Andy Burnham quotes

  • The verification services that could be offered would be applied appropriately according to the business process that was involved,
    -- Andy Burnham

    #Would Be #Process

  • Animal research has lead to advances in the treatment of many conditions... Where there is no alternative available, we will continue to ensure that the balance between animal welfare and scientific advancement is maintained.
    -- Andy Burnham

    #Animal #Balance #Research

  • People might have said we were scaremongering. But here we are: the Competition Commission is intervening, for the first time, in the NHS, to block the sensible collaboration between two NHS hospitals. They can no longer deny it, it’s absolutely clear.
    -- Andy Burnham

    #Block #Two #Nhs

  • We've had a day of great drama and of humour too. The rumour mill is now taking over
    -- Andy Burnham

    #Drama #Mills #Humour

  • Over the moon about strong support for the National Health Service - an institution I will defend to my dying day, second only to Everton FC.
    -- Andy Burnham

    #Strong #Moon #Support

  • To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.

  • I knew that even if I was able to call for help, I was in a place so remote that it wasn't likely there would be anyone who could help me. And even if there were, it could take weeks.

  • I hoped there would be a better process. But it is final -- I will not participate .

  • If everybody is happy, then something is wrong with the democratic process.

  • Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.

  • At a certain point you have to make a decision in your life about where will you best serve, and I decided that I would best serve as a producer as opposed to a studio executive. There are many upsides to being the studio executive, but one of the downsides is that you get removed from the actual process of making the movie.

  • I really love storytelling, and I love the stories as they reveal themselves. It's an incredibly nourishing process; it's probably the closest I come to having a religion.

  • The process of innovation is, of course, never ending.

  • The primary reason for a tariff is that it enables the exploitation of the domestic consumer by a process indistinguishable from sheer robbery.

  • This is really a pretty good system you have here. What do you call it? "Due process". We're very proud of it.

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