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  • Well, I must tell you I write the scripts very close to the bone. So I'm writing episode seven now and couldn't tell you what happens in episode eight.
    -- Aaron Sorkin

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  • Of course, I'm not allowed to talk about the script, but I can say it is a really good story.
    -- Aaron Stanford

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  • A script is not a piece of literature it's a process.
    -- Abel Ferrara

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  • As far as I know, if you take your time, write a good script and make a good film, then give the audience time, they will accept it.
    -- Ajay Devgan

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  • I've always felt that I'm in a spontaneous business and if you script something, if you plan something, it will sound that way.
    -- Al Michaels

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  • There are a lot of roles in Shakespeare, basically. If I feel that the script is a movie, I would be interested in doing any role of Shakespeare's.
    -- Al Pacino

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  • I like, for instance, 'Serpico.' I enjoyed playing Serpico because Frank Serpico was there. He existed. He was a real life person and I could - I could embody him. I could, you know, I could work and get to know him and have him help me with the text, the script and become him. It's almost like a painter having a model to become.
    -- Al Pacino

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  • There is no such thing as a good script, onlya good film, and I'm conscious that my scripts often read better than they play.
    -- Alan Bennett

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  • I wouldn't say I'm a very controlling person. For instance, when I talk to the actors, I don't tell them exactly what I want because I want them to surprise me. I even encourage them to change some of the verses of the script if they need to.
    -- Alejandro Amenabar

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  • Whether I'm interested [in something] or not, step one is read the script and figure out if a character is someone I'd want to explore or not.
    -- Alexander Skarsgard

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  • To make a great film you need three things - the script, the script and the script.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • But you're not necessarily ever going to be handed a script where you can say: it's all done and perfect
    -- Alison Lohman

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  • The thing I noticed about Jack was when we did a reading of the script, just to warm up.
    -- Amanda Peet

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  • There are definitely reasons to do certain things, but I like to stick to good director, good actor, good script.
    -- Amanda Seyfried

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  • If the story's interesting and it's a compelling script, I'd be thrilled to be a part of it.
    -- Andre Braugher

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  • I always get quite close to my script because I work quite hard on them.
    -- Andrea Arnold


  • When I started out, nobody gave me scripts, so I had to write.
    -- Ang Lee

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  • I like it when you read a script and there's the part that you show to the other characters and then there's the part that only the audience knows.
    -- Anjelica Huston

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  • The first thing that attracts me to any script is the writing. If I find myself becoming lost in a good yarn, then I feel certain that others will, too.
    -- Anne-Marie Duff

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  • I love Marlon Brando and James Dean. That was when it was all about the star and the script. Nowadays, everything has to be action-packed.
    -- Ansel Elgort

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  • Most of my movies are indies. The best scripts I can find are independent films. But I love big-budget movies, I love craft services!
    -- Anthony Mackie

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  • I love travelling, and most scripts have been written while I have been travelling.
    -- Anurag Kashyap


  • When I was in New York, a lot of my friends were studying filmmaking and would bring their scripts to me, as I was a good script doctor. I would read their scripts and make corrections to them for $20 per script and was fascinated by films.
    -- Arjun Rampal

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  • Yeah, I mean I've definitely had a bunch of action scripts sent to me, but again I'm a stickler for directors. If it's like an action flick with a great director then it's like 'Oh let's look at this thing,' but if it's just like a shoot-em'-up with a first time director. I don't know if that's the trajectory I want to take with what I'm doing.
    -- Armie Hammer

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  • Howard Minsky had gotten the script to her agent prior to my involvement.
    -- Arthur Hiller

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  • I've received some English-speaking scripts, but I was not interested in them.
    -- Audrey Tautou

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  • I would love to occasionally do English-speaking films, but the script is as important for me as the director.
    -- Audrey Tautou

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  • Film and television are just different. Film is cool because its a complete package. You know the beginning, middle, and end. You can plan it out more, which I like. But with television you get a new script every week, so its constantly a mystery as to what youre going to be doing.
    -- Austin Butler

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  • All the films I do, I write the scripts, I direct.
    -- Ava DuVernay

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  • The beats are like scripts, and the raps are my monologue.
    -- Azealia Banks

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  • Everyone can do a character the way they want to do it, unless the director tells them not to, which isn't very common. I like to do my characters, if it's not specific in the script, as myself.
    -- Barret Oliver

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  • I knew her work very well and I knew that if she offered me a role in her movie, it wouldn't be something stupid. So I agreed to do the film before I read the script.
    -- Beatrice Dalle

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  • I practice reading all the time. I read everything and having so many scripts to read, which really helps out as well.
    -- Bella Thorne

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  • I read a lot of scripts, so I know by page 25 if I like it or not.
    -- Ben Cross

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  • I honestly have no strategy whatsoever. I'm waiting for that script to pop through the letterbox and completely surprise me.
    -- Ben Kingsley

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  • Hopefully, as I get older in the business, I make my choices more accurately, and I perhaps know from either the script or the first meeting that it isn't going to work.
    -- Ben Kingsley

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  • People recognize me, I have scripts, and auditions. And I meet great people
    -- Berenice Bejo

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  • Ever since the movie premiered at Cannes, I've had a sudden surge of scripts and interest
    -- Berenice Bejo

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  • Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life.
    -- Bette Davis

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  • I would take a bad script and a good director any day against a good script and a bad director.
    -- Bette Davis

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  • I'm blessed with learning easily. I've always had a good thing about memorizing quickly, and I just leave the script kind of open somewhere, and as I walk by I'll just take a swipe at it and then go on about my business and pretty soon it sticks.
    -- Betty White

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  • When I started, the scripts weren't as good, and you'd have to have a huge burst of energy to go, "Sheesh, how am I going to? This stuff's no good." So you'd have to improvise something or create something or try to work with the ware and try to figure out, how do you make this visually and orally acceptable, entertaining? Nowadays, the scripts are just so much better, that you don't have to feel that way. You feel like the script's coming to you, you can just relax. You don't have to drive the boat.
    -- Bill Murray

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  • I'm not famous for my back story investigations; I'm lucky that I work with good writers and it's usually in the script.
    -- Bill Nighy

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  • I have been fortunate to get some really good scripts over the years and I haven't turned down anything that I regretted so far. And my manager who I've been with for over 25 years is very good at knowing what I should and shouldn't do a lot of times.
    -- Billy Bob Thornton

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  • I know it's boring to say this but I always start with the script. I mean if it's well written and it's a character that I haven't necessarily played before.
    -- Billy Bob Thornton

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  • I really like acting but, just now, the more I read a script I find myself thinking I'd like to direct rather than act.
    -- Billy Boyd

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  • I don't have a stack of scripts.
    -- Bob Newhart


  • I always write the script by myself.
    -- Bong Joon-ho

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  • A comic script is basically a love letter from you to your artist,
    -- Brian K. Vaughan

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  • I don't act, anyway. The stuff is all injected as we go along. My pictures are made without script or written directions of any kind
    -- Buster Keaton

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  • I'd love to see a good script of one of my books, in these years of animations and comic book sequels, and had so many written over the years, but none quite clicked.
    -- Carl Hiaasen

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  • Poetry is a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away.
    -- Carl Sandburg

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  • As hard as you try to write a good script and you have great intentions, this alchemy has to occur.
    -- Carlton Cuse

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  • On day I noticed that something happened that looked like a dramatization of the inner script of my psyche.
    -- Carol Lynn Pearson


  • I have never turned to my girlfriend and said, Oh, okay, babe, and I see it in scripts all the time.
    -- Casey Wilson

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  • Robert De Niro taught me how to listen, and how to be part of the conversation. It's not just about reading your lines and saying what's in the script; you have to understand your character, along with the other characters so that you can always respond.
    -- Cathy Moriarty

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  • Every script has things that would draw me away or draw me towards it. But I just try and choose as wisely as possible - when I get to choose.
    -- Charlie Tahan

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  • For me, I've always been one that reads a script and has been ready, wiling and able to go out and fight for parts.
    -- Chris Klein

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  • I find it really hard to even read another script while shooting.
    -- Chris Pine

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  • Fox came to us with the concept for ICE AGE and they came to us with the first draft of the script. They also gave us a mandate to make it into a comedy from what was previously a rather dramatic action concept.
    -- Chris Wedge

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  • I have a large personal collection of pictures. For every project, I choose images. Usually I don't do this until I've done an extensive script breakdown and distilled the text down to poetic form. I have to plant enough seeds so that there will be vibration.
    -- Christine Jones

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  • I have a lot of trouble with scripts. I have a lot of trouble imagining things while I'm reading them.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • Quite often, I'll be sent a script for a movie. And I find that I like it, so I say I'll do it. But then they rewrite it for me. They make it quirky. Odd. I find that rather annoying. I call it Walkenising.
    -- Christopher Walken

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  • I've auctioned off many scripts and will continue to do so for good causes.
    -- Claudia Christian

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  • I am going to have to stick to the script. If I muck around with the words it will defeat the object.
    -- Clive Anderson

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  • I've been very fortunate with the scripts I've had and the people I worked with.
    -- Clive Owen

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  • I never turn down scripts without good reason. If I did, I would probably never work.
    -- Colin Baker

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  • I do remember reading the script of 'The Nightmare Fair' and looking forward to doing it.
    -- Colin Baker

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  • Often when you get a really good script, and you receive the new pages, you see that the entire thing has been dumbed down. Films in the '30s and '40s, that were huge blockbusters, were very sophisticated in their language, and the ideas they brought. There were no questions about whether the audience would get it or not.
    -- Connie Nielsen

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  • You can dress it up, but it comes down to the fact that a movie is only as good as its script.
    -- Curtis Hanson

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  • It's an unfair comparison because when things are developed in the UK, they're developed at script stage only.
    -- Damian Lewis

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  • If I were actually Homer Simpson, I'd be getting scripts out the wazoo.
    -- Dan Castellaneta


  • Good scripts are hard to find.
    -- Daniel Craig


  • I love TV, don't get me wrong. But with film, you're just banging out this one product and you're not waiting on another script. You have your script. It's great, in that way.
    -- David Anders

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  • The only thing approaching art in a movie is the script.
    -- David Bailey

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  • It's hard to find scripts that know what they are from page one to page 115.
    -- David Duchovny

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  • Modern American war is as easy to script as a B movie.
    -- David Hackworth

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  • I'd trapped myself in a script.... But to be scripted at all is to be prepackaged, programmed, pinned to a page. Only the unwritten can truly live a life. So who I was, what I was, had to be unwritten.
    -- David James Duncan

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  • A good film script should be able to do completely without dialogue.
    -- David Mamet

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  • I've always sensed what a script should sound like - even before the movie's been made
    -- David Puttnam

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  • You have the capacity to change the plotline of your life, even if you've been acting from the same script since before you can remember.
    -- David Simon

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  • When you're playing a real person there's a balance between playing the person in the script and playing the person as he was in life. You have to be respectful and true to who that person was, but at the same time tell the story in the film.
    -- David Tennant

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  • I was hired to do this one great script called 'Cap'n Ricky' and that project is up in the air at the moment.
    -- David Wain

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  • Highland has changed my entire way of working with scripts. I use it every day.
    -- David Wain

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  • Personally, I read a lot of scripts.
    -- David Yates


  • In an ideal world, I'd bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts.
    -- David Yates

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  • I get a lot of action scripts. I get low-budget vehicles that will end up right on the video shelf. I want to do movies that I want to talk about, that I'm proud of, but I also want to make a living.
    -- Dean Cain

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  • I have always believed that chemistry can't be created between two people. You either have it or you don't. The script can only enhance it.
    -- Deepika Padukone

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  • I fix things now and then, more often tweak HTML and make scripts to do things.
    -- Dennis Ritchie

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  • I read a ton of scripts. I read a lot of scripts, and you read one, and first of all, you felt like you read it in 14 minutes, because you're turning the pages so fast you can't wait to see what's going to happen.
    -- Denzel Washington

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  • If Gucci handbags were still in fashion Greenaway would carry his scripts in them.
    -- Derek Jarman

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  • There is no script. Live your life. Soak it all in.
    -- Dick Costolo

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  • But once we got on the air, everybody except Morey Amsterdam pretty much stuck to the script.
    -- Dick Van Dyke

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  • If the scripts are not good, I'll tell somebody, 'This isn't good.
    -- Dick Wolf


  • Anybody can write a film script 'cuz it has been reduced to a formula.
    -- Dirk Benedict

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  • But most scripts are terrible. Most projects are bad, that's just kind of the way it is. And I'm not really attracted to those.
    -- Don Cheadle

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  • I like to flip through play scripts, not just my own; there is something exciting about seeing printed language on a page that triggers responses in me.
    -- Donald Margulies

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  • Would you believe, I am still offered scripts and projects all the time?
    -- Doris Day

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  • What has always been at the heart of film making was the value of a script. It was really the writer who could make or break a film. But as we all know, the writer has always been at the bottom of the creative heap.
    -- Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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  • But I've always been hard to cast, I've never been an ingenue, I've never been the romantic lead. I'm an actor; give me the script and I do what I do and hope it's good.
    -- Edie Falco

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