of snakes or spiders. But I'm scared of butterflies. There is something eerie about them. Something weird!
    -- Nicole Kidman

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  • I want my shows to be eerie and mysterious.
    -- Paloma Faith

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  • The Eerie Silence: are we alone in the universe?
    -- Paul Davies

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  • Its an eerie thing. My childhood is being washed away.
    -- Richard Simmons

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  • It is always an eerie experience to sit among Bashar al-Assad's soldiers.
    -- Robert Fisk

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  • Yeah, even a black comedy. Where it's a little eerie. I'd love to do that. But there are about three really fabulous ones on the air now and I don't know if I can do any better than that. I'd like to sort of forge new ground.
    -- Sharon Gless

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  • That eerie hissing you hear may well be the air beginning to seep out of the green energy bubble. The sound is similar to the pfffffft and sshhhhsssssp noises we heard in the early days of the dot-com bubble collapse or the subprime mortgage meltdown.
    -- Terence Corcoran

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  • The Wikks are regular kids given a Galactic size challenge. Readers will follow Oliver, Tiffany, and twins, Mason and Austin as they trek through eerie catacombs, mysterious ruins, and creepy castles that defy imagination. One part Indiana Jones, a handful of Swiss Family Robinson, and some Intergalactic excitement, the Quest for Truth is a riveting tale of just how far mankind will go for the ultimate prize.
    -- Wayne Thomas Batson

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  • I have this eerie feeling that by the time I'm 33, reality will not exist in the same plane as it did before. It's cool but also a little creepy.
    -- Alan Palomo

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  • I have an instinct for finding the odd location, the dismissed face, the eerie atmosphere, the oppressed mood.
    -- Deborah Turbeville

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