Research quotes

  • I was very good at sitting. But I just read so much research about how horrible sitting is for you. It's like, it's really bad. It's like Paula-Deen-glazed-bacon-doughnut bad. So I now move around as much as possible.
    -- A. J. Jacobs

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  • The latest research has revealed that women have a higher IQ than men.
    -- A. N. Wilson

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  • I suppose if I'd got a brilliant first and done research I might still be a don today, but I hope not. People become dons because they are incapable of doing anything else in life.
    -- A. N. Wilson

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  • I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn't look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there's only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research.
    -- Aaron Eckhart

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  • You'll learn more in a day talking to customers than a week of brainstorming, a month of watching competitors, or a year of market research.
    -- Aaron Levie

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  • I love market research because you really have an idea of what your consumers are looking for.
    -- Aerin Lauder

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  • Invest in basic research and recruit the best minds.
    -- Ahmed H. Zewail

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  • Carefully watch how people live, get an intuitive sense as to what they might want and then go with it. Don’t do market research.
    -- Akio Morita

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  • How much research I have to do depends on the nature of the story. For fantasy, none at all.
    -- Alan Dean Foster

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  • I love research so much that I do an enormous amount; it helps put off the moment of starting to write the story.
    -- Alan Garner

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  • Any company large enough to have a research lab is too large to listen to it.
    -- Alan Kay

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  • Coaches do so much research about a referee because they believe refereeing is such a crucial part of the game that the result may hinge on what we say or do. They probably know more about me than I know myself!
    -- Alan Lewis

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  • I started in a research lab for TV cameras, then I worked at a tape duplication facility. That was the first introduction for me to recorded music and hi-fi.
    -- Alan Parsons

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  • It may also be pertinent to ask whether a greater effort in the less expensive basic stages of research may not lead to reductions of effort in the far costlier stages of development and prototype construction.
    -- Alan Tower Waterman

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  • It is true that my discovery of LSD was a chance discovery, but it was the outcome of planned experiments and these experiments took place in the framework of systematic pharmaceutical, chemical research. It could better be described as serendipity.
    -- Albert Hofmann

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  • Without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year.
    -- Albert Sabin

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  • Research is not a systematic occupation but an intuitive artistic vocation.
    -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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  • The research period of a film is the most exciting part of the process, and filming is sometimes a letdown because when you're dealing with biopic material, the real thing is always much more intricate than the story told in the film.
    -- Alessandro Nivola

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  • I am not really doing research, just trying to cultivate myself.
    -- Alexander Grothendieck

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  • Each generation has its few great mathematicians, and mathematics would not even notice the absence of the others. They are useful as teachers, and their research harms no one, but it is of no importance at all. A mathematician is great or he is nothing.
    -- Alfred Adler

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  • Global military spending levels constitute an unconscionable use of resources and remain at an all-time high, reaching a total of USD 1.75 trillion in 2012, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
    -- Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

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  • Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer.
    -- Allen Klein

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  • Research in this country is going down.
    -- Amar Bose

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  • I really wanted to do research. That has never changed.
    -- Amar Bose

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  • One hundred percent of our earnings are reinvested in the company, and a great deal of that goes to research.
    -- Amar Bose

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  • We learned the value of research in World War II.
    -- Amar Bose

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  • Animal research has lead to advances in the treatment of many conditions... Where there is no alternative available, we will continue to ensure that the balance between animal welfare and scientific advancement is maintained.
    -- Andy Burnham

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  • As an actor, you're used to putting on characters, taking them off, becoming someone else, doing your research, and working on that.
    -- Angela Bassett

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  • I don't really follow market research. In the end, I respond to my own instincts.
    -- Anna Wintour

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  • I became an actor because I love solving problems. I'm a big crossword puzzle person. I love doing research. One of the reasons I became Jewish is because I love text study.
    -- Anthony Heald

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  • Certainly the support for research in HIV/AIDS was good in the Clinton administration, good in the Bush administrations. It just was.
    -- Anthony S. Fauci

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  • Significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming.
    -- Antonino Zichichi

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  • Flew concluded that research into DNA had 'shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, that intelligence must have been involved'.
    -- Antony Flew

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  • There is just no sensible, logical reason why we would not make use of stem cell research.
    -- Arlen Specter

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  • Could it be, I wonder, that there is such a thing as a wantologist, someone we can hire to figure out what we want? Have I arrived at some final telling moment in my research on outsourcing intimate parts of our lives, or at the absurdist edge of the market frontier?
    -- Arlie Russell Hochschild

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  • Enough research will tend to support your conclusions.
    -- Arthur Bloch

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  • There's a general intuition around the nonprofit world these days that younger generations are less likely to join. But I have found in my research that that's quite wrong.
    -- Arthur C. Brooks

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  • I'm not a psychopath, I'm a fully functioning sociopath. Do your research.
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • The fact that the regions of nature actually covered by known laws are few and fragmentary is concealed by the natural tendency to crowd our experience into those particular regions and to leave the others to themselves. We seek out those parts that are known and familiar and avoid those that are unknown and unfamiliar. This is simply what is called 'Applied Science.'
    -- Arthur David Ritchie

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  • If necessity is the mother of invention, scientifically developed production is the mother of scientific research.
    -- Arthur E. Kennelly

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  • We are stymied by regulations, limited choice and the threat of litigation. Neither consultants nor industry itself provide research which takes architecture forward.
    -- Arthur Erickson

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  • To do suc cessful research, you don't need to know everything, you just, need to know one thing that isn't known.
    -- Arthur Leonard Schawlow

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  • It began as research. I wrote of silences, of nights, I scribbled the indescribable. I tied down the vertigo.
    -- Arthur Rimbaud

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  • The biggest handicap in research is an ability to think outside the box. The handicap is being encumbered by all the conventional wisdom in a given field.
    -- Aubrey de Grey

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  • Public enthusiasm for new advances is a key ingredient in influencing policy-makers to stimulate follow-up work with suitable funding, and it can be achieved far faster now that interested non-specialists can explore new research autonomously and can also be appealed to directly by scientists.
    -- Aubrey de Grey

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  • In mathematics we find the primitive source of rationality; and to mathematics must the biologists resort for means to carry out their researches.
    -- Auguste Comte

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  • Don't worry about doing research. Just search.
    -- Austin Kleon

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  • Is it necessary to practice all these asanas, further and further? Is it necessary to develop scientific researches further and further? To a yogi, the body is a laboratory, a field of experiments and perpetual researches.
    -- B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • Sometimes a line of mathematical research extending through decades can be thought of as one long conversation in which many mathematicians take part. This is fortunately true at present.
    -- Barry Mazur

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  • I'm a high-functioning sociopath, do your research.
    -- Benedict Cumberbatch

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  • Research ! A mere excuse for idleness; it has never achieved, and will never achieve any results of the slightest value.
    -- Benjamin Jowett

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  • There are many cases of these algebras which may obviously be combined into natural classes, but the consideration of this portion of the subject will be reserved to subsequent researches.
    -- Benjamin Peirce

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  • Research is a lifelong occupation so it's hard to factor it in, but I reckon most books take 5 months from start to finish.
    -- Bernard Cornwell

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  • But I'm a historian. I wasn't interested in just being a producer, I was interested in doing research and presenting that research to a general public
    -- Bernice Johnson Reagon

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  • I became a writer because I love to read, yet I never get to unless I'm reviewing a book or doing research.
    -- Beth Richardson Gutcheon

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  • The best way to do research is to make a radical assumption and then assume it's true. For me, I use the assumption that object oriented programming is the way to go.
    -- Bill Joy

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  • According to new research emerging from many quarters that our continued devotion to growth above all is, on balance, making our lives worse, both collectively and individually
    -- Bill McKibben

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  • All of my books are about researching. I do all the research and I give it to a writer who can put it in the written word better than I could.
    -- Bill Wyman

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  • For me, losing a tennis match isn't failure, it's research.
    -- Billie Jean King

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  • Careful economic research has shown public-sector workers receive a level of compensation, pension benefits, and retiree health coverage in excess of what comparable workers in the private sector enjoy. In some instances, the total premium can be 30 percent or higher.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • I support stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell research.
    -- Bob Ehrlich

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  • Research shows that social media is comprised of two components: social and media.
    -- Brian Carter

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  • Well, I am a dilettante. It's only in England that dilettantism is considered a bad thing. In other countries it's called interdisciplinary research.
    -- Brian Eno

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  • Do your own market research; ask your last ten customers exactly why they bought from you.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • I shall not cease learning while I live, nor when I arrive in the spirit-world… and when I again receive my body, I shall …still continue my researches
    -- Brigham Young

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  • I like to get paid for doing basic research, so it's pleasant to write some nonfiction about it.
    -- Bruce Sterling

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  • I do like the research part of writing, I must admit.
    -- C. J. Box

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  • historical research of the truly scholastic kind is not connected with human beings at all. It is a pure study, like higher mathematics.
    -- C. V. Wedgwood

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  • What mankind can dream research and technology can achieve
    -- C. Walton Lillehei

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  • You discover yourself through the research of your work.
    -- Carine Roitfeld

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  • The elimination of horrible disease, the increase of the quality of lives (for humans and for animals) achieved through research using animals is so incalculably great that the argument of these critics, systematically pursued, establishes not their conclusion but its reverse: to refrain from using animals in biomedical research is, on utilitarian grounds, morally wrong.
    -- Carl Cohen

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  • Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.
    -- Carl Jung

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  • New research into cognitive functioning - how the brain works - proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information.
    -- Carmine Gallo

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  • Corporate partners help UNICEF fund our programmes for children, advocate with us on their behalf, or facilitate our work through logistical, technical, research or supply support.
    -- Carol Bellamy

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  • Research shows that normal young children misbehave every three minutes.
    -- Carol S. Dweck

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  • More and more research is suggesting that, far from being simply encoded in the genes, much of personality is a flexible and dynamic thing that changes over the life span and is shaped by experience.
    -- Carol S. Dweck

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  • Many books in popular psychology are a melange of the author's comments, a dollop of research, and stupefyingly dull transcriptions from interviews.
    -- Carol Tavris

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  • I'm pretty hard to impress, and I'm pretty exacting, in terms of what I want from my props department and art department. We spend many, many hours going over visual research and finding the right artists to create the material.
    -- Cary Fukunaga

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  • It's fun to pick a cuisine and say I'm going to research Ethiopian food, and see what it's all about. You find that there are a lot of similarities in cuisines from around the world and a lot of similar flavors.
    -- Cat Cora

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  • The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest astonishment.
    -- Celia Green

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  • Research is a way of taking calculated risks to bring about incalculable consequences.
    -- Celia Green

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  • Most of the research which is done is determined by the requirement that it shall, in a fairly obvious and predictable way, reinforce the approved or fashionable theories.
    -- Celia Green

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  • I majored in directing. However, I did spend some time at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, so I am somewhat well-versed in African Studies.
    -- Chadwick Boseman

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  • The committee's finding that China stole sensitive technology from U.S. weapons research labs is alarming.
    -- Charles Bass

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  • Research suggests that investment bankers are more prone to commit fraud when they feel the competitor at their heels.
    -- Charles Duhigg

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  • Research means that you don't know, but are willing to find out.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • You are always too late with a development if you are so slow that people demand it before you yourself recognize it. The research department should have foreseen what was necessary and had it ready to a point where people never knew they wanted it until it was made available to them.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • A research problem is not solved by apparatus; it is solved in a man's head.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • Bankers regard research as most dangerous a thing that makes banking hazardous due to the rapid changes it brings about in industry.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • I often say that research is a way of finding out what you are going to do when you can't keep on doing what you are doing now.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • If I want to stop a research program I can always do it by getting a few experts to sit in on the subject, because they know right away that it was a fool thing to try in the first place.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • Research is an organized method for keeping you reasonably dissatisfied with what you have.
    -- Charles Kettering

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  • Our goal has been to more effectively promote the value of publicly-supported research at our universities, both to the Congress and to the general public.
    -- Charles M. Vest

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  • Not only are squats not bad for the knees, every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries.
    -- Charles Poliquin

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  • The woof and warp of all thought and all research is symbols, and the life of thought and science is the life inherent in symbols; so that it is wrong to say that a good language is important to good thought, merely; for it is the essence of it.
    -- Charles Sanders Peirce

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  • There is very little sense that anybody really knows what works or why. But that's not a shock. And I don't think market research would solve that.
    -- Charlie Huston

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  • If they are, then the only ultimate truths are the particulars of concrete experience, and no postulate or general assumption is inherent in science until its proceedings become systematic, or the truths already reached give direction to further research.
    -- Chauncey Wright

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  • Copying one person is stealing. Copying ten is research.
    -- Chet Atkins

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  • Research indicates that once an uncommitted couple gets involved in sexual intercourse, the relationship usually begins to end. They have reached the superficial end of the physical aspects of the relationship, and they have no particularly compelling reason to explore its depths.
    -- Chip Ingram

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  • I've got research, I have my own life experience I can apply, and I have my imagination.
    -- Chris Cooper

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