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  • People have often told me that one of their strongest childhood memories is the scent of their grandmother's house. I never knew my grandmothers, but I could always count of the Bookmobile.
    -- Adriana Trigiani

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  • My grandmother flew only once in her life, and that was the day she and her new husband ascended into the skies of Victorian London in the wicker basket of a hot-air balloon. They were soon to emigrate to Canada, and the aerial ride was meant to be a last view of their beloved England.
    -- Alan Bradley

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  • I grew up in a very British family who had been transplanted to Canada, and my grandmother's house was filled with English books. I was a very early reader, so I was really brought up being surrounded with piles of British books and British newspapers, British magazines. I developed a really great love of England.
    -- Alan Bradley

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  • No, that's because there are more interesting things to do." Her grandmother looked at her sharply. "Like cutting into dead bodies" Carmeryn swallowed back her irration. "Yeah-the live one kick too much.
    -- Alane Ferguson

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  • You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
    -- Alex Haley

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  • My look is more grandmother’s leftovers than ***** chic.
    -- Alice Glass

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  • I was beginning to understand.My grandmother's love was cold because she was afraid of things;that was why everything had to be perfect.
    -- Alice Hoffman

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  • My great-great-great-grandmother walked as a slave from Virginia to Eatonton, Georgia... It is in memory of this walk that I chose to keep and to embrace my "maiden" name, Walker.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • If you don't want to be a victim, don't act like one." It was fairly safe to assume that that was the first time anyone had ever spoken to W. W. Hale the Fifth in that manner. Kat was also fairly certain it wouldn't be the last. "I might lose my grandmother's company." Kat gave a smile and held Hale tight. "You won't lose me.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • There are surprisingly few real students of the game in baseball; partly because everybody, my eighty-three year old grandmother included, thinks they learned all there was to know about it at puberty. Baseball is very beguiling that way.
    -- Alvin Dark

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  • Soaps are one of the few areas on TV that really embrace older women. In drama, there's this ridiculous invisibility for women between the ages of 40 and 60. Unless you're old enough to play a grandmother, there just aren't the roles.
    -- Amanda Donohoe

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  • You see, in our family we don't know whether we're coming or going - it's all my grandmother's fault. But, of course, the fault wasn't hers at all: it lay in language. Every language assumes a centrality, a fixed and settled point to go away from and come back to, and what my grandmother was looking for was a word for a journey which was not a coming or a going at all; a journey that was a search for precisely that fixed point which permits the proper use of verbs of movement.
    -- Amitav Ghosh

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  • My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better.
    -- Andre Bauer

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  • The happiest moments of my childhood were spent on my grandmother's front porch in Durham, N.C., or at her sister's farmhouse in Orange County, where chickens paraded outside the kitchen's screen door and hams were cured in the smokehouse.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • I know what it is like to be brought up with unconditional love. In my life that came from my grandmother.
    -- Andre Leon Talley

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  • Cookbooks bear the same relation to real books that microwave food bears to your grandmother?s.
    -- Andrei Codrescu

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  • I would lie, because no one would know me anyway. My grandmother convinced me to be proud of what I do.
    -- Andy Hallett

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  • Elephants and grandchildren never forget.
    -- Andy Rooney

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  • Not many people can boast a photo of their grandmother posing for kiddiporn.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • I know that whenever a group of women are gathered together, the grandmother always makes a phantom appearance, hovering above them.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • Wish for what you want, work for what you need. -Carmen's grandmother
    -- Ann Brashares

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  • She'd read once that if you ran into a bear in the woods you should avoid eye contact and you shouldn't run away, but all she knew about wolves is that you should never tell them how to find your grandmother's house.
    -- Anne Ursu

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  • Im at a slightly higher risk for type 2 diabetes, and my grandmother had diabetes. My hemoglobin a1c, which is one of the measures, started being a little high when I was drinking a ton of that coconut water.
    -- Anne Wojcicki

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  • we are just as apt to meet the grandmothers as the wolves when we go traveling.
    -- Annie Fellows Johnston

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  • My grandmother was a huge influence on me and the fact that there was this very strong, rather formidable presence of women in my life has been an enormous value.
    -- Anthony Minghella

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  • My father is 100% Japanese and came to the United States when he was only 18 years old. My grandmother still resides in Japan, which has allowed me to travel to the roots of my ancestors with my father.
    -- Apolo Ohno

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  • In a sense, my grandmother was living in the Iron Age. There was no system of writing among the nomads. Metal artifacts were rare and precious.... The first time she saw a white person my grandmother was in her thirties: she thought this person's skin had burned off.
    -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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  • As a child, I was raised with my grandmother, alongside all my cousins, and the kitchen was always full.
    -- Azzedine Alaia

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  • Jazz spent a chunk of the day fantasizing about ways to kill his grandmother, plotting them and planning them in the most excruciating, gruesome detail his imagination would allow. It turned out his imagination allowed quite a bit. He spent the rest of the day convincing himself--over and over--not to do it.
    -- Barry Lyga

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  • The latest page I've been working is about the organization of the pantheon of the gods. Who's indebted to whom, how they are related, who screwed whose uncle or grandmother, all of that.
    -- Ben Nicholson

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  • Some young Hollywood starlets remind me of my grandmother's old farmhouse -- all painted up nice on the front side, a big swing on the backside, and nothing whatsoever in the attic.
    -- Bette Davis

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  • The suburban housewife - she was the dream image of the young American women and the envy, it was said, of women all over the world. The American housewife - freed by science and labor-saving appliances from the drudgery, the dangers of childbirth, and the illnesses of her grandmother had found true feminine fulfillment.
    -- Betty Friedan

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  • I remember an old Singer sewing machine at home that belonged to my grandmother. It had a pedal. My mom taught me how to use it when I was 12 years old. I used to find it so intriguing, how a flat piece of material could be made into an object that had so many uses.
    -- Bibhu Mohapatra

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  • I’m supposed to figure out if the glass is half full or half empty,” I told her. Without a moment’s hesitation, in a split second, my grandmother shrugged and said: “It depends on if you’re drinking or pouring.
    -- Bill Cosby

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  • My grandmother played the piano, and I used to toddle over there and pick out little things that sounded good to me.
    -- Billy Strayhorn

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  • You, your grandmother, the chairman----YOU'RE ALL ABUNCH OF FRIGGIN' IDIOTS!!!" ~Haruhi
    -- Bisco Hatori

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  • My dad was born in Chicago in 1908... his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago, where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children - in the backroom all together - and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business.
    -- Bob Balaban

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  • I seriously love to cook ... My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid I used to help her make handmade pasta, Cavatelli and Ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something.
    -- Bradley Cooper

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  • By looking at the details of the DNA, it is possible to chart the flow of your ancestry from your ultimate grandmother to more modern times.
    -- Bryan Sykes

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  • My grandmother got her law degree from Syracuse University in roughly 1911 and later co-founded with her husband an investment banking firm on Wall Street known as Lebenthal & Co.
    -- Buzz Bissinger

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  • They pampered me, especially my grandmother ... I loved her with all my heart.
    -- Camara Laye

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  • Our feminist culture at the present moment is completely dependent on capitalism . My grandmother was sill scrubbing clothes on the back porch on a washboard !
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • In my fantasies, I always wanted to play the ingenue, but in reality, in my bones, I am so used to playing the grandmother that I don't feel safe or even sure that I can do it
    -- Camryn Manheim

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  • I am committed to helping Alzheimer's Society in any way I can. My family and I rely on the help of organisations like Alzheimer's Society to help us understand the disease and guide us in the care of my grandmother. It's been a privilege to meet so many people with dementia.
    -- Carey Mulligan

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  • "Grandmother" doesn't mean that you have gray hair and you retire and stay home cooking cakes for your grandchildren.
    -- Carine Roitfeld

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  • Contrary to the macho culture of Mexico, both my grandmothers were very brave young widows. I was always very close to these hard-working, intelligent women.
    -- Carlos Fuentes

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  • My grandmother and I saw an average of eight movies a week, double features, second run.
    -- Carol Burnett

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  • All this to say: I am forty-three years old. I may yet live another forty. What do I do with those years? How do I fill them without Lexy? When I come to tell the story of my life, there will be a line, creased and blurred and soft with age, where she stops. If I win the lottery, if I father a child, if I lose the use of my legs, it will be after she has finished knowing me. "When I get to Heaven", my grandmother used to say, widowed at thirty-nine, "your grandfather won't even recognize me.
    -- Carolyn Parkhurst

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  • My grandmother sang, too, and she was really loud. It was this wild kind of singing. I count her among my influences.
    -- Cassandra Wilson

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  • Could I tell them I was sorry their loved one was dead, when he’d tried to kill me? There was no rule of etiquette for this; even my grandmother would have been stymied.
    -- Charlaine Harris

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  • Curling is not a sport. I called my grandmother and told her she could win a gold medal because they have dusting in the Olympics now.
    -- Charles Barkley

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  • I'd walk over my own grandmother to re-elect Richard Nixon.
    -- Charles Colson

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  • I hope telling stories though 'Making a Difference' - as in my academic work and nonprofit work - will help me to live my grandmother's adage of 'Life is not about what happens to you, but about what you do with what happens to you.'
    -- Chelsea Clinton

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  • My parents and my grandmother inspire me every day and, every day, in my work and personal life.
    -- Chelsea Clinton

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  • My grandmother was determined that everyone feel a sense of optimism and opportunity. Marc and I want to make sure we're doing that. This period of our lives is not just a tribute to her, it's inspired by her. And it's for when we have our own children — I want to help make sure we've got a world I want them to live in.
    -- Chelsea Clinton

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  • My grandmother, who passed away at the beginning of November, had a core adage in her life that life is not about what happens to you but about what you do with what happens to you. She recently had been cajoling me and challenging me to do more with my life. To lead more of a purposefully public life.
    -- Chelsea Clinton

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  • My grandmother was an actress too. In the thirties and forties she was under contract with Universal Studios. Crazy credits, lots of them. My dad was also under contract with Universal Studios. And my first film was shot on the same stage they both worked on at Universal.
    -- Chris Pine

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  • I had a messy signature as a child, and my grandmother said this suggested I had no regard for other people. She was right.
    -- Chris Ware

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  • My grandmother was an unparalleled storyteller who gave me a preview of how life might turn out, and also fortified my empathy.
    -- Chris Ware

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  • [in reference to turkey bowling] He [Tommy] squinted and picked his target, then took his steps and sent the bird sliding down the aisle. A collective gasp rose from the crew as the fourteen-pound, self-basting, fresh-frozen projectile of wholesome savory goodness plowed into the soap bottles like a freight train into a chorus line of drunken grandmothers.
    -- Christopher Moore

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  • My family was very encouraging, and both of my grandparents were both beautiful singers. My grandmother was a coloratura soprano, and my grandfather was an Irish tenor in a barbershop quartet.
    -- Clare Bowen

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  • My grandfather could barely read. My grandmother had a sixth-grade education. They were people who were industrious. They were frugal.
    -- Clarence Thomas

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  • The kind of poetry to avoid in the pretty-pretty kind that pleased our grandmothers, the kind that Longfellow and Tennyson, good poets at their best, wrote at their worst.
    -- Clifton Fadiman

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  • My grandmother was a minister as well, which was not that common in the 1930s.
    -- Colin Firth

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  • I don't sit in the corner waiting for death: death has to pursue me. I'm going strong. I hope to reach 100 and ask for an extension, just like my grandmother did.
    -- Compay Segundo

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  • I just remembered songs my grandmother taught me, and songs that I learned for the recordings. But, then I learned to speak Italian. When I was there, I hired a professor who stayed with me 24 hours a day. She wouldn't let me speak a word of English.
    -- Connie Francis

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  • My parents never told us that our great-grandmothers had been slaves.
    -- Constance Baker Motley

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  • My grandmother told stories; she was very good at that.
    -- Cornelia Funke

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  • Playing with my grandfather, grandmother and my parents, I came to music pretty naturally.
    -- Creed Bratton

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  • Those market researchers... are playing games with you and me and with this entire country. Their so-called samples of opinion are no more accurate or reliable than my grandmother's big toe was when it came to predicting the weather.
    -- Dan Rather

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  • Each new generation builds on the work of the previous one, gaining new perspective. New verbs are introduced. We Google strange and dangerous places. We tweet mindlessly to the cosmos. We Facebook our own grandmothers. I, for one, don't want to be left behind.
    -- Daniel H. Wilson

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  • Some moments can only be cured with a big squishy grandma hug.
    -- Daniel Pearce

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  • I have my great grandmother's recipe for black beans, all the way from Cuba, and I know how to make those. I'm actually pretty good at it now. But my first time, the beans actually exploded in the pot, so I had black beans just dripping from the ceiling - which is actually a dream come true for most Cubans. It was a nightmare to clean.
    -- Danny Pino

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  • The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • My grandmother was born in 1900, and she would regale me with tales I call 'Little House on the Prairie' tales, but they were tales of segregated and racist America growing up in Alabama and Mississippi, where she came from.
    -- David Alan Grier

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  • Originally the structure was . . . a modern narrator who would appear intermittently and talk about his memories of his grandmother, which would then be juxtaposed against scenes from the past. But the stories from the past were always more interesting that the things in the present. I find this almost endemic to modern plays that veer between past and present. . . . So as we've gone on developing GOLDEN CHILD, the scenes from the past have become more dominant, and all that remains of the present are these two little bookends that frame the action.
    -- David Henry Hwang

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  • I've always been a foodie. My grandmother got me hooked on cooking.
    -- Debi Mazar

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  • My grandmother gave birth to 13 children and I come from a long line of women who gave birth in their 40s.
    -- Debra Winger

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  • My grandmother asks me to race down the street, I'm going to try to beat her. And I'll probably enjoy it. Competitive to a fault, sometimes.
    -- Derek Jeter

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  • It was a very odd household, because the grandmothers were so different. Both of them had their own pianos. So it would be duelling pianos by grandmothers.
    -- Diane Cilento

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  • Suffering for love is how I have learned practically everything I know, love of grandmother up and on.
    -- Djuna Barnes

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  • Through my grandmother's eyes, I can see more clearly the way things used to be, the way things ought to be, and most important of all, the way things really are.
    -- Ed Cunningham

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  • My grandmother was the greatest cook in the world. She could just go in there, the whole kitchen would look like a tornado hit it and then she'd come out with the best food. Then she'd sit at the table and she wouldn't eat!
    -- Edie Brickell

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  • If a woman is worth remembering,' said my grandmother, 'there is no need to have her name carved in letters.
    -- Edwidge Danticat

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  • My grandmother lived in a universe filled with life. It was impossible for her to conceive of any creature - even the smallest insect, let alone a human being - as insignificant. In every leaf, flower, animal, and star she saw an expression of a compassionate universe, whose laws were not competition and survival of the fittest but cooperation, artistry and thrift. . . .
    -- Eknath Easwaran

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  • My grandmother taught me to knit, and as I knit, my mind returns to my childhood.
    -- Elena Roger

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  • Time to plant tears, says the almanac. The grandmother sings to the marvelous stove and the child draws another inscrutable house.
    -- Elizabeth Bishop

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  • I was a bartender for a long time, so I know how to make drinks, but I'm more likely to offer them than to have them. I think this is one of the reasons why I get to live longer than my great-grandmother did, and why I get to produce more writing than she did, and why my marriage isn't in dire straits.
    -- Elizabeth Gilbert

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  • Nothing in my life ever seemed to fade away or take its rightful place among the pantheon of experiences that constituted my eighteen years. It was all still with me, the storage space in my brain crammed with vivid memories, packed and piled like photographs and old dresses in my grandmother’s bureau. I wasn’t just the madwoman in the attic — I was the attic itself. The past was all over me, all under me, all inside me.
    -- Elizabeth Wurtzel

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  • My grandfather was Catholic; my grandmother, Jewish. Crossing over from Bavaria, as immigrants to the United States, the ship started to sink. My grandmother jumped overboard. My grandfather followed, to save this girl he had never met.
    -- Emanuel Celler

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  • My grandmother always acted in other people's interests, whether they wanted her to or not. If they'd had an Olympics in martyrdom my grandmother would have lost on purpose.
    -- Emily Levine

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  • My grandmother was, back when they called them 'stewardesses,' a flight attendant. I actually had a ball wearing that little uniform and making sure everything was under control.
    -- Erika Christensen

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  • A home without a grandmother is like an egg without salt.
    -- Florence King

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  • As I do not live in an age when rustling black skirts billow about me, and I do not carry an ebony stick to strike the floor in sharp rebuke, as this is denied me, I rap out a sentence in my note book and feel better. If a grandmother wants to put her foot down, the only safe place to do it these days is in a note book.
    -- Florida Scott-Maxwell

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  • Creativity is about play and a kind of willingness to go with your intuition. It's crucial to an artist. If you know where you are going and what you are going to do, why do it? I think I learned that from the artists, from my grandmother, from all the creative people I've spent time with over the years.
    -- Frank Gehry

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  • Wherever man exists, he finds the need to redesign, to recreate the world. A more beautiful world, purer, sweeter smelling and more colorful. A garden is probably the spot where the hopes for civilization are best captured. In fact, man defines himself by his garden. My Grandmother standing wordless fifteen minutes Between rows of loganberries, clippers poised in her hand.
    -- Gary Snyder

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  • My Grandmother standing wordless fifteen minutes Between rows of loganberries, clippers poised in her hand.
    -- Gary Snyder

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  • I can't promise we'll ever use you for a hasty getaway," Cole said, "but with a little work, you might be able to race my grandmother-while she's on her scooter.
    -- Gena Showalter

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  • I’m not trying to—What do teenagers say nowadays?” he asked my grandmother.“Get all up in her biznez,” Nana said.Without cracking a smile.“That’s right,” he replied. “We’re not trying to get all up in your biznez, Ali.
    -- Gena Showalter

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