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  • The interesting adults are always the school failures, the weird ones, the losers, the malcontents, this isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the rule.
    -- A. A. Gill

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  • Some men are more interesting than their books but my book is more interesting than its man.
    -- A. E. Housman

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  • It's difficult for me to feel that a solid page without the breakups of paragraphs can be interesting. I break mine up perhaps sooner than I should in terms of the usage of the English language.
    -- A. E. van Vogt

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  • I think a biography is only as interesting as the lives and times it illuminates.
    -- A. Scott Berg

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  • That was interesting." "He deliberately countermanded one of my orders." "He was furtive." "Sneaky, even." "We'll make a Rebellion-style pilot of him yet." Tycho & Wedge (about Jag)
    -- Aaron Allston

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  • I did not feel a particularly strong call to any one subject, but read voraciously and widely and began to find science interesting.
    -- Aaron Klug

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  • Save interesting thoughts, quotations, films, technologies... the medium doesn't matter, so long as it inspires you.
    -- Aaron Koblin

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  • Actors, we like stories, we like storytelling, we love being a part of the story, and if you give us a story that's interesting then we'll want to do it.
    -- Aaron Stanford

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  • I try to pick characters that I find interesting and complex and that I feel I can bring something of myself to.
    -- Aaron Stanford

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  • Typecasting is an interesting thing because, in a way, if you're good at something, you're going to work at that thing. In other ways, you constantly have to change people's opinion of you as one thing, especially if you want to play different roles. You have to shatter that image sometimes.
    -- Aaron Tveit

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  • I like people with depth, I like people with emotion, I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also someone that can make me smile.
    -- Abbey Lee Kershaw

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  • As an artist I would like to eliminate the symbolic pretty much, for black is interesting not as a color but as a non-color and as the absence of color.
    -- Ad Reinhardt

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  • In considering any new subject, there is frequently a tendency, first, to overrate what we find to be already interesting or remarkable; and, secondly, by a sort of natural reaction, to undervalue the true state of the case, when we do discover that our notions have surpassed those that were really tenable
    -- Ada Lovelace

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  • I'm always looking, as an actor, for activities. I think it's far more interesting to watch what people do than what they say. You always want to watch behavior, because the dialogue as written by our illustrious leaders is great. Eminently playable.
    -- Adam Baldwin

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  • I like an interesting movie even if it's controversial or offensive, depending on your taste.
    -- Adam Brody

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  • That's an interesting philosophical question. When your boner goes away, is that one gone... forever?
    -- Adam Carolla

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  • Yeah, I think speculation keeps things really interesting.
    -- Adam Lambert

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  • It's much more interesting to embrace who you really are rather than waste energy pretending to be someone else.
    -- Adam Levine

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  • Memory only becomes interesting through its struggle with forgetfulness.
    -- Adrian Forty

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  • Foxes was a movie that didn't do a lot of business but it didn't do too badly critically and eventually they offered me other things. The interesting thing was that next I tried a film called Star Man, which Michael Douglas was producing.
    -- Adrian Lyne

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  • Their every instinct - and I have to say this is without exception - is to iron out the bumps, and It's always the bumps that are the most interesting stuff.
    -- Adrian Lyne

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  • What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest
    -- Adyashanti

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  • The effect of scent is really interesting. It can create a mood and change a feeling immediately. I wanted to create a modern wardrobe of fragrances ... fragrances that can be very personal to the woman who's wearing them.
    -- Aerin Lauder

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  • It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting.
    -- Agatha Christie

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  • I get to do interesting roles and make a living.
    -- Aidan Quinn

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  • I'm not particularly a career-oriented guy. I'm lucky. I can make really interesting films much of the time with interesting people yet be anonymous, have a private life. But, I'd like to have the choice of the better roles.
    -- Aidan Quinn

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  • But the sky is interesting, it changes all the time.
    -- Aimee Bender

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  • Error sometimes supplies the surprise that makes life interesting.
    -- Aimee Liu

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  • Anybody who cares less about wanting to be cool, I think, is more interesting.
    -- Aimee Mann

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  • The larger the audience the better. The more pockets in the world, the more interesting and exciting because it just makes it that much more liberating. This makes it that much more liberating for the various facets of creativity to be explored.
    -- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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  • For me, it’s not about breaking big in Hollywood, but having interesting experiences.
    -- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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  • I want to present interesting stories that don't qualify themselves just by virtue of their ethnographic type.
    -- Ajay Naidu

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  • People only get really interesting when they start to rattle the bars of their cages.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • The challenge of modern relationships: how to prove more interesting than the other's smartphone.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • Authorities arrest me, release me, and then invite me back to host public events. I think it's interesting.
    -- Alain Robert

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  • I am often thought of as being remarkably bright, and yet my brains, more often than not, are busily devising new and interesting ways of bringing my enemies to sudden, gagging, writhing, agonizing death.
    -- Alan Bradley

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  • Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our room.
    -- Alan Coren

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  • I have for a long time loved fabulist, imaginative fiction, such as the writing of Italo Calvino, Jose Saramago, Michael Bulgakov, and Salman Rushdie. I also like the magic realist writers, such as Borges and Marquez, and feel that interesting truths can be learned about our world by exploring highly distorted worlds.
    -- Alan Lightman

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  • The target of power is more interesting than its quantity.
    -- Alan Lightman

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  • What's interesting about the process of acting is how often you don't know what you're doing.
    -- Alan Rickman

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  • I don't play villains, I play very interesting people
    -- Alan Rickman

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  • You try to find things that are challenging and interesting and hopefully it will be the same to the audience.
    -- Alan Rickman

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  • Hospitals should be arranged in such a way as to make being sick an interesting experience. One learns a great deal sometimes from being sick.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • There is no way of making a hedge grow like pruning it. There is no way of making sex interesting like repressing it.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • It is obvious that the only interesting people are interested people, and to be completely interested is to have forgotten about "I".
    -- Alan Watts

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  • It is interesting that Hindus, when they speak of the creation of the universe do not call it the work of God, they call it the play of God, the Vishnu lila, lila meaning play. And they look upon the whole manifestation of all the universes as a play, as a sport, as a kind of dance — lila perhaps being somewhat related to our word lilt
    -- Alan Watts

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  • No, that's because there are more interesting things to do." Her grandmother looked at her sharply. "Like cutting into dead bodies" Carmeryn swallowed back her irration. "Yeah-the live one kick too much.
    -- Alane Ferguson

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  • If I'm going to act in someone's movie, I want the movie to be interesting and be able to get a couple of solid doubles.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • It's interesting when you're part of a group - the Jews, to be exact - that the world has had such problems with.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • I'm not interesting enough on my own that you'd want to see a film about me.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • Even when one sits in the prisoner's dock, it is interesting to hear talk about oneself.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The advertisement is one of the most interesting and difficult of modern literary forms.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Few authors are so interesting as their work - they generally reserve their wit or trenchant sarcasm for their books.
    -- Alec-Tweedie

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  • Only those who decline to scramble up the career ladder are interesting as human beings. Nothing is more boring than a man with a career.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • For me, personally, the most interesting music comes from the popular sector - from film and pop music - since contemporary classical music got stuck and went into directions where it lost a lot of the public by over-intellectualizing.
    -- Aleksey Igudesman

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  • If you did not indulge in fantasies, how else would you know if you were living an interesting life?
    -- Alethea Kontis

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  • The curse of an interesting life: there are either very good times or very bad times.
    -- Alethea Kontis

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  • The older I get, the more interesting I find lawyers and accountants.
    -- Alex James

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  • I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home.
    -- Alex Pettyfer

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  • But it is funny, because I saw Unbreakable recently and it's a strange movie, I didn't mind it, and it's got some interesting things going on.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • I really love sort of classical cinema where people were telling stories with very little dialogue, and people were using the camera in a really interesting way.
    -- Alex Winter

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  • Although I dont know Oslo at all, there is something about the feel or the smell of the place that feels like home, which is quite interesting.
    -- Alexander Hanson

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  • Once there is the slightest suggestion of combinational possibilities on the board, look for unusual moves. Apart from making your play creative and interesting it will help you to get better results.
    -- Alexander Kotov

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  • As an actor, what's interesting is what's hidden away beneath the surface. You want to be like a duck on a pond - very calm on the surface but paddling away like crazy underneath.
    -- Alexander Skarsgard

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  • The spot of ground on which a man has stood is forever interesting to him.
    -- Alexander Smith

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  • I was in Manhattan during 9/11, and that was really the only thing that I related to as far as a disaster on a grand scale. It was really interesting to see on that day and in the weeks afterwards how people came together, and what people were able to do for each other, and what I found myself feeling and thinking and doing for the people around me, whether it was strangers on the street or my own family. It was really an experience that you can't fake.
    -- Alexandra Daddario

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  • Surprise quality can be achieved in many ways. It may be produced by a certain stimulating geometrical relationship between elements in the picture or through the human interest of the situation photographed or by calling our attention to some commonplace but fascinating thing we have never noticed before or it can be achieved by looking at an everyday thing in a new interesting way.
    -- Alexey Brodovitch

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  • I think that's what makes life interesting - the evolution of getting older, and it's kinda fascinating to me, the whole process.
    -- Alexis Bledel

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  • Contrast of emotions is definitely something interesting that you like to do as an actor.
    -- Alfie Allen

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  • I’ve never been very keen on women who hang their sex round their neck like baubles. I think it should be discovered. It’s more interesting to discover the sex in a woman than it is to have it thrown at you, like a Marilyn Monroe or those types. To me they are rather vulgar and obvious.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • It is more important that a proposition be interesting than that it be true.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • It is more important that a proposition be interesting than that it be true. This statement is almost a tautology. For the energy of operation of a proposition in an occasion of experience is its interest and is its importance. But of course a true proposition is more apt to be interesting than a false one.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead

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  • What's interesting is, for myself, when I become really attracted to somebody, I find them in my dreams... conversations, nothing more.
    -- Alice Englert

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  • It's when most of the guests have gone that the party really gets interesting - peering under the table and into the bath to see who's stayed and what shape they're in. It is then that those who are still conscious divulge things you had not known before: sometimes about themselves, sometimes about other people and sometimes about you. It does not necessarily make pleasant hearing but it is always fascinating. In the relaxed atmosphere, in the wake of the hubbub, they unwind and grow confidential - nay, indiscreet. If they are not already, they end up as your closest friends.
    -- Alice Thomas Ellis

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  • An invitation to be a bridesmaid is an honor which cannot be declined without some very good reason. Our idea of one of the better reasons is the impending arrival of a little stranger. ... any lady in this interesting condition should have the grace to refuse. We know that symbols of fertility are appropriate to the marriage ceremony, but they needn't be quite so obviously borne in on the congregation ...
    -- Alice-Leone Moats

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  • A whole album to one writer - now that would be really interesting.
    -- Alison Krauss

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  • It is interesting seeing young people these days and watching how unimportant music is in their lives compared with our generation.
    -- Alison Moyet

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  • So the poet, who wants to be something that he cannot be, and is a failure in plain life, makes up fictitious versions of his predicament that are interesting even to other persons because nobody is a perfect automobile salesman.
    -- Allen Tate

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  • As an actor, it's my job to make everything interesting and exciting and new. If I'm not doing my job well, then I'm stealing.
    -- Allison Mack

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  • Okay, first thing tomorrow we hit the streets around Taccone's place. Somebody saw something.' 'I got it covered.' 'The DiMarcos might be in town.' 'Actually, they're in jail.' 'All seven of them?' Hale shrugged. 'It was an interesting October.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • But in the end she merely shrugged, knowing at the very least it would be interesting. Knowing, in her gut, it might just be the beginning.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • It's not knowing how to write that makes you interesting, it's what you write.
    -- Ally Condie

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  • What’s interesting about you is you.
    -- Alonzo King


  • Nerds are far more interesting human in later life.
    -- Alyson Hannigan

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  • You need to suffer to be interesting.
    -- Alyson Hannigan

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  • I get a script and it's really interesting with scripts, because you never really know. It's paper and it could be great or awful. Even scripts that are good could end up not working.
    -- Amanda Bynes

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  • I've had some interesting stuff happen to me - so why doesn't anyone ask me?
    -- Amanda Marshall

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  • There aren't many roles that are interesting if you're a 40-year-old woman, unless you're Julia Roberts or Cate Blanchett.
    -- Amanda Peet

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  • I don't find anything interesting about the choices a character faces in major films or theater projects. The characters are just cut-out dolls with the American flag sewn on them.
    -- Amanda Plummer

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  • It's hard with ballet because your aesthetic really is important. It's different from acting and from film. Nobody wants to watch somebody who is sickly thin. And it's interesting because I have danced with people who are ill, have eating disorders, and a light goes off within them.
    -- Amanda Schull

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  • I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by M.B.A.’s. But I never went into business to make money. I went into business so that I could do interesting things that hadn’t been done before.
    -- Amar Bose

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  • It was interesting to have humanoid villains that were rooted in our three-dimensional reality... or four dimensional reality, I'm not sure which!
    -- Amber Benson

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  • Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.
    -- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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  • Being the hot girl... you wouldn't want that. It's overrated. Being sexy is actually really boring to me. I'd rather be... I'd rather be interesting.
    -- Amelia Warner

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  • Perfect isn't normal, nor is it interesting. I have no features without makeup. I am pale. I have blond lashes. You could just paint my face - it's like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do.
    -- Amy Adams

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  • Bad people doing bad things is not interesting. What I find interesting is good people doing bad things.
    -- Amy Bloom

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  • Obviously, in journalism, you're confined to what happens. And the tendency to embellish, to mythologize, it's in us. It makes things more interesting, a closer call. But journalism taught me how to write a sentence that would make someone want to read the next one.
    -- Amy Hempel

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  • It's interesting that people always want to ask me and a lot of working mothers, how do you do it? And it's like well, just like everybody else. It proves it's a bad question.
    -- Amy Poehler

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  • When young girls are encouraged to explore what they find interesting, they grow up to be interesting women.
    -- Amy Poehler

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