Liz Kendall quotes

  • People might have said we were scaremongering. But here we are: the Competition Commission is intervening, for the first time, in the NHS, to block the sensible collaboration between two NHS hospitals. They can no longer deny it, it’s absolutely clear.

  • The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it

  • One of the virtues of the NHS... it doesn't worry you about money at the moment when you're least capable of doing anything about it.

  • The NHS is a bit iffy when you sprain an ankle, but when it's a high-priority issue, it's fantastic. They don't mess about. They're incredibly efficient when things go wrong.

  • Isn't it a characteristic of the age we live in that it has made everyone in a way a migrant and a member of a minority?

  • Immigration, a lexicon. You're a 'migrant' when you're very poor; 'immigrant' when you're not so poor; and 'expat' when you're rich.

  • It is virtually impossible to control Northern Kenya, which is populated chiefly by migrant nomads.

  • I think there's a big misunderstanding on the value of migrants.

  • Given that the label "immigrant literature" is already established, unavoidable for anyone with a migrant background and used in any given context, I strongly advocate an absurd amount of specification to go along with the label.

  • [Pope Francis] symbolically took the migrant south-north route to the United States by going to Cuidad Juarez on the border with Texas, and there he spoke of the human dignity of immigrants.

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