Shooting quotes

  • Shooting is 99 per cent luck and one per cent training
    -- Abhinav Bindra

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  • If the history of the American sentence were a John Ford movie, its second act would conclude with the young Ernest Hemingway walking into a saloon, finding an etiolated Henry James slumped at the bar in a haze of indecision, and shooting him dead.
    -- Adam Haslett

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  • When you're shooting a movie you are away from home most of the time. It's an amazing thing that we get to do what we get to do, but you definitely are away from the family more than you'd like to be.
    -- Adam Sandler

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  • If you ask footballers to pick out the player they most admire, so many of them will pick Paul Scholes. His passing and shooting is of the highest level and he’s the most consistent and naturally gifted player we’ve had for a long, long time.
    -- Alan Shearer

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  • It felt as if maybe the curse had lifted, the tide had shifted, but then the breeze picked up and a skeet took a very unfortunate turn. Seconds later, Angus was pulling his shot far to the right, shooting a large hole in the second-story galley not ten feet above Marcus's head.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • Resenting the obtuseness of others is not good ground for shooting oneself in the foot.
    -- Amartya Sen

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  • If only someone had told me about the confidence-boosting nature of guns, I’d have been shooting them all my life.
    -- Amor Towles

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  • It's always challenging when you're shooting a film. Shooting things out of order and keeping continuity on all levels is always for me the most challenging thing.
    -- Amy Adams

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  • When I'm shooting a film, I don't look at playback. I don't go and do a scene and then hurry up and watch what I just did. I never look at it so I haven't seen any of it.
    -- Andre Benjamin

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  • What I end up shooting is the situation. I shoot the composition and my subject is going to help the composition or not.
    -- Annie Leibovitz

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  • Well, I've learned something from Michael Robison just about maximizing your shots. For example, if I'm shooting a scene and someone's driving at the wheel, you could steal an insert in the same shot.
    -- Anthony Michael Hall

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  • Bruce Willis. Pain in my ass, no problem about that. We just didn't get along. We got along off camera, but shooting we just didn't get along.
    -- Antoine Fuqua

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  • Meditation is a great way to keep my body well-centered while juggling shooting schedules and recording sessions.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • Influences come from everywhere but when you are actually shooting you work primarily by instinct. But what is instinct? It is a lifetime accumulation of influence: experience, knowledge, seeing and hearing. There is little time for reflection in taking a photograph. All your experiences come to a peak and you work on two levels: conscious and unconscious.
    -- Arnold Newman

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  • It is not as though the process of production holds any mystery for me, I know exactly what it involves and I know the predominant concern in shooting one of those things is production values - or as they would say, seeing it all up there on screen.
    -- Atom Egoyan

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  • I wanted to make sure that the environment of the shooting itself was not that controlled, and the way to go about that course was to work with as small a crew as possible.
    -- Atom Egoyan

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  • In film, I find it very useful always to do some preparation before you start rehearsals or start shooting, because there's so much that's against you on a film set.
    -- Ben Whishaw

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  • Although the shooting war is over, we are in the midst of a cold war which is getting warmer.
    -- Bernard Baruch

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  • To shoot a gun proficiently, including speed shooting, is much less of a skill than typing.
    -- Bernhard Goetz

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  • Once you do a joke and it works it's only good for so long, like shooting fish in a barrel.
    -- Bill Burr

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  • 'Peace' is when nobody's shooting. A 'just peace' is when our side gets what it wants.
    -- Bill Mauldin

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  • A photographer kept shooting me every time I swung. I was very flattered until I found out he was from Field and Stream.
    -- Bob Hope

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  • I enjoy shooting. Around where I live, it's something you do for entertainment once in a while, you go out and shoot targets.
    -- Bonnie Jo Campbell

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  • Well, like any time you're shooting documentary stuff, you've got to be in the moment, and you've got to be able to be in control enough to capture what's happening
    -- Brian De Palma

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  • Goals that are not written down and developed into plans are like bullets without powder in the cartridge. People with unwritten goals go through life shooting blanks.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • I was shooting a bikini promotion in Mahe in the Seychelles in 1980 when there was a military coup and I, along with a roomful of other people, ended up being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint in a windowless room with no ventilation for 36 hours.
    -- Brigitte Nielsen

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  • This is an early digital photograph for me. I started shooting digital some 10 years ago. I had been using Kodachrome for decades, but digital techniques offered me many new possibilities and incredible flexibility. It stimulated creation.
    -- Bruno Barbey

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  • See driving is like stabbing someone, it's very personal. While flying is like shooting someone, it's more distant.
    -- Bushwick Bill

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  • I was in Deadwood at the time and on hearing of the killing made my way at once to the scene of the shooting and found that my friend had been killed by McCall.
    -- Calamity Jane

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  • If someone suddenly lost their director the day before shooting and wanted me to step in, I'd be willing to. But I'd do brain surgery the same way. I'm always up for something new.
    -- Carter Burwell

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  • Internationally, I love going to Switzerland. I went there many times for shooting and loved the Alps, the tranquility, cleanliness, the greenery and the warmth of the people there.
    -- Chiranjeevi

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  • It's a different thing shooting for 10 weeks in India as opposed to on a set on stage pretending you're in India
    -- Chris Kattan

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  • I find it really hard to even read another script while shooting.
    -- Chris Pine

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  • On my first day shooting '13 Going on 30,' Jennifer Garner had yellow tulips sent to my trailer. I'll never forget them.
    -- Christa B. Allen

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  • Typically, I like to talk and meet with actors face to face well before we start shooting.
    -- Christine Swanson

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  • Every episode of 'True Blood' is like shooting a low budget feature.
    -- Christopher Heyerdahl

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  • I like making black and white films in natural surroundings, but I much prefer shooting a color film inside a studio where the colors are easier to control.
    -- Claude Chabrol

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  • Nothing wrong with long as the right people get shot.
    -- Clint Eastwood

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  • When you are shooting action, there is a satisfying thing because your objectives are very clear.
    -- Clive Owen

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  • I can still recall the thrill of shooting my first film.
    -- Conrad Hall

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  • I hope I'm still shooting when I'm 80.
    -- Conrad Hall

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  • I recently had a few days off while shooting a movie in Budapest, so I took a cab from the set to the airport, looked at the departure board, and decided where I wanted to go right then and there. I spent four days in Rome and didn't tell anyone I was going.
    -- Cory Monteith

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  • We are breaking new ground in the territory of dumb with Shooting Fish. Dumb, but in good taste. Silly, but not ridiculous.
    -- Dan Futterman

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  • Well, thanks for not shooting anyone, I guess", said Marcus. "My contribution was to somehow refrain from peeing myself. You can thank me later.
    -- Dan Wells

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  • I'm shooting a pilot based on my show. It's a one-camera show. I play myself.
    -- Dane Cook

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  • The night doesn't say to itself, 'Here comes a shooting star to interrupt my peace!'
    -- Daniel Odier

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  • In between shooting for Awake, I was attempting to have my own pilot season. The audition for Anger Management actually came during a week that I was already testing for a couple other shows and we werent really letting any other shows into the mix.
    -- Daniela Bobadilla

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  • Nobody who was shooting dice wanted to get a dance.
    -- Daunte Culpepper

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  • I'm either shooting nine grams of coke a day or spending two hours at the gym. There's no middle ground.
    -- Dave Navarro

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  • In the spirit of Vivian Maier, who worked unaided by any publication or commercial shooting, I set up the Emerging Photographer Fund
    -- David Alan Harvey

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  • Shooting a television show is hard enough, and it takes a lot of time away from your personal life and your family life.
    -- David Boreanaz

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  • And I love shooting football.
    -- David Fincher

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  • Aggressiveness was a fundamental to success in airtoair combat and if you ever caught a fighter pilot in a defensive mood you had him licked before you started shooting.
    -- David McCampbell

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  • The landscape is best described as 'pedestrian hostile.' It's pointless to try to take a walk, so I generally just stay in the room and think about shooting myself in the head.
    -- David Sedaris

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  • When I was 16, I made some little 35mm documentaries about the poor in London. I went round Notting Hill, which was a real slum in the 1950s, shooting film.
    -- David Suchet

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  • Working on 'Dexter' is like shooting one big movie every year.
    -- David Zayas

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  • The first thing that goes into shooting a scene is understanding whats on the page.
    -- Debbie Allen

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  • Television moves fast, and you don't have the indulgences you have when you're shooting movies of so many takes because there are tight deadlines.
    -- Dev Patel

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  • Using the right of veto would be shooting the Americans in the back.
    -- Dominique de Villepin

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  • For me, shooting, editing, and scoring rely on rhythm.
    -- Donnie Yen

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  • One of the biggest changes for me on a practical level of shooting the film was having a second unit.
    -- Duncan Jones

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  • And though the newspapers called the shooting the Crime of the Century, Goldman knew it was only 1906 and there were ninety-four years to go.
    -- E. L. Doctorow

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  • Shooting for the top will bring out the best that's in you.
    -- Earl Nightingale


  • Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That's how to make an independent film.
    -- Edward Burns

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  • When I'm shooting, I just try to make sure I wouldn't be embarrassed of it later, because in Watertown, you don't get away with anything.
    -- Eliza Dushku

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  • Just in case you get pneumonia or die. The dangerous bits are always the last days of shooting.
    -- Elizabeth Taylor

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  • Shooting in 3D hasn't really affected the way I work as an actor that much. Maybe that's not a good thing. Maybe I'm not being diligent enough.
    -- Emile Hirsch

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  • Every time I'm shooting a movie I want to kill myself. Because I don't see the light in the end of the tunnel.
    -- Emir Kusturica

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  • When you're shooting a film, you really don't get to be a dad, and you don't really get to be a husband. You don't really exist at all. But I do drag my family with me on location whenever I can.
    -- Eric Bana

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  • The first step is crucial - keep it tiny. Do not be ambitious yet. That leads to failure. Consistency is what you’re shooting for here so make the hurdle as low as possible.
    -- Eric Barker

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  • People don't realize how long hours are when you're shooting a movie.
    -- Eric Stonestreet

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  • The only way to get out of mediocrity is to keep shooting for excellence.
    -- Eric Thomas

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  • I am not interested in shooting new things - I am interested to see things new.
    -- Ernst Haas

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  • I'm a tomboy. I love shooting guns and running around.
    -- Eva Longoria

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  • I enjoy personal injury cases. I've tried quite a few of those. And, frankly, any kind of litigation that is trouble-shooting, whether it's equities, suits and injunctions, or whatever.
    -- F. Lee Bailey

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  • The Netherlands have great strikers... but they are only playing one. They are depriving themselves of their best qualities and shooting themselves in the foot.
    -- Franz Beckenbauer

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  • Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.
    -- Fred Bear

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  • You can teach all the other stuff, you know. You can teach shooting the ball, you can teach having a good touch... passing and whatnot, but when you get out there on the field, it's just a mindset you need to go into the game with.
    -- Freddy Adu

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  • If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms insists upon a firefight, give them a firefight. Just remember, they're wearing flak jackets and you're better off shooting for the head.
    -- G. Gordon Liddy

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  • Editing is the only process. The shooting is the pleasant work. The editing makes the movie, so I spend all my life in editing
    -- Garry Marshall

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  • I'm a crack shot and I've won medals for shooting. But I don't think I could shoot a person.
    -- Gene Vincent

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  • African history is filled with experiences of people shooting their way to power and then splintering into factions, like in Somalia and Liberia.
    -- George Ayittey

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  • I'm interested to go other places, I've been the boy in the bubble since we've been shooting, I need to go travel a little bit, see where the action is, other than going to see family, of course.
    -- George Eads

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  • Ze soldiers are very hoppy shooting ze pipples who say that ze pipples are not hoppy.
    -- George Hamilton

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  • The poetic sensibility was too good for this world, it was best to burn brightly and to die young like a shooting star.
    -- George Howe Colt

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  • Men are not amusing during the shooting season; but, after all, my dear, men were not especially designed to amuse women.
    -- Gertrude Atherton

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  • It's funny shooting movies because you get to see clubs during daylight hours, which no one should ever see - it's not pretty; there's a reason the lighting is dim in there.
    -- Gillian Jacobs

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  • From the first moment on the set I was consumed with curiousity about the technical side of shooting a sound picture.
    -- Gloria Swanson

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  • Oftentimes, the only evidence left behind at the scene of a shooting are bullet shell casings.
    -- Grace Meng

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  • The difficult thing about shooting a television series is that you never have enough time. You really don't.
    -- Greg Bryk

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  • I do not believe in shooting anything that cannot shoot back.
    -- Harry S. Truman

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  • When people approach you angrily, you take them very seriously, and, if you're like me, with the faint suggestion that you can be angry too, and that you would like to know what the shooting is about
    -- Harry Stack Sullivan

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  • I grow more and more suspicious of the political powers that take men away from their work and set them shooting one another.
    -- Helen Keller

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  • We used to send whole flocks of birds shooting out of our mouths and never managed to grab them by their wings.
    -- Henning Mankell

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  • Murders came with smiles, shooting people was no big deal for us Goodfellas.
    -- Henry Hill

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  • My victims never knew what was going to happen to them. I've had shooting, knifings, strangulations, beatings, and I've participated in actual crucifixions of humans. All across the country, there's people just like me, who set out to destroy life.
    -- Henry Lee Lucas

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  • You can't fix a bad script after you start shooting. The problems on the page only get bigger as they move to the big screen.
    -- Howard Hawks

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  • Without the right marketing metrics, you are shooting in the dark. The only way to know if things are working for you or not is those metrics.
    -- Ian Brodie

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  • I once visited an RSPCA hospital in Norfolk. I spoke to the vets working there, and asked them how many times they had had to treat a fox that had been brought in with a shooting injury. The answer from a vet who had worked there for many years was, Not once. When I asked him why, he said,You can take it from me that when the fox is shot in the countryside by somebody trained, it is dead.
    -- Ian Cawsey

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  • No nation, savage or civilized, save only the United States  of America, has confessed its inability to protect its women save by hanging, shooting, and burning alleged offenders
    -- Ida B. Wells

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