William M. Gray quotes

  • Human kind has little or nothing to do with the recent temperature changes. We are not that influential
    -- William M. Gray

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  • Most meteorological research is funded by the federal government. And boy, if you want to get federal funding, you better not come out and say human-induced global warming is a hoax because you stand the chance of not getting funded.
    -- William M. Gray

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  • This ocean circulation, a northbound current that sinks and then moves southbound, tends to go through multi-decadal changes.
    -- William M. Gray

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  • I think the whole human-induced greenhouse gas thing is a red herring... . I see climate change as due to the ocean circulation pattern. I see this as a major cause of climate change... . These are natural processes. We shouldn't blame them on humans and CO2.
    -- William M. Gray

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  • Right now, I have to admit, that I'm more interested in giving people a little bit of hope and goodness.

  • Don't. Please, just let me hold you a little bit longer," he mumbled into my hair

  • I'm portable. I carry a laptop and a little recording studio on my back.

  • It is almost impossible to throw dirt on someone without getting a little on yourself

  • To write at the same temperature at which I live I should write nothing but poetry.

  • Performing is very much like cooking: putting it all together, raising the temperature.

  • The bourgeois prefers comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to the deathly inner consuming fire.

  • I've been too productive for too long, and despite what anybody wants to strip away from me, I am influential. I am.

  • Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

  • I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.

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