Richard Quest quotes

  • I am tired of hotels promising to go the extra mile only to have them refuse to go round the corner!
    -- Richard Quest

    #Tired #Miles #Hotel

  • I am not angry. I am just disappointed that, once again, a hotel has tried to convince me it will move heaven and earth to ensure I am comfortable when, in reality, it won't even pass me the coffee pot!
    -- Richard Quest

    #Moving #Coffee #Reality

  • A question: when is a bed not a bed? When it is angled lie-flat. My back hurts, my legs ache and my clothes are all rumpled - and all because the airline, which claimed to have a bed, actually offered up a torture machine which I prefer to call a slide.
    -- Richard Quest

    #Hurt #Lying #Clothes

  • Wherever your travels may take you, I hope it's profitable.
    -- Richard Quest

    #May #Profitable

  • [The U.S. government] was tired of treaties. They were tired of sacred hills. They were tired of ghost dances. And they were tired of all the inconveniences of the Sioux. So they brought out their cannons. 'You want to be an Indian now?' they said, finger on the trigger.

  • It's always difficult, especially the U.S. Open, the last of the Grand Slams. It's always tough because you know, the season is very long. I really played a lot this year. Sometimes it's really hard to stay focused all the time because you're really tired after the whole season.

  • Right now I am full of greed and vanity, so I cannot live with you like before. But may be we can meet like this. I think just being together and talking would be nice. But when we grow old, when greed and vanity will be completely gone, when I will be tired of singing can I return to that place too?

  • I am tired of hustling.

  • First you learn to drive fast. Next, you learn to drive fast in traffic. Then, you learn how to do it for 500 miles.

  • I'm one too many mornings, and a thousand miles behind.

  • Major North and myself went out in advance of the command several miles and killed a number of buffaloes.

  • This book was company for me - I wrote these things when I was in hotels, far from where I normally live. I never intended to publish it.

  • I only watch TV when I go to hotels.

  • I've paid for more pianos in hotel lobbies than you can imagine.

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